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  1. Bareboat Charter BVIs

    I have yet to have a Spiny Lobster that I liked, perhaps because they've not been cooked well. There's no tail, and the meat is the oceanic equivalent of rabbit (i.e., there is none I have had a different experience. While there is almost nothing better than a freshly steamed Maine lobster, my summer spent on Guana Cay during lobster season challenged that my feeling about non Maine lobster. The freshly caught, right off the boat, Bahamian lobster is all tail meat- dense and delicious steamed at home. We initially ordered by the pound forgetting that is sold by tail meat weight only and over ordered. Five pounds of tail meat only ( no claws and the fisherman break off the rest of the body before weighing)is a lot of lobster- we feasted for the summer - almost overdosing.
  2. Bareboat Charter BVIs

    Having spent much time in the BVI, I have been following their post hurricane FB page and heard that the rum business continues. And sadly I am out of my stash;(
  3. Lox Slicers

    Just returned from a trip to Zabars and folks lined up for $48/lb hand sliced lox of different stripes. Some slices looked transparently thin, others not so much. Ordered a few knishes for old times' sake but either my memory distorts things or my tastes have changed, but not impressed .
  4. I love the jar- but it's not even top level dishwasher safe. But I find the ice cream flavors too sweet and somewhat mouth coating and "gummy" and I find the consistency doesn't hold the cold like B &J. My favorite off the topic cold dessert flavor is Ciao Bella blackberry Cabernet-I think the wine keeps it creamier than other sorbets.
  5. San Sebastian, Spain

    I do know!! But thanks for the recap. He gave me his card with his private phone... Sorry but iPhone auto corrected Cheval Blanc in original post.
  6. San Sebastian, Spain

    Finally made it to Arzak through a serendipitous meeting of a couple dining at the next table at Ibai. Ibai's dining room is small- only4-5 tables occupied and we began a conversation when one couple offered to have us finish their wine. They had scored a seat at Arzak for the next day and had only called 2 weeks prior and we had been calling and emailing for months to no avail. The folks at the next table overheard our conversation and offered to call Arzak( chef is a friend) to ask if the table for 2 could be expanded to 4. Done! The 'connected' folks turned out to be Pierre Lurton - ceo of Chateau d yqem and Cheval Blanc and his fiancé - Alexandra Forbes - food writer from Brasil. Traveling is great- will report on our wonderful meal when we return.
  7. Not sure if this is the proper place to post but Lizzy Evelyn provided a beautiful small wedding cake for my daughter on Monday.
  8. San Sebastian, Spain

    Thx- will keep trying.
  9. San Sebastian, Spain

    Still trying to snag a reservation at Arzak for lunch or dinner July 7,8 or lunch on July 11. Reply from restaurant is to check back. Any help is appreciated.
  10. Portugal

    If the weather is good I'd opt for the garden at the Clube de Jornalistas. It is an old mansions with an especially lovely garden, an eclectic menu with some Brazilian influence. I had a wonderful moqueca dish that I still think about. I just checked their online menu and the dish is no longer but the garden and the other dishes and the history of the mansion make for a memorable evening.
  11. Basque Country

    Thank you- those photos definitely whet my appetite.