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  1. We ate at the bar last night. So going to miss this place. I have a thing for movies, so the ability to go to the Silver and then have a good, affordable dinner has been great. Love the food, love the staff and will miss Nick and Elliot so very much.
  2. Oh dear. I love their pizza, but have only ever been to the downtown location (and used to eat from the food truck.) I hope downtown is not going anywhere!
  3. American History rather than NGA I think. I loved that place. My childhood favorite ice cream parlors were Lovell's, in Elmira NY, and Buckman's, in Rochester NY. (both now long gone.) Farrel's was OK, but I only experienced it a few times during the 3 years we lived in Los Angeles. There used to be Swensen's here... I went to the one by GW on an early date with the now-husband. (I also miss Abbott's, but that's a custard stand, not an ice cream parlor. And I can go there when I visit the parents. But the only one I like is the one at Charlotte, on Lake Avenue.) If you find an ice cream parlor around here, I will be very happy and will go there.
  4. The Wharf developers perhaps, but it can't go on NPS land. From a NYT story (can't turn up any of the Post stories right now): "The work, which depicts a bearded man trapped in the earth, was installed, using a temporary permit, along with 500 other pieces as part of a 1980 citywide art exhibition. Six years after the installation, Congress passed a law requiring all public art on National Park Service land in Washington to be installed for a short period unless it was commemorative."
  5. It can't. It was sold to the National Harbor folks. (NPS couldn't buy it, and wouldn't promise it a permanent spot.)
  6. You know.... years ago, I was dating a serious baseball fan. I was a casual, go to a few games every now and then, type. He made me read "Why Time Begins on Opening Day." Went a long way toward convincing me that baseball was cooler than I realized. Having married the serious baseball fan, I'm glad I decided that baseball was cool, or... I'd spend a lot of the summer alone!