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  1. Meh, Goa is overrun by lager louts. But seriously, on our recent trip to Delhi (and Jaipur and Agra) the butter naan alone was worthy the trip. Fantastic.
  2. Timber, along with Himitsu, are finalists for Bon Appetit's America's Best New Restaurants 2017 (Pineapple & Pearls also made the list). Good year for Petworth!
  3. Cross-posting: Paper work up in the window at the former Nam-Viet Cleveland Park location, lists the new operator as Mr. Chen's, occupancy for 70 people. The scuttle bug on the CP list serve is that in fact this will be Mr. Chen's Organic Chinese. Although some confusion as to if the Woodley Park location is relocating to CP. Anyway, it seems safe to say the old Nam-Viet will become a new Mr. Chen's. Not really sure that's much of an upgrade.
  4. Paper work up in the window at the former Cleveland Park location, lists the new operator as Mr. Chen's, occupancy for 70 people. I'm assuming it will be another branch of Mr. Chen's Organic Chinese Food, which has a location down the street in Woodley Park...but the paper work was light on details and that's all the info I have.
  5. Couple Visits Every Cracker Barrel in America

    Also for road trips: Their all day breakfast doesn't suck. And not a bad choice when confronting the Vegetarian Veto.
  6. Getting to this a little late, but if you are looking for FREE cultural events in DC this weekend, this week long immersive Māori program at Natural History looks pretty cool. Daily performances of the Kapa Haka at 1:00pm and 3:30pm. Other programing includes the carving of a 20 foot waka canoe and Tā moko – the art of Māori tattoo, along with 70 traditional Māori art pieces. A friend of mine took her kids and they loved it.
  7. Couple Visits Every Cracker Barrel in America

    I hope they have at least figured out the peg board game.
  8. Check the Whole Foods at P and 14, Whole Foods have the mix and match singles section, plus large sized single bottles. you'll need more than 12oz to get you through a hot hour long line!
  9. The Trite Food List

    After reading the Boundary Road closing thread and its replacement, bars with vintage video games/pinball machines are quickly moving toward "tilt"
  10. Hingis, from Wimbledon straight to the Washington Kastles. Looks like she will be a feature player on July 18, 19, 21. (I'm not sure how that works with the various big name players being scheduled) Kastles look like they are stacked, Bryan Brothers, Venus, Hingis, Nick Kyrgios, Sam Querrey.
  11. I never knew the Organization of American States had an art museum. Talk about flying under the radar. Hours are 10am-5pm Tuesday-Sunday. Closed Mondays, Federal Holidays, and Good Friday. FREE! Art Museum of the Americas is the oldest museum of modern and contemporary Latin American and Caribbean art in the United States. It is part of the Organization of American States (OAS), an international public organization whose aim is to promote democracy, peace, justice, and solidarity among its 35 member countries. They currently have three exhibitions running. Jose Gomez Sicre's Eye, August 18, 2016-August 6, 2017 Punctured Landscapes, April 27, 2017-July 30, 2017 John Antone Tree with Human Heart, May 18, 2017-September 1, 2017