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  1. pras

    Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA

    I haven't been to an ale house in ages, so I have no idea their current pricing. FWIW, I have never been a big fan of growlers or crowlers, unless it is something which doesn't make it to bottles. The Bruery Bottle Shop in the Union Market neighborhood is an example, of a place with beer that doesn't hit a bottle, but be forewarned, there is no drinking at the store or even sampling. Beer at the Bruery Store can also be expensive, but the pricing is commensurate with their retail pricing for bottles.
  2. I was driving to Flying Dog Brewery yesterday afternoon and noticed that Chaps has opened a Frederick location at 4969 Westview Drive.
  3. pras

    Chinese in Rockville

    Wah wah wah wahhhhhhhhhhhh ... But really, the dry saute hot pot is something which can wake me from a deep sleep. I tell them I want it Ga La, which is supposedly spicier than Ma La. For sure, they have some more potent green Szechuan Peppercorns which they include.
  4. pras

    Chinese in Rockville

    Don't sleep on Big Wang, which is also close by.
  5. I was finally able to get the dry hot pot that I had desired last night. I asked the person who took my order for carryout (who is the guy who it seems like manages the place) about the spot next door. He said that they are in the process of building it out, but that it has taken longer than they anticipated with the normal delays from the county building inspectors. They are building a bigger kitchen (he explained that the current kitchen isn't big enough, that there is only one day's worth of refrigerator space. They will convert the rest of the space to a larger dining room, and will also build some party rooms. They plan to keep the current menu, but expand it slightly.
  6. I was going to head there on Friday, but my daughter had other ideas. It is possible that something got lost in the translation, but the guy I spoke to was pretty adamant. Plans can always change though.
  7. Looks like fun, I wish my daughter didn't have a soccer game! Learn to make dumplings from Peter Chang (as told by Robert Dyer).
  8. I remember the first time I went here was in high school for a prom dinner. At the time in the early 90's I was amazed at the modern design. It really seemed ahead of its time. It was a beautiful humongous space. The food still then wasn't spectacular, even with my naive high school pallet. During college and after, it was a great spot to hang out with friends in the summer on the Georgetown waterfront. I have tons of good memories of those carefree summer evenings, when we were all single, didn't have kids, and very little to worry about. Sometimes the company you keep and the memories are worth more than anything else. So for me, it is a special place, albeit one that I haven't been to in ages.
  9. True that this should be moved. I was introduced to Wegmans while a student at Syracuse University, and the DeWitt store, which I believe was their first "mega" location. At the time it not of this world when compared with anything else. Their subs were a revelation (and I still think they hold up today because of the bread). While the Germantown store (or any local store for that matter) does not conjure up the same memories from Syracuse, it is still about 10 steps above any Giant, Safeway, or Teeter.
  10. pras

    Bagel Towne Deli

    I live close by as well and there are far better bagels in the vicinity.
  11. pras

    Bagel Towne Deli

    I like this place except for the bagels. I am pretty sure they steam them instead of boil them (unless they have recently changed).
  12. For me, I will miss Rayon Vert, which was my gateway to "wild" beers. I still have a bunch of it in my closet. I will now ration them even more!
  13. Green Flash Brewery closes Virginia Beach facility. Green Flash based in San Diego has announced that they are closing their Virginia Beach production facility and have also stopped distributing to MD, DC, and VA. I always liked their beers, especially, Rayon Vert (I still have bottles of this in my "cellar"). Anyone want to chip in the $20,000,0000 they want for the facility? We can open a brewery and quit our day jobs.