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  1. Hallelujah! Maybe McLean will finally get some good restaurants!!!! I wonder how the votes broke down....I wonder if there was huge turnout in wards 7 & 8, where this measure presumably would most benefit.
  2. I was just wondering if I've ever been to Rabieng - and now I know. I didn't really recognize the joint because it's been 5 years and this time we sat upstairs.... We had some crispy calamari, shrimp & pork dumplings (siu mais), summer sausage, and a signature dish of "RABIENG’S ROAST PORK (moo obb) - Tender pork loin roasted w/ five-spice, sweet soy & plum sauces, cilantro, pickled ginger & chili vinaigrette." The calamari was nicely cooked with good salt/pepper flavor (could've been more aggressively seasoned though). The shrimp & pork dumplings were not as good as siu mais at a good dim sum joint, but I know the kids will at least eat them. The summer sausage didn't have that herbiness found at Padaek. The roast pork was tender, but again could've been more aggressively seasoned. On a Tuesday evening, it was pretty crowded but the service was friendly and efficient.
  3. I'm not particularly busy lately so I've been watching lots of "football" and working out, which allows me to go eat out even on a Monday night. I checked out the Mosaic Bartaco. It's not Mexican food. They're also pretty small, and individually pretty cheap. They say to eat 5 or 6 tacos, since each is only 2 to 3 bites. I went for 5, from left to right, cauliflower, roasted duck, baja fish, falafel, and rock shrimp. The cauliflower is pretty tasty, especially of garlic. The roasted duck was tender. The fish and rock shrimp (2 in each taco) were nicely fried, crispy exterior but still moist within. The falafels were decent. I think the whole shebang cost $14.5 before tax.
  4. Poca Madre. From urban dictionary. literal:"motherless" mex.slag. 1/ used for descrbe something is really fucking cool 2/ used to describe a bad situation or something that a person ("asshole"in that moment) did to you, by adding "que" before "poca madre" 1.1.-that movie was "poca madre" 1.2.-did you see John face? / it was "poca madre" 2.1.-shit man! fuck you, "que poca madre" 2.2.- that was lame dude, "que poca madre" 1.3.-no dude, it was sweet it was "poca madre" hahaha
  5. Why not? They’re about the same price. It’s cool that you pick your seafood at Taro but that could cost you too.
  6. You should watch the Spain v. Portugal game at 2. Spain plays a possession style game while Portugal will defend and counter with Ronaldo. You'll get a sense why possession style is more beautiful to watch, but does not guarantee a win. Spain lacks a deadly striker but they will control the ball. Portugal may park the bus but Ronaldo will break out and have shots.
  7. Ericandblueboy

    Where Should I Travel? Vacation Ideas

    I never made it out of Athens and felt like I didn't see everything. I didn't even make it to Piraeus. So if you're interested in art & art history, spend at least 4 days in Athens.
  8. They're the two worst teams in the tournament (Saudi @ 67 and Russia @ 70). You're actually picking the favorite! I have Russia getting the upset! I'm in Daniel's bracket. Let's see more people join for the unofficial bragging contest! In other news, Antoine Griezemann's going to have a TV special just to announce his decision whether to stay at Atletico Madrid or join Barca - a la LeBron. I didn't know Antoine's got a head the size of LeBron's. Is Griezemann's taking the L-dance celebration basically saying the other team are losers?
  9. Spain sacks its coach 2 days prior to the start of World Cup, per ESPN. Julen Lopetegui, the Spanish national team coach, announced that he's going to manage Real Madrid yesterday. This immediately created a conflict of interest as the Spanish teams has players from several La Liga teams. In addition, Spain will be playing against other Real Madrid players.
  10. A couple of day's ago, ex-Olympic skier Bode Miller's 19 month old daughter drowned in a neighbor's pool. The death is under investigation. In the mean time, Bode's friends (his wife's midwife) set up a Go Fund Me campaign to help with "the mountainous medical bills that will soon pile in and the memorial service costs." Bode then linked it to his Instagram account. Bode has an estimated net worth of $8 million. The incident is tragic but would you ask for money when you have a net worth of $8 million?
  11. I don't believe there will be mass migration of workers and diners from DC to VA/MD. There are many ethnic restaurants in DC charging substantially higher prices than their VA/MD counterparts but I see few DC residents driving to the burbs to eat. For example, sai oua is $14 at Thip Khao but $9 at Padaek. Maketto charges $8 for shrimp dumplings but Mark's Duck House/Fortune/Hong Kong Pearl charge less than $4. In addition, @sheldman has already pointed out "that tipped workers *are* guaranteed the same minimum hourly rate as anyone else under the current system, and that any mom-n-pop could go to a "no tipping" model without raising net cost to customer." Given that the DC diners aren't willing to commute to eat, then there wouldn't be higher demand for servers in VA/MD. No doubt some of the FoH people think that eliminating the tipped minimum wage also means the end of the tipping system and they are voting/advocating only in favor of their own pocketbooks.
  12. When did every dish come with greens on top (or on the side) start? This is also the case at A Rake's Progress.
  13. Ericandblueboy

    Richmond, VA

    There's a new development on the James River called Rocketts Landing. I thought I would have a leisurely lunch by the water so I went to Conch Republic. I have to say the food's not very interesting and tastes pretty mediocre too, but you have a view of the river. I had dinner at Metzger Bar & Butchery. It was only half full on a Saturday night. I had some potato chips with creme fraiche and trout roe - a decadent french onion dip! I also had their wiener schnitzel - which was fine. Sunday morning, I did some googling for places that open up early and found Perly's. I had me some chopped chicken liver, kishka, and corned beef tongue. The beef tongue was good, especially with the chimichurri that came with the kishka. The kishka was decent - but not encased (which they told me up front). Finally, the chicken liver was not very good - tasted too sour.
  14. In celebration of Capital Pride, we went to the Dabney. We asked for some recommendations and our waitress rattled off 3 vegetarian dishes. So we ignored her recs. The first two dishes trotted out were the Tuna Crudo and Asparagus & Crab. The tuna, accompanied by radish, snap peas, chili, basil & benne turned out to be poke. It's a nice poke, but not nearly as good as the warm lump crab served with garlic chive cream. I'm guessing the crabs were very fresh. Then we had a crispy softshell crab, and that was followed by some charred bok choy with hush puppies & bacon. The last two dishes were crispy pork belly and fried sugar toads. That pork tasted like it was confitted and then pan seared - very good. The puffers were seasoned like Korean fried chicken. Every dish is well executed and the service is top notch.