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  1. This is a huge loss. I attended several Bastille day dinners that Francois held in Gaithersburg, volunteered and took several classes in Bethesda back in the day and have enjoyed great food from many graduates. Always top notch, educational and fun. Francois was a force to reckon with and his staff top notch. This is a huge void in the area both for professional as well as recreational chefs.
  2. Aslin Beer Company

    My son recently turned me on to Aslin and I have have picked up from the brewery once about 2 weeks ago. Perhaps the freshest and best beet in the DC area.
  3. Bern's is amazing. I need to go back. Next Tuesday with my wife and 2 sons at Lewnes in Annapolis I'll be bringing 1990 Bordeaux and 1993 Napa Cabernet, birth year wines which have been stored well. Lewnes is old school and IMHO kicking ass on Ruth Chris down the block.
  4. Participated in a paired wine dinner at Grapes last Sunday. The wines were from Carpenter, a small Sonoma producer, whose winemaker presented each wine. All great. All 5 courses were great but what Blew me away was a seared Scallop on a squash puree with micro greens and Bacon Powder. BACON POWDER rocks. Repeat. BACON POWDER was amazing. This is a casual wine bar whose chef has elevated the food to a "Bold" rating. Given that the kitchen is smaller then what I have at home, his prep and vision are creating some well executed and solid cuisine.
  5. San Diego, CA

    Didn't do any fine dining but drank a ton of micro and nano brews all over town. And sailed in the Pacific, which was excellent.
  6. I have some 90 and 93, birth year wines for each of my sons. Probably the oldest I've drank as well.
  7. San Diego, CA

    Heading to San Diego at the end of the month for 3 days to catch up with my son, the travelling engineer. Open to suggestions local to San Diego, hopefully with great water views. Thinking fish tacos, brewpubs, great seafood and Mexican.
  8. Reading these posts convinced me it isn't likely I'll ever eat here. I lean toward fresh and different versus refined and rich. Once you get into this price range it quickly gets to high end NYC dining which seems to have no limits.
  9. Leave the fare hungry and go to Lures in Crownsville, literally down the road. Lures is a neighborhood place with a tremendous beer selection as well as awesome pub food. As it's in Crownsville it tends to be local knowledge only.
  10. Looking for a new winery in Northern Virginia

    I've never been to a local winery. Am I missing out?
  11. Spanish last Saturday night. Tomato toast with anchovies, tomato and beet salad with balsamic reduction. Seafood Paella to die for. 4 Bottles of Rioja Riserva and grand Riserva served us well.
  12. Microwave Oven

    I opted for a microwave drawer. It's out of the way and does not take away from the design. I don't use it. You can see it in picture 2, it is on the far right next to the full size dishwasher. http://www.photopian.com/galleries/kenwood/streger/content/gilbert_20161104_00375-76_large.html
  13. I went to Kapnos in Bethesda Monday Night. The space was very nice and it wasn't that crowded so there were no noise issues. I enjoyed the fact that the tables are not next to each other. So I'd say this is a nicer Cava, The wine list was large but I have no experience with Greek wines. Mostly had carafes of wine when we were in Athens. So a $40 bottle of greek red was good, nothing memorable. The food was great. Spreads, Couscous, Eggplant, Fried Chicken, Lamb Shank and Pasticcio were all superb. We left stuffed, enjoyed it all and would go back. Better then most and a welcome addition to Bethesda.
  14. Don't knock Anne Arundel. I moved to Annapolis 2 years ago and welcome coming home to a waterfront Horizon view.
  15. Flamant

    The food was very good, service excellent. I'd go back.