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  1. National Chains

    I haven't been to an IHOP since I was a kid, but this ad made me think I'm missing out on something:
  2. I'm always amazed how people double (or triple or quadruple in this case) down on these kinds of comments. "Canseco Loses Analyst Job after Tweets about Sexual Assault He Says Were a Joke" by Pete Blackburn on cbssports.com
  3. I tied my opponent, but because of my better record, I WON!
  4. I remember being so let down when I saw the movie. I loved the book(s).
  5. More shameful behavior: NPR
  6. I need 19 points out of Jarvis Landry and the NE Defense tonight. This is the playoffs people! Send good vibes!
  7. Service Charges When Purchasing Tickets

    Jesus. Are these resale tickets? I'm assuming they are given the price tag. Stubhub, Vividseats and the like have services charges too, but nothing like that. Although, maybe the $$$ is baked into the price. I've never seen a service charge like that. Look elsewhere dude.
  8. dr.com Picnics - It Has Been a Long Time

    One of the first, if not THE first, was at Dumbarton Oaks Park. We were able to grill there and we boozed it up on the down low.
  9. I wasn't criticizing Dragnet for being square, man. The clips caught my attention for illustrating how far we've come since then, and how 62,979,879 Americans insist we go back.
  10. Interesting find. I'll have to check it out. Did you notice that their pricing all ends with 88 instead of 99 cents? I wonder what that's all about. They're leaving 11 cents on the table!
  11. National Chains

    Red Robin would have never been on my radar if it weren't for my hamburger-obsessed kid. For what it is, they do a good job (though the fries suck). However, my seven-year-old never orders off the kid's menu. She wants the full-size "grownup" burgers. I'm convinced that the majority of Chinese restaurants are actually part of a secret national chain. How else can they get the Americanized food to taste exactly the same in each restaurant?
  12. "Black Friday Gun Background Checks Reportedly Soar To Record High" by Amy Held on NPR. Fucking ridiculous.
  13. imdb is indeed comprehensive. My ex is on it for the one and only job she ever had in showbiz as "second assistant camera" for a movie filmed in Manhattan. That's about as obscure as it gets.