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  1. Planning a trip to Spain

    I would split it between Barcelona and San Sebastian. The latter puts you within a stone's throw of France (Biarritz for sure, Bordeaux if you go a bit further), Bilbao (to visit the Guggenheim), and the Rioja wine country. You have a wide range of food options, from tapas to Michelin-starred dining. The only downside is that it puts you further from Morocco.
  2. I used the shrug emoji because although you're right that the candidates differ on what should happen to the DLC, they all (whether explicitly or implicitly) admit to some degree that only so much can be done unilaterally as County Executive, and then the rest needs state-wide support.
  3. Thanks for linking to the candidate statements. I interpreted them as varying degrees of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Oh well.
  4. Still true...a crazy amount of food that even two people might have trouble finishing if they ordered anything else. The salmon jaw appetizer ($5) is a ginormous portion too.
  5. Sorry to quibble with one sentence in what was otherwise a great review -- we've been here only once and certainly enjoyed the service. IMO it didn't blow away the service at Komi, Little Serow, Rose's Luxury, P&P, Tail Up Goat, or Red Hen though. Admittedly, the comparison is a bit apples and oranges for some places on my list.
  6. Thanks to RL's holiday gift card offer that comes with a reservation in January/February/March, we recently made our yearly visit here. Apart from the lychee/pork salad, still one of my favorites, pastas are usually the big stars here IMO. We absolutely loved the hand-cut trenette with clams, white wine, and parsley. Ideal comfort food and the noodles had perfect texture. The shrimp toast and the bread plate (rye with honey butter) had great individual components that didn't seem to work together as a whole. Family style entree (we got the Japanese fried chicken) was a bit too much food for two people. Not sure the bonito flakes on top of the chicken -- a surprise because the menu didn't mention them -- were necessary or helpful. Otherwise, the chicken was fried with great precision and the potato salad was quite refreshing with just the right amount of acid. Service was the right about of attentiveness, knowledge, and friendliness as always.
  7. No NFL team meets this standard unless you significantly narrow the window. In the Super Bowl era (52 years), I think only three teams have made the playoffs even more than half of the time, and we're talking not much more than half -- Cowboys (32 playoff appearances), Steelers (30), and Vikings (29). Success in this league is fleeting due to structural parity and the salary cap. Even current "powerhouses" like the Patriots, who have made the playoffs the last 9 years (and 14 out of the last 15), didn't make the playoffs for the first time until 1976 and not at all between 1987-1993. College football, where the concept of parity is laughable if not outright discouraged, is a completely different animal.
  8. I think the Nestle acquisition happened only within the past several months. Blue Bottle had been the same successful design and brand for years before that.
  9. We managed to snag reservations at State Bird Provisions for next month. So excited! Hopefully our two young kids will find something that they're willing to eat.
  10. Why does behavior have to rise to the level of legal criminality to warrant criticism and denunciation though? It's the stuff that falls one or two steps short of criminal behavior (e.g., casual racism, sexism, homophobia) that's far more widespread and implicitly accepted, but I would argue is just as damaging to oppressed groups and responsible for perpetuating mistreatment.
  11. The Trite Food List

    Real poke isn't trite. Mainland poke is trite.
  12. Sun Noodles Ramen Pack

    Also available at the Wegman's in Germantown. I just bought shoyu ($4.99), miso ($4.99), and kaedama ($2.99). Can't wait to try them! FWIW, this 2014 Serious Eats article states that the noodles at Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop and Momofuku come from Sun. http://www.seriouseats.com/2014/04/the-fresh-ramen-kits-from-sun-noodles-will-knock-your-socks-off.html]
  13. The McLean location has also made some very nice renovations to the facility. The warehouse feel has largely gone away IMO.