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  1. How about 48 years for Moe's Peyton Place in Springfield?
  2. I might have stood by those words 8 years ago, when I wrote this....but today, Afghan Bistro is far out in front, then Monty's and Osteria Marzano, depending on how the Springfield lines are drawn, and then (in varying order) Eleni's, Karahi Kabob, Thai Ghang Waan, Osaka, and a handful of others. Eleni's broke from Delia's over a family squabble about 3-4 years ago. The heart and soul of Delia's went to Eleni's. Delia's is almost indistinguishable from Malek's nowadays.
  3. Whether it's the food, or the service, I would end the event and let the manager know I am unsatisfied. Then pay the tab -- if there is one -- and leave. Rather than suffer through the pall, and the likelihood that someone will spit in my food, just get out of there. Leave the pall behind. There are plenty of other places close by to recover the dining experience.
  4. For some inexplicable reason, French President Emmanuel Macron had tater tots with Congressman John Lewis at Tonic this week. I have eaten those tater tots, and they are not appreciably different -- or better -- than the tater tots I had in 4th grade at the school cafeteria. My only hope is that he washed them down with Ernest and Julio swill....
  5. I stopped collecting cards before grading became a thing, but according to PSA the the 1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle rookie ranges from $10,000 in excellent condition to $700,000 in mint condition. Or you could buy a nice house.
  6. I know people who opened those packs and used the cards to flip them against the wall, or to pin them in their bicycle spokes to make a motorcycle sound. The '52 Topps was especially valuable because it was his first Topps card -- the '51 Bowman actually came out earlier -- and because it was in the late issue release. Those were called high series cards, because they came out as the last batch of cards in each year's run. Fewer were produced, because the football run had to start. It's the combination of this card's popularity and the relative low production that makes it so valuable.
  7. I had lunch at Cafe de la Presse, and aside from the prices, it was really good. It looks like an authentic French Bistro because it was built to look that way, and the wait staff all have French accents. I can't remember dining in any place like this since I was in France about three decades ago. The food was good. I had the Salade Niçoise, which was one of the best renditions I've eaten, but at $21 it's one of the more economic options on the menu. Steak Frites comes in at $31, and Confit de Canard at $34 -- these are lunch prices -- so bring a hefty expense account with you. My companions had the lamb stew (very good) and the daily seafood special (good). The positives are the authenticity and the quality of the dishes. The negatives are the prices and, well, if you're outside the Chinatown gate in San Francisco, why eat French? On the other hand, if you're in San Francisco and you absolutely have to eat at a French Bistro, you don't have to fly to France.
  8. In town again this year, I took a few friends to John's. It was quite a nice night of drinking and dining. My highlight this year was the ribeye steak, seared on the outside and rare on the inside, and actually tasting like beef. At $38, which included the sides of baked potato and fresh vegetables, how can you go wrong? Two friends had the sea bass, which was also excellent. I vow on my next stop to try the cioppino. For me, John's is a must-visit dining and drinking destination whenever I'm in San Francisco.
  9. I fail to see the attraction. I've had INO all up and down the west coast, and as far east as Las Vegas. I can name a dozen burger chains at least as good or better.
  10. I am staying at the Pickwick Hotel in San Francisco, which is a combination boutique and dive. But for convenience sake, one of its restaurants is Soma, and I've been there about 3-4 times this week. When busy, Soma tops 90 decibels. But it's food is surprisingly good. The menu trends Mediterranean, with hints of NoCal here and there. I have had the carpaccio at happy hour, and it's $7 price tag is the steal of San Francisco. It's ridiculously good for that price. The chicken kabob comes with remarkably good fresh vegetables and a perfect mold of jasmine rice. The New York strip is so perfect to look at -- appears formed from chopped meat -- but comes out of the kitchen a perfect medium rare to rare, juicy and delicious. Pizza is perfect San Francisco pizza -- nice puffy crust with fresh and abundant toppings. Meatballs are a hit, and almost every table orders them. Combination lamb and beef burger is the best burger within 5 blocks of the Moscone Center. I'm not saying this is fine dining as far as the San Francisco dining scene is concerned. But this is my last night in San Francisco on this trip, and I can Uber anywhere, but I'm going downstairs to Soma.
  11. A year later and this place continues to represent the wine industry at its best. On Monday we tasted North Valley/Planet Oregon Willamette Valley pinot noir, and they were exceptional. What more can I say -- Greg knows every winemaker personally, and he knows their stories. He gets wine that we'll never see in Washington DC stores because only 100 cases (or less) were produced. He treats everyone, including me, who he's seen twice in the past year, as an old friend. And he's been doing this for 45 years. A very pleasant evening of wine tasting ensued, and there will never be a time that I set foot in San Francisco and not visit the California Wine Merchant.
  12. Kibbee Nayee

    Bagel Towne Deli

    Especially when you consider the first-rate toppings and garnishes.
  13. Kibbee Nayee

    Bagel Towne Deli

    Still bursting at the seams, 4 hours later.....
  14. I couldn't find a topic on this 10-year-old deli in Rockville, so let's kick it off. I had a quality meal or two today at Bagel Towne Deli, an almost kosher deli owned by an Asian family in Traville Village Center. I started with the combo fish platter, which included sizable portions of belly lox and kippered salmon, accompanied by two bagels and plenty of garnishes -- cream cheese, shaved red onions, sliced tomatoes, sprouts, olives. It was really delicious and really filling....so, of course, I ordered another meal. This time it was chopped liver with accompaniments like rye bread and sliced onions and tomatoes. Wow, I was stuffed, and it all tasted so darned good. Then I ordered carry out, so that Lady KN could enjoy some for dinner. As I waddled out of there, the owner said "See you for breakfast tomorrow!" (There have been the occasional topic on Israeli food in this forum recently....THIS is Israeli food.)