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  1. I went 2 or 3 times to the Pike and Rose location. The best I can say is that it was completely unmemorable,
  2. Mr. BLB claims that Gemelli's in Gaithersburg has even better Italian subs. He has yet to share so I'm not sure if that is true or not!
  3. OpenTable.Com

    Generally if it isn't on Open Table, I'm not booking it. I'm not picking up the phone to call. I hate the phone...
  4. Las Vegas, NV

    Going to Las Vegas next month for a conference. Alone. Without husband or offspring. With good books to read. Staying at the Cosmopolitan and will have a car. Willing to spend a good amount of money but the budget is endless. I think I have two dinners and one lunch slot. Was thinking of Scarpetta for one dinner but can't decide on the second. Where should BLB eat?
  5. Mr. BLB and I went for lunch for our anniversary last week. It is a lovely space and the food was amazing. In fact, I think the only negatives I can say are that it isn't Palena (price point, menu variety and warmth of service) and Aggie, while terrific, isn't Ann Amernick. (Which may be another way of saying that it just isn't Palena...) We split the gnocchi to start. It was perfect. I wanted to lick the bowl. It was that moment when I realized we had not received bread and I didn't see our server to ask if it was possible to get bread to wipe up the last drops of the sauce. I had the Belleburger, dry. It isn't quite the Palena burger but it is lovely and tasty and almost as good. Mr. BLB had the Bavette. Which was good but not as good as the burger. (It is a universal truth after 13 years of marriage, 17 years together and 20 years of knowing each other--I always order better than he does...) For dessert I had the Chocolate Concorde and he the assortment of confections, which was the only true disappointment as none of them were satisfying or on the same plane as the rest of the meal. We are plotting a return over the summer while BL-almost 5th grader is away at camp. It is too expensive to go more often and that makes me a little sad.
  6. Lunch Meeting in Penn Quarter, Chinatown, or Judiciary Square

    I had not been. I'd had a couple really dreadful meals at the Bethesda Jaleo and had reached the belief that I like the idea of Jose Andres more than I like actual Jose Andres restaurants. But this looked interesting and it met all the specs. I liked it enough that I would go back.
  7. Lunch Meeting in Penn Quarter, Chinatown, or Judiciary Square

    We went to China Chilcano and had a perfectly charming meal. Thanks!!!
  8. To Whom Are You Drinking Right Now?

    A twofer tonight. To Chris Cornell, whose music brought my so much pure pleasure over the years. And to Tommy Bell, one of BLB-4th grader's favorite ock climbing instructors who was killed in a bicycle accident yesterday.
  9. Looking for a quiet (ish) spot to have lunch with an old friend in the Penn Quarter/Judiciary Square/Chinatown area. I don't want to break the bank. The only absolute no is Indian food and I'd like to try something new to me. So Proof and Fiola are out on both a checkbook basis and that I've been. Suggestions? Thanks!
  10. So I had completely forgotten our issues from last time, aside from warning BL-4th grader that they don't always have the gooey butter cake. No ants, indifferent service and still no pork belly. There was corned beef but I wasn't in the mood. The burger and pork loin are still good. They did have the gooey butter cake and it is good. I'd skip it at this point but BL-4th grader was aghast when I suggested going snow tubing on Sunday when there wouldn't have been time before his rock climbing class to go to Chubby's. My boy is a creature of habit.
  11. I love the revival of this thread, which is probably my all time favorite DR thread. I just checked my phone to see if I had anything I could post to keep it going but realized in recent weeks I seem to only take photos of my cocktails.
  12. Sigh. We never went. We would mention it to each other once a year and then forget about it, lost partially because it wasn't on my open table app (I'm lazy that way) and also because we never drive down that street in the Kentlands so we never had a visual reminder. Plus with Wegmans just up the highway, we are in the Kentlands so much less than we used to be.
  13. We saw managers at other tables, dealing with problems, but even when we asked, we never saw a manager. I think we probably hit an exceptionally bad night.
  14. We went 3 times, including the final night of service. The first time the food was average and the service was terrible. The second time our meal was comped as a result of the terrible first experience. The food was definitely below average that trip and the service was a shade above average. Saturday the food sucked--the pizza was wet with grease and the service was actually good. We won't miss it. (I had missed that Met closed as well--what does it say that I can tell you we ate there following a screening of Secret Lives of Pets but neither BL-4th grader nor I can tell you what we ordered???)
  15. We went in November for Mr. BLB's birthday. The food was good, not great, but the service was god-awful. We were there over 2 hours and it was just disheartening by the end. It is so convenient for us that I wish we were willing to go back but I think it is off the list for now.