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  1. "What Are LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball Getting Themselves into in Lithuania?" by David Pick on si.com
  2. National Chains

    Hey! That's milk gravy! I've had chicken-fried steak that is awesome - once in particular, it was something you'd travel for, but I just can't remember where.
  3. U.S. Senators and Elections - A Non-Partisan History

    I've updated the list of U.S. Senators and Senate races to include the 2017 special election. * No political affilations have been listed for any candidates. * AL - Doug Jones won in one of the most scrutinized races ever - he will replace Luther Strange who, at 6'9", is the tallest Senator in history. From reading the chart up above, it appears that Strange is the first appointed Senator to be defeated in a primary election (at least, in the same year they were appointed) since Sheila Frahm in 1996.
  4. Pokémon Go

    Yesterday, I had 350 spaces in my Pokémon bag; this morning I had 400. It seems that with the release of Generation 3, sorry, *Hoenn* Pokémons, Niantic has given people 50 extra spaces in their Pokémon bag. However, a friend already had 400 spaces in her bag. Instead of being bumped up to 450, she instead got 50 extra spots in her "Items" bag, giving her 650 instead of 600. So I wonder if they made 400 the dividing line between giving you 50 in your Pokémon bag vis-a-vis giving you 50 in your Items bag.
  5. This is an excellent dish. I can't emphasize enough how much better Thai Square is now than it was ten years ago - *twenty* years ago, it was a no-brainer for Best Thai in the DMV, but then it sunk; now, the ship has been salvaged - perhaps not to the level it once was, but still to a very high level.
  6. Mario Batali - Sexual Misconduct

    May I dare to add that the problem isn't adequately being addressed? The solution isn't exclusively to change the male-as-predator makeup; it's also to get women in positions of power.
  7. It doesn't sound like that at all, and you, of all people, are about the most cautious poster in this entire community - so, if you sensed a funeral home-ish vibe, there was probably a funeral home-ish vibe.
  8. Correction: Dune *contained* Patrick Stewart's lowest moment. For all who think "2001: A Space Odyssey" is genius, and who may (or may not) like "Dune," allow me to recommend "Solaris" by Andrei Tarkovsky. It is absolutely a peer with 2001, and I fully understand what that's saying. I'm not talking about the Stephen Soderbergh remake.
  9. Mario Batali - Sexual Misconduct

    I think I'll merge everything into one thread, since the topic is "Sexual Harassment in Restaurants."
  10. I didn't say it was a "bad" book; just "arduous" and "miserably complicated." Honest-to-goodness, I think it was one of the most difficult things I've ever read (and I've read Nabokov's translation of Eugene Onegin along with ... and this is the hard part ... *every word of the commentary* (1056 pages!), in which he would, for example, write two paragraphs explaining why he chose a particular English word or phrase, in order to most-accurately capture Pushkin's Russian - this was surely the most difficult thing I've ever finished). I can't think of what else was harder work than Dune - maybe Gulliver's Travels, Moby Dick, The Bridge on the Drina, The Prince in its nasty-little way (don't let its length fool you) - I've picked up Ulysses and can tell it's going to be tremendously difficult because you really need to read The Odyssey again before even beginning Ulysses. Dune is a bear - that said, it was nearly thirty years ago when I read it, so maybe it would be easier now. You do know this is why I'm watching shit like "Dragnet" now - I've been traumatized.
  11. Okay, I'm talking about serious attempts at film here; not Five-level. Dune was Patrick Stewart's lowest moment.
  12. I saw the movie, and it was one of the worst films I've ever seen - In this interview with Charlie Rose, David Foster Wallace said the editors butchered the film to the point where it was incoherent.