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  1. I came here to post that I stopped going when the French dip went up to $19; $22 is absurd. It is a good sandwich and comes with a side if I recall, but not even that big of a sandwich. Jeez. A few vegetarian friends claim they have the best veggie burger, if you're into that.
  2. Part of me wants to be upset about this, but I just don't feel it. I have never been to Rose's, mostly because I have no desire to arrange for a sitter and then wait in line for a chance to have dinner there. Potentially being able to pay someone to hold a place in line has me intrigued, but I have to wonder what is the going rate for these people? Now, can I raise a practical question...are we going to do Stonehenge tomorrow?
  3. Any recent opinions on Metro 29 Diner? Need a kid-friendly breakfast/lunch option in Arlington in a couple weeks, and I seem to be leaning this way.
  4. Has anyone heard recent news about the potential 4935 takeover referenced in the article Pool Boy posted?
  5. Does anyone know if this place is still around, I can't remember seeing it in ages. Side note: what ever happened to those little "On the Fly" carts...they seemed to disappear as the food truck revolution began.
  6. When the Bethesda store was in operation, they had pretty good coupons all the time. You've probably done this, but try their mailing list?
  7. Don - On the first question, I think you have it placed correctly. On the second question, maybe the coffee experts can weigh-in. Is there any way it can exist in both spaces, or is that a PITA?
  8. We probably go to Olazzo 3-4 times a year, plus carryout every now and then. I believe the dish Pool Boy referenced is called Chicken Cardinale and he is completely right about that chicken, not great. HOWEVAH, I order that dish about half the time we go (and my wife gets it the other half of the time). There is nothing particularly unique or inspiring about the "pink" sauce that comes with that dish, but darn if it isn't addictive. When I have ventured away from the Chicken Cardinale, I opt for the Chicken Milanese. Interesting enough, I like the chicken that comes with this dish (pounded thin and lightly fried) but the pasta with a cream sauce is usually just ok. Overall, I like Olazzo, period. The numerous mediocre/expensive competitors in Bethesda heightens the stature of Olazzo, fair or unfair.
  9. I hope they do well, and maybe learn from Fractured Prune, which seemed to expand rapidly in the area with mediocre results. I've had their donuts in Duck, NC a few times. Hard to beat a hot donut rolled in cinnamon and sugar.
  10. Lobster Rolls

    In Bethesda, I have had good luck with Luke's in the Bethesda Row alley.
  11. Those chicken pot pie fritters were (and probably still are) pretty darn great. If I stop by again, that will be a major driving factor. I do wish they would try a few more things with the menu. The handful of times we went, I don't recall any specials, and the menu today appears almost exactly the same as ever...but maybe that is the diner idea. They don't seem to be losing any business over it either.
  12. Does anyone have a recent experience here? How hard will it be for a party of two to walk in on Saturday night (sitting at the bar is perfectly fine)?
  13. Menu at the Penn Qtr. location says they will start offering cheesesteaks October 1. Will be interesting to see how they handle the cheesesteak prep with their normal sub operations. Also offering "soft rolls" now...not quite sure what that means. A few new menu options too by the looks of it, but I didn't have a chance to linger too long. My trusty Vine Street Expressway never leads me wrong, but the pesto on the sandwich lacked any punch and I've better out of the jarred pesto offered by Costco. It seems like their quality has been trending downward for years now, and I always find something new to be slightly disappointed in, but yet I still return, and it is still the best sandwich in my work 'hood.
  14. I swear Five Guys had them first, in select locations, but who knows. Speaking of soda, can someone explain the difference between Boylan's and Puck's? If I recall, a few places near work started with Boylan's machines a few years ago and replaced them with Puck's after a while; Taylor Gourmet, Chop'd, for example.
  15. Although Glover Park is not exactly easy to get to from the Maryland burbs, it is better than Falls Church. I have really enjoyed Mad Fox the few times I have been to their Falls Church location; nothing mind blowing but good, solid food in a good atmosphere that works for our child enabled crew. I definitely recommend The Maneuver IPA. A perfect happy hour pairing with their pretzel app.