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  1. We made the trip to Leesburg and stood in a very long line in the rain at opening one Saturday in September. The bagel ones were interesting and prompted the trip. Would I go out of my way to go back? No.
  2. Florida Atlantic Coast

    Daytona Beach We finally found something we really like in Daytona in our 6th summer there! Don Vito's in downtown Daytona is old school, red sauce Italian. We went twice in three days and ate the leftovers for breakfast. We tried a variety of pasta and meat dishes, along with desserts and weren't disappointed by any of them. In fact, BL-5th grader and I are heading to FL for a cruise for winter break and rather than doing Disney before the cruise or going and staying near the port, he asked if we could detour a bit and stay in Daytona so he could go to Don Vito's for dinner. How can I say no to that?
  3. Orlando, FL

    I think Tiffins is my current favorite Disney restaurant. We also really liked our Boma dinner but BL-5th grader is having problems eating chunks of meat with his current orthodontia. He felt like he was missing out on a lot. He couldn't eat any of the meat at OHana and he was really sad about that. He did his fair of the shrimp though...
  4. Orlando, FL

    Sorry I missed this at the time. We have done dinner early at California Grill many times and then come back for the fireworks--as long as you save your receipt, they will let you come back up. It works out well. If you do Sunday Brunch, you can also return for the fireworks that evening.
  5. Hamilton--best thing I have ever seen. Amazing. Loved it. Only had one moment during one song (The Room Where it Happens) where I thought, "gosh, this song could be a little bit shorter and I'd be okay with that." Otherwise I was mesmerized. It was the best possible first theater experience for BL-5th grader, especially since his vocal ensemble performed "You'll Be Back" at school right before Thanksgiving. He was in awe. We did end up at DB Bistro Moderne. It turned out that my foodie child was tired and cranky and would not look at the menu so we ordered him the burger which he managed to eat in no time at all. I looked over and it was gone. We started with the Alsatian Onion Tarte which was excellent. I also got the burger and I did not get the fuss--give me a Palena burger any day. Oh wait... The butternut squash agnoloti, ordered as a side dish for the table and as back up for the crank boy, was bland. Mr.BLB ordered the charcuterie plate. The pate in the upper right corner of the photo was the best pate I've ever had. It was a huge portion and he could not finish it. We finished with the opera cake and the sorbet assortment (caramel apple, cranberry and dark chocolate). The cranberry was the hit of the day. I had actually partially wanted to go because there was a pavlova on the menu but cranky boy wasn't interested in it as it was a sweet potato pavlova and that was "weird." (I'm not sure how much of this was just over excitement about getting to the theater and seeing Hamilton...) So glad we did it and I hope to some day be lucky enough to go to Hamilton again.
  6. I'm going to preface my comments about Gary Danko with this: my flight to SF out of IAD was cancelled and the rebooked flight out of DCA was delayed FOUR hours. By the time I was in the hotel it was 4 am for body clock. I slept a good 5 hours and then was up and working for the next 10 hours. Good times. So I wasn't at my best! It was a very good meal. Was it the best meal I've ever had? No. It did not match Citrus in L.A. in 1996 or Citronelle in 2004, 2006, 2006 or 2009. Or Eleven Madison Park on Election Night 2008. Or the Church in Stratford in the 2000s. Is it the best thing I've had this decade? Probably but I don't get out much anymore... I started with an amuse buche of parsnip soup. I had the Brandy French 75 to drink. Next up was the poached egg carbanara, which was the winner of the evening. Perfect and just the right size. The scallops with the butternut fondue was done nicely but it was not special at all. The ousseline pork with salsify, Brussels sprouts and other tiny chopped vegetables was all good--I'm a sucker for anything with salsify in it. It was probably a slightly larger pork portion than needed. The souffle was a tad underdone but that was my fault--I managed to lightly tap my water glass against the plate and it shattered. They redid it but the timing was a bit off. That was my only disappointment of the evening. I'm glad I made the effort to go. I would have regretted not going and nothing near my hotel appealed to me in the least. But it wasn't as good as I had hoped it would be.
  7. Similar menu. Similar logos . Lower prices! We went back on Tuesday. Food was just as good but we had a different server and the experience wasn't the same. No water refills, wrong dessert for BL-5th grader, no descriptions of the salads at least one of which was different than the week before, and no check in so no refills on the salads. We were full and in a rush but I would have eaten more pickles had I been offered them!
  8. I have one dinner in SF. One. I will have flown in the night before and still be on DC time. The only time I can get into Gary Danko is at 9:30 pm. Is it worth doing it even if I'm going to be exhausted?
  9. Las Vegas, NV

    Back and recovered from the red-eye back last weekend. Rose Rabbit Lie at the Cosmopolitan was the hit of the trip. At least until that moment that the divider right behind me was lowered and the band started playing jazz. I skipped dessert and the apple ice wine and saved $50 by going back to my room... Had the French Onion Popovers, a delightful scallops dish and the short rib stroganoff. Plus a charming glass of champagne off their list of "we like to open bottles from tiny producers that you will love and never be able to find again" list. Other dinners were at Scarpetta (duck and fois gras ravioli for the win) and Bouchon (really good leg of lamb, too mustardy deviled eggs.) The timing didn't work out to explore off the strip for lunch the one day I was free and the other lunch day I was stuck at the Red Rock Resort and ended up at Rubio's for a surprisingly good fish burrito. I enjoyed the visit overall but the time change was hard. Even trying to eat dinner at 6:30 felt weird when it was 9:30 body clock time.
  10. We are seeing Hamilton the day after Thanksgiving at the matinee. I do not expect us to be stuffed from the night before. In fact, I expect us to be hungry and a bit deprived. Looking for a really good lunch close to the Richard Rodgers (46th and Broadway.) Going with Mr. BLB and BL-5th grader so it can't be too fancy (mostly for the adult, not the boy...) Had thought about db Bistro Moderne but open to other suggestions. Thanks!
  11. Union Square Hospitality Group

    We don't get to NY the way we used to so it is hard for me to say. I guess my hope is that while there might be better meals to be had in NYC, a Danny Meyer owned (non-Shake Shack) place is much less likely to screw things up service wise... But I could be wrong
  12. We found Al Ha'esh while looking for someplace near Garrett Park that wasn't crazy expensive, was vegetarian friendly and would be fun before a group went out trick or treating for Halloween. We loved it. Good service, excellent food and the salad selection delighted the entire party. Several had the hummus which was wonderfully rich with chunks of chickpeas still in it. BL-5th grader had the lamb kebob and I did a mix of the lamb shishlik and the chicken livers. Another diner had the schnitzel. We left happy and full with a ton of leftovers. It didn't feel like the drab kosher restaurants of my youth and the other family, who is not Jewish, loved it just as much as we did. Looking forward to going back and especially delighted to have another option in the North Bethesda, Rockville abyss. (Also good to have a positive experience to report--we've had a bleak streak for a while!!!)