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    Classic French Omelette

    Although I can do this at home somewhat, I have never had a professionally prepared 3 egg french omelette. The kind that is creamy in the inside, not dry. I don't really need any fillings, just something to compare to make sure I'm getting the texture right. Not really looking for a neighborhood western omelette place (have enjoyed lots of those already), just a beautiful classic omelette. Many thanks for your suggestions.
  2. DaRiv18

    Classic French Omelette

    https://www.thedailymeal.com/eat/chef-jacques-pepin-youtube-omelette this video captures my angst of 2009!
  3. Stopped by today, it was closed. A chalkboard inside was titled Temporary Hours, but everything under that heading had been erased. Edit: maybe it is closed on Sundays now. I don’t recall that before.
  4. Well, this is awkward. I walked by Kitty's Saloon yesterday, only to see it had closed, and just now found out it closed back in September. A friend of mine liked the place to get a burger and watch a game, so while it wasn't my first choice, it certainly wasn't my last choice, either. It was a four year run. They called themselves "contemporary redneck" but I can't for the life of me recall any memorable dishes. Ah, whiskey. It was a clean and comfortable space, a bit rustic. I understand there were some code issues, but they were not apparent to me.
  5. Boundary Road hosted a pop-up this past Sunday night, and SMN just killed it. I am really looking forward to the opening. Chef Sam had a couple other guys helping him out for the pop-up, including Chef Brad at BR and Chef Erik from TU/Maketto. They offered about 7 small plates and 2 desserts, my friend and I ordered the entire menu. Braised goat in a smoked pepper raita was the standout for me, as was the poached sablefish with escabeche. Veggies were also a large focus of the menu, I particularly liked the pan roasted radishes. Desserts were also excellent, a carrot and orange ice cream SCOOP (not quinelle) with a maple pizzelle, and a flourless almond cake in pear compote. Plateware was thoughtful, similar to R'sL. Pickles and acid play a consistent theme in the dishes, but always playing a complementary role to the main ingredient. The fingerling potatoes in pork fat, for example, look just like little sausages served over the sauerkraut, that dish worked really nicely for me as well. Currently, H Street NE has a couple of excellent restaurants, a smattering of fine ones, and a deluge of okay places. With the almost concurrent opening of SMN and Maketto, I hope that more venues with focused concepts will try to hang a shingle in the neighborhood, and help create a brand of thoughtful restaurants on the strip.
  6. Mark Dedrick recommend that I check this place out, and so I stopped in for round on St. Patty's Day afternoon. It was fairly packed at 5pm, with young professionals, but a very relaxed and chill vibe. They may have the broadest selection of interesting spirits on H Street NE right now, based on a cursory scan of their shelves. I ordered a neat rum, and later turned it into an old-fashioned. A side of Gordy's pickled okra to snack and cleanse my earlier fried meals. It is nicely designed and a cool spot. I can tell they are going to be very successful and are catering to a more sophisticated crowd. Of the non-cheesy establishments on H Street that I have liked over the years, this one though lacks that H Street NE grit that I kinda dig, though. Even Maketto is fun and hipster urban, whereas Hill Prince doesn't feel like it is "representin'" any particular community. That said, all of their snack and beverage offerings look fantastic, service was friendly and efficient, and my drink was well made. I am not sure if I would run into neighbors here, if I was still in the neighborhood, but I would go fairly often.
  7. I never knew this place had an upstairs bar. And that's where I sat. Ordered a Dark 'N Stormy variant as well as a basket of fried oysters. Pleasant, nothing fancy, which is exactly what I want sometimes. I ate more of the fries than I had previously authorized myself to eat, they seemed fried in peanut oil. I will be back when I'm in the mood.
  8. Closed as I walked by. Also, Micho's on 5th (similar concept, I understand Micho used to be part of the Shawfel team) has been closed since Thanksgiving.
  9. This was closed when I walked by yesterday. Maybe for over a year?
  10. After meeting Mark Dedrick for corndogs (as in, National Corndog Day!) and college hoops at the local watering hole, I decided to check out some new places on the strip of my old hood. Some fried oysters at Po Boy Slim. A rum old-fashioned and some pickled okra at Hill Prince. And finally, dinner at SMN. Started of with fried oysters, which were delicious. Next, grilled duck liver over a leaf salad, with macerated cherries. Duck livers seem to be twice as big as chicken livers. Again, delicious. Main course was a pillowy potato gnocchi in pork headcheese sauce, topped with microplaned Parmesan. Incredibly light, this was like eating pork cotton candy. Finally, had an apple crisp with vanilla ice cream. I probably had no business eating all of that, but hey, it's been a tough month! This is my favorite spot on H Street NE proper, still.
  11. Sounds like a private room situation. I was at Penn Commons private room, it was $500 minimum. Happy Hour and quiet are strange bedfellows.
  12. DaRiv18

    Looking For Great Prepared Foods for Dinner At Home

    What neighborhood are you in, AA? Bread Furst and Little Red Fox are right up your alley.
  13. I must have just missed you, I met a guy at closing who said he had passed out portions of his steak because he really wasn’t allowed to eat red meat. My steak last week was really good, although I don’t recall it being really seasoned/salted at all. But there was some decent wood and a nice sear on it, and everything was really delicious.
  14. Bullfrog Bagel and peregrine form the backbone of the Dupont Circle Shop Made in DC space, where other concepts pop-up there for a week or so. Bullfrog is also featured at Little Red Fox, too.
  15. 2 Amy’s may have the best steak (36 oz dry aged Tuscan steak, served with a big bowl of beans and a big bowl of steamed baby spinach, $55) in DC north of Dupont Circle, it is a push with Buck’s 18oz prime steak served with fries ($39). Both are wood fired, both are delicious. Tuscan Steak Night seems to be settling on Saturdays, although it has appeared all over the place.
  16. We ate at Brothers and Sisters this past Thursday, it was quite good and the space was really amazing. It is a tad expensive but what new place isn’t, especially a hotel-based spot. It is on the lobby level of the hotel and Spike’s joint is the upstairs venue, at least that’s where we ate. It did not really have a club feel there, but I was told Friday and Saturday is pretty stoopid, and I would avoid going then (at this stage of my life). Everyone was dressed very smart, though, it definitely had a buzz. Service was gracious, and made us feel like we belonged. But I definitely saw the “goons” on the outdoor steps, had I not been with my better half perhaps I would have not made it in either.
  17. That would be my #1 option (YMMV) in Cleveland Park, then. Great news for Cleveland Park!
  18. The Astro Glide and the blurry impossibility of $55.80 were the two elements that made me pick the HaHa emoji over the Sad or Trophy emoji.
  19. In a conversation with a friend, we realized that we disagreed on what what we consider cheap eats or expensive fare, in terms of what we feel the baseline case should be. He thinks it is the Silver Diner, I think it is Clyde’s. I’m sure others would name Applebee’s, or even the Cracker Barrel, or 2 Amy’s, Matchbox, or even the Capitol Grille. Any place you think sets the standard for what is a reasonable eat, of a reasonable quality and cost?
  20. A early visit shows that they are still getting their sea legs when it comes to service. The food also has a way to go before it reaches the quality we expect at the Union Market outpost. That said, it seems like a comfortable space and they were plenty busy for a Wednesday night. I think I would have rather made my own pasta at home, or taken the fam to Sfoglina, than had our meal here this day. But the meat pastas were a hit at our table, whereas the app, secondi and desserts were all minor misses. But eventually they will do very well here.
  21. DaRiv18

    National Chains

    My only beef with his #1 choice of the Cracker Barrel is that they are a highway destination place. I like the food, but it is the last thing I want to eat on a long road trip.
  22. My wife and I stopped by last night to this bright, airy restaurant after spending 6 hours on I-95. It was our first time and we were really in the mood for some comfort food. We know Carlos and Erin from their time at Boundary Road, and we were overdue to say hi. Erin was behind the Passenger stick in its closing year, and the Bamboo cocktail ($10) I ordered was a very nice version, served with an olive. The glassware there is stylish, from the coupes to the 3 Stars snifter that contained my 3 Stars Farmhouse Ale. I closed with a glass of Touriga Nacionale rose, I haven't had one in a long time. For starters, we split a small Chef's Board ($16), featuring gigante beans, eggplant, marinated olives, house-made ricotta, and two other cheeses and two other meats I can't recall right now. Straightforward and delicious. We split a bowl of house-made pappardelle with pork sugo, parmesan and preserved lemon and moderately spicy ($15) along with a side of cauliflower ($6) and blistered shishito peppers ($7). The pasta was paper thin, delicate, and absolutely delicious -- exactly the comfort food we were looking for. I prefer this dish to the pasta that I've had at the Red Hen. My wife loved the cauliflower, and I FINALLY, after ordering the shishito peppers at a variety of places around town (I've had about 80 of them), ate a pepper that was actually spicy! For dessert, we split a pistachio custard topped with whipped cream and served with a chocolate-chocolate chip cookie. Nicely done! For folks who live in Brookland, Woodbridge, or Hyattsville, I can't imagine having a better local option. Atmosphere is unpretentious and cheerful, and looks to be family friendly. Downstairs is additional seating and another bar, for a quieter, more atmospheric couples night. Next time we will come with some friends and split the Tuscan-Style bone-in steak!
  23. Our family went for the first time to Range, and my experience echos much of what has been already written above. The least serious issue (for us, but certainly not for the restaurant) was the lack of other diners. It feels like a mausoleum, save for the kind and attentive servers. Temperature of the dishes were still tepid. Biggest disappointment was the charcuterie plate. Meats were ok. Some of my cheeses actually had a sour aftertaste. Not a high volume item? I was intrigued by coming back for a happy hour and order the seafood tower, but the charcuterie really spooked me. Went to 2 Amy's the next day, and my six year old observed how much better the pie was vs what he had the night before at Range. Sniff, they grow up so fast . . .