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  1. Backpacks

    The custom bag I have came from Reload. Take a look at their site as they build backpacks as well. These are waterproof, bulletproof and durable. http://www.reloadbags.com/default.asp
  2. I was at Sugo last week for Happy Hour with my family. Fairly Empty.
  3. Backpacks

    I have messenger bags from Timbuk2, Chrome, and a custom bag I received as a gift. Though I love the bags, the Chrome and Custom bag are too heavy for daily use unless you are truly a messenger.
  4. Pleasant dinner at Addies last night. Both Addies mussels and fried Oysters were as good as I remembered. Also shared seared scallops and an Addies salad, both very good. Overall one of the better places in Rockville/Potomac/Call-it-what-you-want area. Very large place, I hope they get a good lunch crowd so they stay in business as I am sure rent is high and build out wasn't cheap.
  5. Was it good or great?
  6. I'll be back in Naptown Thursday and planning on hitting that soup soon.
  7. Leaving Montgomery County

    All good suggestions. I will check out and call Bistro Provance. Thai-we have lemongrass which is good Chinese-good idea though nothing I crave for Pizza-we have Vin909 and Grapes which both have good flatbreads. Not pizza but I had enough pizza growing up in Brooklyn Chicken is interesting but we do have one place and easy enough to throw on the grill. Indian-Returned for the 3rd time to Royal Karma in Edgewater. Superb. Reading the responses on a Friday evening, drinking wine and cooking dinner made me realize I don’t go out that much.
  8. Bordeaux

    Planning to spend a few days this July in Bordeaux. Will probably engage a guide for 2 days and then spend a day in town. Any and all recommendations are welcome. Looking at this as an opportunity to learn and taste the right and left banks as well as see chateaus and eat well. Will spend the last night in Paris, it seems there are plenty of suggestions on where to dine there.
  9. Planning a trip to Spain

    Logrono is the Tapas capital of Spain, highly recommended. The Guggenheim in Bilbo was great. We stayed in Rioja for several days so Bilbo was a day trip. Barcelona was great, nightclubs stay open all night. Spain has great food, wine, art and architecture.
  10. Leaving Montgomery County

    At the end of the month I will no longer have any roots in Montgomery County. Will be living in Annapolis full time and a hotel in Tyson twice a week so the commute doesn't kill me. Are there any places I should eat at in Moco before I depart?
  11. Makes me happy to say that I'll no longer live in Montgomery county come the end of the month.
  12. Eatonville left me with a great memory from 2014. About 4 days after hip surgery we went to Eatonville as my son was living close by. I took it like a trooper as this was my first long car ride and I was off painkillers and hadn’t had a drink. I remember ordering a drink and they brought me a pitcher on the House. They told me I needed it from the expressions I was making.
  13. Dinner in Annapolis

    Sorry I missed this, haven’t been to Galaway. Level, Dry85, Foxes Den are all solid in downtown Naptown.
  14. Hamburgers

    Ebbtide in Annapolis is highly recommended. Burger is great, place is a dive.
  15. Agree with shopping using Amazon. My wife said that we can get unlimited cloud storage with Prime. next on my list to look into.