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  1. Hey Don just making sure you didnt miss this post....... RR
  2. Does this date mean anything to you? https://sports.ha.com/itm/baseball/1961-mickey-mantle-45th-home-run-baseball-caught-by-senators-shortstop-coot-veal/a/7190-81506.s?ic4=GalleryView-ShortDescription-071515# also check out the next 2 lots in the auction #81507 and #81508. Unfortunately, Coot messed up the dates so it was really when you were 1 day old! The Nolan Ryan lot IS the correct date............ RR
  3. VDOT Express Lanes

    They are getting ready to start these roads here in Jacksonville. Florida to be billed under the good ole southern fried SunPass already in effect in Orlando and other surrounding areas. Although I am a capitalist, I hate the fact that more wealthy people can afford to zip along while the average working stiff has to sweat it out in a traffic jam. 10 bucks a day or whatever it costs is more than a lot of people can afford.......... REGRESSIVE TAX POLICY AT ITS WORST!!!
  4. Someone you mentioned on here was Bill Dickeys paperboy as a kid!!!!! Answer if you scroll down................... Answer...... Brooks Robinson as a kid in Little Rock, Arkansas!!!! Strange but true!!
  5. Merry Christmas

    Happy Boxing Day. Take off, eh?
  6. Cross country runner from alma mater (Frostburg State) of both parents of DON ROCKWELL did not dodge effectively. musta hurt!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unZy1MJ5wLU
  7. 2016 Presidential race pits Donald versus Hillary (Hilleary). Eva picked the 2016 candidates when she named her sons!!!
  8. From what I hear the sales are going crazy! Perhaps based on the quality of the football they play, the Jacksonville Jaguars should consider a name change to the Jacksonville Jellyfish!
  9. OK I thought the Jazz was a great name when they were in New Orleans but ridiculous in Utah. I thought the change to the New Orleans Pelicans was about as bad as it could get. But the Jacksonville Double A minor league baseball team, known forever as the Suns, just beat them all by needlessly changing their name to.............................wait for it........................ THE JACKSONVILLE JUMBO SHRIMP! I shit you not! there are no words..................
  10. Hey Don remember a friend of mine growing up named Tim Coghlan? He went to Jackson Road 5th and 6th grade...... also Springbrook where he played football and hung with the same crowd I ran with. Anyhow, he married a girl from our class Heather Hutson and had a kid in 1985. That kid (Chris) grew up to play baseball, National League Rookie of the Year in 2009, now playing for the Cubs in the World Series! Sadly, my friend Tim who was a SWAT team cop in Maryland and retired early after an injury during a raid was killed in a car wreck in 2001. Some time I will have to tell you about the time we made a volcano over at his house! Anyhow, the kid looks a lot like his dad..... thought this might give you a personal perspective on this years World Series!
  11. Actually there was a "Nadal-type" guy back in the day that most everyone seems to have forgotten...... a lefty with a giant arm and heavy kicks off both wings...... and he was dominant on clay for a period of time. The man? Thomas Muster, known in his time as The King of Clay! Im almost certain he would have done amazingly well with todays racket and string technologies.
  12. Hypoxia During Sudden Cardiac Arrest

    Tradition has it that the begining drum beats simulate muscular contraction frequency during orgasm!!!! Or is that Fun Fun Fun? One of those that has the bass drum steady beat at the beginning although now I cant seem to find it! Yikes!