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    I enjoy eating, cooking, and shopping at grocery stores. I also, hike, bike, and walk a lot. At any one time, I am reading two or three books. I garden in good weather but forget to water...Diagnosed with food allergies at 40 (milk protein, nuts). EOE is aka Eosinophilic esophagitis AKA allergic oesophagitis, is an allergic inflammatory condition of the esophagus that involves eosinophils, a type of white blood cell, narrowing the esophagus. Symptoms are swallowing difficulty, food impaction, and vomiting.
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  1. I very much appreciate the review and was interested but the website won't stop moving long enough for me to focus! I've asked before but why do restaurant websites insist on overwhelming the sense with movement and even worse, noise? Siren's Dinner webpage
  2. The original article mentions Solvang, CA, a place I have been. That little city is weird. Every minute I expected to trip on a little green person, rainbow, or pot of gold. I was also expecting to see real live Oompa Loompas too. I didn't really love it because it was so weird, and unexpected and so unlike the rest of Santa Barbara. That said, it was obviously memorable. https://viewfinder.expedia.com/features/11-us-cities-feel-like-international-destinations/#SilverSpring
  3. I had no idea there were tuna in the gulf. I've eaten garfish balls but never "local gulf" tuna... (garfish balls are basically hush puppies made out of garfish meat FYI).
  4. Pizza Hut...5 years. I did everything but drive at a delivery unit. I learned a lot...most lessons I really didn't need.
  5. There's a new Poki DC on L st...btw Ct and 19. Couldn't find it on the web. Soft opening today was tasty. I found this Poke more than OK. Very nice people there everything was what it was supposed to be. Fresh, cold, warm, soft, crunchy...It is a bowl of rice with stuff on it but I pretty much love rice with stuff on it.
  6. Oh, I don't go there... 395 says it runs north-south but feels more east-west...makes me uncomfortable. (edited to say, I'm joking in case humor doesn't translate)
  7. Traffic. I live in Arlington too and my 10 minute drive from Connecticut and K to Exit 71 of I-66 can take 40. So...what's your favorite delivery? I need new Thai and my kids want Pho delivery for some reason. (and I'm getting worse and worse about shopping for food)
  8. About a two weeks ago, for lunch, I ordered tapas and entree salads in the dinning room for lunch with a group of people who shared. The food was amazing and I loved the experience.
  9. I am a terrible speller too and have a pretty big vocabulary because of it. If I couldn't spell a word when younger, I'd substitute.
  10. Third visit wasn't so great as the last few. I went first thing on Sunday. They opened at noon and I was waiting in the parking lot with another car for noon. I immediately went to the bathroom and noticed that it was very dirty and the dark shelf dusty. While sitting in the dining room, I noticed that the floor was very dirty although the tables looked clean. This really impacts my opinion of food, especially raw fish. While the salmon and avocado roll was very good, I was unimpressed with the tuna roll. It seemed to have some sort of chemical taste. My companion and I very much enjoyed the ramen but not sure I can go back. Dirty dinning just doesn't do.
  11. Happened by yesterday with 2 kids and one man. Had traditional poke, a trio of tacos, and guac. Oh my goodness gracious this food was fantastic. If you are at second story books, it is one store front down from a Subway, down into a basement. It's small with three tables of 4-6 and a lunch counter that might seat 8. All of the tables are high tops and while the 4.5-yr-old didn't fall off her seat, she might have 6 months ago. The guys in side were really friendly. What impressed me most, I think, is how much flavor was packed into these tasty treats without a lot of heat, which is great for the kids. Guac could have used more salt and were served with pita, instead of regular chips. I would argue that this poke is not trite. https://dc.eater.com/2018/3/14/17121290/tiki-taco-dupont-circle-open
  12. NolaCaine

    Food Halls

    Not sure if this is helpful to the question but I found this article very interesting: In the food space, might it be harder for a restaurant or concept to find its footing?
  13. I have had a post or two recently deleted and wasn't offended. It was the category of threads that devolved....Fair.
  14. NolaCaine

    New Orleans, LA

    Do us a favor and try both Central and Napoleon House. I've given my vote...
  15. Don: When I was a pre-teen and teen, my mom gave me a sex-ed book and an etiquette book every summer and insist I read them both. I did. I also remember getting ready with girlfriends and reading aloud from the sex one. I am proud to say that of my friends, I have the best manners, and the youngest, most planned-for kids. Regarding the wind storm. I found it fascinating and weird. I am also tired of being cold and although today is beautiful, that damn wind is keeping me inside.