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    I am an attorney with the firm Rich, Rosenthal, Manitta, Dzubin and Kroeger who practices business law, employment law, real estate law, domestic relations and other civil litigation matters.

    I enjoy volunteering, eating, reading and other casual pursuits from time to time. I also love my bichon puppy Max, and my really sweet hubby, Matthew who indulges my foodie tendencies.
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  1. Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    My poor Mom had to compete with my Amish Nanny which wasn't fair, so at least I don't have that. It's ok if he doesn't like stuff. Saying it's ok, it REALLY annoys me, but I don't take it as a knock against my baking, but a knock against his palate (I am a terrible person, I admit this.). They weren't a particularly challenging dish, so I wanted him to like them as they were easy and quick to make. And he did keep two for dinner tomorrow night. The real test for me is actually my Mom and Brother and to a point my Aunt and Uncle- they are all good cooks, so I pay more attention to their opinion. Hubby is really a picky eater, and I care about what he likes, because I don't want to make stuff for dinner that he doesn't like, within reason he is super picky, BUT when he doesn't like something it doesn't mean it isn't good, IMHO. But people at my work appreciated them and that makes up for it.
  2. Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Last night was chicken breasts, green beans baked in a chunky tomato sauce with vegetables. I also made these cheese biscuits, which Hubby said were just ok, I thought they were great. So I took the rest of my "ok" biscuits to my office today... they liked them. Saturday night I made tuna tetrazzini for my Brother and Mom. I forgot how easy it is to make. And it was so good. We had bread furst baguette with it. Friday night I made my Brother and Mom, cuban tacos- tortillas with leftover pork loin that was super tender, leftover Cuban black rice, salsa, radish and guacamole. Thursday night I made the sous vide pork tenderloin, then seared it off. I made the Cuban rice from this recipe, except I used dry beans. And I made roast carrots along with it.
  3. Where Do You Get Your Thanksgiving Turkey?

    I am sad that I am not going to do Friendsgiving this year. I will miss my MOM's Turkey- it is sooo good.
  4. Matt got their "steak and cheese" pizza- this alone deserved to tank the company- so gross. He had some other specialty pizza that was gross in the past six months too. He only orders pizza from here when I am not home, but then I come home and am lured into a bite by the smell and then I remember how gross it is...
  5. In the same owner sphere- I was thinking Oyamel- Jose Andres joints are good with restrictions, Mexican is very normally fairly gluten free anyway.
  6. Tortilla Presses

    If it is crumbling- I would try a little more water to be honest. I don't know how much- dough is normally a feeling sort of thing.
  7. Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Monday was baked potatoes stuffed with sauteed fresh pork slices, onion, broccoli, garlic and a mix of cheddar and pepperjack. Tuesday was chicken breasts with a tuscan rub baked with brussels sprouts and leeks and biscuits.
  8. Eating Single: Chance To Try a few New Places

    Oh an does Mirabelle have a bar?
  9. Hubby is going to be away on business Saturday and Sunday night. We have NOTHING in the fridge, and I don't see much point in getting groceries until he comes back. I haven't been to many new and talked about restaurants in DC for a while- between work, chairing my non-profit group, etc, we have been eating out just to have food, not to dine, or eating out with other people who have driven the location. I like eating at bars, and so I see this as a good opportunity to squeak in as a single to a bar or restaurant that otherwise is tough to get into or that Hubby might not love. So what are your favorite or favorite new(ish) spots in DC that I could likely find a spot at a bar and eat some good food?
  10. Western Pennsylvania

    So Glisan's closed a couple years ago, which to me is just sad. I ate at Nemacolin this past weekend- I wanted to eat at CaddyShack, but I ended up at the Casino restaurant and the Pub. The chicken tacos at the pub are strange- don't order them. The kale salad with warm bacon dressing is good. At the casino we had a Pittsburgh thing- stuffed banana peppers to start, which I generally like, and then I had chicken marsala over spaghetti squash which was fine- not great, not bad, but adequate. I will say the catered lunches and breakfasts we got were much better than I would expect. They had a good range of foods for all diets, I could eat pretty healthy and the food, for chaffing pan meals, was actually way better than pretty much any chaffing dish food I have had at a big ballroom type setting. The Sunday buffet at Lautrec smelled like heaven as I walked by though, wish I had gone. A quick note on Nemacolin- the townhouses that have two bedrooms and are out by the animals are really fun, they have pretty patios and have separate bathrooms for each room and a half bath for downstairs. It was fun to wake up to lions and tigers roaring. I think people with kids would find these really handy as they have full kitchens too. The shuttle to get around the resort is really fast, so it wasn't a problem to get into anything I needed to get to for my conference. They are the best "deal" on the room rate. I think out of all the big resorts nearby- Nemacolin seemed to be the most actual kid friendly with a lot more activities and things to do than most of the places, especially with all the wild animals and the nursery now.
  11. Western Maryland

    I ate in Aurora this past trip to Garrett County at Melanie's. If you get an entree you get one trip to their small salad bar, a cup of soup, homemade bread (sliced, very soft white bread that was pretty darn good), a potato and a side. I got crab cakes (thin and pan fried but tasty) baked potato, green beans and ate the vegetable noodle soup. I would have preferred it to be just vegetable soup, but I am sure they vary it up often, they also made it that day and it would have been better after a day, but that is often my general opinion on most soups. Mom got fried oysters which were a lot better than you would expect at such a small out in the middle of nowhere outpost. She got limas though and despite looking incredible, they just lacked seasoning and had a lot of shells in the dish, but her mashed potatoes were very good. We had two meals at Ace's and this is definitely the best restaurant currently in Garrett County and it boasts a nice lake view while the sun is up. I had a burger one night and salmon over polenta with green beans another night. The burger was good, but the salmon was REALLY good. Friends had the pork chops which also looked really good and smelled great. Lunch at Englander's and I got a bacon cheese burger and a cup of beef vegetable soup. Their burger is better to me than many in a way, it's a step up from a fast food burger, but it isn't too fancy to lose the essence of a darn good burger. Their bacon is really good, and the plain american cheese just does the trick. Also the tomato they served with the burger was much more ripe than many you see at this time.
  12. Cookbook Recommendations

    I got the David Guas cookbook for my birthday from my SIL, it is signed by him and is a really nice present, but I don't know how many of the recipes I will actually make. Some of my favorites that I would think would be easier to make from his shop- like his delicious gluten free chocolate cookies- aren't in there
  13. Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    I was up staying with my Mom for two weeks, we made some food for a big festival and then had lots of leftovers to work with- so Mom made kielbasa and sauerkraut which was delicious; spaghetti with leftover meatballs and marinara, pasta with ham, garlic white wine sauce and spinach, eggs benedict, pepperoni rolls. I got home last night to a fairly empty fridge, but made deconstructed cabbage rolls- essentially sauteed onions, garlic, cabbage, ground beef, potatoes, diced tomatoes, a little beef stock cooked down into something in between a stew and saute. I ate it with a leftover pretzel stick.
  14. Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Last night would have been a somewhat depressing dinner in my office- except that I brought in focaccio bread for my office, so I made a roast beef sandwich with muenster cheese, oven roasted tomatoes on the bread and popped that in the toaster oven to get crisp and melty.
  15. Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Friday night I made rice noodle soup with ham, spinach, hard boiled egg. The broth needed a little work, but it was ok. Saturday night I made NY Strip steak roasted peppers and onions with a little soy sauce and focaccio bread with roasted tomatoes. Last night was empanadas with cole slaw with sirracha honey sauce.