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  1. K.T. Tunstall

    I really do not know how to classify her. See what you think. Some favorites.
  2. I think that is what anyone who is a food nerd wants. And I get that feeling pretty much every time I have food made by Frank Ruta (and Aggie Chin!!). But we all have our food itches that we need to scratch and it is different for everyone and evolves over time.
  3. Absinthe, Pastis, Anisette et al

    Absinthe...I has a weakness for thee....neat and yet well chilled. An excellent stand in for Underberg in a pinch.
  4. Cocktail Ice

    Since getting bitten by the cocktail bug to experiment at home, I've hard large spherical molds to make, well, spheres of delicious ice for large cocktails at home. Not sure I want to go all in while out dining and drinking, but it is a fun experiment at home.
  5. In a Varietal Rut?

    It is hilarious to go back and read my 9 year old posts. It is true I have expanded my horizons in a variety of unexpected ways. Mainly, I have embraced the Rhone, Amarones and Valpolicellas in particular, and slummed it in delicious grenaches and garnachas (Spain) among many others. I still have no current interest inShiraz from Down Under, but I am sure tht is, in part, due to not buying a single bottle of that stuff n over 10 years. Backfilling brunellos , desperately trying to hide them behind other bottles so I do not see them.
  6. Expensive Wines

    I have overpaid for wines in restaurants. But, when I look back on those moments, it is actually a somewhat bargain, given percentages at least, for wines I have tried off the list where I've felt indulgent. Gotta keep part of your brain on the numbers while you peruse those 500+ bottle lists, I always say.
  7. I've partaken of other folks I know wine list allocations and shared my own. I've bought my own, regretted, by need or mood, and sold off. Whatever you have to do or what whim may you fancy. Go with your gut. I remember selling off all but one of my Kosta Browne Pinot Noirs in 20009/2010 - not my thing despite the hype.
  8. Any deals out there my peoples? C'mon!
  9. Mötörhead

    You know he and Bowie are doing this as s duet in The Great Beyond.
  10. Mötörhead

    I cannot believe Lemmie id noy enshrined here. My gateway drug to Lemmy is here.
  11. No doubt Mirabelle is expensive. But there are ways to mitigate this by menu selection, number of courses, type and quantity of beverages. Food and dining are one of the few things I spend money on, so I tend to indulge myself when I dine out. Lunch there was fabulous! Palena's back room was also a destination for us, not the fact that fancy attire was not required made it so easy to keep going there. The cafe was great, too, for differet reasons (in both incarnations).
  12. He had 6 meals total there before his review. And I agree - Sietsma is pretty inconsistent as a reviewer and at times really likes places I like and at other times doesn't. I really do not care what he thinks, but I know that there are an awful lot of people that read those reviews and star ratings and immediately include or exclude a given restaurant based on star ratings, review details or both without doing any other research.
  13. He seemed to focus on that quite a bit in the review which is why I mentioned it. If you spend more, you probably expect more, I'll grant that. The thing is, I got a great experience, great cocktails, great food, plenty of wine options up and down the price scale, delicious desserts and wonderful service. I'd love to go back more often and have the option of, say, something like Palena's cafe. But that is not in the cards for Mirabelle and I did not expect it. Sietsema still likes a lot of what Mirabelle offers, as per the review, but concedes he expected more for the prices paid. Sietsema and I seem to have different preferences and what we're willing to pay for those preferences. I think this paragraph in his review is hilarious - '....Palena was actually two destinations under one roof: a clattery cafe and a (slightly) dressier dining room in the back. The service had some issues, and the interior lacked a designer’s touch, but near-perfect food at moderate prices was the primary reason customers flocked to the address. It was headline news, then, when Ruta, citing mounting debts, announced he was closing three years ago after a 14-year ride.' Here he is pining for the days of Palena where you could get blown away by moderately priced food and yet does not seem to understand that Palena, as much as we all loved it so, was unsustainable **at those very prices**. It is almost as if he is stating 'Hey, Palena was awesome food at moderate prices!' and now he is saying 'Hey Mirabelle is too expensive and let me give you a few examples of dishes I did not like in my six meals there to support my perspective.' He's entitled to his opinion as we all are. I sure do wish Frank was completely unshackled on the food front (say, like - more Italian influences more frequently!), I sure wish the prices were lower so I could go more often. I sure wish there was a cafe portion so I could go more often. But I will take Frank and Aggie in all of their glory for lunch and dinner all day long whenever I can. As always, your mileage may vary. We all have different expectations and preferences. I love it there.
  14. Sietsema is wrong wrong wrong. His comments seem overly dripped and draped in cost price ratios. He likes Palena better. Better prices. He had higher expectations due to the cost. Yada yada yada. We all want Frank and Aggie food for cut rate prices and perfect service. But that is not reality. We each have to decide for ourselves if we like Mirabelle or not. And if it is worth it to us or not. For Sietsema, we clearly know what he thinks. For me, i think Sietsema is off his freaking rocker.