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  1. In Group C action, pre-tournament favorites France punch their ticket to the next round, although they need to pick up their game if they hope to do much in the knock out stage. A sad farewell to the plucky Peruvians, who are making their first WC appearance in 32 years! A big win out of the Socceroos of Australia next week could very well see them through, while Denmark will be looking for a point. We'll find out on June 26. France v. Demark Australia v. Peru June 26 at 10am.
  2. This weekend will be the first edition of the "By the People" Festival. "Washington’s new international arts and dialogue festival taking place in every quadrant of the city and focused on the themes of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Expect a full-on arts takeover of Washington during the four-day extravaganza, with interactive visual art installations, performances ranging from ballet to go-go, high-profile speakers, and an augmented reality art hunt. Attendees are encouraged to register in advance for a free four-day festival pass, and to visit the schedule to make a plan for the festival and explore the small number of events that do require additional tickets. Intended to promote empathy and spark civil discourse, the festival is organized by Halcyon in association with the Smithsonian, Destination DC, ARTECHOUSE and dozens of other D.C. organizations."
  3. There are only a handful of teams in the world who will play their style regardless of opponent. Generally speaking that will be your top teams in the world. For example, Spain will always play ball control, quick short passes, if they lose the ball, they immediately try to win it back. They will try to pass you to death, and they will play that style against anyone. It even has a name: tiki taka (Barcelona is the best example of tiki taka) Italian soccer is infamous for its lock down defense called catenaccio (door-bolt). Done well, its a highly coordinated dance of defenders, done poorly and you end up with a lot of 1-0 games. Historically, England is known for playing a direct, physical style. Win 50/50 balls, direct passes to forwards who run on to the ball and score. At its best, it makes for fun fast paced soccer, and is the style many English Premiere League teams utilize. On the other hand, it can make for many long balls passed out of the back which are cut off by defenders, and becomes one dimensional and boring. But most teams in the world will adjust depending upon their opponents. For example, if playing a better opponent, many teams will sit back and absorb pressure and hope for a quick counter. See Mexico's win over Germany in this WC. Mexico seceded possession for long stretches of the game, but with quick attackers, they tried to win the ball in midfield and launch counter attacks against slower German defenders. At its worst, it's simply parking the bus (a frequently criticism of Jose Mourinho, the current manager of Manchester United). Gaining traction is a high pressing attacking style, nicknamed Heavy Metal Football. Pin your opponent back, win the ball in their half, and score goals and then score even more goals. This of course leaves a team open to quick counter attacks. Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool are probably the best example of this current style. Volumes have been written about soccer tactics...you can quickly get into the weeds!
  4. In Group A, Russia and Uruguay have advanced to the second round. All that is left to be decided is which team will top the group when they play against each other on June 25. A win or a tie and the hosts will win the group. Egypt and Saudi Arabia will face each other in their final group match, both have been eliminated. In Group B, we bid farewell to Morocco. Still lots to play for between Portugal (4 points), Spain (4 points), and Iran (3 points). Portugal v. Iran & Spain v. Morocco 2 pm June 25.
  5. More from the City Paper: "The debate over Initiative 77 isn’t necessarily over. Because of its unique relationship with the District, Congress has a chance to interfere with the measure during its 30-day review period for D.C. legislation. (Both the House and the Senate would have to adopt what’s known as a concurrent resolution disapproving of the initiative to kill or amend it, and it’s unclear whether a sufficient number of members would support such a move.) Even if Congress doesn’t act, the D.C. Council could overturn the measure as lawmakers did in 2001 when they repealed term limits that voters had previously approved. Leading up to Tuesday’s vote, a supermajority of the 13-member Council, Attorney General Karl Racine, and Mayor Muriel Bowser said they opposed Initiative 77. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson, who was against the measure, has declined to say whether the Council would seek to overturn or tweak the provisions of the initiative. There is precedent for overturning such a ballot initiative. The same national organization that got Initiative 77 on the ballot in D.C., Restaurant Opportunities Center United (ROC), used the same approach in Maine. But after the referendum passed, the state overturned it. The November 2016 referendum would have gradually raised the tipped minimum wage from $3.75 to $12 in 2024." Map of vote break down DC Board of Election website, with precinct breakdowns, if you want to get into the weeds.
  6. Yes appears to be cruising to an easy win with about a 7,000 vote lead (55% v 45%) with 89.5% reporting. (Posting at 9:35pm) Washington Post calls it, Yes for the win. (Posting at 9:53) From what I could tell, the Yes vote jumped out to an early 5,000 vote lead and gained support throughout the evening. Yes organizers are concerned the City Council and Mayor Bowser will step in, most of the Council and Mayor are against 77...so it may not be over yet. We shall see.
  7. Host nation Russia on the verge of punching their ticket for Round 2 (With a +7 GD a lot would have to go wrong for them not to advance at this point)
  8. Actually most of the dishes had some sort of Asian flavor profile, even if it wasn't explicit in the menu listing. It was definitely a parade of small plates, followed by the whole fish, but it felt like a cohesive meal. If I could have all the dishes again I would probably re-order them, for example the cucumber would have been the perfect dish to end the small plates before the whole fish, since it was clean and bright. Overall it was a delicious meal. Yep, I would say the line on Friday reached around 30 people at its max. From what I could tell it seemed to be a mix of people who wanted to dine early before attending the Drill at the Marine Barracks and people who wanted to eat later. The restaurant was still decently crowded when we left around 9:30.
  9. The bloom maybe off Rose's vaunted line waits. I showed up at 4:15pm on a beautiful Friday night and was about 15th in line. By 4:30 the line had grown to about 30 people or so. We wanted a later seating and I was told I could expect a table for 3 to be open around 8/8:30, but at the host stand that was revised to 7-8pm window. We eventually got a text at 6:50 saying our table would be ready soon and we were seated by about 7:15. I seriously think if you had shown up between 5:00-5:30 you could have got a table right away. Regardless, the food was all around excellent. We ate through a good chunk of the menu. Standouts included: Shrimp Toast/brioche/fresno jam/celery Our first dish of the night set the pace. Awesome rich brioche, Asian flavors, some good heat from the jam. A shame we had to split it 3 ways. BBQ Spare Ribs/fish sauce caramel/tarragon Perhaps the dish of the night, rich pork, salty/sweet/herby. Seriously delicious. Grilled Romanesco Wedge/cashew dressing/mint/dill A serious dish for vegetarians, nicely charred romanesco playing with the creamy dressing. Whole-grilled Dorade/spring pea curry/sushi rice/snow pea gremolata Did we need this dish, probably not, but I'm glad we got it. Beautiful whole fish perfectly grilled. The pea curry and gremolata worked really well. At the end, we mixed the various fish scraps with the sushi rice. The most interesting/unusual dish was the Grilled Cucumber/yogurt/anchovy dish, which we should have had later in the evening (instead of second), since it made for a great palate cleanser. The plating for this dish was lovely. It's tough to knock complementary bread but the English Muffins were ok, I'd agree with Pat above. Perhaps its become overhyped, but the Lychee Salad was a bit disappointing, the flavors didn't really pop as much as the above dishes. The Rigatoni Alla Vodka/squid/Thai basil was the weak link, the sauce had a strange sweetness to it, it actually reminded me more a Indian butter chicken sauce than a pasta sauce. But at this point I'm probably nitpicking. The great thing about Rose's is the unexpected. Sometimes a dish arrives and you double check the menu and you think, really? how does that dish match the menu description. But more often than not the flavor combos work, the dish is thought out, just trust the kitchen. I'd love to go behind the scenes and see the process by which they develop new dishes. Grilled Cucumber/yogurt/anchovy
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    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Coconut curry fried tofu, stir fried baby bok choy and snap peas, wild rice, mint, cilantro, lime. The tofu was an experiment whereby the tofu is cooked in a mix of coconut cream, fish sauce, sugar, curry powder, and a little oil. Unfortunately the tofu didn't pick up much coconut/curry flavor. It ended up being a nice dinner but not quite what I was hoping for.
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