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  1. Siren had last minute availability and it wasn't participating in restaurant week, so I had brunch there. But beforehand, I noticed that it only had 4 stars on Open Table (and with their inflation, it really only had 3 stars) and only 3.5 stars on Yelp. I thought it's another case of people not knowing what good food is. But I ended up agreeing with the consensus. First dish was sea urchin with sweet peas, blue crab custard, arctic surf clam, galil spice oil. This is a mess of a dish. Why would nearly raw peas go with sea urchin? I don't think it does. And whatever bowl of sauce it was, it overwhelmed the sea urchin. Second dish was grilled fish causa, or better yet, a fish knish. It's a wee bit strange of a combination. I didn't like it and didn't hate it. Third dish was was an awful crabcake. The crab tasted quite a bit off. There was too much binder and herbs. I left half a crab cake behind. On a nice Sunday, there was only one other table occupied.
  2. SUV Recommendations

    I like my Audi Q7, but I need seating for 7. If smaller works for you, I'd get a Porsche or Jag. I lease for 3 years, so reliability isn't an issue for me.
  3. Scotland

    O RLY? TMI.
  4. We're having a meeting at noon tomorrow and we have to order lunch from Panera. I hate everything that I've tried from Panera.... Last year I took the kids to one because a percentage of the sales went to support my daughter's school. I also had to dine at Silver Diner multiple times....
  5. Knives

    Anyone have thoughts on fancy schmancy steak knives? For example, Shun Kaji or Premier or Laguiole en Aubrac.
  6. Orlando, FL

    Stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge for 3 nights. The kids loved the animals - too bad they don't appear on the dinner menu. The pool at the main lodge (Jambo House) is very big but the waterslide is slow and not at all thrilling....okay, it's still somewhat thrilling to little kids. We ate at Boma, Yak & Yeti, Tiffins, Boat House, and Jiko. Boma is a buffet, a decent variety but nothing special. Yak & Yeti is mostly American Chinese, but it's air conditioned and takes reservation. Tiffins and Jiko are signature restaurants which execute the food at a higher level - nevertheless, it's in Disney so there are people like me who wore flip flops and have small kids in tow. We went to the Boat House at Disney Springs just to get some seafood. The "African" restaurants tend to be meat-centric. We only went to Animal Kingdom. I'm not sure what makes Pandora so exciting. The best thing about the Na'vi River Ride is that it's air conditioned. The line was generally over an hour (but we had fast passes). The other ride (Flight of Passage, which has a height requirement that my youngest doesn't yet meet) generally had a 4 hour wait. I would've gone back on the Kali River Rapids if the wait wasn't over an hr. Including the train and the safari, we rode 4 rides. We blew our last fast pass on the River of Light but we couldn't stick around until 9 for the show to start. ETA, if you want to eat at Be Our Guest in Magic Kingdom, you need to book 180 days out. I just booked a trip to the Magic Kingdom for MLK Jr. weekend and there are no availability for Be Our Guest for dinner.
  7. Menu is finally online. Looking at it, I can't think of any reason why I'd eat there. It certainly isn't like any restaurant I ate at in Hong Kong. It's basically a mishmash of different Chinese cuisines. In my mind, a messy menu can only mean one thing....
  8. Apparently over 200 people think its worth it. Don't know how many people think it's not worth it....probably over 200 people. Most people just don't care either way.
  9. Went by on a Friday night at 7:30 to see the Game of Thrones pop-up. The line was far too long for us to wait.
  10. Had dinner again at RPM only because it's close to the Game of Thrones bar and that's our ultimate destination. The clientele is mixed. We sat next to a lady in flip flops and there are many others in shorts and sneakers. As for the food, the pasta dishes are decent (spicy crab, special of clam and white wine), the giant prawns are still a bit overcooked, and the meatballs are loosely packed. Service was a bit strange. No one offered us bread until we ate the meatballs. Then our waiter asked if we wanted bread to go with the sauce.
  11. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I can't go out and have a glass of wine at lunch no matter how reasonable the cost.
  12. Most Expensive Transfer in Soccer 222 million Euros

    Here's a short summary of financial fair play implications from ESPN FC: It's just that we won't know until the fall of 2018, when seasons 2015-16, 2016-17 and 2017-18 are cumulatively assessed, whether PSG violated FFP rules, which dictate that no more than $35.6m can be lost over three seasons, though some expenses and revenues aren't included in the FFP calculation. And that last part is crucial. PSG's official accounts show a profit of $12m for 2015-16 but that's largely irrelevant because more than a quarter of their revenues came courtesy of a sponsorship deal with the Qatar Tourism Authority, worth some $240m. UEFA found the amount to be grossly inflated and discounted it by around 50 percent. They have the power to do the same if things don't add up. And, by the way, spending $262m on Neymar doesn't mean a $262m hit in their accounts. Transfer fees get amortized over the life of a contract, which means it will cost them a fifth in his first year. Throw in his wages and you're looking at north of $100m which, while still a frightening number -- Messi is costing Barcelona half of that -- is possibly more manageable if you're smart with your sales and you squeeze out commercial revenue properly.
  13. That's no traditional poke! Hawaiians want their poke back!
  14. Most Expensive Transfer in Soccer 222 million Euros

    PSG has money but they will run afoul of the financial fair play rules if they don't sell lots of players. Most of the jersey profit goes to Nike, which has a contract until 2021/2022. Not only do they pay 222 million euros to Barca now, they essentially are paying Neymar 60 million euros/year because Neymar's salary is 35 million euros net of taxes. No national team can beat Barca or Real.
  15. Trout Almandine at some bistro? I don't recognize those plates. I'll guess La Cote D'or?