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  1. Dining in Tysons Corner

    Thanks for the suggestions, Shamsiry or Lebanese Taverna sounds the best (do they do a good lunch?), but when most of the other options are 'won't kill you', I'd probably opt for fast casual, is there a Cava in the vicinity?
  2. Dining in Tysons Corner

    Where would you have lunch in this area?-only constraint is trying to keep it at or under a hour. I'd love to hear of someplace amazing, but will settle for solid.
  3. & dinner yesterday w/ another friend that I wanted to share this place with-I'm a creature of habit & tend to get the same dish over & over. Here it's chicken thigh kebabs w/ rice & sabzi (greens) instead of potato bouranee. They seemed to have quite a few new menu items that I was tempted to try, a cold avocado/yogurt soup & a salmon entree w/ the sabzi, but I stuck w/ my favorite (& was too busy talking w/ my friend to eat & took most of my meal home). I'm happy that I can continue to meet friends here for meals & I wish them the greatest success in their new location.
  4. I had lunch here today, & I was so happy to share this place w/ a friend-she loved it! It was packed, as always.
  5. Arepas

    Limited experience (2-3 times) & a bit out of the way - Arepas Capitol in Woodbridge. My friend & I had lunch there, got there at opening & were the only folks in the restaurant & the food was great- got an arepa reina pepiada & an empanada pabellon - both were amazing, but alas, my friend has moved away.
  6. My first visit to Wegmans was at the Fairfax store right after my son Tom got his license (you actually go in to court & witness it)-it was sort of like 'Willy Wionka & the Chocolate Factory'. & the parking lot was very scary. (It was around 5:30).
  7. In & out of the Fairfax Wegmans in 30 minutes? You win...
  8. Adding my most recent dining experience-after taking Lizzy to GMU orientation on June 22nd, we met her brother at Waraku, a newly opened restaurant in the Twinbrooke shopping center on Braddock Rd. It's new, we were all exhausted, the kids got various sushi & rolls, Tom got a poke bowl, & I couldn't decide & got Thai fried rice w/ shrimp- we all agreed mine was the best. Service was a little scattered, but the food was pretty good. & then I tried to take my leftover fried rice home in a weird clamshell bowl & crunched the bottom of it...
  9. We had Lizzy's grad dinner at Afghan Bistro a few weeks ago, 9+, large for the space, but we had an excellent experience, food was amazing, service attentive, & we were all sharing. I'm having lunch w/ a friend next week & I'm sure it will be just as good, I'm so glad I found this place & can share it w/ friends. Although they are probably ready to move to a larger location, I'm being selfish in hoping they don't move too far away.
  10. Ha, ha! When I get pulled over on a bs violation (which rarely happens), I don't go to the trouble of looking up the officer's record, I'm happy you were able to acknowledge his accomplishments.
  11. Lizzy & I were going to check out The Block today, but I am past the 'sell by' date-I will let her explore that w/ her friends. Besides, I was interested in Nua Haus's Yelp reviews (overwhelmingly positive)-I thought it was good, but I've been to lots of good & great Thai restaurants, so while I thought it was good, I can get good Thai closer to me. But I am thinking about checking out the Corner Q in Lorton (Filipino)-I have NO experience w/ Filipino food, other than that they sell frozen bangus & lumpia in the commissary.
  12. My son tricked me into watching this & after the first dog was killed,I started screaming at him. He promised there wasn't anything else like this, but there was (I've watched enough horror movies to tune things out, but cruelty to animals finishes it for me). Now he wants me to watch 'Veep', should I be scared? Just joking, I probably let him be exposed to much worse things, & I love Julia Louis Dreyfus.
  13. I just realized that I should add this-An excellent Vietnamese restaurant in old town Fairfax (right next to Havabite Eatery, old school Italian/Greek/homey, also very good). We went here last Sunday w/ a group of 6, since it was cloudy & cool, we went for pho. 1 beef, 3 chicken, loads of spring rolls (don't judge) & chicken & veg for my Mom who is doing a whole 30 (& driving me mad w/ her queries about the miniscule amount of sugar in sauce?). i think this is the 3rd or 4th time I've eaten here & it is wonderful-great food, great service. This is the first time we ended our meal w/ sticky rice pudding topped w/ coconut cream & sesame seeds, & mango slices (gratis). It was the perfect choice for a celebratory lunch & I look forward to more meals here.
  14. Funny/ not funny addendum to the street tacos-my husband ate one of the large peppers, because he thought they must be poblanos instead of jalapeƱos (wrong) & was suffering. I thought he was being a wuss until the day after, I tried to make a chicken soup w/ various leftover items & put in 1.5 peppers. My niece tasted & turned red, I tasted & started swearing (even though I have a high tolerance for heat). I kept dumping out broth, diluting w/ more chicken broth & water, & finally conceded-it was unsalvageable. I have never made inedible chicken soup before.