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  1. Not sure if they are legally BYOB, but they've never objected when I went to the package store in the same shopping center, and brought a six pack with me.
  2. Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Can't wait for Thanksgiving! We won't have cars, and while we could cab/Uber/etc., generally if we can't walk there from Southern Seas (a few blocks north of Commercial), we don't bother.
  3. Fort Lauderdale, FL

    BTW - continued thanks for posting the Broward updates! I grew up in Coral Springs, and still come home to visit twice a year. Usually once to CS in Feb, and then Thanksgiving at Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. We always include Basilic and Aruba Beach in our visit, and stone crabs from Fish Peddler. We will probably give Vincent's a try this year, based on your rec.
  4. Fort Lauderdale, FL

    I assume you mean Oakland Park and Federal Highway, since Commercial and Oakland park are parallel...
  5. Oh Mama Grill does not seem to have the unlimited salads, and the menu looks wildly different to me.
  6. Agreed. I have found a lot of their order ahead stuff to be not any more special than the rest of the menu, but often priced beyond what I would consider reasonable.
  7. American Cheese

    BZZZZZT. Sorry, I grew up in Philly, and while I'm fine with wiz on steaks, it certainly is still a Philly steak with other cheeses, American and Provolone being the most common. In fact, if you dive into the history, the first generation of steaks didn't have cheese at all, and the first to make an appearance was provolone. My go-to has always been "Pizza Steak wit", which is sharp provolone, onions, and "red gravy", otherwise known as Sunday sauce or tomato sauce.
  8. That's awesome - I love Taco Bar!
  9. Whoops - will need to reschedule. Stay tuned...
  10. Long-time member @kitkatpaddywak is back in DC this weekend, and would love to meet up with friends (old and new) for dim sum on Saturday. Post here or PM if interested. Dim sum is more fun with a group! Note that Tim Carman recently rated Hollywood East as the best cheap eats place in the metro area.
  11. Pizza Margherita

    Inferno is great, but it gets packed at peak times, and they do occasionally run out of dough. We usually go to Pizza CS or CSNY.
  12. PER YEAR. I've seen very few airports where CLEAR has significantly shorter lines than Pre-Check.
  13. This article says that "Under the concept, a current restaurateur would close and rebrand his space as a Chaps." The mystery deepens...
  14. Dortmund is flying right now and Madrid is floundering, so this is a real chance for Dortmund to grab points. Dortmund's American phenom Pulisic was pulled early from their league match over the weekend, so I assume he'll be starting tomorrow.