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  1. The decor is a little more casual, but the food is certainly still what I'd consider "fine dining." As for Nordic influence, there was nothing I saw on my plate that made me think of anything but Southern. Maybe the rye bread in the dessert? If you look at the dinner menu, there are touches here and there that sound more Nordic.
  2. I know it's not really fair to judge a restaurant after one lunch, and an RW lunch at that, but since it's been open too long not to have a thread, I will anyway. The simple description, and I apologize to the current team that may or not being trying to avoid comparisons, is that it's essentially Vidalia with slightly different decor. And since I loved Vidalia, I mean that in a good way. Really, if you had told me I had just eaten at Vidalia after an interior makeover, I'd have no reason to doubt you. Started with a delicious basket of banana bread with whipped butter and a fruit compote. First course: Chesapeake Sugar Toads new orleans bbq, popcorn grits, pickled okra Essentially a poor man's shrimp and grits, except that I prefer sugar toad to shrimp any day of the week. If you've never had sugar toad (a little Chesapeake Bay puffer fish) before, you should. The only place I've had it before is, well, Vidalia. It's got a taste and texture somewhere between white fish, crab and shrimp, and was perfect with the toothy grits and sauce. Second course: Confit Duck Leg corn & tasso ham maque choux, duck sausage, pickled peach jam A perfect rainy day course. A nicely meaty leg with crisp skin...the sides had a touch of sweetness that cut through the duck really well. Dessert: Finnish Aura Blue Cheese concord grapes, rye bread, candied walnuts, spruce tip honey Simply a great combination of flavors and textures. So again, I hope I'm not insulting Chef Hamilton in any way by saying, in a obviously small sample size, that this place tastes like a re-born Vidalia. I'll certainly be back.
  3. Chef Matamoros out... "Updated: Chef Petro Matamoros Leaves Barrel and Crow" by Joe Zimmerman on bethesdamagazine.com Most amusing line: "Houlihan initially told Bethesda Beat that Matamoros left on good terms, but she called back a short time later to correct that statement. She said Matamoros’ exit actually was not on good terms."
  4. Pretty sure that's applicable for all notable restaurants of any type, but point taken.
  5. House of Foong Lin is a pretty good replacement, if not exactly downtown.
  6. So sad that Grapeseed goes away, while SO MANY inferior restaurants in Bethesda survive.
  7. Yeah, but we only did B and C, so we weren't that disgusting. With that said, we were in hiking shorts and t-shirts, and if they had refused service, I wouldn't have held it against them. It was pretty empty though.
  8. That's funny...I had lunch in the main dining room a few weeks ago, and I felt that we were being rushed through. Maybe because we came from hiking in Great Falls, and were looking a little ratty.
  9. Doesn't 8 pieces generally constitute a full chicken? Unless you're just talking about unidentifiable chunks.
  10. I was given two sauces with my dim sum, a hot pepper oil, and a garlic sauce. Sounds like a service issue.
  11. That's actually something I should have mentioned to them when they asked for input...not if a Chinese person would have gotten something else, but that I was a little disappointed that the selection was so mainstream. I was hoping there would be a little more uniqueness/flair. Again, nitpicking here. I enjoyed it.
  12. I probably needed to add something to the pic for purpose of scale, but the buns were pretty small...maybe half the size of a normal pineapple bun, if not a little smaller. It didn't make for a big lunch at all.
  13. That is one sparse looking seafood platter. They really need to serve that on a smaller plate.
  14. I believe it was $16 and the two in the corner are sweet buns, one with chicken and one with custard. I think the chicken bun was my favorite of the nine..a nice sweet/savory combo with a little crunch. The sesame ball was also surprisingly good...I'm not normally a fan. And yes, a little more protein and a little less starch probably would have improved the balance a bit in general.