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  1. Over the weekend a friend and I stopped by Bantam King after a movie at E Street. There seemed to be a line out the door at Daikaya but several empty seats at Bantam King around the corner. We shared the chicken gyoza, I had the miso paitan ramen with an egg and my friend had the shio chintan. it turns out the "chili oil" served with the dumplings is actually butter and chili (and possibly chicken drippings?). I dumped the leftover sauce in my ramen and got a knowing smile from the server. The miso paitan broth was rich, savory, and not too salty. As others have commented, the shio chintan was more delicate but also full of great chicken flavor. My friend added corn, which seemed to overpower the broth once it was sitting for a while. Overall it was a great experience and I'll definitely be back... even in the heat of summer.
  2. The new location is on Connecticut just north of M, next to &pizza. I've been to the Franklin Sq location twice and while its pretty tasty, i found the fatal flaw to be how messy it is. The nori falls apart after a few bites, rice goes everywhere, and sauce just seeps out. I suppose tortillas are the preferred wrap for burrito-sized/shaped meals for a reason!
  3. The G street location of Swings has a sign by the register saying they will close on March 25 for an estimated 14 months while their building (former home of CFPB) undergoes renovations. I'm sure this will drive business to Starbucks and Peets on Penn but I also hope neighborhood folks will trek across the park to Pleasant Pops on 15th for their independent coffee fix.
  4. Recommend a coffee thermos?

    Another vote for the Zojirushi travel mug here. It keeps my coffee/tea steaming hot, it has never leaked, and its really slick looking. I haven't noticed any off flavors. I also like that the top easily comes apart for cleaning (there's a video in the amazon reviews).
  5. I just got home from a really wonderful experience at DGS. So my friend and I, both transplanted New York Jews, walked into DGS on the last night of Passover eager for a tasty chametz-free dinner. But we were greeted by some disappointing news -- their special Passover menu ended on Sunday. Drat. After some discussion (kibitzing, perhaps), Brian and his team offered us a riff on the Passover menu with two items from the special menu - Matzo Ball soup (Bone Marrow, Ginger, Scallion and Mustard Oil) and Apple and Rhubarb Crumble (Cardamom Ice Cream) - bookending smaller portions of Passover-friendly regular menu items - Hot smoked salmon (Golden Beet Latke, Pickled Beet Relish, Horseradish Crema) and Romanian steak (Grilled Skirt Steak, Creamy Chickpeas, Sunny Side Egg, Charred Green Onion). We both paired our meal with an exquisite Dr. Brown's Diet Cream Soda. The hot smoked salmon and the bone marrow matzo ball were my favorites, though all four courses were excellent. The real highlight was how warm and welcoming the staff were, from the front of the house to the kitchen. Thanks all for a fabulous meal! (P.S. DGS and their Passover menu were profiled on NPR last week - http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2013/03/28/175380234/reviving-the-spirit-and-schmaltz-of-the-jewish-deli)
  6. I live down the street (lucky me!). The worst time for parking is Sunday mornings to early afternoons, as there are quite a few churches in the immediate area. But even when its bad you should be able to find something within a few blocks.
  7. Funny thing about coffee confusion... When I walked by a few weeks ago the signs in the window says "Counter Culture LLC". I took a pic because I thought it might be affiliated with Counter Culture Coffee. One of the people involved saw me, asked why I was taking a picture, I asked if they were opening a coffee shop and his reaction was something like, "you know, you're the XXth person to ask me that. We will serve coffee but its not a coffee shop." And that was pretty much the end of the conversation. He wouldn't tell me what the concept was but promised it was opening soon.
  8. I had the meatball/ricotta special slice and garlic knots and my friend had a white slice. Overall very good for DC, would be fine to good in NY. The crust tasted good but was not quite crispy enough for my taste -- I like to fold a slice and have it only droop a little at the end, if at all. The sauce was a little sweet and the cheese tasted off. I think they use fresh mozzarella instead of the processed mozz most slice joints use. Normally I'd commend a place for using the freshest ingredients, but it resulted in a slice that didn't match my memory for "NYC pizza". Nostalgia can be a bitch! The garlic knots were tasty and much lighter and crispier than the dough balls I used to love as a kid. The white slice was good, according to my friend. Like rbh, I don't think I'd cross town for a slice (whereas I would for Joe's on Carmine Street and some of my other faves) but if I'm in the area I'll gladly stop in.
  9. Has anyone been to Wiseguy recently? I'm planning to stop by tonight after a reading at the newish Busboys. I'm from Queens and love a good slice... but I'm trying to manage my expectations.
  10. Jewish Deli

    I recall there being a fairly detailed discussion about the tight margins associated with the deli business in David Sax's book Save the Deli. Toward the end he talks about Mile End and similar "new" delis being a model for continuing the tradition, albeit in a somewhat updated form. That's where DGS comes in... I enjoyed the book so much that after reading I sent it to my grandmother in South Florida (transplanted NY Jew, of course) along with Mimi Sheraton's The Bialy Eaters.
  11. They sometimes have house made pastrami hash in the prepared food case/fridge. It is SO GOOD. And I can confirm they're now open on Mondays. I live down the block and was surprised to see the lights on and door open this past Monday.
  12. Stopped by yesterday evening around 6:30 and had a lovely time. The Passenger was beyond standing room only but Hogo had seats available at the bar and at a few tables. Service was excellent, prices were fair, and the vibe was great. I had a pisco punch (in a tiki mug!) and my friend had the "Queen's Royale", with domaine de canton and sparkling wine. We did not eat, but the folks next to us had the noodle bowl, which looked delicious.
  13. Another plus is the option of three different sizes -- original, small, and mini -- the "mini" being a filling and affordable snack under $5 (if prices here are the same as their Boston-area locations).
  14. Hi all. Does RTS in Arlington still do the weeknight special? 3 courses for $25 or something close to that? I moved from DC to Boston for grad school but I'm back in town this week to visit friends... and Ray's. Can't wait!