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    Preserving the tradition of good conversation over a beautifully crafted meal. Food is everything . Sharing it with the ones you care about, is love.
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  1. Pop-Up Restaurants

    The menu for the Cambodian-French pop I will be attending tomorrow. I am incredibly excited to have this in York, Pa.
  2. dr.com Picnics - It Has Been a Long Time

    I guess I am not official. I do not possess a card. Sad face.
  3. Wow, just was thinking about the queso fundido. Queso enthusiast, kat
  4. The queso fundido at Clavel is what cheesy dreams are made of in my hungry opinion. I think this spot would be a perfect spot to gather a few people from the group for a DR outing. The menu is outstanding, and the prices are rather reasonable. And for a nightcap, we could wander over to WC Harlan. The neighborhood of Remington is heavily populated with delicious dining options. Who's with me? Hon. whatcha havin? kat
  5. dr.com Picnics - It Has Been a Long Time

    I will volunteer as Tribute to chair this year's DR. Picnic for 2018. Sorry for the triple posting back to back.
  6. Lady Bird

    100% Rotten Tomato Rating- 1st in History I have yet to read a negative review on the film Lady Bird. As a gift to your Mom, or any person you care about, treat them to a showing of Lady Bird. In true fashion, I do not want to give too much away. The story centers around a young lady attending parochial school who is coming of age, and trying to figure life out. That is all I want to divulge. Go see it, and return, and lets discuss all of the bits of this absolutely beautiful story. I hate California, I want to go to the east coast. I want to go where culture is like, New York, or Connecticut or New Hampshire - Lady Bird -kat
  7. dr.com Picnics - It Has Been a Long Time

    um, there is no such thing as too many delicious baked good days.
  8. dr.com Picnics - It Has Been a Long Time

    I would love for this to resurrect. Ill even take care of organizing it if folks are interested. Count me in. Hostess with the mostests, kat
  9. Wonders never cease to amaze me how resourceful you are. In my opinion, any occasion with fine wine is a special occasion, especially paired with something as humble as ice cream. Making the ordinary, extraordinary. Chez Rocks, kat
  10. Hot Dogs

    I may be biased, but Baby Wale certainly has a great dog. With all of the options in the District, I always manage to find my way back to Chef's place. Its home for me. I asked him for a recommendation on what to eat, and without hesitation , Chef cued for me to have the Jersey dogs. I made a reference and asked if they were as good as The Ripper in Jerz. He nodded and said no contest. So naturally, I took Chef's suggestion. The frank was served with condiments of whole grain mustard, caraway krout, ,ketchup and those crazy good fries tossed in grapeseed oil and parsley. I would have taken a snapshot of the dog, but I don't think it could have done it justice. So I suggest a trip to the Baby Wale to find out for yourself. You won't be disappointed, and if you are, I'll personally buy your next dog at a spot of your choice. Jersey in the District, kat
  11. Cambodian Cuisine

    WHAT?!?! I thought for sure there would be one in the District , or at least in the Wheaton area. Interesting indeed. There is a pop up happening in my hood of lil ol York, Pa, and I wanted to do a bit of research before heading to this event. Thanks for the rec. In search for Cambodian Eats, kat
  12. Can someone recommend a Cambodian restaurant in the DMV? Please & thank you, kat
  13. Pop-Up Restaurants

    Pop ups are here to say, and frankly I love it. For two weekends in December 8-10, and 15-17 a Thai born chef will be creating a spirited menu inspire by Cambodian cuisine imparted with French influence, and no doubt technique. I don't have details yet on the menu, but you know I am already there. I love the cultural diversity these pop ups present, especially in this rural part of South Central Pa. I can hardly wait. Active hands, full bellies- Cambodian proverb kat
  14. Please check out the outpost on 14th st. It is delicious. There are some flavors that are not available in the shop, nonetheless it is most definitely worth the trip into downtown.