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  1. Jackfruit

    Not sure I would actually recommend this, but area food banks take canned goods.
  2. Jackfruit

    I had TJ's jackfruit-in-the-can. It was semi-tasteless with a sour finish. If that's what jackfruit really tastes like, I'll pass....
  3. Interesting ... I never order coffee with Dim Sum, thinking that tea is the natural accompaniment. I'll be in San Francisco in April and will have to try it.
  4. Speaking only of their Springfield outpost, it has really gone downhill after the family rift that caused Eleni, her mom Cathy, and her uncle the cook, to depart and open Eleni's Greek Taverna. The following mostly left Delia's and went to Eleni's.
  5. What a scathing indictment of that coffee! (I wouldn't drink Starbucks coffee at gunpoint. I'd rather drink the ooze coming out of a dumpster behind a Chinese restaurant in August.)
  6. "Slapfish has quickly captured the hearts of seafood lovers with their impressive celebrity chef-driven fine dining menu at fast casual prices." Please spare us....we already have Bonefish.
  7. Washingtonian "Best Restaurants" Issue

    Inn at Little Washington is 12th....That's lower than I've seen it on NATIONAL lists....
  8. I have eaten at Amuse probably a dozen times in the past year or so, primarily because it's convenient to one of my work locations. The menu is not very adventurous, but the food is passable and the dining room is well appointed. It's comfortable and pleasant for a sit-down meal in Rosslyn. But I mostly wanted to mention the front of the house, which gets scant attention around here. Tony is the waiter I'm referring to, short of stature but one of the best waiters in the DC area. He spent over 20 years running the dining room at the long-closed Tivoli, over the Rosslyn Metro, and he does his weekends at Lebanese Taverna in the Tysons Galleria. The rest of the week, Tony is waiting on tables at Amuse, and he's one of the best there is. Tony is soon to be 74, and shows no signs of slowing down. He ranks with Helmut at Blue Iguana, who retired at about age 90 a few years ago, Cathy at Eleni's in Springfield, and that guy at greeting stand at Old Ebbitt Grill, whose name I forgot. Here's to Tony, who makes every dining experience feel like you're in very good hands.
  9. First comment in 3 and a half years...? Went to Kaz Sushi Bistro for lunch with two companions today. First observation -- the scaffolding and construction out front really obscure the entrance, so you have to know where you're going. If you're a first-time visitor, you might be confused. Second observation -- two of our party of three got there a little early, and we were informed that we would only be seated when the entire party was there. But there's not a lot of room inside the front door, so after the two of us starting conversing and taking up space, she decided to seat us anyway. They should probably rethink that policy. Third observation, for those of you so inclined -- fugu season is soon approaching, and reservations for 2 or 4 are being accepted. I seem to recall it's priced at $150 per person. Fourth observation -- we were among the first to arrive at 11:45 for lunch, but by 12:30, the line was almost out the door. My Wednesday bento box special was a nice portion of ginger pork, a similar portion of rice, a salad with miso dressing, and a few spare pieces of sushi. Not a bad deal at $16, but nothing really stood out. Although not my first choice for sushi downtown, I still appreciate that this place is still somewhat vibrant after all of these years.
  10. Technically on the other side of I-395 from Alexandria, and therefore should be in Annandale, but its address is Alexandria: Yamazato It's one of my absolute go-to places for sushi. Quality is high, prices are fair, service is good. But it's only barely in Alexandria....
  11. Lady Kibbee and I have been on a phở bò binge on these sub-freezing days of late, and in keeping with our desire to limit carb intake, we order the large bowl combo no. 1, with meatballs too, but we don't bother with the noodles. Le Bledo was elbowed out of the plaza now dominated by Chik-Fil-A and its choking traffic, so it ended up in its current location on Bland St., kitty-corner from LA Mart. We frequently stop here for carry-out from their openly displayed items from Hue. These are quick, tasty treats on the run. The phở bò here is reputed to be good, and has been in the past, but today it was wan and watery. There was an atypical lack of flavor and richness. The sides we ordered were chả giò and pork balls. The chả giò was crisp on the outside but mushy on the inside, as if not properly fried at the right temperature. The pork balls were excellent, especially when dipped in the fish sauce that had shredded carrot and diakon in it. I'll chalk all of this up to Le Bledo having a bad day, with almost everything being a bit off. For Springfield comparison, yesterday's phở bò at Pho Hong Anh was very good, and last week's version at Saigon City was also very good.
  12. I have to admit, with the arrival of the Hamilton just across the street, I frequent OEG less often than I have in the past. My most recent dining experience there was with Lady KN, and we enjoyed a lovely half-priced orca platter and a bottle of wine prior to a concert at DAR Constitution Hall, a mere 3 blocks away. No complaints.
  13. Char-Grilled Octopus

    It appears to be on the tapas menu, not the dinner menu?