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  1. dr.com Picnics - It Has Been a Long Time

    Thank you so much for providing all of the information. This sounds ideal for our outing. Please chime in if this location is ideal for everyone attending, and if so I will start planning .
  2. Dining in Lancaster

    Philly food critic has given his blessing to Lancaster. Perhaps now, more people will venture to this agriculture rich city that provides an abundance of resources to not only restaurants directly here , but in larger metropolis like Philly, & NYC.
  3. JBF nomination ceremony will take place in Philly this year on March 14th at the Parc Rittenhouse. This is exciting news for the city. The year just keeps gettinng better. Philly, Philly, kat
  4. I share your hopes for R house in terms of it serving as an incubator space for promising food start ups, or a platform for pop ups that eventually find a home . But I think they are doing something similar to that at Share Kitchen, or City Seeds?
  5. I too was excited for my first visit to this food hall, but was justly more impressed with this one much more like Union Market. I have yet to venture to Mt Vernon for their offerings, but I here nothing but delicious rave reviews. I can personally report the smoked mussels that are on the menu at Neopol Savory Smokery are worthy of licking your fingers shamelessly. They are that good. Although I am not vegan, one of the best chocolates I have had can be found at Pure Chocolate by Jinji. She serves a dark chocolate sea salt truffle that are incredibly decadent. I too share your fiancee's take on the Arepas. I wanted to like them but the flavors were clumpy. The dough was heavy and the flavors were not executed all that well. I met a few locals and they shared the same sentiment about R. House as a whole. They intent is there, but the execution falls a bit short. Its a good thing the residents of Baltimore have a few different options to choose from for food halls.
  6. I will be adding a stop here after I thrown down at Urban Axes. You know it’s what all the cool Northern Liberty kids are doin’ these days!
  7. This right here has me at a loss. Although my home resides in South Central Pa, and the acceptance of a writing gig about the beloved city , I would gladly CHOOSE to live in Philly. We deserved that win over the Patriots. The Eagles rose to the challenge, and earned a victory in the form of the Lombardi trophy. Sure this won't change how the inhabitants are viewed, but it certainly should. Don't underestimate the hunger to prove the naysayers wrong. Philly, Philly, kat
  8. International Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, 2-03-18

    If you are interested in meeting Jeni of the infamous Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, you are in luck. She will be at the 14th St shop from 9-12!
  9. I didn’t press for intel. He is a good friend of a restaurant owner that I personally know in Lancaster. I was surprised he answered so quickly , to be honest. So I don’t know the answer to your question. What I can speculate on , is that his expanded place might have more options other than his pizzas. A few months back, Joe did a pop up at Hungry Pigeon. Possibly the future menu at his newly expanded spot later this year.
  10. One thing I have always learned, never assume. I talked to Joe directly, right after I saw your post, and he said he is opening a bigger pizzeria later this year. The current location will be dunzo as of March 31st, but not Pizzeria Beddia.
  11. It is happening. We'll the process has begun. There is a extensive approval panel I must be reviewed by, so I am not completely out of the woods, yet. I have my first deadline, Feb 9th, to submit 2 chapters. I am excited, and nervous at the same time. Time to buckle down, and start writing. If there are any noteworthy places to dine, please chime in. This guide will be a little bit of everything, and dining being a small part of it. I am heading to Philly this weekend to hit up a couple spots, so if you have recommendations, please let me know. Deadline. Wow, I thought I would never say those words. Don't ever quit your day dream folks.
  12. This news comes as a shock to me. I worked with the Ferhat at Corduroy for a few years, and hold him in high regard. I have never met someone who embodied good hospitality the way he did. He is a class act. Whenever I would find myself back in DC, I would always pop in for dinner at Corduroy. A few months ago, I had dinner at a different spot. I went to support an old friend. I am sure this decision was a difficult one for him, but I doubt this will be the last we will see of my good friend.