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  1. silentbob

    Dining at Airports

    Upcoming meaning soon or sometime next year? An AMEX Centurion Lounge is opening in T4 at JFK in early 2019, and if you have a Platinum card (or are willing to shell out for a day pass) I suspect the food/drink there will be as good if not better than any of the airport's restaurants or food kiosks. Otherwise, this article sums up JFK well though I can't speak to any of them personally.
  2. This is absolutely right. The Warriors set way more off-ball screens than any other NBA team. That takes serious effort, misdirection, and proper spacing. Their open threes don't just happen out of nowhere. Modern-day NBA defenses are remarkably sophisticated -- it just so happens that the Warriors and Rockets, primarily known for their offenses, are also at the forefront of how to fight back against the prevalence of pick-and-roll through anticipatory switches. Notable quote from Steve Kerr in the latter article: "You have to cover more ground than ever before. It’s amazing: Sometimes I’ll turn on the classic sports channel and find Lakers-Celtics games from the 1980s — some of the best games ever — and the game is played in this tiny little radius. Now it’s way out on the perimeter . . . Every possession was, you dump it into the post, a double comes, and you might see six or eight threes taken in a game. But everything was different. The rules were different. The talent is different. Very few low-post players anymore. The league’s adapted. Coaches have adapted. Things are ever-changing. And you have to change along with that."
  3. Apparently the empanadas can still be ordered and picked up in Rockville, albeit frozen to bake at home.
  4. silentbob


    I don't user Uber for rides but don't want my monthly AMEX credits to go to waste -- thankfully they can be used to pay for food via UberEATS!
  5. I think the ESPN feature linked upthread dispels the notion that LeBron is merely throwing money at wine. Seems like anyone who spends their free time tasting grapes at vineyards and displaying curiosity about terroir is trying to walk the walk too.
  6. As if on cue, a thorough piece from Laura Hayes in the City Paper today on 77. My head hurts. I sympathize with certain aspects from both sides (but also don't get to vote on this).
  7. MLB is one sport where it's not hard to go from rock bottom to WS champions if you have a great front office and supportive ownership (which I know doesn't exist in Baltimore and may not for a long time). The Cubs won 61 games in 2012, 66 games in 2013, then 103 and the WS just three years after that. The Astros averaged 54 (!) wins from 2011-2013 before a jump to 101 and the WS last year. Both are among the most data-driven teams in baseball. It starts with the right culture.
  8. The world of litigation is way too complex to make sweeping statements like this. Often, it is pretty much admitting guilt as you say. Just as often, it's to avoid litigation even when you're 99.9% sure that you'll prevail in court. Going to trial is painfully expensive. The discovery process is even worse than that. Big companies settle all the time for financial, risk mitigation, and other reasons.
  9. Depending on whether you have access to a company rate/AAA, it's often not that much more expensive than Kayak/Hotwire (and sometimes cheaper) so worth it to get potential upgrades (at most major airports) to larger/nicer cars either through National's Executive Emerald aisle or Hertz's Five Star/President's Circle aisle. Plus the Chase Sapphire Reserve offers primary car rental coverage (as opposed to secondary for the AMEX Platinum).
  10. silentbob


    We are recent converts to Bell and Evans. The easy peel-off vacuum sealed containers are superb.
  11. We have both the Chase Sapphire Reserve and AMEX Platinum. I don't mind paying the annual fees when they're effectively only $150 each and we "recover" the value through lounge visits, sync offers, status, purchase protection, rental insurance, etc. Having access to a wider range of transfer/redemption options is good too. There was a more recent analysis of premium travel credit cards that tends to reinforce my view that the CSR is slightly better than the AMEX Platinum.
  12. silentbob

    Mount Rushmore of Cuisine

    CNN aired this last fall, and it was collecting dust on our TiVo until last night. Fascinating documentary. Some of the fictionalized reenactments of his youth were a bit heavy handed though. Also clever of the filmmakers to weave in archived footage of Alice Waters when there was obviously no chance she’d agree to take part otherwise. From what I’ve read in interviews, it sounds like their so-called feud is way exaggerated.
  13. silentbob

    Prejudice and Discrimination in Today's Society

    How much would Spoken English charge for the duck if it were in a Bailey’s Crossroads strip mall or Bethesda? How much would Peking Gourmet or Peter Chang charge for their respective ducks if they were located in an Adams Morgan hotel? It’s not really an apples-to-apples comparison otherwise.
  14. https://www.vox.com/2018/3/13/17109874/ncaa-scandal-fbi-basketball-march-madness https://www.vox.com/conversations/2017/9/5/16180862/college-football-ncaa-student-athlete-mike-mcintire https://theintercept.com/2018/02/22/ncaa-student-athletes-unpaid-prison/
  15. All the corporate money that's gone into major college sports (i.e., football and basketball) without the players seeing a dime has turned me off almost completely as a fan. Too much shady recruiting, warped incentives, and a governing body that's arguably as corrupt as FIFA or the IOC. No thanks. P.S. I am a Duke basketball hater. Not afraid to admit my biases.