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  1. Dining in Annandale

    24 hours of eating Korean Food in Annandale as told by the Washington Post.
  2. I picked up carryout the other night before the impeding storm. I noticed that the Filipino spot next door was closed and that there were building permits posted in the windows. I asked the person who helped me at Big Wang what was going in and he said that they were taking over the space and were essentially doubling their size (which is already on the large side). He said they will be open in about 2 months and will have an expanded menu.
  3. Nope, I was there on 1/19, Obamas were there on 1/17. I wish that was the excuse.
  4. A couple of weeks ago a friend and I walked up on a Friday in the hopes that we could snag a seat at Brother's and Sister's. As we walked up the front steps, we were "greeted" by two large bouncers, who when we told them we didn't have a reservation, boxed us out, and wouldn't let us even move further up the steps of the property and told us to leave. I guess a 40 year old lawyer is very scary looking and not the demographic they were going for. It was very off putting, I don't really know what the purpose was of the treatment, perhaps, they could have just told us they were fully booked and we should try for another night. I know it was Friday, soon after opening, but it was a pretty rude treatment.
  5. When done correctly, the results are very tasty.
  6. Although a huge company, Total wine is a local company with headquarters in Bethesda.
  7. I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure that Offshoot isn't distributed anywhere other than through their own retail stores or their website. I am going to head there later this week to pick up my first allocation. Can't wait.
  8. We got a new firewall at work so I can't get a link, but they are now in a soft open mode. Grand opening is to be announced, but a date in January 2018.