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  1. Ate at the Vienna location last night. It is added to my "living in Tysons 2x week" rotation. The place was packed, service was gracious and the food was well flavored and a good value. I had the Chicago platter and it was excellent. My wife had the lamb kapama which was OK though she would order something different next time. Add a 1/2 priced bottle of wine as Happy hour goes to 9pm on Tuesdays and it was a great bargain. Very Tasty
  2. Bummer. I need a place like EVO for the 2 nights I spend weekly in Tysons. Happy hour at Chef Geoffs and BJs were good for the CAPS run but I need a tamer place with an older crowd.
  3. Glad you enjoyed, makes me realize I need to go back. Vin 909 like several others in Annapolis are places that hold their own against anything you can find in a bigger city. And we have small town charm.
  4. I was at the viewing party last night inside courtesy of my 28 year old son who thought his old parents needed to stay away from the mob. It was amazing. As loud as game 4 and everyone was all in, no Vegas fans at this event. Place was electric and passion was oozing from all of us. It will take the whole day to recover. Streets outside were mobbed with fans. Police and fire departments seemed to be doing a good job while not getting in the way of anyone. Getting back home to Annapolis took a long time. The boys earned it. Every player contributed with passion, grit and determination. They never stopped believing they were the better team.
  5. Nice. I'll be at the viewing party downtown at the stadium tonight. It should be madness and then some. Since there are no assigned seats for the viewing party inside it should be insane. Hoping to grab some Chinese takeout and take in to the arena tonight. LETS GO CAPS
  6. We went last night before the CAPS game. Tacos were very good, gazpacho salad innovative, Guacamole OK. I make better Guac but they were throwing them down like a machine as most table order Guac. Bottom line This is a reasonable choice before the CAPS game and if you don't drink like a fish it can be well priced. We did have the shrimp dish mentioned above and found it to be quite tasty. They were slammed and drink order took forever. I bet Jose Andres made a small fortune with this CAPS playoff run. Jammed on a Monday night is a bonus in the restaurant trade.
  7. Loudest game I have ever been to. Not one empty seat and everyone was into the game. Cross one off my bucket list and real glad we went. Probably will go to the viewing party on Thursday night as the atmosphere is wild. Most places enjoyed a good uptick in food sales. We went to Oyamel before the game and had a great dinner. Oyamel was jamming though and while the food was good the bartenders just could not keep up. I would have had a few beer but not after my first took 20 minutes to arrive, We want the CUP.
  8. MarkS

    Lodging in Annpolis

    This is my backyard view in Annapolis. It doesn't get old and right now the Osprey provide good entertainment.
  9. MarkS

    Lodging in Annpolis

    While not a hotel this is a boat docked in the heart of Eastport, 2 minutes from downtown Annapolis. I know the owner as I belong to the boating club. https://www.vrbo.com/202132 This would provide a great Annapolis experience if available. And sleeping on a boat is always better then sleeping on land. This is a another place that I have heard great things about. https://www.historicinnsofannapolis.com/ Again 2 minutes from downtown Annapolis. Historic set of buildings and close to downtown. Memorial day to Labor day is tourist season so pickings are slim. The Westin would by my 3rd choice as you can still walk down West street to city dock. Let me know if you need more info on what to do and see. Anything that gets you on the water is recommended, from a harbor tour to a day trip to St. Michael's. .
  10. Great game. Caps had momentum, puck luck and sheer determination. Tampa played well and had their shots but Holtby was a beast. BJs Brewhouse in Tysons is a good place to watch the game. Lots of TV screens as well as screaming fans.
  11. We need Holtby to steal one tonight. I can't stand this either way. Saturday night was spent at true dive in Annapolis, The Ebbtide. Place was rocking with lots of Caps fans screaming and shouting.