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  1. Went again recently. All good, but I ordered not as well as my wife. Her choices CRUSHED IT. Mine were hampered by slight but important missteps. That said, the cocktails alone make this place worthy of a slot in your rotation.
  2. I would absofrickinglutely going to Mirabelle on Thanksgiving if the stars had aligned differently.
  3. Wakeman is fine and certainly has his moments, but Banks is, as my oldest brother put is to me always, a purveyor of 'The lord's chords'. His sense of chords and notes and progressions that work is kind of mind blowing. Here's one off of 'The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway'. It's one of my favorites of that double album - The Lamia.
  4. That is an amazing, amazing song. I remember my oldest brother passed dwn on a heavily played copy to me when he upgraded to a Japanese virgin vinyl version. I'd been exposed to Abacab and Genesis more recently, but remember making fun of him cranking A Trick of the Tail. When I finally expressed some interest, it was revelatory. Away went all of my first interests, some of whom I will not mention, but Styx seemed so simplistic when I compared Genesis to those guys. I remember deep diving in to the back catalog of these gents from the mid 80s to around 1990. They are still in heavy rotation when I want something that is technical, melodic and with some feel to it (that is not melodic progressive death metal, that is). That second link is a nice find.
  5. Went to Tiger Fork this weekend. Surprised how quickly it filled up so early (we were there at 5:30). It gets noisy. The communal tables have lousy bench seating. But the cocktails were delicious, the wines generally well priced and the food, overall quite good (though I think they took liberties on the spiciness of the food - Cantonese is typically pretty mild, this was not super spicy but some of the dishes were spicier than I expected). Overall, quite a nice meal. Pictures coming soon.
  6. My wife and I had a really good experience here. Will post further, but the food was very good, service was very good and loved the cocktails. The fact that it is in spitting distance of Jeni's makes skipping dessert an easy choice. Will post photos and more thorough review when I have some more time. Note - it pays to go early - less loud, likely better service before it gets packed, etc.
  7. Gooey Butter Cake Black raspberry buttermilk Matterhorn Milkiest Chocolate Sweet potato and something Pistachio something My favorites were the Black raspberry buttermilk and milkiest chocolate, but the gooey butter cake was amazing too (hell they are all good!).
  8. Normally I would agree, but that is what is so interesting. My wife generally has a better palate than me, but I am far better at detecting TCA that she is. This wine did not suffer from TCA, IMHO. It did not make me go gaga (at the time, it did - but subsequent tastings of a wide variety of wines made me realize this wine, will excellent, was not in my sweet spot of wines I like - not really then, and certainly not at the moment).
  9. We kind of fell in love with a variety of West Indian cuisine after a trip to St. Lucia. Anyone have any local favorites that might help my wife and I scratch this itch? TIA!
  10. Jose Andres Has been feeding Puerto Rico

    This man is a Man Among Men. A Leader. Despite any protestations, this guy needs to be patted on the back by everyone. Everyone.
  11. It's funny, my wife said the 1971 Petrus smelled like an old, previously flooded basement.