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  1. Denver Cut (Plus a Bonus Palomilla Cut)

    Great! And the Palomilla cut was really good, too (interestingly, it cooked to medium-rare while the Denver cut was still rare, so we trimmed off the Palomilla, and cooked the Denver for another few minutes).
  2. Ack, you done went regional on me! (I'll think about this)
  3. Lunch - The Mid-Day, Polyphonic Food Blog

    Interesting - you lost me at pico de gallo. Did the combination work? I guess avocado is in a lot of Mexican cuisine, but when I think of it on toast, I think of it more with olive oil and sea salt (thanks to Cork Wine Bar).
  4. I read one of the comments on City Paper that said, "Pair trend, trend, and trend with frozen trend ...." but people may not realize that Meshe is, I believe, half-Filipina, and Todd is the DC wild-cocktail pioneer (yes, even before Derek). Capitalizing on trends, maybe, but this runs strongly in the familial and restaurant bloodline. According to this tweet, the restaurant is opening today, Mar 22 - congratulations to all involved.
  5. The Trite Food List

    Mark Kuller once told me something I sloughed off at the time, but he was right: If you don't make really good charcuterie, it's best to purchase charcuterie. As ubiquitous as it is, it's probably ubiquitous for a one-word reason: profit. --- Huge, cavernous, open-air dining areas are about as pleasant (and prevalent) as open-air office spaces. I hate them. --- Anyone using the word "buzz" or it's derivatives (buzzy, trendy, hot, white-hot) is quite often parroting a PR agent's press release, describing a huge, cavernous, open-air dining area, which is about as pleasant (and prevalent) as an open-air office space - the primary difference being the deafening noise level. These aren't designed to please the diner; they're designed because they're cheap as hell to construct - however, once the "buzz" dies down, they're the loneliest places in the world.
  6. Somewhere out there, God is looking down at me and laughing her ass off.
  7. German Restaurants

    Is this the restaurant on Route 214, out in the middle of nowhere? I used to pass it on the way to Edgewater Liquor (don't ask). Upscale, Modern German cuisine is *nothing* like the wursts and schitzels that are stereotypical, old-school German. Not that I care about Michelin Stars, but there are 3-star restaurants in Germany, and they didn't earn those stars by serving knockwurst and sauerkraut - Terry Theise thinks one in particular (I can't remember which) is one of the greatest restaurants he's ever tried - up there with Michel Bras. I had a Weihenstephaner Traditional Dark about one hour ago (in Freising). Cost nearly $100 for two of us to each have one beer - long story - worth it.
  8. [Please everyone be respectful of one other and of differing opinions. Thanks! Rocks]
  9. I've really only seen highlights of Smith, but they *are* impressive highlights - also, advanced metrics have him as arguably the best ever. What did you think of my hypothesis that Robinson made Belanger and Aparicio better than they would have been? I think it's a novel idea, and it's awfully coincidental that he had two such highly touted shortstops. Darn it, I wish people would realize just how alien-like Robinson was - people have forgotten, and judge him by his appearance. I think he had the quickest reflexes of anyone I've ever seen, in any sport (maybe professional table tennis players are just as quick).
  10. Oof, this one took a lot out of me, Mark - I will put your quotes in, though. I put in Boswell's article at the last minute (it's actually better to read here than on TalkNats, because you can expand the photos). I'll just be happy if he eventually knows the piece exists. Thank you for reading it - you're probably one of about five people who has. If anyone wanted to rank the top 3 defensive players: Smith, Mays, Robinson, in any order, they'd get no argument from me - Boswell said that Mays could pretty much perform miracles; I only saw him at the end of his career (although I did see him in person!) One thing with Robinson I didn't mention is that when he dove, he seemed to float. People like Machado, Arenado, etc., seem to "fly," but Robinson sort of gently floated (that Game 5, 9th Inning foul ball against Bench is a great example), like a Jigglypuff (I know you probably don't know what a Jigglypuff is, but they sort of look like Neil Armstrong bouncing around on the Moon).
  11. Ditto me and music - I have perfect pitch, and something of a freakish memory. As a result, I never bothered to read music when I was young - because of that, I need to memorize pieces to play them, and - worse - I will *never* be able to play chamber music, which sucks more than I can describe.
  12. I agree with everything you say, but will add that if - if - that attorney taking the case on contingency ever decides it's "hinky" (as Ericandblueboy would say), he'll dump her like a hot potato.
  13. Unfortunately, this may be an argument for arming schools, as the shooter was killed by a school officer after injuring two people. Hey, if it works, it works - after 9/11, Matt was going to pre-school at the JCC, and they'd hired a full-time security guard to work as a sentry at the entrance. Now, I happen to know - almost for a fact - that if a gunman came in there, the guard could have *easily* been taken out with a single shot, but maybe it acted as some type of deterrent. I *really* don't like "arming teachers," but maybe - *maybe* - having one, highly trained, security guard (hell, our high school had a security guard in the late 1970s, who acted more as a mentor to troubled students) might be of some use. I remember in particular, one time, the biggest, toughest student in our class (who I considered to be a friend and a good person) was tripping on drugs, and the guard gently came into the classroom, put his arm around him, and walked him out - everyone was glad he was there to diffuse the situation.