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  1. bookluvingbabe

    Vancouver, BC

    Just popping in to say how much I appreciate this thread and the others in the travel section. We'll be in Vancouver for a few days before we go to Alaska and it is reassuring to find solid advice here. I had focused on the tourist stuff first and now I need to figure out the food. (Stanley Park, Calipanio bridge, Grouse Mountain, Aquarium, Fly Over Canada and Minor League baseball..) Looking forward to it all!
  2. BLHusband and BL5th grader were both quite excited about this. I pointed out the chance of it being done before he finished 8th grade and we weren't in the neighborhood every week day were slim. They both harrumphed at me...
  3. Has Jose Andres commented yet? He gave Isabella his start.
  4. bookluvingbabe

    Houston with 11 year old in November

    Thanks! This is super helpful!
  5. I will be in Houston in November at the Hilton-Américas for a conference. As luck would have it, DS is off of school for a long weekend and it is Mr. BLB's birthday. What are the top things for a tween and his Dad to do while Mom is working?
  6. bookluvingbabe

    DR Summer picnic -7/29/18 Noon to 5ish

    I can't remember how old BL-5th grader was the last time we attended--pretty darn small, I think, possibly even an infant--but I've got this on my calendar. Thanks!
  7. bookluvingbabe

    Fried Chicken

    Gillian Clark is now the executive chef at The Gentry in Brooklyn.
  8. bookluvingbabe

    Dover Sole

    I have no idea if this was real Dover Sole as the price always keeps me from ordering it at home. But it was on the menu at Palo on the Disney Cruise Line and I tried it. It was delicious! (The real winner though were the little potatoes which were nuggets of buttery heaven.)
  9. I don't know if I'd like it more if I wasn't always comparing it to Blaze and wishing that the Blaze at Montgomery Mall was still open. We don't eat much pizza and we like interesting toppings. I want garlic, not garlic oil. And if I'm at Crown Farm, I will usually opt for Chop't or splurge at Coastal Flats. It just doesn't rank high enough to get my money these days.
  10. We made the trip to Leesburg and stood in a very long line in the rain at opening one Saturday in September. The bagel ones were interesting and prompted the trip. Would I go out of my way to go back? No.
  11. bookluvingbabe

    Florida Atlantic Coast

    Daytona Beach We finally found something we really like in Daytona in our 6th summer there! Don Vito's in downtown Daytona is old school, red sauce Italian. We went twice in three days and ate the leftovers for breakfast. We tried a variety of pasta and meat dishes, along with desserts and weren't disappointed by any of them. In fact, BL-5th grader and I are heading to FL for a cruise for winter break and rather than doing Disney before the cruise or going and staying near the port, he asked if we could detour a bit and stay in Daytona so he could go to Don Vito's for dinner. How can I say no to that?
  12. bookluvingbabe

    Orlando, FL

    I think Tiffins is my current favorite Disney restaurant. We also really liked our Boma dinner but BL-5th grader is having problems eating chunks of meat with his current orthodontia. He felt like he was missing out on a lot. He couldn't eat any of the meat at OHana and he was really sad about that. He did his fair of the shrimp though...
  13. bookluvingbabe

    Orlando, FL

    Sorry I missed this at the time. We have done dinner early at California Grill many times and then come back for the fireworks--as long as you save your receipt, they will let you come back up. It works out well. If you do Sunday Brunch, you can also return for the fireworks that evening.