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  1. Yeah, the DC area is one place where Priority Pass isn't worth a whole lot. In addition to what you said about DCA, it's a pain to make the trek to the A/B terminals at IAD if you're flying UA, and you can only access the lounge at BWI flying out of Concourse D (which isn't connected airside to the other terminals). What the DC area really needs is an AMEX Centurion Lounge at one of its airports, but then it would instantly become overcrowded like the one at SFO due to being so much better than the legacy carrier ones.
  2. My guesstimate, from the two bags we've tried, is closer to one in every six or eight peppers.
  3. Promotion/relegation in any U.S. pro sports league would be one of the best things that ever happened IMO. Unfortunately it's a non-starter for MLS and purportedly the main reason why they turned down a $4B media rights deal. P.S. Staying on topic briefly, I am actually a Dodgers fan!
  4. There was a time when the AMEX Platinum got you access to AA's Admirals Clubs. That ended in the spring of 2014. During that time, AMEX also ended free access for up to two guests at DL SkyClubs for Platinum cardmembers. Devaluation of benefits and miles is one of the few constants in the travel industry.
  5. Unfortunately I generally agree with your sentiments upthread, because (and this is somewhat tangential) the playoff-driven nature of U.S. sports has become an increasingly bigger turn-off the older I get. The NFL/NBA/MLB/NHL and their owners would be horrified at the thought of so much potential revenue passed up, but this is one aspect of sports competition that European soccer leagues have perfectly right IMO. You play each team in the league twice, home and away, best record at the end wins. Simple, makes every regular season game relevant and valuable. Keep playoff-style knockouts in the cup competitions, worthy of winning but still ultimately subordinate to the league championship. Also, college football has started going down this slippery slope and college basketball keeps expanding the tournament field. I hate it.
  6. I know they became somewhat trite a few years ago, and can't speak for other locations, but the Costco in Gaithersburg recently started selling bags of shishito peppers. Great when deep-fried in olive oil and topped with Maldon sea salt, not as great but still decent when tossed in sesame oil and grilled. Either way, they are so addictive!
  7. You could also consider opening a no-annual fee AMEX card that earns MR points.
  8. Pre-Kennedy Center on a Thursday - Show is at 7:30 PM

    Belated thanks to all for the input. We showed up at Little Serow just before 5, and got into the first seating with plenty of margin to spare. There were at least two TaskRabbit parties ahead of us in line. It looked like 5:15 would've been fine, and yes, eventually the Sushi Taro happy hour line was even longer. On a related note, when we went to The Red Hen with a Thursday 5:30 reservation, it seemed like showing up anytime before 6:00 still would've been fine for eating at the bar.
  9. Hot Dogs

    Sounds like you're in the upper-left hand corner of the Sandwich Alignment Chart cited in the WP article. I'm more indifferent than neutral, though calling Pop Tarts sandwiches is a bit too extreme for me!
  10. Dining in Germantown

    By suburban MD standards, the sushi at Yuraku is good, as are the cooked Japanese dishes. We just got take out last week and enjoyed it.
  11. Dining in Cleveland Park

    I would like this, except that's it's too true (and sad).
  12. What a funny coincidence. We were planning to go here before the FONZ Member Celebration on Saturday. Our experience ordering on weekends has actually been decent, though we also tend to go right when they open rather than during the mid-morning madness.
  13. Orlando, FL

    We're booked to stay at the Contemporary Resort for two nights before a timeshare week several miles away. The idea of a California Grill dinner around the time of the nightly fireworks seems appealing, but that might be a bit late for our two young kids. Food quality aside, anyone know if the experience of viewing the fireworks from here is really all that? Alternatively, is dinner around sunset time (which unfortunately will be 5:30ish when we go in December) a good option too? P.S. It's been 25 years since I visited WDW and my guess is that we'll return to Disney once or maybe twice when the kids are older.
  14. Jokic was crucial to Serbia winning silver at the Olympics last year. Coincidentally, we were in Vail for a wedding last August and he walked past us on the street between the terminal and parking lot at DEN (ostensibly having just returned from Rio). The problem is his sub-par defense and tendency to miss lots of minutes with early foul trouble. That said, the Nuggets blitzed many top teams in the last few months, including a 22-point win over GS and double-digit wins over Cleveland and Boston. Unfortunately their inconsistency, inexperience, and poor defense don't match up well with playoff basketball so they're at least another couple years away.
  15. Parking as in on the street? If so, I think Rasika West End is doable with some neighborhood options within a several block radius and certainly some metered spots on N between 21st and 24th.