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  1. We need a point of clarification here. The Bethesda school is the recreational classes. Gaithersburg is the location for their professional school (the classes I took were at the Gaithersburg school) So are talking all of L'Academie closing or just Bethesda?
  2. I took the 20-week-long skills class at L'Academie, what a great environment. One night a week with demo instruction and then cooking in their kitchen. They realized that most of the students were taking the class for fun and to better their home cooking skills, even though it was an accredited adult continuing education course (3 credits!). The instructor's attitude was how often are you going to get to play around in a fully stocked professional class kitchen...go at it. She took the time to make duck confit (amazing), we had to break down squab (they come fully clawed), we got to clean and cook sweet breads, during pasta class they made sure we had wine. Indeed a sad day if they are closing.
  3. This winter, the Women's Voices Theater Festival returns to DC. This year's edition will feature 25 plays, many being produced for the first time, staged across area theaters. Great way to support local theaters and local theater groups.
  4. Calamari

    I enjoyed the calamari served at Sfoglina ($16). Good sized portion, meaty body parts, served grilled with a romesco sauce.
  5. Calamari

    The crispy squid with basil at Thai Square just might be the best calamari dish in the DMV...IMO. --- Thai Square (arlingtonkabob)
  6. Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Fall Polenta: butternut squash, mushrooms, greens, toasted pecans
  7. Stopped in Saturday for one last plantain quesadilla fix. Had to do it take out but it survived the Metro ride home deliciously.
  8. The Man(s) get favorable draws. Porto always seems to step up their game in CL, so could be a tough one for Liverpool. But all eyes will be on PSG Real.
  9. Hummus

    Now this is hummus. I've yet to find hummus this good in the US (Zahav's product is not even close) And to me Machneyuda would be a Modern Israeli restaurant, or I think they would probably describe it as a Modern Jerusalem restaurant. We had a fabulous meal at the chef's counter several years ago. Their sister restaurant, The Palomar, in London is also excellent, although it roams a little further afield with its influences.
  10. not knowing any of the costs involved, I think people overthink this location. Seems to me a coffee shop/sandwiches etc. cater to the park crowd by day, weekend brunch, casual wine bar at night and you would have a viable spot. It's actually a cool space, in a cool building, and it really does have a great location. Embrace the strollers and dog crowd!