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    I am an attorney with the firm Rich, Rosenthal, Manitta, Dzubin and Kroeger who practices business law, employment law, real estate law, domestic relations and other civil litigation matters.

    I enjoy volunteering, eating, reading and other casual pursuits from time to time. I also love my bichon puppy Max, and my really sweet hubby, Matthew who indulges my foodie tendencies.
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  1. Charleston, SC

    We had a really nice lunch at Leon's Oyster with friends previously from Alexandria. We had some hushpuppies and raw oysters to start, which were both fine. We got some really good cocktails and frozen rose, the bar program here has some really good things. For mains I had the fried chicken, which had an amazing thin but flavorful and crispy crust to it. I loved the spices used, it was a bit addictive. Hubby had the catfish sandwich. We also got the brussels sprouts which were really crispy and had good spices, as well. I got a side of the black eyed pea salad, I was trying to figure out the dressing, but I am not sure what it was, I thought it was very tasty though. Apparently this place gets really crowded, we had a fluke moment of being able to walk in and get a table. Definitely a great spot, a little out of the tourist area. Not a huge menu, but the things on it were well done. We then went to Lewis Barbecue to day drink, if I wasn't terribly full from lunch the Texas BBQ spot had amazing smelling meats, apparently the brisket nachos are amazing, this was very hard to pass up, as stellar nachos are one of my life passions. It was a nice place to drink, they have a big outside area that we were at for the five minutes before it started pouring down the rain, we then retreated to their inside bar area. I just drank beer, but they had all sorts of fruit infused liquors and other things going on behind the counter to try out next time.
  2. Thanks for the report, was interested after the ARLnow Article, in trying it out. Now I need to decide if we want to wait or just go now, he is completely fine with lots of chicken and pork. I do like some balancing veggies though with my meal. I don't think they are open for weekday lunch yet per their website?
  3. Hilton Head, SC

    Just got back from a week in HHI: Red Fish: They have a good shrimp burger, I had a nice wreck fish special with seasonal grilled vegetables and olive oil mashed potatoes. We had a coconut cream pie slice for dessert- not as good as back home, but good. Make sure you bring a sweater in here. Our server was really nice and personable. One Hot Mama's: We had a catered dinner with friends from here. The pulled pork was very good, the baked beans were normal, the cole slaw was that really small chopped coleslaw with lots of mayonnaise and just isn't my style at all. If you are getting catering, I would just get the pork and make all the sides. Pearl: http://www.thepearlbluffton.com (Bluffton) Bluffton has gotten really popular with all sorts of new restaurants and I would highly recommend some time over there. Pearl has very neat beachy modern atmosphere, they had nice live music on Friday night that wasn't too loud and had nice music selection for a restaurant (Van Morrison, Paul Simon, etc.) there, the wine list wasn't spectacular, but wasn't bad. The food was all delicious. We got pork belly lettuce wraps- these were two big lettuce wraps, that we made into four smaller ones. The pork belly had been nicely caramelized, they had kimichi that wasn't really spicy, but had good flavor. We also had a pea soup with lobster that was good. For entrees I had bites of the shrimp and grits, which was really good, very rich. I had a flounder with rice, and vegetables in a light curry sauce with coconut milk- this was really delicious, not a huge amount of fish, and it was served not fileted- so you had to pick around some bones, but not a big deal. Hubby had the big eye tuna with udon noodles, the sauce for that dish was a really light creamy curry, you could really taste the green tea in the soba. For dessert we had the bread pudding- the peaches in it were really good, I didn't need the bacon in it and that felt gimmicky. Cahill's Chikcen Kitchen: http://cahillsmarket.com/ (Bluffton) This is a great little spot with country cooking. We all got meat and threes. Mine came with fried chicken, which was very good. I had fresh peaches, a great pea salad and a tomato salad with a corn muffin. Big portions, cheap prices, good food. They hand shell peas and beans here, so that is a good choice on the sides. Up the Creek Pub & Grill: http://www.upthecreekpubandgrill.com/ I am not sure why they call this a pub, it really isn't. It is more of a beach bar with good food. We went on a rain was about to pour down day, so it was fairly empty. We had delicious onion rings (thick onion style, not crumby batter), fish tacos, shrimp baskets were huge with somewhat small but plentiful fried shrimp with a nice batter (I think it had some coconut in it). I thought the shrimp was WAY better than salty dog or Crusty Crab. It can be rather noisy, as it's in the boat marina and where one of the big barges docks, but if you have kids that like watching construction vehicles, this would likely be an added bonus as we watched them take lots of boats in and out on large fork lifts. The French Bakery: http://frenchbakeryhiltonhead.com/ this place has moved to shelter cove and now is in a really cute space. They have a nice selection of breakfast and lunch items and they have some breads and pastry for take out. It was a nice change of pace from Southern and seafood. I had a chicken salad sandwich on this really good apricot bread, the roasted veggie sides were incredibly fresh and flavorful squash with some green pepper and onion. My MIL had a cobb salad and their selection of salads looked really nice. Port Royal Golf Club: This is open to the public. We went for happy hour one night and just had some snacks- pulled pork sliders (fine, but pork not as good as One Hot Mama's), shrimp tacos, blue cheese flatbread, spinach and artichoke dip. Nothing was bad, nothing was particularly noteworthy and it was a nice happy hour that wasn't very crowded, we could sit outside on the porch and were the only ones outside. They had music inside which was a lot better than I thought it would be, the guy had a great voice. It was relaxing and not crowded which is what made it nice. Santa Fe: I never know what I really think about this place... the salsa is completely bland. The chicken fajitas were acceptable, but it is very hard to mess up fajitas. Hubby liked his fish tacos. I have had other entrees I like, but I feel like the prices for what you are getting just are a bit off and seem a bit pricey for what you get. We went on a Daufuskie Island tour on one day that it was cloudy, and sprinkling, but not really raining, that was a nice way to spend the day, it wasn't the most interesting historical sight ever, but our captain from Outside Hilton Head was nice, it was fun to run around in golf carts, and there really isn't a lot to do on a overcast/rain impending day in Hilton Head and it was fun to see the place once (they don't go if it is a bad storm or really raining though). I would do other tours by Outside Hilton Head, they had a number that looked fun, including the Outback Kayak tour (we dropped people off for that, and the guide seemed very nice) and one with little motorized catamaran boats that I totally want to do. If you go to Daufuskie, be serious in your bug spray choice. We missed the rattle snake at Port Royal, although we were briefly on the beach there that day, which is apparently a once in 27 year thing (I might be ok with that). Hubby golfed at Port Royal. It was a short visit that was fairly rainy, but it was nice to spend time at the beach and see my in-laws.
  4. West Virginia

    White Sulphur Springs You might check out this post for Lewisburg. The restaurants on site are very good: the main dining room, Drapers, Sam Snead's and Prime 44. We have gone to In-Fusion, but I don't remember it at all. If you want to venture off property Lewisburg is a cute little town. I haven't been in a few years now and things turn over at least in owner a decent amount, except for Food and Friends.
  5. You all just need to take lessons from the soccer moms and DINK girls I go out with- Swell/Yeti/Travel Coffee Mugs are quite popular items for one to own.
  6. I only watched him on local news once I moved to DC. As comments above stated, I loved that he had a real personality and was always so genuine. Matt and I would always laugh as he liked to have the last word most evenings, even if it was something silly. He will really be missed.
  7. Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Tuesday night was chicken breasts marinated with a Tuscan dry rub, roasted Brussels sprouts, leeks and daikon wiht some crumbled blue cheese and a leftover corn muffin. That paved the way for Wednesday night- Chicken breast sandwich on brioche bun with pepperjack cheese melted until very gooey with Brussels sprouts and Duke's mayo. As I was preparing this sandwich I was snacking on Townhouse olive oil and rosemary crackers and pepperjack cheese which I topped with half a brussel sprout- this was a MUCH better snack than you would imagine, the flavors went together really well. It isn't pretty enough to serve at a party, but it is a darn tasty combination that I will remember.
  8. Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Sunday night I made garden rolls from Charles Pham's cookbook and I followed the recipe 85% (didn't have the pork, so used ground pork, didn't make the homemade mayo, used Duke's and fried shallots). We also had some pan fried dumplings. Very tasty, although I kept getting tears in my paper. When you have the ingredients for these, they are such a great easy dinner.
  9. Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    I looked at that for my tiny condo kitchen and wondered, other small ones, I have not had good experiences with.
  10. The painkillers are pretty legit, #2 is my preferred, but you need to be cognizant of how many you are drinking, they definitely sneak up on you.
  11. Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Last night I warmed up chicken breasts from Caribbean Grill. I steamed/roasted carrots, corn and green beans with some fresh thyme and warmed up some leftover corn muffins.
  12. Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    What type of spiralizer? One someone got me as a present (I am sure it wasn't fancy or expensive) went to goodwill as being very ineffective.
  13. Went the other night to take out the full chicken dinner. We got plantains and cuban rice for sides. At home I made some squash. The chicken was a bit spicier than normal, but in a good way. I always like the plantains there. I didn't indulge to get a saltena, but they are very good here. We eat here probably about once every month or two. Their Caribbean burritos are very good.
  14. Sunday night we went with my SIL to Rolls n Rice. She likes getting sushi here because you can get soy wrappers and she isn't a seaweed fan. The sushi isn't in competition for best of the DMV, but it is affordable and they have a nice selection of bento, normal sushi (very close to like quick made conveyor sushi in Tokyo, I am sure they use a machine to make the nigiri rice and they do it for speed, not for quality of the sushi), noodles, soup, etc. It is a fast causal order at the counter place. We have been before and the people who work there are very nice. They are really fast at making sushi. Once you order you get a number, they bring you salad, some dishes also get miso soup. I got a combo bento box with 3 pieces of nigiri, 4 pcs California roll, beef bulgogi, rice, 2 tempura shrimp and some tempura vegetables. It was really too much food, but I managed to eat it all. I should have saved the sushi for lunch today, as Matt overate his sushi and said we should have packed up a few pieces. The tempura was just as expected. The bulgogi was saucy, but good. This is definitely like fast-casual Japanese food, but it's affordable and a nice quick stop for dinner. We like going here, we think it's fun and we can swap things from each person's order to try.
  15. Saturday was a perfect day in Annapolis. I was with a friend of mine getting our hair done and she had some time and we were starving so we decided to go downtown. We got a parking spot near Pussers and decided to walk in and just see how long the wait was for an outdoor table. The wait was long, but when we went to the back bar to the self-seating area a table had just opened up. There was live music, it wasn't humid, just the right temperature and boats were consistently moving through Ego Alley to give us a nice view. We got rum punches and painkillers which were really good and just sat and enjoyed the day. I got some blackened mahi mahi tacos and she got the salmon with rice. Mine was a little too saucy to eat as tacos without making an incredible mess, so I ate them fork and knife. They weren't amazing in anyway, but it was good dock food on a casual day with good flavors, fries were definitely previously frozen seasoned fries, but they were fried well and soaked up all the extra taco sauce well. My friend enjoyed her salmon and was happy about the ample steamed veggies on the dish, we exchanged some fries for broccoli. Anyway, this place is definitely a bit of a tourist trap, but out on their back deck on a nice day, it really is worth it to just sit with a drink and a snack, especially when they have good music.