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  1. I did a little you-tubing on Glen Campbell. I had no idea how great he was on guitar and how varied his musical tastes were. Did you know he filled in for Brian Wilson with the Beach Boys?
  2. 1998 - as Sonny Dewey in "The Apostle" - Roger Ebert's review. Duvall wrote, directed, produced, and starred in it. I thought it was one of his best performances.
  3. Solar Eclipse, August 21 2017

    I have to work that day, so I'm hoping...Can the eclipse be rescheduled?
  4. The Spotted Cheetah Pop-up

    An unnatural shade of orange is all the rage these days. Does Anne Burrell don orange shoes like her former boss? Cheetos Restaurant from Adweek.com
  5. Some may think it unfair to go back to Miller's college days for insight, but keep in mind this was only 10 years ago. http://www.dukechronicle.com/staff/stephen-miller Topics include the "war" on Christmas, Hollywood, and the culture wars. There's also an opinion piece on smoking which contains the following gobsmacker: "With countless dollars and the awesome force of political correctness behind it, the anti-smoking crusade is nearly impervious to truth or reason."
  6. Me too. Does anyone remember this from back in February? Talk about troubling... Quoting from Stephen Miller's Wikipedia entry: "In a February 2017 appearance on CBS' Face the Nation, Miller criticized the federal courts for blocking Trump's travel ban, accusing the judiciary of having "taken far too much power and become, in many cases, a supreme branch of government. ... Our opponents, the media and the whole world will soon see as we begin to take further actions, that the powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned.""
  7. Cold-Brewed Coffee

    I finally tried out my Toddy this weekend with some Stumptown Hairbender. I was amazed at how little acidity there was. Any suggestions for other beans to try? What level of roasting works best with this method?
  8. Paid Parking Slowly Killing Reston Town Center?

    I've read your mentions of this before. What do you mean by Tysons becoming Manhattan-like? And how in the world will Reston be like that but less so than Tysons? Will Springfield become Miami-like? Rockville L.A.-like? Fairfax Chicago-like?
  9. Sudoku: NP-Complete

  10. Solar Eclipse, August 21 2017

    The +1 and I might head down to somewhere south of Asheville NC to witness the anger of the gods. I'll be sacrificing a goat-- maybe two. She's a vegetarian so, I dunno, maybe she'll throw a head of lettuce off a cliff.
  11. You Suck at Cooking

    I found this hilarious YouTube channel: You Suck at Cooking One of my favorites so far: Pea Salad
  12. Usain Bolt vs. The Roadrunner

    A coyote's top speed is 25.9 mph.
  13. The Periodic Table

    An Interactive Periodic Table on elements.wlonk.com.
  14. The Periodic Table

    Some helpful music: