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  1. Sorry, I didn't mean to generate a shitstorm. My general, subjective impression of the new site was that there were fewer sig lines, not that that mine or anyone else's is missing, just that it seems there are fewer. I was simply asking if I'd missed a request that we. It have them, that's all.
  2. As an introverted, married, slightly more than middle-aged guy with not a hint of "game", the idea of servers doing this makes me cringe. I am getting palpitations even thinking about going in there by myself! Great review, by the way!
  3. I have to admit I haven't visited the boards in a few months, but it seems that fewer people have signature lines. Is this the new norm or am I misremembering? I actually used the search function to find this thread and it worked, so I'm over the moon!!
  4. They moved into a much smaller spot just across Merrifield Ln from The Home Depot, but it's only about 100yrs as the crow flies from it's prior location. It's a shell of what it was, but at least they're there. They have a fair number of supplies, but it's not a pretty place, although some would argue it never was. I appreciate I can get CO2 refills there, and I'm happy a locally-run business is still standing.
  5. Fritz Hahn, in the Washington Post, agrees with you. I hope to see it on tap somewhere.
  6. After looking at the web site, I agree with you. My reading of the label gave me a different impression, but I can't guarantee I wasn't biased by the name.
  7. Vacuum Sealers

    This seems a good a place to post this as any, but I've been wondering about the safety of cooking food in plastic. Considering all we're hearing about BPA and other chemicals that leach out of plastic, how is boiling in it still considered a thing? I love my food saver, but my wife wouldn't get near something I cooked in a bag (although I don't think I'd care. I do much more harm to my body with other things I ingest).
  8. I recoiled a little when I read the Tropical IPA label. Personally, I prefer that beer flavors come from grain, hops or yeast (although I'm not against the occasional, subtle something in the secondary), so I felt that SN is simply jumping on the fruit and "extra crap in the beer" bandwagon with Tropical IPA. I make, and I've drunk, excellent IPAs with tropical flavors coming only from hops and yeast. Why add fruit? I won't turn down buying a glass or bottle, but I won't buy more unless I'm blown away by the superiority of this beer.
  9. I'm really sorry to hear this news! While I couldn't stand being in the shop because of the stench of old frier oil and the racket of their custard machines, I really like the ability to pop in for a great custard. I could never understand, though, why their machines were so noisy when custard machines at other places seemed to be much more quiet.
  10. Virginia ABC Stores

    I'm pissed off just reading about this asshat. I don't know that he could've been more insulting. I'm sure the manager of the store would love to know he's treating customers like that. I wonder if his daily satisfaction is to move people from Smirnoff peach to Smirnoff Whipped Cream.
  11. Virginia ABC Stores

    Yeah, I think that was the case. I kept checking the shelves at my local ABC store and finally it was there and the manager/buyer happened to be nearby. He told me he'd had Rittenhouse on order consistently, but the warehouse just didn't have it to ship. Thanks for the seriouseats.com piece. I think I'd missed it, so I'll put that in my reading list for later.
  12. Two bottles of Campari and a small sweet M&R vermouth were my only Black Friday purchases.
  13. Dining in Fair Lakes

    Pomodoro needs to be on your list. We used to like Cantina D'Italia in FairLakes. Not great, but good. Oh, and 100 Degree for (apparently) good Chinese food. I haven't been, but there are many raves on DR --- 100 Degree Chinese Cuisine (Bob Wells)
  14. Clemson, SC

    I dont remember eating off campus that much, so Nicks wasn't on my list of commonly-visited joints. I feel like I've missed a huge opportunity, but I can't say I recall having the fried mushrooms at Nick's. Yet another thing I should've done in college, but didn't. (Had a girlfriend back home all through college...stupid, stupid)