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  1. We had a good dinner a few weeks back. The menu is short, but the food is good. The much-discussed french onion soup is the best vegetarian version I've ever seen. And the seafood stew is excellent.
  2. Uni

    Izakaya Seki has a delicious uni and quail egg dish.
  3. Ramps

    Has anyone seen any ramp dishes on spring menus yet?
  4. I'm normally a huge fan of Panda, but had an off meal there last night. Yes, much of the food was still good. But the mapo had clearly been rewarmed and not very well. Double fried fish was soggy. And the rice was different -- almost like a basmati. Maybe Monday is someone's night off. Or maybe just a fluke. Let's hope this isn't a great restaurant in decline.
  5. We used to go to Iron Gate quite often, at least for drinks. We especially love the vibe in the front room aka the carriageway. For whatever reason, it'd been quite awhile. So we decided that the reformatted menu was a good excuse to go back. I have to say: I've always thought the food was pretty good, but this meal was even a notch better. We enjoyed a hummus with a twist; a smoked cod bruschetta, a delicious farro salad, gemelli with chard pesto, feta stuffed squid, and polenta stuffed tortellini. Great food and vibe. Plus good cocktails and a long and interesting wine list. I'm sure it's going back in the rotation.
  6. I'm a big fan of the Rad Thai -- only 365(ish) calories, and the dressing is delicious. I also love the Spicy Sabzi (440 cal.) and the OMG Omega (555 cal.).
  7. FWIW, I had a pretty strong meal there. Agree that it felt a bit overpriced. But Don, you may have just had a really off meal. Give them another shot some time.
  8. FWIW, I'm also a big fan, and I think they have great breadth. Yes, the cumin fish is the their best. But I've had great shredded potato, mapo tofu, cold garlic cucumber, eggplant with garlic sauce, etc.
  9. We finally tried the Inferno tasting menu -- very good! First up was caviar with meyer lemon. A very soft lemon cream with a scoop of caviar and drizzled olive oil. We briefly discussed whether we would have preferred a firmer lemon base and/or more olive oil. But the dish was quite good. Next up was crudo of madai (Japanese red snapper), grapefruit, ginger, chili, and cilantro. Great dish. There was a lot of chili; the chef is not afraid of the heat. The grapefruit worked surprisingly well with ginger and chili. Next was our favorite dish of the night, miso flavored spaghetti, sea urchin, olive oil & garlic. Slightly umami pasta with a ton of garlic and, as I recall, some chili and picked ramps. On top was a cold piece of fresh uni. Fantastic sharp flavor from the garlc and ramp and delicious contrast with the cold uni. Next was steamed black bass, fennel, green olives & basil. Perhaps the least standout of the savory courses but still strong. As I recall, there was some mint in the dish, which was very interesting. Finally we had snapper with vaduovan spices, bits of cauliflower, an oyster mushroom, and a mound of chili garlic condiment. Again, a fair bit of heat in places, and really delicious. The dessert was an old school molten-chocolate cake with soft serve. The downsides are (1) if you're in DC, Darnestown, MD is a bit of a hike -- a 30-75 minute drive depending on time of day and where in DC you're coming from; and (2) it's not otherwise a fine-dining setup if that's what you're looking for. But for some really good food and a novel experience, this is worth a try.
  10. After reading a short blurb in the Washing Post, we decided to try Mezcalero, the new Columbia heights Mexican restaurant. This one goes in the column of "easy to like, easy to be disappointed." We started with a round of very disappointing cocktails. For a place called Mezcalero, we had high hopes for the mezcal based cocktails on the list. Both were so sweet that we could barely get other flavors. Queso fundido was solid but undersalted. The chile relleno was quite good. We had many tacos including nopales (cactus paddles), mushrooms, salmon, and tilapia. The tacos were solid but also undersalted. Service was lackluster. For a neighborhood place, this is reasonably priced and has some authentic options. But it doesn't impress. And it's a very different experience from something like Espita.
  11. I had dinner here this week. It was fun to try a new cuisine, but I'm not sure I'd rush back. The noodles were by far their strong suit. Chewy, savory, and different from Chinese noodles. We had several fish entrees that reminded me of fine but not great Chinese food, albeit at higher prices. Certainly worth trying, but this won't become a staple for me.
  12. Don, Are you sure it's the same owner? I'd thought Crane and Turtle (and the Cappy's popup after it) were owned by Paul Ruppert. Himitsu's website and press describe Kevin Tien (the chef) and Carlie Steiner (who runs front of house and the cocktail program) as co-owners. Is Paul Ruppert a partner? And if so, is that enough in your algorithm? In any case, while I don't mean to veer off into a discussion of website organization, why wouldn't you want a new thread if the same owner opened an entirely different restaurant at the same address? I'd have thought that because the thread tracks the restaurant, if there is a distinctly new restaurant, then you'd want a distinctly new thread. Thanks!
  13. Washington Post Dining Guide

    Is Jaleo even the best tapas in DC? I like it fine, but I'd take Estadio over Jaleo.