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  1. DonRocks

    Luggage and Suitcases

    The Tumi bag I have (had) was from probably 2005 - there you go. This is *exactly* why ongoing conversations about products are important <he says, while drinking a Bell'sTwo Hearted Ale, which is drinkable, but by no means "great" or even "pleasant">.
  2. DonRocks

    Luggage and Suitcases

    Wow, just to offer up another perspective: My Tumi suitcase was awful - lightweight, impossibly flimsy, and the darned thing broke within two years in a couple of places. I'm willing to accept that it was an anomaly, but consistency is critical here (which is why I'm struggling with my Eagle Creek having snapped on one side of the handle after, perhaps, twenty trips).
  3. DonRocks

    Luggage and Suitcases

    Dave, I'm genuinely curious: What (soft-shell) line have you found that's more heavy-duty than Eagle Creek? The primary way I find my suitcase on the carousel (other than Magdelena having had put on a purple ribbon) is the size of the wheels, which are invariably the largest of the lot. That said, in full disclosure: The handle on my penultimate-largest bag had one side snap off, and is hanging by the other side - this is my one (and only) complaint with Eagle Creek. And it's a big one, because when you pay this much for luggage, it should last for at least ten years: This is the H2 of suitcases.
  4. DonRocks

    Bell's Beers

    I'm curious what you think of the finish of the Two Hearted Ale. It has a nice golden color, a citrus nose, an aggressively hopped mid-palate, and then ... ?
  5. I was watching a baseball video from the Dead Ball Era, and noticed a brief glimpse of a vendor (presumably in Chicago) selling "Red Hot" sausages. You can catch a glimpse of this at around the 5:18 mark (look at the bottom-center of your screen, but don't blink, or you'll miss it). (I think it's pretty safe to say that Barry Bonds would have hit about 9,000 home runs had he played in the 1920s.)
  6. Yankee Pier is owned by a company called Tastes on the Fly (get it?) - they have six food outlets at SFO. I went directly to Yankee Pier's website, clicked on "SFO," then "Contact," and tried to write the gentleman named Michael - the recipient's email bounced (although I note that the CEO's name is Michael). All of this means nothing, except that the email bounced.
  7. DonRocks

    Friday Afternoon Throwdown

  8. DonRocks

    Bell's Beers

    I'm on record - Jan 24, 2011 - as having noticed a change in Bell's (which I used to really like, just as I really liked (past tense) Great Lakes) ... and I had *no* idea about their 2012 expansion at the time, during which they tripled their capacity. There is always a lag time between when the quality of a product declines (or "changes"), and when people recognize it - sometimes the recognition never happens: People still think Pilsner Urquell, Sierra Nevada, Sam Adams, Anchor Steam, etc. etc. are "great" beers. Just reporting what I notice - what other people say has zero effect on that - couldn't care less if I'm a minority of one. I do agree with Jake Parrott that "Two Hearted holds its alcohol pretty well" (talk about damning something with faint praise). Maybe the fact that they have a beer called "Hopslam" is a clue to all of this. I'm also supremely confident that the beer I had at Das Bräustüberl Weihenstephan in Friesing, Germany, a couple months ago was the best beer - for my palate - I've had in *many* years, and I've had Weihenstephan's beers in America probably twenty times in 2018 - absolutely no comparison.
  9. "Hunter Johnson Elects To Transfer, Leaving Clemson with Only Two Five-Star QBs" by Nihal Kolur on si.com From everything I saw, Hunter Johnson should have been the starting QB last year - I never understood what they saw in Kelly Bryant - whoever lands Johnson is going to be very fortunate. The signing of Trevor Lawrence signaled the eventual transfer of Johnson - now, Clemson needs to hope Lawrence doesn't get hurt. "Clemson Football: Johnson Transfer Says More about Trevor Lawrence" by Shawn Spencer on rubbingtherock.com
  10. DonRocks

    Bell's Beers

    You're welcome!
  11. DonRocks

    Chicken Wings

    Depends on how much you want to spend, but The Organic Butcher has *great* chicken parts. I know I keep talking about this place, but just yesterday, I dropped $130 there without batting an eye, and will continue to do so. Wagyu burgers with Applewood smoked bacon on Brioche rolls, with a little Ramp Mustard.
  12. DonRocks

    Luggage and Suitcases

    I've witnessed you removing your battery at the check-in register - it takes you less than five seconds, and you throw it in your carry-on (the last time, the agent didn't even notice you had one; you remembered at the last second).
  13. What would you think about a "first-post positive, but then everything is allowed" policy? The only thing I'd ask is that we still maintain 1) 100 words for post #1, 50 words for posts 2-x; 2) signed with real first and last name, and 3) a general, overall positive tone, with negative reviews backed up by substance? (These, of course, must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, but I'm hardly a dictator (except with titles and tags))
  14. Although the website says they deliver "to Houston," I entered the downtown Marriott as a test address, and it said they don't deliver there, so I would guess it's primarily to West Houston (understandably, as the Marriott's a 22-mile drive).
  15. Although we can cordially disagree about the virtues of Bell's Two-Hearted Ale, every indication is that Buck's is back. (I quoted your entire post since you got hosed on the page break. )