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  1. Lox Slicers

    I should have read your warning before watching!
  2. Hummus

    That video made me very hungry. Nothing like that around here.
  3. Hummus

    As a side note, I think you meant one link to be "Ashkenazi" and one to be "Jewish". I think the food of Israel is neither of the two, but it is as Don put it "fusion". And the fusion really isn't from the Eastern European side of Jewish Cuisine, it is from the Sephardic (literally Spanish, but this is a discussion for another time), side of Judaism. This article from Thrilist also tends to disagree with you. I have spent considerable time in Israel, (albeit a long time ago now), and I was never served borscht. chicken soup, gefilte fish, etc. (which are all dishes my mom can make in her sleep). In my opinion, Israel has established a cuisine of its own. It is certainly middle eastern, and borrows from its Sephardic Jewish population, so it is a fusion of Egyptian, Yemini, Syrian, Persian, etc. And while there are good (and great) Middle Eastern restaurants around here, there is nothing which conjures my memories of eating through Israel.
  4. Hummus

    Has anyone heard if there are any modern Israeli restaurants planned for the DMV?
  5. I am not afraid to admit that when my offices brings in a catered lunch, I will have some extra peppers as a side, and take home the leftovers. I have often stayed up at night thinking about the peppers!
  6. I can't tell if you like it or not? Why did you compare it to a pumpkin beer? Although it may seem weird, this beer is very good when mixed 50/50 with the Truth) (called a True Blood). I also happen to really enjoy it just the way it is. Blood line is in their year round rotation now, and for good reason--it is pretty damn good.
  7. The latest Brewhouse Rarity from Flying Dog is Snake Oil Black Lager. Brewed in conjunction with Woodberry Kitchen, this beer pours pitch black with an overpowering smokiness on the nose. The flavor is pure smoke (from mesquite smoked malt) and heat imparted by fish pepper hot peppers. The heat is really there in this beer, in the front. It is kind of a punch you in the face spice, which I have not ever experienced in a beer. I am not saying I didn't like it, just that it is unique, especially when paired with the smokiness from the malt. I imagine this would go really well with some BBQ, maybe even some other spicy food. If you are going to try this, it make wreck your palate, so consider yourself warned. That being said, I think if you like heat, you should give it a try.
  8. I used to frequent Bethesda often, but I haven't been in a while. If the coconut curry is the same, I would suggest you give it a try as it is VERY tasty.
  9. Finally was able to visit on Friday. This spot probably deserves a whole new thread, because this is a totally different more modern and upscale restaurant, which is no comparison to the old location. When we arrived, we were promptly welcomed and seated. When looking at the decor, it is amazing that the space used to be a diner. It was completely gutted. There is a partial open kitchen, the space has a modern feel, which is full of natural materials, lighting is mostly retro bulbs. There is also a central bar. The deck is really nice with a ton of plants, and heaters (the outside space was full!). The menu focuses on small plates, with some entrees. We stuck to the small plate theme. Our choices we started with a plate of olives, which was probably the only disappointment of the night, not because of the contents/quality of the olives, but because of the volume--there were probably 8 olives in a $4 dish, which seemed a bit on the skimpy side. Next we got a beet and yogurt dip. This was not what I was expecting, but never-the-less, it was tasty. I was expecting a smooth dip, but the beets were diced, and had some apple mixed in along with some pistachios--it was good, just not what was expected as a "dip". This was followed by roasted cauliflower with a harissa sauce as the bed of the dish. The heat in this dish was understated, probably because it was balanced with a sweetness. The flavors all played well. The grilled octopus which has been discussed previously here has become ubiquitous lately, was a really good rendition. It was s single long tentacle, which was incredibly straight and tender. Our 7 year old ate almost the entire thing, but did miss the chewy texture from octopus sushi. We also got sauteed baby spinach and kale, which was flecked with feta and preserved lemon--this was a nice diversion. Finally, we got the grilled haloumi, which was also well prepared. Our daughter also got an order of mac and cheese, which was very refined, with a shape I have never seen, it was certainly an upscale version, and the 7 year old, who has become a mac and cheese connoisseur, approved and ate every last bit. For desert, we had the home made doughnuts. They were glazed in cinnamon infused honey, and served with a scoop of home made vanilla ice cream. All in all a great dinner and we can walk there in about 4 minutes from our house.
  10. I purchased the same exact membership. I was really excited about being able to choose a sour/wild package.
  11. The Bruery which hails from Orange County, CA, is about to open their east coast hub in DC at Union Market at some point this month. If you haven't heard about the Bruery or their beers, they are known for making "big" barrel aged beers, wilds and sours. Although they are currently available in local stores, most of their more rare offerings never make it to the retail channel and are sold through their website/clubs. Their Reserve Society is now open for new members and will allow you to pick up your allocations at the DC location. Definitely worth checking out. Membership gives you first crack at getting your hands on their most rare beers such as Black Tuesday or Chocolate Rain. I have had the joy of drinking Chocolate Rain, it is a beast of a beer, clocking in at 19.6% abv. Although the beer is such a beast in the ABV category, it is exceptionally smooth and balanced, there is a good amount of sweetness to balance out the abv, it drinks like an 8% beer, and has so much flavor going on. I am not generally big on the liquor barrel aged big beers, but this is something special. If high abv liquor barrel aged beers is not your thing, perhaps Flimishmish is. Flimishmish is a tart blonde which is aged on apricots in oak barrels. The result is nothing short of amazing, with a refreshing natural apricot flavor coming through. It is one of those beers that I dream about.
  12. Herring - where to get it?

    Shalom in Kemp Mill.
  13. I am sure my parents have some really old Manischewitz in their "wine cellar". Does that count? Some of it may be approaching 40 years.
  14. When I asked my 7 year old what she wanted for dinner last night she said "soup dumplings!" We headed to JDS. I haven't been here in several months. It seems they are always changing up the menu. Now, they hand you a menu and a paper menu and ask you to circle on the paper menu what you want. We got one order of dumplings, and I got the dry saute seafood hot pot. Brooke loved the dumplings, and ate almost the entire order. I am not soup dumpling junkie, but they were very good. I was most impressed with the dry seafood hot pot. It had lots of shrimp, breaded and fried fish filets (likely founder), squid, and imitation crab for the seafood offering. This was punched up with bean curd sheets, lotus root, potato slices, soy sprouts, and cilantro. It was all coated in a red slick of chili oil, with sliced garlic and ginger, flecked with a ton of dry chili and szechuan peppercorns. The fish was bite sized, breaded and fried, and added to the top of the pot to keep its crunchy texture. It slowly absorbed the chili oil. The flavors of this pot were really good, and perhaps better than at Big Wang's (I often wake up at night thinking about this dish at Big Wang!). It was both spicy and flavorful, with enough numbing to make it impossible to stop eating. I was definitely a pig and ate the whole thing. At the end I was sweating profusely. While it is true that I am a heat head, I will not take heat over flavor, this dish really hit the spot, as everything was in delightful balance. I would take this any day over the dish at Big Wang, if you got to customize the dish like you can at Big Wang. For this reason, the dishes are very closely rated, with JDS getting a slight nod for the complexity of flavors.