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  1. Was jonesing for Korean so I loaded up the kids and we went to Tosokchon for a late Sunday Lunch. We all thought is was Fantastic. Seafood Pancake was top notch and not too greasy. I didn't get the dumplings since I hesitated and the kids killed them. Bibimbap was pretty standard the noo roong ji crispy rice element was well developed in it, the Soondae Guk was a wonderful broth and the requisite blood sausage and other offal bits in it were worth the gout flare up potential. The Noodle Soup with Clams was a delicious soup with wellmade, chewy noodles and way too many clams for the price. The star of the meal was the Gamja Tang. The soup was so well developed; spicy, sweet, robust with julienne vegetables and an abundance of beautifully cooked pork, a few carrots and a chunk of potato. So good, I really am looking forward to being a little under the weather and letting this stew cure me sometime this winter. There was some banchan, kimchi was delightful. My wife didn't quite understand the toasted rice water/tea they served us throughout but we all grew to find it quite refreshing. 2beers, 2 apps 4 entrees $71 before tip. I may go back for Gamja Tang tomorrow
  2. Would be a joy to host you all. This whole thing is bittersweet. My lease was up and I didn't want to sign and be committed to 5 more years. Just can't make the numbers work any more, already working 6 days a week and tired of downsizing. Next time I will put a chunk of money aside for the remodel at the beginning. By the time you need to remodel it is harder to raise the money and the world passes you by. I learned a hell of a lot more trying not to go down than I ever did while I was on top.
  3. I think "drastically better" is an overstatement. The things they do directly come into the county early and at a good price sometimes, but they often drop the ball on reordering and not running out between their shipments the DLC receives. The Private guys do a generally better job, but I run across more and more wines and beers that are simply never available in the county, despite being in Maryland. The vendors tell me the hassle and general pain in the ass, means they never get listed in the county. For instance, if a vendors has 10 six packs of a wine or 5 sixtels of a beer for the whole state of Maryland they can easily just sell it open state and be done with it. And there are plenty of vendors that choose not to offer wines here.
  4. Don't mean to be a shrill, but this charity is big for my wife and I , so here goes: This weekend for our Special Cafe Terra Cotta Tasting menu we will be donating $10 per menu and $5 per margarita to Bald Beauties Project, a wonderful charity started by our special guest,Michael Luria's daughter Kelsey, The Project assists and supports our young friends overcoming Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Please come in, eat well and support a wonderful cause Please join us Friday or Saturday. Call 301-986-9592 to reserve Bald Beauties Project on Facebook Jennifer’s Tortilla Soup Garlic Custard, Herbed Hazelnuts, Salsa Fresca Fried Jalapeno Ravioli Shrimp Stuffed with Herbed Goat Cheese, Tomato Coulis $35 Diablo Margaritas half price all weekend So they are $5, yes, it all goes to the charity)
  5. just a quick note to mention that Grapeseed is going to be moving a ton of our wines starting next week. i find the spawling nature of the list currently very annoying and the rule of 80% of our wine sales being made up of 20% of our wines is more apparent than ever. I want to change to a list that is tighter and better curated. Basically, I will have a list (Posted here I hope) of the wines and their marked down (at least 50% off, maybe 75% for some) price while they last. These are wines that are A.) left over inventory from when they were by the glass (lots), B.) wines that I thought would move better than they did (some), or C.) wines they I loved that are a bit too unknown to sell (Awesome, kick ass Tannat from Uruguay, for example). Oh, and the tasting menu is American Italian stuff this week. And I can be arm twisted to lower some bottles $ starting tonight btw, If you don't reserve I run out
  6. Tasting Menus for Beginners

    I do a Tasting menu of four or five courses every Friday and Saturday right here at Grapeseed, usually 40 or 45 bucks. Plus you could sit at the kitchen counter and see your menu being prepared, if that would add to it. Jeff eta - I put the menu on our facebook page as soon as I write it, sometimes get an email out, And not too often on the website (i am working on that). This week is red sauce Italian (without any red sauce actually)
  7. FWIW - This weekend both Friday and Saturday. Please let me know when you reserve so I don't run out like last week. Weekend Specials September 23rd and 24th Vic’s Peruvian Favorites (There is no better way to Celebrate Christine being out of town) Tiradito of Halibut and Local Peppers, Lime Fresh and Grilled Tuna Causas, Rocoto Crema Lomo Saltado, Rice, Chiles Fresh Picarones, Chancaca Syrup $40 per person $20 Drink Pairings All Items will be available A la Carte as well (limited quantities)
  8. I am doing the special menus on both Fridays and Saturdays for the time being. Reservations and mentioning ones desires (food only , please) would relly help me with ordering. Not open Sundays, sorry. Peruvian dishes this weekend, beef heart wil be an option, not mandatory.
  9. FWIW We haven't had Weekend specials for three weeks. Well it's back This week we celebrate the Bounty of the Chesapeake with four dishes all featuring Blue Crab from our local Maryland waters Claw Meat Salad, Engelmann Farms Chiles, Local Peach Mini Jumbo Lump Cakes, Local Corn, Champagne Butter Jumbo Lump, Orecchiette Pasta, Lemon, Chile and Mint Crab Imperial, Jumbo Shrimp, Prosciutto $45 per person $20 Beverage Pairings will be available All Items will be available A la Carte as well (limited quantities) Call 301-986-9592 for reservations, please
  10. We will be closed tonight to have service done on our water heater. But not to worry, We will reopen Tuesday and be running the same Free BBQ Ribs special as last week...Buy one Beer get a 1/2 Rack of Ribs. Tuesday through Thursday, and then a ton of BBQ on Special Friday & Saturday for Labor Day Weekend Come in and Eat Smoked Stuff
  11. This week's Friday Night Dinner features great seafood just in time for Lent! Friday June 10th Summertime at the Shore PEI Mussels, White Wine, Cioppino Broth Grilled Shrimp, Lime Vinaigrette, Jicama Cornmeal Fried Oysters, Bacon Beurre Blanc Maine Lobster-Couscous Risotto, Calamansi, Ramps $40 per person Drink Pairings will be available for $20 Please call 301-986-9592 to reserve and mention this menu
  12. We are Still doing Tasting Menus every Friday. They are very casual, everyone at the table doesn't have to do it, and quite affordable for what you get, I think. This week I was in Chicago on Sunday so the menu is inspired by a few classics. Everything is also available A la Carte, Hope to see you Friday. Chicago Street Food Party Friday May 27, 2016 "I think of [street food] as the antidote to fast food; it's the clear alternative to the king, the clown and the colonel. It's faster, and chances are it's healthier than something at a traditional fast food restaurant. I would much rather give my money to a neighbor or an individual than to a gigantic corporation that owns half the world. Maybe it's naïve of me, but I prefer food made by an identifiable human that's actually cooking." -Anthony Bourdain Morelia-style Gaspacho Inspired by the Mejia Brothers, Rogers Park Smoked Shrimp, Fried Tomato, Prosciutto Inspired by Calumet Fisheries, E 95th Street South Side Fresh Chicken Al Pastor Quesadilla Inspired by Rubi’s Tacos, Maxwell Street Market Grilled Sausage Italian Beef Inspired By Johnnie’s, Elmwood Park $10 Each $30 for all 4 No Sharing or Split Plates Please
  13. We have a Private event Friday, so the Friday menu will be on Saturday. I am doing a menu from St Louis. Good story, I can explain when you are here. Friday Night Dinners at Grapeseed This week we move to Saturday and feature a special menu from St Louis!!! Reserve anytime between 6-9 for Saturday. Please mention this menu when reserving Course 1 house smoked trout cake • mixed slaw • spicy remoulade Course 2 turkey leg nachos braised in house “firecracker” sauce • crispy sweet potato chips • grape tomatoes • red oinion • roasted red pepper • buttermilk dressing cmixed herbs Course 3 wild caught spice rubbed Head on Texas gulf shrimp & cheddar grits granny smith apple • pepper pesto Course 4 pan seared wild caught Alaskan halibut charred spring onion & EVOO smashed Yukon gold potatoes braised kale • mustard-lemon-caper pan sauce $45 for Food Drink pairings will be $20
  14. Thank you for the kind words, Don. This Friday it is Italy. Fresh. Springtimey. All Italian Wines. ( I think Passover starts Friday, so I will be ready to swap out for the Mussels as needed) Friday Night Dinners at Grapeseed - Italy Friday April 22nd. Reserve anytime between 6-9. Please mention this menu when reserving Course 1 Mussels stuffed with Rice and Pine Nuts, Roman Tomato Salad Wine - Bisci Verdicchio Matelica Course 2 Gnocchi, English Peas, Parmagiano Wine - Italo Cescon PInot Grigio Course 3 Lamb Lasagne Bolognese Wine - Zeni Valpolicella Ripasso Course 4 Rib Eye "Bistecca Fiorentino" Style, Roast Potatoes Wine - Il Fauno di Arcanum $45 for Food $20 3-ounce Taste of each wine