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  1. Cuban Sandwiches

    is a turkey Reuben still a Reuben?
  2. First time at Fox's Den on Main Street in Annapolis. solid gastropub from same folks as Level and Vida Taco. Shared salad, meatballs and pizza. All were solid. Will go back as there as no wait and the food was solid.
  3. Community Tables

    Union market is mostly community tables though a few places have bars as well.
  4. I totally agree with Don. Have received great redemption using Chase Sapphire travel but have yet to get any value out of priority pass. My son is both a follower and poster on the pointsguy site. At 24 he accumulates points and has more cards then I do.
  5. An alternative cooking method is to toss in EVOO, char them on the grill using a grill pan and then sprinkle with Sea Salt. Chow down with a Sauvignon Blanc. The peppers at Traders Joes have been great, I'll have to check the ratio next time.
  6. Is this on? How will I know who to look for?
  7. Guacamole

    Don, Matouks is excellent. We have sailed the BVIs the past 2 years on a catamaran and each cove has its own version of island hot sauce on the table. Matouks is close and good. Same with Pain killers, each bar has their own version, all good.
  8. They are like crack, all gone and you want more. Many mornings I am happy that it's only a pint as it's all gone and I don't remember it.
  9. German Restaurants

    I'll take one for the team and check out the Old Stein. Seems to be popular among folks in Annapolis area.
  10. I do not have Don's magic powers but Lures should be moved to its own post and tagged in Crownsville or Annapolis.
  11. I second and third Lures in Crownsville. Great specials as well as an outstanding rotating list of great craft bears on Taps. Crownsville close to Annapolis mall so this is a great option after the movies. Ate at Lures last Saturday night and everyone was happy with upscale and tasty bar food. I had Rockfish bites and a topping of Scallop Ceviche and several great IPAs to wash it down.
  12. Primal and Sub-Primal Cuts of Beef

    Has anyone recently bought a primal cut from Sam's club and broken it down into steaks.