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  1. Scotland

    Any updates? Planning on doing the North Coast 500 followed by a lot of time on the Isle of Skye. TIA!
  2. Paris

    We also went to Benoit. Great meal. Service appropriately brusque but professional and exceptional food. Tiny tables! Beef tongue 'terrine' Foie gras with fig and roasted lettuce Sole over barely creamed spinach and an amazing sauce Sweetbreads, kidneys, cockscombs, tiny mushrooms, lardons, and a bit of pasta. And the sauce! (Me in a dish.) Iced citrus soufflee. With grand marnier drizzled in it. (I mean this had a tiny core of soufflee and surrounded by citrus ice cream and the soufflee topped with zest. A triumph.) A classic vanilla millefeuille
  3. Paris

    We had a late lunch the next day at a local joint (Le Rubis) that was not really prepared for a proper lunch for us anymore, but they dropped down this wonderful board of goodness. He asked if we were American and after confirming he says 'Now you are French!'. Fun!
  4. Rye Bread Baking

    Some more recent rye bread shots One is NY style deli rye - very good! Another is a set of rye rolls that are very easy and you can probably do it with stuff you have on hand mostly. And the two-shot stuff is Walliserbrot, a Swiss rye bread (Valais rye).
  5. My office ordered a pallet of pizza from Upper Crust today. Very, very, very thin crust. Floppy. Good toppings. Borderline excessive garlic but not over the edge. Is it something I would crave? Veer out of my way for? Squeeee about? No. But it was awfully, awfully convenient and pretty tasty. Free helps too.
  6. Jeni's Ice Cream

    Seriously, I KNOW! I do not know how my wife found out about the ice cream book she authored, but it is SPOT ON. Every recipe has been a winner so far and I think we have mad a dozen or so. Even better than buying it direct. But buying it is so....so...conVENient!
  7. Rye Bread Baking

    She has about 40-50 more recipes to try. I'll see if she has some tips - but I am not sure she's tried a version of that yet (maybe soon!).She highly recommends the Rye Baker book and the author's blog site as well. Link to Blog. Link to FB group.
  8. Rye Bread Baking

    My wife is a pretty accomplished baker. She's taken inspiration for my deep love of rye breads and making me quite a few this year out of a book, I think it is called The Rye Bread Baker. Everything she has made so far is great, but the below one takes the cake so far -- Malfabrot - East German Malted Rye. So effing good!
  9. Paris

    More Pirouette
  10. Paris

    Pirouette was the place we had dinner our first night in paris now almost two years ago. It did indeed set the bar very, very high. They brought us the chalkboard menu (in English) and we had a great meal here - pretty casual place and glad we got in - it helped that it was our first night because we dined somewhat early (maybe 6:30 or 7pm - i know, horrors!) as we were getting close to crashing and burning. Pictures included over two posts because of the 2MB limit and I can't figure out how to make them even smaller - sorry DR! The salumi sampler was kicked up with the addition of extra pepper and spice. Nice. The beef tongue tartlet was magnificent, but the autumn truffle over black rice and smoked duck beat it and everything else we had here that evening. So good! The trout was excellent and beautiful and delicious. The partridge with the foie gras was rich and exceptional, if not visually amazing. If you like this sort of thing as much as I do, you'd love this. The figs (next post) with white chocolate and ice cream was wonderful, but the ossau iraty cheese, cut to look like a cheesecake, top shellacked with black cherry jam and a small termite pile of spice to experiment with was stunning. I dream of it. If you are in Paris and you want an excellent meal for a not too shabby price I might add, go here - you will not be disappointed.
  11. Jeni's Ice Cream

    Bought an ice cream book by Jeni's (local chain that started in Ohio I believe). Made maybe a dozen different recipes - all great. A year and a half ago, got to try some while in Ohio - still great! I was at the Columbia, MD Wegmans maybe a month or two ago, scanning to see if Haagen Dazs' 'gelato' salty caramel was back in rotation (nope, not sure why but nobody locally stocks it for some dumb reason) - and THEY HAVE JENI's . Bought 4. Have since gotten a few more. More limited selection (we're tried the 5 they have but they are all quite, quite good. Making it at home fresh is better, but not nearly as easy as going to Wegmans and buying some. mmmmmm
  12. There is one of these in Laurel, now. It is in the shopping center that was built on the remains of what was Laurel Mall. We have not been but have neighbors down the way that have said it was good.
  13. I have one of these in my current office building where I work. I have eaten here now maybe half a dozen times out of necessity. My wife says I should stick with breakfast foods, but this location stops making that stuff at 11:00AM. Is there anything really worth trying off of their menu that stand out....at all?
  14. Community Tables

    Le Mannequin Pis in Olney used to have a community/communal table. Have not been in years though, so not sure that is still the case. Personally, I am not really a fan of the communal table idea. That being said, had a GREAT time when Frank Ruta and Aggie Chin were doing dinners at BreadFurst for a couple of months. The number of folks in the biz that showed up to that was amazing.