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  1. That's because I remembered to smile! Otherwise, frowny face.
  2. I was thinking this too. I have learned over the years that my default face looks stern and judgmental. I try to make an effort to smile when I come into contact with strangers. It reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer got the stink eye. I have a natural stink eye.
  3. I agree that we have only heard one side of the story. After re-reading the story, my question: if the remaining party was only one or two blocks away, why not just wait for them to arrive? Sounds like it would have only been 3 minutes.
  4. I also saw Landrum a little over a month ago. He was actually the host and showed us to our table. He was quite charming. I didn't let on that I knew who he was.
  5. Yes, I am very much looking forward to the new Turkish place. Apr 4, 2018 - "Istanbul Grill Expected To Replace Ballston Area's El Ranchero" by Bridget Reed Morawski on arlnow.com
  6. Epilog: I ate my leftovers last night for dinner. I heated it up, esp. the falafel and the chicken. It tasted much better, the falafel and chicken seemed less dry after a nuke in the microwave. I'll be back. BTW, they had what looked like American black olives but they told me they were Greek olives. They are American black olives.
  7. I saw this place near the library. I believe it replaced Naked Pizza. It's a sort of Lebanese Chipotle. You choose a base: wrap, rice, bulgar, or greens. Then a protein: falafel, chicken shwarma or kabob, beef, lamb. Then toppings: I chose many but my favorites were baba ghanoush and hummus. Then sauce, I chose tahini dressing. They give you a lot of food. We got there at noon which I guess is early so I was eating leftover falafel and old chicken shwarma. My friend got fresher shwarma and she said it was very good. This place has a lot of potential and I plan to visit it again soon--maybe later in the day so I get fresh falafel and chicken. Here is the menu: https://www.eatbadaro.com/menu/
  8. I agree with Erichandblueboy. I went a couple of years ago to the Tysons one for lunch. Food was mediocre but pricey. Soda came only in a can. Ironically, place was mobbed on a weekday. Don't know why. Business lunches? I'm never going back.
  9. hopsing

    German Restaurants

    When I was on vacation in Germany in 2013, we found the food very heavy (lots of meat, lots of potatoes). I love meat, but it was even too much for me. We ended up eating at Italian restaurants in Germany, and, oh my, they were terrific. I think due to the immigration from nearby Italy.
  10. I remember even earlier than that when they had the Airborne Pizza place in Westover and sold Lebanese goodies on the side.
  11. The first time I ever heard of pork pie was as a kid watching the old movie Great Expectations on TV. The idea of a savory pie stayed with me over the years but I have yet to try one. Maybe it's time. I love the traditional and the Indian curry chicken pasties at Pure Pasty.
  12. I remember the good ole days when pre-Firehook there was Roma restaurant. They had the best pizza and you could eat it in their grapevine-draped garden.
  13. They have a new executive chef and menu! This is good news. While I like their breakfasts, their lunches and dinners have been a real letdown. I'm going to try them again! https://www.arlnow.com/2018/02/06/cassatts-cafe-hires-new-executive-chef-updates-menu/
  14. The places I am talking are small coffee shops that serve dim sum. People usually buy them for takeout. There is an eating area in the back where you can sit and have coffee and order dim sum. These are not the typical staff wheeling around food carts. I just asked my sister (who still lives in NY) for a recommendation but she doesn't know if they exist anymore. They were more for locals (no English spoken). I know the place I used to like closed down. When I visited, my mother would do take out suigow from there, suigow was my favorite dim sum. It looked sort of like this but wrappers were more yellowish. My sister's friend's theory: the secret to their great coffee was adding salt. Hmmm, must take that with a grain... ho ho!
  15. I never thought I would see coffee and Chinese restaurant in the same sentence, but it brings to mind some of the best coffee I've had--and that is at some NY Chinatown dimsum places. I don't know how they make it so good. My sister would ask them how they made it but it was always delicious with just the right amount of sugar and cream. Drinking it along with some yummy dimsum hit the spot many a time. I don't know if it is true anymore because I haven't had dimsum in Chinatown since my mother passed away 16 years ago. She lived there. --- I had their cheese pizza last week. Avoid that!