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  1. A early visit shows that they are still getting their sea legs when it comes to service. The food also has a way to go before it reaches the quality we expect at the Union Market outpost. That said, it seems like a comfortable space and they were plenty busy for a Wednesday night. I think I would have rather made my own pasta at home, or taken the fam to Sfoglina, than had our meal here this day. But the meat pastas were a hit at our table, whereas the app, secondi and desserts were all minor misses. But eventually they will do very well here.
  2. National Chains

    My only beef with his #1 choice of the Cracker Barrel is that they are a highway destination place. I like the food, but it is the last thing I want to eat on a long road trip.
  3. Our family went for the first time to Range, and my experience echos much of what has been already written above. The least serious issue (for us, but certainly not for the restaurant) was the lack of other diners. It feels like a mausoleum, save for the kind and attentive servers. Temperature of the dishes were still tepid. Biggest disappointment was the charcuterie plate. Meats were ok. Some of my cheeses actually had a sour aftertaste. Not a high volume item? I was intrigued by coming back for a happy hour and order the seafood tower, but the charcuterie really spooked me. Went to 2 Amy's the next day, and my six year old observed how much better the pie was vs what he had the night before at Range. Sniff, they grow up so fast . . .
  4. I would say put in a Little Red Fox type place, but P&C Market is just right there. Timber Pizza would be another decent model for those neighborhood type places.
  5. Good Standard for Price, Quality, and Value

    That is really interesting, I like it. I'm not really sure if I agree with your exponential spacing, that going from a 9 to a 10 is worth spending as much as going from a 0 to a 7. But I recognize your calculus might be realistic. You'd hate Bubba Gump's.
  6. Good Standard for Price, Quality, and Value

    My bill at Bubba Gump's was more than what I usually spend at Clydes.
  7. Good Standard for Price, Quality, and Value

    Excellent point. I guess it should be a place for a table of 4 adults where people just want to catch up and not necessarily be caught up in the food. IE, shouldn't be distractingly great or awful. I realize this is a very open ended question, but it threw us for a loop. But at some point, you can't throw around "it's kinda expensive for what it is" without having a base reference point. Also, I recently went to some chain restaurant (Bubba Gump) the other week and was shocked at the (high) prices for beer and food, and the quality met my lower expectations. I have been pretty good at avoiding chains, and would have paid an extra $5 for another meal that didn't scream "commodity", but I am just wondering what kind of benchmarks are out there in terms of what the general American public feels like is a decent deal.
  8. In a conversation with a friend, we realized that we disagreed on what what we consider cheap eats or expensive fare, in terms of what we feel the baseline case should be. He thinks it is the Silver Diner, I think it is Clyde’s. I’m sure others would name Applebee’s, or even the Cracker Barrel, or 2 Amy’s, Matchbox, or even the Capitol Grille. Any place you think sets the standard for what is a reasonable eat, of a reasonable quality and cost?
  9. "How To Stop The Predators Who Aren't Famous" by Sarah Leonard on nytimes.com
  10. Calamari

    My daughter really loves calamari, and I wonder what places serves decent versions of it. So far, Pete's Pizza has the strongest version, but then I am stuck eating pizza which is getting pretty old for me.
  11. I've picked up a couple bags of Small Planes at the Made in DC shop on the south side of Dupont Circle, and have really been impressed. I've had both the Hunapu (a Guatemalan bean) and also the Arboretum seasonal blend. I am no doubt biased, as I got to know Evan when he pulled shots at the Union Market peregrine location, but still I think these coffees are in that upper echelon of local coffees, like Qualia and Ceremony. I understand peregrine features the beans as well, along with Counter Culture.
  12. The Cucina is mostly a food stand, there is a table next to its booth and it is not clear to me it is for their exclusive use (I doubt it). I wouldn't characterize it as pre-made meals, usually you have to wait for about 10 minutes for them to prepare your pasta. I would say Takorean or Chipotle are closer to pre-made meals then what they do. They do sell jars of pesto and other sauces for take-home, as well as fresh pasta. I'd be surprised if those items makes up more than 15% of their sales. I actually have never been to the Osteria, so maybe I should temper my enthusiasm! But these are hearty meals for under $20/plate, as compared to Sfoglina which is the closest credible pasta shop.
  13. That would be my #1 option (YMMV) in Cleveland Park, then. Great news for Cleveland Park!