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  1. National Chains

    Well....yes....but he DOES get paid for this stuff.
  2. National Chains

    Somewhat timely piece from Tom Sietsema....
  3. I walked by today. It's quite sprawling, which for Tysons Galleria strikes me as being quite expensive from a lease standpoint. Everything looked too new and too clean to have experienced any real use, but the place appears to be well-designed. I'll have opportunities to try the food in the coming weeks and months. Washingtonian just weighed in.
  4. Hummus

    This concept of modern Israeli restaurants has always been confusing to me. Israel is populated by a lot of the former Jewish diaspora from Poland to Russia to Romania to all parts of Europe and Eastern Europe. To me, modern Israeli restaurants serve borscht, chicken soup with matzoh balls, pierogies, gefilte fish, and all manner of Ashkenazi cuisine. Then there was Sephardic cuisine, which is closer to what I think everyone refers to as modern Israeli cuisine, since it has significant Middle Eastern influences, and is therefore more exotic. So, along comes the concept of modern Israeli cuisine, which fuses Arab Middle Eastern, Ashkenazi, Sephardic, and even Mizrahi cuisine, into a variety of dishes that really look and taste like Middle Eastern food with some Eastern European influences. All of this is a long way of saying that I might enjoy eating at a local version of Zahav if it were to come here, we're really not talking about a whole different category of cuisine. It's mostly Middle Eastern, and we have plenty of good options for Middle Eastern food in our area.
  5. Hummus

    Me Jana is my choice for best Middle Eastern restaurant in our area, and I love the hummus there. Mediterranean Gourmet Market is not far behind.
  6. I've eaten many lunches at the Ballston Booey's, as well as coffee meetings and occasional soft-serve yogurt snacks. For dinner, I would prefer to walk maybe 30 steps to SER across the lane. For lunch, I would prefer to walk maybe 100 steps to Ballston Cafe, where the sandwiches are about equal to Booey's, and the hot and cold salad bar is the typical perfection of our areas' Korean run lunch bars. (Which, btw, I love...!) Neither SER nor Ballston Cafe require a crossing of Glebe Rd.
  7. A few points I may have raised previously.... The Herndon and the Tysons Silver Diner locations have been the venue for billions of dollars of local information technology deals. Whether it's teaming on federal contracting, investing in start-ups, or negotiating mergers and acquisitions, the Herndon and Tysons restaurants have been the epicenter for these arrangements. I have been all over the spectrum of poor experiences (mold on my sandwich bread in Springfield) to blow-me-away good experiences (a perfect hamsteak and eggs in Woodbridge, or an incredible Local Leidy's pork chop and cabbage and mashed potatoes in Rockville). The original Silver Diner in Rockville grosses some $6 million a year. It's 1:30am and you're starving....Silver Diner is one of your very few options. If you ever set foot in Mel's Drive In on Mission St. in San Francisco, you'll immediately see that Silver Diner was copied from Mel's.
  8. Signage is in full bloom. I'm anxious to try this newbie to the Springfield food scene, but I can't imagine why they would pick this place to go to die. This is the former location of Le Bledo Dalat bakery, which moved to Bland St because Chik-fil-A has choked the parking lot into a monopoly. There is no reasonable accessibility to Taco Bamba, either in or out. The ownership must have done their research, but I can't think of a more inaccessible location in Springfield. Le Bledo left for this very reason, and they are thriving in their new location.
  9. National Chains

    I'll add Popeye's....if a Popeye's was next door to a PF Chang's, I would eat at Popeye's.
  10. National Chains

    Not to be confused with Western Sizzler. The real Sizzler is all up and down the west coast, with some outposts through Arizona and Utah, and a few other states out west. The salad bar is really incredible, from the cold salad options to hot items like pasta and meatballs, or do-it-yourself tacos. Not to mention the famous desserts. You can order the salad bar and eat to excess, or you can add the steak options.
  11. Gee, if my last name was Filet, I wouldn't name my daughter Chick.
  12. As I grow older, some of my positions harden to immovability, but on the topic of national restaurant chains, I find myself softening somewhat. While I still greatly prefer independent mom-and-pops, as well as a few local chains, there are a very few national chains starting to grow on me. I'm eliminating the hamburger and pizza chains, and I'm avoiding the high end Ruth's Chris or Morton's as well. I'm eliminating local chains, which takes Lebanese Taverna off my list and GAR Group restaurants off your list. And I remain repulsed by Olive Garden, Chili's, TGI Fridays, and Outback Steakhouse, and that ilk. I'm talking about The Waffle House, where you can get honest food for reasonable prices. If you don't expect much, you'll come out of there happy and full, and without a significant dent in the wallet. I'm talking about Sizzler, and whenever I'm in the SoCal area, I'm hitting a Sizzler for that salad bar that goes perfectly with my so-so steak. I'm talking Hillstone Restaurant Group, with its local outpost the Woodmont Grill, which has a national standard of quality for all of its restaurants. And I might even be talking about PF Chang's, even though the "PF" is Paul Fleming, but I can't resist those chicken lettuce cup appetizers and my guilty pleasure crispy string beans. There, got that off my chest.....
  13. dr.com Picnics - It Has Been a Long Time

    Somewhere, I have a cork from a bottle of Nigl that Don brought to one of the spring picnics. It might have been the one where Antonio Burrell was frying Twinkies. Jake Parrott was pouring interesting libations. Ah, I truly miss these....
  14. Feeling a bit of a sore throat and chest congestion coming on, Lady Kibbee and I visited Saigon City for late lunch today. First observation is that the restaurant was frequented by a mostly hispanic crowd today. I'm not sure if that's a singular occurrence, or if Springfield's hispanic population has developed a liking for this place, but it was noteworthy. I started with the cha gio and then a large bowl of beef noodle, with combination meats and extra meatballs. Both of them hit the spot, and as I write this, my throat and chest are soothed by the Vietnamese penicillen. My wife had the shrimp spring rolls and the seafood soup, which she declared very good. There are other Vietnamese places in Springfield that serve pho, which I really needed, but few of them serve wine, which is requirement for us.
  15. Interesting pan-Middle Eastern menu. All ethnicities, from North Africa, the Levant, Turkey, Iran....I look forward to more reports on this concept.