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  1. Corduroy has never succumbed to trends. Chef is the real deal. He has been serving guests for 17 years with excellent food at a great price paired with stellar service. This is why it is always my go to when I’m in town. So happy you had a wonderful evening! Former staff, kat
  2. Food Halls

    Although his reply was to my disappointment to a Cambodian pop up I attended, @DonRocks response could be an attribute to the ups and downs of food halls. It would be interesting to get one's take on the issue at hand by someone who runs a stall at a food hall. I would be interested to hear their challenges, and how they navigate around them, to achieve sustainability in a dining landscape that is filled with so many options.
  3. Dining in Philadelphia

    I dine solo 85% when I’m out cause coordinating a date with my friends is nearly impossible unless its done weeks out. Who has time for that? IMO, a seat at the bar is the best in the house.
  4. Dining in Philadelphia

    Yes, they have a bar, but getting a seat is very difficult on account its one of the hottest spots in Philly. I recommend trying to go early if you can, like right when service begins.
  5. Pop-Up Restaurants

    Good Lort, Papa Chu can cook. I felt like I took a taste tour through Taiwan, Vietnam, as well as Korea without hopping on a flight clear across the hemisphere. Incredible. I had the Zhong Zi. It was a pocket of mighty deliciousness. It was filled with a sticky rice that was glutinous like Thai sticky grains , but soft like Korean rice. I need to know what he used. Folded into the rice was fatty pork belly so lip smackin’ juicy that I may have licked my lips. Many layers of flavors were packed into this pocket. The presence of shiitake mushrooms added an additional layer of meatiness that I found rather pleasing. The most surprising component of this dish was the mixture of steamed peanuts. I love me some boiled peanuts. At first look I though they were beans, and I know peanuts are of the legume family, but dang I never enjoyed beans like that. I scraped the pocket near dang clean. Picking up every kernel , not wanting the dish to come to an end. I paired the Zhong Zi with cucumber salad. Oi-muchim is a cucumber dish traditionally served as banchan. This side dish of cucumbers is tossed in a mix of garlic, sesame, sesame oil, chili paste, & sugar. The crispness of the cucumbers along with the sweet & spicy flavor paired perfectly with the fatty pork & sticky rice. To wash down my meal, I chose Vietnamese coffee. Oh mang, Was it good. Cold brewed for 48 hours and sweetened with condensed milk. Had it not been a school night , I would have opted for a cold hoppy brew. At this pop up, Union Brewing was available for the choosing. Next time, pho sho. So next time I know Papa Chu is cookin’ , consider me there. He should pop into Ekiben more often. This is the only downside of pop ups. When you really enjoy a dish, the likelihood of you having it again is close to nil. But perhaps, just maybe, Papa Chu will influence a few additions to the permanent menu. One can only hope. I could easily get used to eating this often. Papa knows best, kat
  6. I may suggest sending a direct message to @Mark Slater. He is the director of Ops and sommelier extraordinaire. Have an amazing meal! kat
  7. Pop-Up Restaurants

    I’m on the move, folks. Its not often I have the opportunity to POP into places for lunch on account my day hustle prevents me from having any kind of fun, but today y'all, I'm going rogue. I will be heading to Baltimore to try Taiwanese buns at Ekiben. This is a brick and mortar, but for this month I think they are running various guest pop ins. Today happens to be a father- son team slinging buns. I know I should reword that last sentence, but I'm gonna leave it. I will report back on what I feast on for hungry minds wanting to know.
  8. Food Halls

    Mimi Sheraton, the incomparable former food critic of the NY Times recently proclaimed that the once sprawling malls of suburbia have been gradually decaying in existence. She then sent out the same omen to the omnipresence of food halls. It made me scratch my head and wonder. Then I came across this. I haven't visited many food halls, but I have noticed that there is this race to create "insta" worthy food, whether or not it is delicious is debatable. So this prompts me to ask the question, what is a food start up to do? Most can not afford the financial burden of a brick and mortar, but want to test out their concept in a temporary space provided by real estate in a food hall. Discuss.
  9. Is this the book with the blue infinity symbol on the cover page? I don't have the book in front of me right now, but I did recently purchase it and have not dived into yet.
  10. What Are You Reading, And What's Next on Your List?

    I knew a thread of this nature was bound to exist in this forum. What are you reading currently? I need suggestions. I prefer autobiographies, and of course food lit is at the top of my list, but any suggestions are welcome. Please, and thank you.
  11. My mom makes Bun Bo Hue with fatty corned beef brisket. It is unphogettable.
  12. Phoghettaboutit. I actually am not a huge fan of the famed noodle soup, or ramen for that matter. I know, I know. I actually prefer Bánh hỏi, a rice noodle dish with bbq pork & fish sauce. That’s my jam.
  13. I will directly share your post to the forum, and will post your contact info. Could you also include you email contact? You will be able to direct or follow up on any additional information you need to take care of that way you can control any inquiries you may have. Happy to help, and good luck!!
  14. Hi Jaime, I am happy to spread the word to a group I am a member of based in DC, perhaps you have heard of it. Pineappledc is a group of hospitality professionals, comprised of primarily women, but men are welcome as well, who are championing and fostering businesses as well as initiatives in the DMV and well beyond. Its is the facebook group of the Pineapple Collaborative. May I post what you have published in this forum , as well as your contact info? let me know. it takes a village, kat