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  1. DR Summer picnic -7/29/18 Noon to 5ish

    I will be there with the family. Yay!
  2. dr.com Picnics - It Has Been a Long Time

    You'll never get consensus on a date. Pick a date, book it, and we'll all do our best to drum up a crowd. July 29 sounds great to me.
  3. They are mobbed during every opening hour, and expect to be until the lights turn off. If you plan on going, either hit the bistro and go as the doors open, or make a reservation for the dining room. Either way, expect a leisurely meal. The kitchen and staff go into the weeds pretty much immediately. Food last night was excellent as always, but we were there 3+ hours.
  4. To clarify, 4.5 years since Nick and Elliott bought the place from Landrum. It's been open for almost 12. This sucks.
  5. When I lived in Philly in the 70s, soccer was certainly not a major US sport. There was a league, and Philly had a team (I had to look up the name - that's how much it stayed with me), but it was a curiosity sport, more followed by European and Latin immigrants. Few of the players were American. That's changing today. MLS is clearly not yet on the level of the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL, but the league is stable, attendance is growing, and television ratings are rising and starting to rival the NHLs. My kids generation (they're 18 and 20) has always known soccer as a major sport in this country.
  6. Note - first Super Bowl, not first NFL title. They won NFL titles in '48, '49, and '60, before it was called the Super Bowl.
  7. I was born in Philly, though I have not lived there since I was 10. But I'm completely a Philly fan for sports. This was the last of the four major sports for Philly to win in my lifetime. Flyers in 1974 and 1975, Phillies in 1980 (and 2008), Sixers in 1983, and now the Eagles in 2018.
  8. dr.com Picnics - It Has Been a Long Time

    This is why we always land up back at Fort Hunt Park - no harassment on the alcohol.
  9. Pretty sure that only Drift is closing; Fishnet in College Park remains open. I can't say why he had to close, but the rent in that space must have been tremendous, and it doesn't feel like he was able to get enough business at a high enough ticket price to keep it going.
  10. Churrascaria and Rodízio

    I'd rank them 1. Fogo 2. Texas 3. Chima. But there isn't such a significant gap that I wouldn't let convenience or price be a deciding factor.