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  1. Chinese chile sauce

    The oil and red peppers.
  2. Chinese chile sauce

    Forgive me if this has been the subject of a previous discussion but many a meal at an ethnic restaurant has been complimented by a dish of chile sauce. In the past when purchasing what I hoped would be a comparable condiment at an Asian market,I have always come away with something that I felt was too salty. Is there a style or brand of chile sauce similar to what you might be served at a typical Chinese restaurant? Thanks.
  3. SUV Recommendations

    The car of choice turned out to be a Range Rover Velar HSE. It is a brand new model that was first available at the end of August. Size wise it is smaller than the Range Rover HSE but bigger than the Evoque. I've owned it for two weeks but had only one week to drive it before we went out of town on vacation (spent this past week in Provence, leaving tomorrow for a second week in Bordeaux). The good thing is that all of the technology is state of the art (self driving on highways but not around town), the bad things are it is smaller than the Hummer (which is actually a good thing except on volunteering days), I got no dealer discount off of list price as this is a new model, and so far it has been complicated to get the settings to my preference. The dealer included time with a Range Rover IT specialist versed in the car's functions which I plan to take advantage of when I return. A truck wasn't considered as this vehicle will be my daily driver. Priorities were performance, comfort and style (i.e. not a soccer mom car) and so far I have been impressed with all three. Thanks for everyone's input. Once I fully figure out the vehicle's intricacies I would be happy to show it to anyone who might be interested in a similar car in the future. Paul
  4. My 2004 Hummer H2 has had issues over the last year and I'm in the market for a new car. As a retired civil engineer, I originally purchased the H2 to get me through construction sites and it was perfect in that regard. I now volunteer every week for a non-profit food recovery organization (Nourish Now) and Gaithersburg HELP and I was recently selected as their NN volunteer of the year. I would not normally get another SUV but feel that my volunteer work providing food for those who don't have enough to eat is important. I'm looking for another SUV capable of transporting food that might otherwise have been disposed of. My budget is 100K after all taxes and fees. I expect to keep this car for 10 years and use it primarily for transporting the meals. I'm considering BWM, Jaguar, Porsche, Mercedes, Range Rover, etc. Any of your past experiences would be helpful for me to determine what might work best in my situation. Thanks.
  5. Dining in College Park

    I might have overlooked it under this topic but Fishnet has to be included among the best in CP. That and an occasional stop at Ledo Restaurant (not Ledo's Pizza) are my go to places in the immediate area.
  6. Chicken Wings

    My favorite wings within the last year have to be what is served at Stan`s which I remember to be near the McPherson (sp?) Square Metro station. For me a small order is just right. All three parts of the wing are included. I had previously seen a discussion about their liquor pours and asked the bartender about this as I was leaving. 4 ounces was the response. It was a three piece wing seasoned to my taste although hot sauce was available. I only heard about this place though this website but have been back 3 or 4 times in the last year. Thanks for letting me know about this place although I feel a bit guilty never ordering anything but wings (and drinks, but I was taking Metro). Paul
  7. Poke

    We were in the Hawaiian islands about a year ago and probably had poke a dozen times including for breakfast. Pronounced po-Kay as the posted article states, never with rice and always tuna. Another faux pas that the posted article did not mention is referring to the "mainland" as the "states" as Hawaii is certainly a state as well (although there is a local effort to secede from the US). Locally, I sometimes meet friends for happy hour at Quench in Rockville which has poke on the menu ($9 no rice) although I thought that their preparation was better about a year or so ago.
  8. Madras Palace is closed. In the past I thought that it was reliably good but it has been replaced by a Peruvian chicken place which opened a few weeks ago and whose name I cannot recall.
  9. The fact that it is always open so late (3 AM, 4 AM on weekends) made it a destination to get real food when a musician friend and I needed a place catch up after a concert when he was visiting the area while on tour.
  10. I little bit off topic but in the beginning of July, I asked in the "Help Wanted" topic where would be best to host a retirement luncheon for my wife. We have since signed a contract with Grapeseed for a date in the third week of October as Grapeseed was the overwhelming recommendation on DR. I spoke with a Grapeseed event coordinator earlier today in order to resolve some questions that I had. At the end of the conversation I mentioned that the restaurant was recommended to me through Don Rockwell. Although he was not familiar with the website he said that he would pass the information along. - Paul
  11. Maybe this message should be moved to another topic where it will get more views but I originally got the Hummer as I was a civil engineer (now retired) and used it to do site inspections so that after heavy rains I wouldn't have to walk through a half mile of mud. After retirement I could have sold the Hummer since the original purpose was no longer required but I have found a new calling volunteering for a food recovery organization in Montgomery County called Nourish Now (http://nourishnow.org/). My best days are when I can fill the Hummer with food for people who might not have enough food and are challenged to provide their families with enough to eat. If any restaurants or individuals might help out let me know. Thanks. Paul
  12. Thanks for your advice. I sent an email to Grapeseed: My wife is retiring from NIH at the end of October. The branch typically hosts a retirement luncheon for such an occasion. The cost that people usually pay is about $15 a head although I would certainly be willing to supplement costs in order to make this a memorable event. Please have someone contact me to review my options. I am a member of Don Rockwell and asked where in Bethesda I should consider and your name came to the top. Thanks." I try to promote the Don Rockwell site when I can. I haven't heard back (just sent the email) but expect that this will be just what I was hoping for. - Paul
  13. I awoke this morning not feeling well. I'm still going to try and attend if I'm feeling better later. I wanted to make sure that there is a contingency for ice. I am so sorry for the inconvenience.
  14. A possible change in plans. I was running errands this morning when my Hummer H2 failed to start. It has since been towed to a auto shop but the cooler I intended to bring (42" interior length) was meant for the Hummer and not my other car (Porsche 911). I do have the cooler available so If someone near Gaithersburg could pick it up, that would be an option. Otherwise I can see how much ice I can get in smaller coolers (I suspect not more than 20 pounds at most) and would be happy to bring that. I probably won't know until Friday figuring that parts for the Hummer need to be ordered and nothing ever turns out as easy as one would hope for. Sorry for the inconvenience. I am still in. - Paul