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  1. website Baltimore Sun review The sister restaurant of La Cuchara, I haven't been yet but I've gotten enough raving reviews from my friends that we probably deserve a thread
  2. https://www.bizjournals.com/baltimore/news/2017/07/12/jacks-bistro-to-close-as-owner-prepares-fornew.html Closing soon at an unknown date to move to a new restaurant & location. Sounds like the entire staff and most of the menu/vibe will be moving with it based on the article and a Facebook post from the restaurant.
  3. Dining in College Park

    Indeed it is, and worth mentioning because I don't think Fishnet was open the last time this thread was active.
  4. Chicago, IL

    Planning a couple meals in Chicago in a couple months...and frankly I'm a bit overwhelmed. I'll ask a fairly open question - what are some restaurants that look and feel like you're eating in Chicago?
  5. Short rib ramen last night - still delicious, spicy duck broth is probably my personal favorite
  6. Charleston, SC

    We had the same appetizer at FIG a couple weeks ago....those were delicious indeed. I guess I owe a post.... Dinner at Edmund's Oast, a brewpub with good food. You won't find a beer list full of IPAs or anything, but you'll be able to get weird with sours or other strange flavor combos - they seem to get a little weird with their beer selection and brewing options. The Peanut Butter & Jelly is a favorite, but I did not have it - a few others looked pretty interesting too. I had Szech n Brett from Logsdon in Oregon and a weird doppleback from Kout na Sumave in the Czech Republic that's apparently really hard to find in the states. I had a roasted chicken dish with Carolina Gold rice and vegetables that was absolutely delicious, the skin was salty and crispy and the meat moist. Lunch at Lewis Barbecue, from John Lewis - former pitmaster at La Barbecue in Austin and also helped open Franklin's I believe. I grade barbecue on a very steep curve, but I will say that I doubt there is a better barbecue restaurant south of DC. The hot sausage links were the star in my opinion, the pork was delicious and the brisket might have needed more seasoning in my opinion but I still ate it fast and wanted more. We absolutely housed the sides, didn't seem to be a bad option there either. I had the fish stew at FIG and oh my was it good. The broth had a ton of flavor, I almost thought of the seafood as an afterthought. Recommended by our waiter, I loved it, and the gnocchi was already touched on above. We made it to Husk for lunch, which I was skeptical about because a weekday lunch could certainly be hit or miss. Luckily, we got a hit - started carb heavy with the cornbread served with a pork butter and hush puppies made with their pork and a ranch sauce - they were unbeatable. I had the classic shrimp & grits meal that couldn't be topped, and I also tried the burger - I know, why would you get a burger at Husk? Actually, it was recommended by the waiter and we tried it, two patties smashed and it was on par with the best burgers I've had. Thanks to this thread, we tried The Grocery and snacked around on small plates and salads. For us, this was the right choice - some of the meals for the table looked delicious, but we wanted to hop around a bit. Started safe with the Italian Chopped Salad - by this point, I needed some nutrients - and lamb meatballs that tasted Mediterranean-inspired. Added a pasta with ramps dish and classic fried oysters. All in all, a fantastic trip with five delicious meals. It took me about four days to adjust back to normal, so next time I might have to be less fun and take it a little lighter.... Almost forgot...we also snuck away to the beach and had lunch at Rita's Seaside Grille in Folly Beach. Part of the High Cotton/Slightly North of Broad group, we had different seafood dishes that were both fresh and full of flavor. With not a ton of dining options on the island, I'd recommend this one.
  7. FINALLY made it down to Fishnet before Saturday's basketball game (I certainly don't want to talk about that) and had a wonderful grilled mahi mahi sandwich. The aioli that I got added some extra depth to both the fish and fries, but I can't for the life of me remember which one it was. Two thumbs up, will be back.
  8. As a former resident of the neighborhood, it doesn't seem that most of the residents (that I'm exposed to) are happy about this - it seems that the developer is more or less trying to push them out so they can get a liquor license for the entire facility. However, apparently this was hanging up at Nick's today So it could get interesting.... My perspective: Cross Street Market does need a remodeling, but pushing Nick's out like this does not seem to be a good decision
  9. Ann Arbor, MI

    Resurrecting from the depths.....Zingerman's Deli is still delicious (and expensive, but hey) and we also got to Blimpy Burger right before they opened and didn't have to wait a long time - it was pretty delicious after a long weekend.
  10. Looks like Bluegrass has new ownership and will be undergoing a name change somewhat soon. Chef and many trademark items are staying (for now at least) "Bluegrass Tavern Changes Ownership, Plans for New Name and Menu Items" by Kevin Lynch on southbmore.com
  11. Auld Lang Cuisine

    I've driven that stretch hundreds of times and never noticed that tennis club. Too distracted by the Arby's across the street, I guess.
  12. Auld Lang Cuisine

    Sunset is still open and still does what it does.....might be fun for you to revisit. I grew up in Ellicott City and had never heard of Buell's. Looks like it was sold in 1992 or 1993. I googled the address and have no idea where it was.
  13. Crab Cakes

    Your "best crab cakes" list will usually be some combination of (in no particular order) G&Ms, Timbuktu, Faidley's, Pappa's, Koco's, and going further south Edgewater Restaurant and Jerry's (okay, crab bomb not crab cake). Sleeper - Obrycki's at BWI. If you're in the Annapolis area like you imply, I'd suggest trying Edgewater Restaurant. Old dingy-looking place, but everybody loves the crab cake.