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  1. If you find yourself in San Francisco... Sublime Seas: John Akomfrah and J.M.W. Turner March 3–September 16, 2018 Floor 7 This exhibition presents the U.S. premiere of Ghana-born British artist John Akomfrah’s Vertigo Sea. Debuting at the Venice Biennale in 2015, this captivating, three-channel video installation encompasses fictional narrative, natural history documentary, and film essay, referencing Ralph Waldo Emerson, Herman Melville’s Moby Dick (1851) and Heathcote Williams’s poem Whale Nation (1988), among others. Taking the viewer on an immersive aural and visual odyssey that explores the greed and cruelty of the whaling industry, the transatlantic slave trade, and the current refugee crisis, this intricately woven cinematic triptych positions the current crisis of refugees across the globe in a longer historic perspective of race, migration, and commerce. Vertigo Sea will be paired with The Deluge, a dramatic depiction of the Biblical flood by the celebrated painter J.M.W. Turner (British, 1775–1851), which was selected by Akomfrah for this exhibition. Sublime Seas resonates with the San Francisco Bay Area’s maritime history and its position as a port for migrants — a point of both the start and end of epic journeys.
  2. Munich

    I hope it works out, the beer garden and terrace both look like great places for a liter and some German sausage!
  3. Munich

    I would think so. I think the key will be how long it takes you to clear customs. If you make it quickly through, then yes, if the lines drag, well it will be up to you. The cab ride will be about 20 minutes, if I remember correctly it cost us about $25, with whatever the exchange rate was a year ago. I would think if everything goes smoothly with your flight and entering Germany then you could probably have a good hour or so at the brewery.
  4. I saw Peter Gabriel and the WOMAD tour circa 1994-ish at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center (similar to Wolf Trap). It was the full WOMAD show followed by a Gabriel show. This was right around the time he released the Secret World Live album, with its killer version of In Your Eyes (featuring Paula Cole and Papa Wemba).
  5. Digital Theft - Does It Harm the Economy?

    When in Bangkok years ago one of the shopping malls had a floor that was just kiosks sell bootlegged stuff, video games, music, TV shows, movies. Browse through a binder of 100s of movies and TV shows, place an order, pick it up an hour later. I picked up a DVD set of The Wire Season 5 before it was even released on DVD, they had packaged up episodes copied straight from HBO. The sellers had impressive knowledge of what they were selling, like what was copied well, what was crap. On one hand the efficiency was pretty damn impressive, on the other hand it was like, wow these guys are ripping off everything.
  6. Dining in Cleveland Park

    The Brookville grocery store along the main CP strip will be closing for renovation and re-opened by Streets Market Popville
  7. Love the Giant Hogweed clip!
  8. We attended the wonderful, haunting, and moving Anthracite Fields by Julia Wolfe at the Kennedy Center last night, as part of their Direct Current series. The piece was performed by Bang on a Can All Stars and the Choir of Trinity Wall Street and conducted by Julian Wachner. The piece is inspired by the lives of turn of the 20th Century Pennsylvania coal miners. The piece have five movements and contains various oral histories, speeches, text and advertisements, much of which is projected on a screen behind the choir. These video don't really do it justice... Promo Trailer Documentary about the making
  9. The greatly expanded Glenstone is scheduled to open Oct. 4, 2018. The new building, called Pavilions, will feature 204,000 square feet of galleries. This will make it one of the largest private museums in the country. Admission will still be free, however online reservations are needed. Wash Post article
  10. Sri Lanka

    Unrest in Sri Lanka Travel advisory has been issued for the Kandy region. So far it appears the rest of the country is fine for travel. But worth keeping an eye on over the next several weeks.
  11. 2 Amy's is doing tasty things with old dairy cows! And you could tell the staff was very excited by what the kitchen was producing. Beaming in fact! Poached Dairy Cow Breast with Tarragon, Chicory and Anchovy Dressing: Spectacular dish. The breast is rolled and poached and then very thinly sliced. Great play between the fatty meat and sharp chicory and the pungent anchovy dressing with some freshness from the tarragon. We were blown away by this dish. Shredded Beef: I think this was the beef salad listed on the menu...anyway, there was a bowl of rich looking shredded meat on the counter. The beef was slow cooked, shredded and the jus was worked back into the meat. Simply served with slices of bread. Very tasty. Unfortunately the tasting of the Tuscan Steak we were offered was a bust. It looked like it may have been one of the strip steaks (?) Beautiful crust, sliced and salted. But the rare center meat was very chewy and tough, like after gnawing on it and had to spit the rest into a napkin tough. Good flavor but not so great texture. I also thought the Porchetta was a little off last night. Great crispy crust, but again some tough gristle pieces. The grilled rapini was very fibrous and mostly inedible and the lentils were not as good as the beans they have been serving along side in past months. Other winners were the Shaved Artichoke Salad with Lemon, Pecorino and Mint and the Marinated Beets, Creme Fraiche, Hazelnuts and Mint. We also enjoyed the Marsala Custard for dessert...now if they could turn that into ice cream...mmmm, that would be good! Seriously, if you ordered the cow breast, artichoke salad, and beets, you would have eaten very well last night. Very well indeed.