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  1. curiouskitkatt

    One More Time?

    Of course you can count me in. I consider myself fortunate everyday to have found a forum that is as broad and informative as this one. We can do this. All it takes is a little bit of some of your time. My comment and/ question would obviously depend on who is the will be featured, but you can rely on my participation 100 %. I would be highly interested to know what the old guard thinks of the new guard of chefs. I mean no disrespect in relation to age, but wasn't sure how to phrase that bit. There are so many young chefs coming up through the ranks, and I would be curious to know who their influences have been on their rise. So many questions, so Let's do this!!
  2. curiouskitkatt

    Dining in Annandale

    I look forward to your INSTA post on what you happen to decide on getting! In my experience, I would opt to eat Korean with a group for optimal serving of Banchan. I made the mistake of dining solo. I won't be making that mistake again. Food just taste better when you are in a group. Just my opinion.
  3. curiouskitkatt

    Dining in Annandale

    I just took a peek at the menu at the salt broiled shrimp sounds downright tasty! Everything sounds amazing though. Good luck narrowing your choices.
  4. curiouskitkatt

    DR Summer picnic -7/29/18 Noon to 5ish

    Thank you for filling out the form and all of the supplies you will be providing. Looking forward to seeing you!
  5. curiouskitkatt

    DR Summer picnic -7/29/18 Noon to 5ish

    Good Morning All, Just want to check in with everyone, and announce that we are 4 months away from the picnic. Although that is a great deal away, it will sneak up before we even know it. I will be visiting the cite to get a sense of what we will all need to facilitate a great picnic. As the date grows closer please fill out the spreadsheet that I have compiled so we all have an idea of how many people will be attending. I understand that things come up, and plans will change , but please keep us posted on whether you will be joining us . This will help me out tremendously in terms of gathering whatever supplies that we may need. In terms of what to bring I have no doubt that everyone will be contributing to an incredible feast. To indulge my own curiosity, please enter what you may be bringing to the picnic. This may also assist in not having to many overlapping items. I look forward to seeing you in July!
  6. I did not know what to expect, but I had a pleasant evening at this establishment. I agree the food is not memorable, but as far as the entertainment, that is a completely different story. I was looking for a spot to celebrate my nephew's birthday, and he loves chicken parm. I wish there was a way to look up restaurants that serve the best chicken parm in Philly. Perhaps there is, but I took a gamble and looked up old Italian restos in Philly, and Victor Cafe popped up. I proceeded to make a reservation on open table, and the earliest table for a Saturday evening was 8:45. I took it. I was worried traveling with two teenage boys, they would be antsy in waiting for out late reservation. The only reservation that was had by the older sibling was questioning whether this spot was gonna deliver. We pulled into the neighborhood, and it seemed to me that time had stood still. I imagine in the years Victor Cafe has been serving the people of Philadelphia hasn't changed much in terms of aesthetic, and that was comforting. We walked in and immediately were serenaded by an aria performed by one of the waitstaff. I knew this evening, however the caliber of the food, was going to be memorable. We were instructed to wait in the lounge area until we were called to our table. The upstairs is the perfect setting for groups to gather while waiting for their table, or ideal to transition to engage in conversation while sipping after dinner drinks. The decor , and vibe of the lounge was comfortable and set off with old world lithographs along with wax tapers lit to ignite a dark, sexy ambiance. We were sat on the upper level of the converted townhouse. The setting felt as though I was in an old friend's dining room. It felt comfortable , and familiar. Overall as mentioned in previous threads, the food is by no means extraordinary, but it was good. My nephews were impressed by the bread service. Warm bread served with olive oil. In their defense, they do not get out much. I try my best to take them to upscale eateries to expand their appreciation for dining at all levels, and foster good etiquette. Besides they would appreciate any place I would take them to in all honesty, as long as they were spending time with their Auntie. I am lucky, I know, back to the review. We started with friend smelts that were accompanied with tangy marinara sauce, followed by clams casino. The clams were a hit. Medium sized clams topped with a stuffing made of butter bread crumbs, parsley, and roasted peppers added a richness to the tender clam. The fried smelts were okay. I expected them to be more crisp in texture, and the breading was a bit flat. One note. While the boys were enjoying the apps,. I had a caesar salad with fillets of salt cured anchovies. It was meh. The dressing was a bit thin to my liking. I enjoy a caesar where the dressing is voluptuous and studded with chopped anchovy. Lately, most of the caesar salads I have been served are dressed with a tangy emulsified vinagrette . Meh. For our main course I chose for my nephews on account they weren't exactly sure what to get. My oldest nephew had the spaghetti with braciole, sausage and meatballs. The other one had Fra Diavolo with calamari, and I chose the whole roasted branzino. All of the dishes were good, but not spectacular. Dessert followed with a selection of tiramisu. and chocolate ganache cake. Were they good, yes. Have I had better, absolutely. The best party of the evening without a doubt were the performances by the waitstaff. If you go with the expectation for the food to be superb, you will be disappointed, but if you go knowing that it will be okay, you'll be fine. The prices are reasonable, so I didn't feel butt hurt after the meal came to a close. I came hoping for an experiences. And the best part of the evening were the expressions of delight on my guests. All in all, I would go again. After all I ate at a place that was the back drop for two Rocky films. I can add that to my dining resume. But in all seriousness, the operatic performances by the service staff were superb, and I would go back many times over. Opera is like an oyster; it must be swallowed whole or not at all. This can perfectly sum up my experience at Victor Cafe. It was a good evening. The boys were happy, so that made me happy. kat
  7. curiouskitkatt

    Jewish Deli on I-95 between New York and Washington, DC

    Funny you mention this possibility of this sub-forum on this platform . While on Facebook, I stumbled upon this group that spans the entire US of A in search for, as well as preservation of the deli. This group is certainly well versed on where delis span from coast to coast as well as what is being served at them as well.
  8. curiouskitkatt

    Cambridge Analytica and the 2016 United States Elections

    Politics are not my strong suit, and I tread lightly when speaking political, but it is my opinion from day one that Trump has served as a puppet for the GOP. Hillary did not have a chance of winning if the GOP had anything to do with it, and they got exactly what they wanted. Someone that appeared to be unsophisticated beyond reproach, and presented to be the perfect subject to be manipulated. Much like during the Bush 2.0 years, Cheney was "seen" as the ruling President, and Bush just served as a figure head, this same metaphor can be applied to the current administration. The ideas that are coming out of the Oval office are so outrageous, and outright flippant for the America and its citizens. Everyday I fear what looms around the corner from someone who is so tyrannical in his ways, and continually has such absurd discourse for what he presents as "Making America Great Again." Concerned, kat
  9. Corduroy has never succumbed to trends. Chef is the real deal. He has been serving guests for 17 years with excellent food at a great price paired with stellar service. This is why it is always my go to when I’m in town. So happy you had a wonderful evening! Former staff, kat
  10. curiouskitkatt

    Food Halls

    Although his reply was to my disappointment to a Cambodian pop up I attended, @DonRocks response could be an attribute to the ups and downs of food halls. It would be interesting to get one's take on the issue at hand by someone who runs a stall at a food hall. I would be interested to hear their challenges, and how they navigate around them, to achieve sustainability in a dining landscape that is filled with so many options.
  11. curiouskitkatt

    Dining in Philadelphia

    I dine solo 85% when I’m out cause coordinating a date with my friends is nearly impossible unless its done weeks out. Who has time for that? IMO, a seat at the bar is the best in the house.
  12. curiouskitkatt

    Dining in Philadelphia

    Yes, they have a bar, but getting a seat is very difficult on account its one of the hottest spots in Philly. I recommend trying to go early if you can, like right when service begins.
  13. curiouskitkatt

    Pop-Up Restaurants

    Good Lort, Papa Chu can cook. I felt like I took a taste tour through Taiwan, Vietnam, as well as Korea without hopping on a flight clear across the hemisphere. Incredible. I had the Zhong Zi. It was a pocket of mighty deliciousness. It was filled with a sticky rice that was glutinous like Thai sticky grains , but soft like Korean rice. I need to know what he used. Folded into the rice was fatty pork belly so lip smackin’ juicy that I may have licked my lips. Many layers of flavors were packed into this pocket. The presence of shiitake mushrooms added an additional layer of meatiness that I found rather pleasing. The most surprising component of this dish was the mixture of steamed peanuts. I love me some boiled peanuts. At first look I though they were beans, and I know peanuts are of the legume family, but dang I never enjoyed beans like that. I scraped the pocket near dang clean. Picking up every kernel , not wanting the dish to come to an end. I paired the Zhong Zi with cucumber salad. Oi-muchim is a cucumber dish traditionally served as banchan. This side dish of cucumbers is tossed in a mix of garlic, sesame, sesame oil, chili paste, & sugar. The crispness of the cucumbers along with the sweet & spicy flavor paired perfectly with the fatty pork & sticky rice. To wash down my meal, I chose Vietnamese coffee. Oh mang, Was it good. Cold brewed for 48 hours and sweetened with condensed milk. Had it not been a school night , I would have opted for a cold hoppy brew. At this pop up, Union Brewing was available for the choosing. Next time, pho sho. So next time I know Papa Chu is cookin’ , consider me there. He should pop into Ekiben more often. This is the only downside of pop ups. When you really enjoy a dish, the likelihood of you having it again is close to nil. But perhaps, just maybe, Papa Chu will influence a few additions to the permanent menu. One can only hope. I could easily get used to eating this often. Papa knows best, kat
  14. I may suggest sending a direct message to @Mark Slater. He is the director of Ops and sommelier extraordinaire. Have an amazing meal! kat