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  1. I survived. The space is beautiful and our service was not rushed. Because of food allergies (to milk, cream, butter, nuts) I ordered the one dish that didn't have those things; the dixie rice bowl with salmon poke on top. There is absolutely nothing southern about this dish but it is the most healthy item on the menu with a close second being the salmon with edamame grits. One of diners asked for a salad to be altered and the waiter basically said, order two of the dishes, so not sure the chef is a fan of altering his masterpieces. We were all new to the restaurant and ordered shrimp and grits, fried green tomato salad, and fried chicken salad with bacon jam as well as the two items above. I think the bowl was great and clearly the most healthy. Aside from rice and kimchi, it has non-spicy eggplant, warm blueberries (the one off note), and some other little things in it; really good. The fried green tomato salad is laden with breadcrumbs and stinky cheese. The fried chicken salad with bacon jam has a very unreasonable amount of bacon jam on top of the chicken. It basically looked like fried chicken with BBQ sauce poured all over it. Miss according to the eater although he at it all. While I didn't get to try the shrimp and grits, it looked all runny and lovely and the other 4 shared the mac 'n' cheese side and felt very pleased with their two spoonfuls (apparently, wonderful rich). I'd like to summarize by saying, there is almost nothing healthy on the menu and Succatash seems to be very dedicated to the menu as it is. The space is beautiful and service nice.
  2. Forgive me for a little vent but here goes: I have food allergies and when I'm having trouble swallowing yet must dine out for business purposes, I call the restaurant and ask about menu choices and easy alterations. It is never a problem. Here's my vent: While the lunch menu says to call about allergies; there is not a phone number. Clicking on "contact us" on the web site home page got me a web form. Of course google had the number. I called. The hostess (A) seemed annoyed that I wanted to talk about food allergies and (b) didn't really seem to know a lot about the menu and (c) doesn't understand that cream is basically milk. Vent over. I hope I survive this lunch. Something tells me that they don't really take food allergies very seriously. Edited to include link to lunch menu in case I missed something. http://succotashrestaurant.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Lunch_DC-10.24.pdf
  3. American Cheese

    Oh my dear friends, I'm about to come out of the closet. I was raised poor; so poor that not only did I live on food stamp food as a child, but at the end of the month received USDA government food. "American cheese" is a USDA recipe which is why Kraft singles taste exactly like "government cheese." How do I know this? When I started dating my husband, he told me that I should talk to strangers on Metro b/c they have good stories. One day I saw a woman with a tote bag from a dairy conference so I asked her the question. Why does government cheese taste exactly like Kraft. Does kraft have the contract? She laughed and said there are 5-7 contracts to make "government cheese" and Kraft might have one but it doesn't matter b/c USDA publishes the recipe and it is EXACTLY THE SAME. Here's a link: "WTF Happened to Government Cheese?" by Myles Karp on munchies.vice.com I have made entire meals out of government cheese, powered milk, flour, and peanut butter. (Unrelated story): I also met an MD and FBI agent brother set who were Jewish. I have a couple of friends who only date within their faith so I invited the brothers to a happy hour to meet them. The men in my social group behaved like apes and even tried to (figuratively) pee on the FBI agents shoes. My now husband asked why I invited two single guys to a happy hour full of single guys and i told him "because YOU suggested I speak to strangers on metro". (My friends and these two tilted different ways politically so, it didn't work out).
  4. snake, garfish, squirrel, alligator I've eaten them all in La. and all were good; but never a rat. Yet. I've also eaten chicken feet and duck tongue. Never, ever again.
  5. Full Story: "'The Good Lord Couldn't Get Rid of Them'": Louisiana's Quest To Hunt the Swamp Rat" by Amanda Holpuch on theguardian.com Highlights: Metzler and his fellow documentarians Jeff Springer and Quinn Costello traveled to southern Louisiana, primarily during the November-to-April hunting season. They stomped through the marshes and dined on nutria. “We were able to get over the ick factor because Louisianans know how to cook,” Metzler said. That taste test was inspired by the state wilderness department’s Nutria for Human Consumption Campaign, an initiative formed in response to the overabundance of nutria. It saw celebrated chefs, including the James Beard award winner Susan Spicer, prepare the rat in barbecue, jambalaya and jerky meals. In the film, Spicer insists the rodent does not have a swampy taste. “With rabbit, there is a stigma they are too cute. That’s not a problem with nutria,” he says. The battle against the nutria, and the destruction of southern Louisiana, is felt intimately by Thomas Gonzalez, who informs viewers at the film’s onset: “Hurricane Katrina took my house, but we still have plenty of nutria.”
  6. Oh My Yum. Lettuce Starter: Perfect medium-hard egg on top of crispy lettuce. Dressed perfectly well. Cod Main: Just right wild rice, cod, lightly steamed broccoli and cauliflower. Some sort of lemon-y sauce. Included: Light sauvignon blanc $27. Was louder than expected and completely packed. People were turned away.
  7. John Besh Resigns Due to Sexual Harrassment

    We are all focusing our national rage on the famous but I"m going out on a limb here; most women experience sexual harassment at some point in their career. I'm thinking of my list right now. Assholes.
  8. I would like to add a note of confusion. I was informed of this restaurant TODAY. But here's the thing: I work in the neighborhood; maybe 2 blocks away. I don't think there has been advertisement or direct marketing, or even sign on Ct or 17th. Or maybe the people at Edgar keep stealing it. I hear it is very good, very nice, and conducive to an actual conversation.
  9. After IlluminAsia, had cravings for anything Asian and kids wanted to try something new. Kids, girl4 and boy7 ordered mini dumplings from appetizer menu and a lemonade. After eating 6 of the 8 dumplings, they declared that they didn't like them. Ahem. Lemonade seemed never empty. Wonton soup = bland. Duck = great. Kids ate lots of duck, and also cucumbers. They tried the rest but weren't that into the duck sauce and pancakes...or scallions. Towards the end of the meal, my 4 yr old girl said: Mommy: May I have only the skin please? Then she said it very slowly so I would not be confused: Only. The. Skin...please? Hot tip: If asked, the kitchen will package duck bones to bring home. I did and when we left our bones were warm so it was obviously fresh. Made duck broth...assuming I"m going to make squash soup with it early this week. Smelled good simmering..
  10. Not sure if this is a mini-review or a brag. I took a 4 yr old on girldate to sushi zen because when I offered ramen or sushi she said "shu-shi" so of course, I asked again. Yes, "shu-shi" she insisted. By the time we got to lunch it was about 1:30 on a Saturday and the place was doing a steady business about 1/3 full. For 14.95 we shared a lunch special of 3 rolls: california, tuna, and salmon. It came with a little salad and a little miso soup. It's fine, solid, good sushi from my perspective but her's is more interesting so this is the review from my 4 yr old: 1. Miso Soup: Mommy, don't eat all of my soup. It's good! (big eyes). What's this green stuff? (seaweed). I LOVE SeaWeed! (big eyes again, open mouth). What's this white thing? (tofu; H, L and S really like it). Sad voice: I don't like the white things (neither do I). Well then don't eat them! (for clarity, she said that to me.) 2. Salad: I gave my only daughter my only tomato and only cucumber and the least salad-dressing covered iceberg pieces: Gemme that one (asking for a drenched slice of lettuce). I did, she at it up along with quite a few others. 3. California Roll without roe: I like this. It is good because of avocado! (ate 3 of 6) 4. Tuna roll: What's that (tuna) Can I have one? (yes). It's yucky. I like that and that but not that. (likes the seaweed, rice, but not the tuna). 5. Salmon roll: What's that (salmon) Can I have ones (yes) YUMMY! (big eyes again. ate 2.) There is a children's menu so aside from the rolls mentioned above, there are some other mild variations on the adult menu. And sorbet; mango. Yum.
  11. I agree that spicy wasn't spicy except for a direct bite of red chili; green chili wasn't spicy at all. I thought the sitsig especially was very oily last night. I wanted the chicken soup but the waiter suggested something else with coconut milk that was ok. PSA, this is NOT the menu we were handed last night (so I can't figure out what I actually ordered):
  12. Have you every really enjoyed a dining experience but didn't like the food? Until last night, I hadn't either and it's an odd sensation. On a Monday night I ventured to Bistro 1512 with my husband for a spontaneous night out. Neither of us had even tasted Filipino food before so we were quite excited. Now, I fully expected lots of fish because, as I understand it, the Philippines is an island nation. Wrong! Pork and chicken like mentioned upthread. Specifically, oily pork and chicken. We did have the good fortune to enjoy a very nice salad with jackfruit. Not only light and tasty, it was perfectly well dressed. Our dear waiter was horrible. Really nice but disorganized and inattentive, yet also amusing. For a Monday night it was about 3/4 full and although the Applebees TVs were on in the bar area, they were off in the dining area; a detail I appreciate. What is up with that space? Isn't this place 3 or 4 in under 10 years: Green Turtle, Applebees, this Bistro. Is Applebees still paying the lease? I think local diaspora is supporting the restaurant and I like that it is near, not a chain, and different. Maybe I"ll go back if/when they get their sea-legs on and offer some less oily options...or someone here tells me how to better order. All that said, I really enjoyed the overall experience. Maybe it was the wine and lovely dining companion.
  13. In the former Applebee's space: "Filipino Restaurant Bistro 1521 Now Open in Ballston" by Chris Teale on arlnow.com
  14. Dining in Ballston

    A quick post to share that I'm not a huge fan of the new Big Buns. About half of the toppings have been removed from the build a burger/bowl menu and no fish! Now the little kid sliders are pretty good and yes, they build a damn good burger but I usually like bowls. Not exactly sure when they changed but my last two outings were less than satisfactory because I wanted to build a damn bodacious bowl; and have something from the sea.