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  1. Restaurant Eve had been on our to try list for years but just never made it there, but got in for restaurant week last night and have to say we were not impressed - nothing was 'wow' the fish was cooked inconsistently within the piece, service was okay but some glaring errors (by the time my cream for my coffee arrived my coffee had started to cool down; the table next to us got their appetizers twice and both before they got their drinks which they ordered first, and then got the wrong entree) Cocktails were good but not noteworthy first course: Deviled eggs (nicely done) and fish mousse (a bit thick but tasty) second course: Rockfish (upcharge) (parts overdone, parts underdone) and Cod with shellfish nage - Quite good except one part which was underecooked Sides (Not included so extra) Creamed leeks (Best thing all night) and Pomme Frites with garlic aioli (Yum) Dessert: Amano chocolate cake (nothing special) and lemon pavlova (YUM - great texture) Coffee (Very small cup, cream took a while to get to table, no refils) I know Restaurant Week Menus are not the best, but I should get a teasing and want to come back to enjoy the full or tasting menu - we were not impressed, especially not at the price point
  2. Columbia Firehouse had fallen out of our rotation, food and service started lacking, but a few weeks ago a chef we got to be friends with at Magnolias (Brian Rowe) let me know he was there now and making some changes so we checked it out tonight. One of the things we always enjoyed was their respect for classic cocktails - our drinks were good but not great, still needs some work there. Onion rings as a starter - nice and fluffy how I like them, though hubby prefers more crunchy. I had the Steak Frite - nicely done with well seasoned fries and yummy bérnaise sauce. Hubby had the ribs - potato salad was spot on! The cole slaw had great texture but was a bit bland in taste and he liked the ribs (though not smokehouse quality). Dessert was the cookie skillet which was to crumbly. I'm given to understand menu changes tomorrow and Brian is still working thru changes. It is back in our rotation and I'm looking forward to seeing how things improve. Overall neighborhood gem with comfort food and cocktails.
  3. We first drank from Zac at Rogue 24. Then the Palms above Magnolias, then convivial
  4. Communal Tables Have Got to Go

    I always thought that sitting at the bar and ordering there was the sign you wanted to be social.
  5. For Pooch's 50th I gave him a 50 states Travel journal that I had entered the best restaurant in each state a combined the list by Travelstoke and Business Insider And we started the list with Virginia's entry Inn at Little washington The trip was a surprise, all he knew was travel by car, dinner jacket no tie, bed & breakfast. Our friend Terry and Emily picked us up about 1 and did the driving and we kept Pooch in the dark until there was a info sign pointing to the restaurant We checked into our B&B Gay Street Inn - very nice and got ready for dinner and then walked over to the Inn. The fount entry hall reminded us of the portrait room at the Haunted Mansion, luckily the mirror did not expand on us. We were seated in the back of the sun room, an nice quite table away from the main room. We started with cocktails and then the three rounds of amuse bouche started. first was a crispy cannoli filled with pimento cheese then the tequila lime pork belly wrapped in kimch and finally a cheese brioche with a tomato orange soup. (I Saw other tables with what I guess was the truffle oil popcorn but we missed out on that) I had the Enduring Classics menu and Pooch had the Here and Now Mine started with the Tin of Sin - Royal osetra caviar with Sweet Crab and Cucumber Rillette (Pooch's was a Foie Gras) I had only had black caviar so this was a treat and the combination was stunning. Next was a Baby Lamb Carpaccio with Ceasar Salad ice Cream - (Pooch's was Lobster and Corn) - I want more of this Macadamia crusted soft shell crab tempura was so amazingly good (tough Pooch's Wagyu Beef was pretty tasty) and finally a Duck Breast with sour cherries (Pooch's was Lamb chop with an amazing minted bearnaise which I was tempted to just drink) We had the wine pairing and the L'Arco Valpolicella Ripasso from Veneto italy (2010) is now on my list. The cheese course served from a traveling cow (Farina and her friend Cameron) was superb I finished up with the Klein Constantia, Vinde Constance, Muscat de Frontignan, South Africa (2012) and the Coconut Bavarian - Pooch had the Southern Butter Pecan Ice cream Sandwich We did ask for the kitchen tour and got to meet Patrick O'Connell (Should have had a cookbook with me) Total about a three hour meal
  6. The Majestic had been off our radar for a while after two mediocre visits after their reopening. We tried wednesday night wince were walking up from Captain Gregory's and decided to give a try. The Exec Chef is now Graham Duncan and the staff has once again returned to the service level I got when I went long ago. I had the Charred Lamb and Pooch had the Bronzini. We were quite pleased and will be returning.
  7. Two more trips to Cap'n's for us 1) we rented the place out for our combined Bachelor/Bachelorette party in March - what a divine experience. Sam worked with us to make the drink list of titles important to us - our friends had a wonderful time. 2) last week went to Tiki night - they have really upped the quality of the food options! Rachel is the head bartender for Tiki nights and sitting at the bar we got tiki history with each drink
  8. Have followed Zac to 3 different bars so far and now Mirabelle is on our short list
  9. We had our rehearsal dinner at Peking Gourmet Inn ( 23 adults and 2 kids). They put us in a private room to the left as you come in, we had plenty of room and the noise level which is sometimes a bit loud in the restaurant was only our group. There was room to wander from table to table and the service was wonderful and prompt and often times un-noiticed except that my drink was always full. We did Gourmet group dinner B + Garlic Shoots which was plenty of food and plenty of leftovers for those staying at the house. I was VERY pleased that they were able to accommodate the vegan and the kids and the amazingly picky eater. Everyone had a great time - many had never seen a duck carved table side so there were many many pictures. HIGHLY recommended for large group dinners.
  10. Having driven by MXDC a number of times and had hubby say 'we need to try that' it was a natural choice when an out of town friend wanted to meet in that area for dinner. When we arrived Hubby went to bar to order cocktails as we waited for our third, and half way thru making the second drink they ran out of Pyrat XO Rum so instead of getting a new bottle he substituted Captain Morgans. Sorry if you are going to have the brand name in the drink name (PYRATS TREASRUE) and list the brand in the menu you should use that brand. The drinks were un-inspired, we switched to water for diner. Once seated we had chips and Salsa and ordered the Lobster & Corn Guacamole. The chips were a bit oily but the salsa was pretty tasty though mild. Either there is not much lobster and corn or we got the Traditional and it was below average guacamole being almost smooth and fairly bland. Pooch had the Taco mix and match, I had the Mariscada Quesadilla. The food was good but not great, could have been at Chevy's or San Antonio and had the same quality (and better guacamole) For some reason when I stepped away the guys ordered Tres Leches for Dessert - it was dry and bland. Won't be going back again.
  11. Yeap sushi Toro. Squd ink tempura crab
  12. Nope - In DC I think it was Sawagani crab
  13. My turn - we went out last night...(No cheating by my FB friends)
  14. Update - still doing brunch but the quantity of options has dropped, almost all the tables are now high tops, and service is spotty.