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  1. And they overcame George Steinbrenner's dysfunction, a 14.5 game deficit to the Red Sox, and Billy Martin's firing, to go on to win the World Series. Credit some of that pitching to my hero, Thurman Munson. One day, when Guidry gave up four hard hit base hits on the first four pitches of the game, and he was walking around the mound kicking dirt and cursing himself, Munson showed up over his shoulder and calmly said "You want me to stop telling them what pitch you're going to throw them?"
  2. A few more things to remember about the year Guidry had in '78, which is one of the best years for any pitcher in the last 50 or more years. First, he did it against 9-hitter lineups. That sets his performance apart. Second, he led the Yankees on that famous 14.5-game comeback against the Red Sox. He was the ace who won 14 games after a Yankee loss, preventing losing streaks. He even won the 163rd game in Fenway Park, the one-game playoff for the 1978 Eastern Division pennant. Third, he held hitters to a .193 batting average, .249 on base average, and .279 slugging percentage. That was an OPS of .528, against the entire league -- a .528 OPS would get any major leaguer sent down to the minors or released. Although they had no idea what WAR was in 1978, Rice had a WAR of 7.5 and Guidry had a WAR of 9.6 in 1978. He might have lost the MVP to Jim Rice, but the Sporting News named him the Major League Player of the Year in 1978.
  3. I think it's mostly that he went from being Lou Gehrig during the first half of his career, to being Will Clark or John Olerud during the second half of his career. [One of the things that really irked me about the Mattingly era was his second-place finish to Roger Clemens in the MVP race in 1986. Mattingly batted .352 with 238 hits, 53 doubles, and 31 HRs that year. Clemens had a good year, going 24-4 with a 2.48 ERA and 238 Ks, but he pitched in 33 games. Mattingly played all 162 games for the Yankees, or 5 times as many as Clemens played for the Red Sox. What bothered me about 1986 was 1978, when Ron Guidry went 25-3 with a 1.74 ERA and 248 Ks, but finished 2nd in the MVP to Jim Rice because of the argument that a position player is more valuable than a pitcher. In other words, the reason Guidry didn't win the MVP in 1978 was the same reason Clemens shouldn't have won the award in 1986.] But this came from a thread about Mike Trout. Baseball Reference lists the most similar batters through age 24 to Mike Trout would be Mickey Mantle, Ken Griffey Jr., Hank Aaron, Frank Robinson, and Mel Ott. Pretty good company....
  4. I don't see his career collapsing, except if a Don Mattingly-like injury were to derail him. From 1983 through 1987, Don Mattingly was Mike Trout. He was other-wordly, the best player in baseball, and an MVP in 1985 (runner up in 1986, even though he had a 7.2 WAR). He was clearly on his way to the Hall of Fame. In 1987, he reportedly hurt his back horsing around with Bob Shirley in the locker room, and he was never the same after that. The second half of his career was above average, but he never returned to perennial MVP status like the first half of his career. He will be remembered as the greatest Yankee never to have appeared in the World Series. I am not suggesting that such a fate will befall Mike Trout, and I certainly hope that he continues to cement his status as the greatest player in today's game.
  5. Dining in Ballston

    Rustico, across the street from Kapnos Taverna, was pretty good at lunch today. I had the Cuban sandwich, companion had the brisket cheesesteak, and the pizza at the table next to me was close enough to smell and admire. All dishes were delivered quickly and the Cuban and brisket were quite good. I assume the pizza was too, because it was finished off in record time. --- Upper Crust Pizzeria (Pool Boy) Bistro 1521 (NolaCaine)
  6. Cuban Sandwiches

    From a few of my previous posts in this thread, I've been on a quest for a really good Cuban sandwich in the DC area for many years. One or two have occasionally popped up at unusual places....but I found a really good one today. On the lunch menu at Rustico in Ballston is a righteous Cubano that hits all notes. I will definitely try it again, maybe a few times, to make sure that today was not an anomaly, but this sandwich was very, very good. Sliced ham, sliced pork, good cheese, pickles....yum!
  7. Mike Trout might join the likes of Ted Williams and Ernie Banks as great players who never won a world championship. That would be unfortunate. They all belong on that grand stage....
  8. North and South Yemen were political divisions, but in general, Turkish (Ottoman) cuisine influenced the north and Indian cuisine (Mughlai) influenced the south, so Saltah is from the Turkish influence. Oghdat stew, especially when made with fish, is a common Indian-influenced dish. That said, every "national" dish has its regional variants, and so too does Saltah. (And if you want to name the national dish of 197 countries, good luck. Start with the national dish of the USA, which is....?)
  9. Dining in Tysons Corner

    I don't like the parking situation at Woo Lae Oak -- could have an impact on the 1-hour time limit. But yes, that's good food....
  10. Dining in Tysons Corner

    The Galleria Mall restaurants are geared to the one-hour lunch because of the large office worker population in the area. I prefer Lebanese Taverna, but my friends and colleagues also like Wildfire, Maggiano's, and Legal Sea Foods.
  11. German Restaurants

    I've eaten at the Bavarian Inn a few times. It was good, but not worth a special drive to Shepherdstown. I'd rather drive to Lancaster to eat Pennsylvania Dutch fare, if I'm going to drive a distance. Not genuine German food, but the influence is unmistakeable. And there are at least a dozen good ones to pick from....
  12. Some of this banter inspired me to have dinner at Afghan Bistro tonight....but, I arrived at 6:30 to a full dining room, and the manager informed me that he might be able to squeeze me in at 8:15. So I begged him for carry out, and he obliged. I took home the hot mazza assortment and the mixed grill assortment. First, a few observations....this place is tiny. I counted a packed house of 40 covers at 6:30, but they had already been open since 4:00pm, and they will do at least a full turnover at 8:00 or 8:15, so this little gem is doing 100 covers on a Friday night. Not bad. The front of the house had about 6-7 hosts, including two brothers who looked like the owners, but the rest of the staff looked related. They were gracious with the guests, and they made everyone feel like friends and family. Most importantly, I confirmed with the manager that they now have a lease in Palisades, but they are keeping the Springfield location. Hooray! This is easily Springfield's best restaurant right now. I took the food home, and it traveled well (about 3 miles). The hot mazza was four dishes -- leek and scallion turnovers, roasted butternut squash, roasted eggplant puree, and leek dumpling. These dishes were seasoned to perfection, with a little spicy kick, and wonderful flavors and textures. I would happily order all four of them separately in the future, but why not enjoy them all together? The mixed grill assortment included a delectable lamb chop -- like a meat popsicle -- plus beef tenderloin, salmon, and seekh kabob. The assortment was a carnivore's dream come true, and when you top each of them with the accompanying chutneys, you have the taste of the spice routes of southern Asia on a plate. Afghan Bistro reminds me of the great Afghan food in the '80s, when Afghan immigrants escaping the Soviet invasion settled here and opened seriously good restaurants -- like Bamyan in Alexandria and Khyber Pass in Rosslyn. Palisades will be happy with the expansion of this great little restaurant.
  13. I would hope they keep the Springfield location and operate a second, larger location somewhere in the area. Do what Bozzelli's or Lebanese Taverna did -- grow offspring!