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  1. I went this past Saturday like at 6:30ish by myself, it wasn't empty, but I did not see people really waiting for tables, either. The dining area is hard to evaluate from the bar area . . . there are chest-high walls that separate the two spaces. Not sure if it was busy or not. It had a very relaxed vibe there.
  2. I really enjoyed my dinner here. "Entrees" are $13-18 each, but the suggestion is three entrees. I probably should have ordered a noodle dish, because I've had sweetgreen bowls that left me fuller than the three plates I ate: the seared maitake (the celery root fritter almost stole the show), the wood roasted carrot, and the smoked chioggia beets. Veggies just don't fill ma belly! That said, every dish was terrific. Not sure if the beets or the maitake won the night for me, a toss-up. Cocktails were very, very good. People-watching there was interesting to me: a really cool crowd, diverse as to race and age, no obnoxious tables, mostly it looked like friends at the bar. Service at the bar was gracious, informed, and friendly. [Even though the address is 600 H Street NE, there are about 8 businesses with that same address, including Whole Foods. I think FR is Suite 7 or something . . . main point, it is located much closer to 7th and H than it is 6th and H.]
  3. DaRiv18

    Classic French Omelette

    https://www.thedailymeal.com/eat/chef-jacques-pepin-youtube-omelette this video captures my angst of 2009!
  4. Stopped by today, it was closed. A chalkboard inside was titled Temporary Hours, but everything under that heading had been erased. Edit: maybe it is closed on Sundays now. I don’t recall that before.
  5. Mark Dedrick recommend that I check this place out, and so I stopped in for round on St. Patty's Day afternoon. It was fairly packed at 5pm, with young professionals, but a very relaxed and chill vibe. They may have the broadest selection of interesting spirits on H Street NE right now, based on a cursory scan of their shelves. I ordered a neat rum, and later turned it into an old-fashioned. A side of Gordy's pickled okra to snack and cleanse my earlier fried meals. It is nicely designed and a cool spot. I can tell they are going to be very successful and are catering to a more sophisticated crowd. Of the non-cheesy establishments on H Street that I have liked over the years, this one though lacks that H Street NE grit that I kinda dig, though. Even Maketto is fun and hipster urban, whereas Hill Prince doesn't feel like it is "representin'" any particular community. That said, all of their snack and beverage offerings look fantastic, service was friendly and efficient, and my drink was well made. I am not sure if I would run into neighbors here, if I was still in the neighborhood, but I would go fairly often.
  6. I never knew this place had an upstairs bar. And that's where I sat. Ordered a Dark 'N Stormy variant as well as a basket of fried oysters. Pleasant, nothing fancy, which is exactly what I want sometimes. I ate more of the fries than I had previously authorized myself to eat, they seemed fried in peanut oil. I will be back when I'm in the mood.
  7. Closed as I walked by. Also, Micho's on 5th (similar concept, I understand Micho used to be part of the Shawfel team) has been closed since Thanksgiving.
  8. This was closed when I walked by yesterday. Maybe for over a year?
  9. Well, this is awkward. I walked by Kitty's Saloon yesterday, only to see it had closed, and just now found out it closed back in September. A friend of mine liked the place to get a burger and watch a game, so while it wasn't my first choice, it certainly wasn't my last choice, either. It was a four year run. They called themselves "contemporary redneck" but I can't for the life of me recall any memorable dishes. Ah, whiskey. It was a clean and comfortable space, a bit rustic. I understand there were some code issues, but they were not apparent to me.
  10. After meeting Mark Dedrick for corndogs (as in, National Corndog Day!) and college hoops at the local watering hole, I decided to check out some new places on the strip of my old hood. Some fried oysters at Po Boy Slim. A rum old-fashioned and some pickled okra at Hill Prince. And finally, dinner at SMN. Started of with fried oysters, which were delicious. Next, grilled duck liver over a leaf salad, with macerated cherries. Duck livers seem to be twice as big as chicken livers. Again, delicious. Main course was a pillowy potato gnocchi in pork headcheese sauce, topped with microplaned Parmesan. Incredibly light, this was like eating pork cotton candy. Finally, had an apple crisp with vanilla ice cream. I probably had no business eating all of that, but hey, it's been a tough month! This is my favorite spot on H Street NE proper, still.
  11. Sounds like a private room situation. I was at Penn Commons private room, it was $500 minimum. Happy Hour and quiet are strange bedfellows.
  12. DaRiv18

    Looking For Great Prepared Foods for Dinner At Home

    What neighborhood are you in, AA? Bread Furst and Little Red Fox are right up your alley.
  13. I must have just missed you, I met a guy at closing who said he had passed out portions of his steak because he really wasn’t allowed to eat red meat. My steak last week was really good, although I don’t recall it being really seasoned/salted at all. But there was some decent wood and a nice sear on it, and everything was really delicious.
  14. Bullfrog Bagel and peregrine form the backbone of the Dupont Circle Shop Made in DC space, where other concepts pop-up there for a week or so. Bullfrog is also featured at Little Red Fox, too.