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  1. There was a "Grammar Geekery" moment on Game of Thrones last night (ep. #64): "How many men do we have in the North to fight him?" Jon Snow asks Davos Seaworth of the Night King. "Ten thousand? Less?" "Fewer," corrects Davos under his breath.
  2. Equipment Advice

    Care to share your recipe? (I trust it's deliciousness isn't dependent on the Vitamix)
  3. Cookbook Recommendations

    The A.V. Club’s guide to the best cookbooks of the century so far By Kevin Pang
  4. Yeah, it's not 4 stars because of its affordability! Why that ranking?: Newness; modern, comfortable, and big rooms; proximity to beach; proximity to boardwalk; hot and cold breakfast (including 2 mini waffle makers!); friendliness of staff; easy and ample parking.
  5. Hershey, PA

    My wife got the oatmeal, and I remember comments like, "there's no blueberries in here", "finally found one" and then I may have started to tune out She also mentioned it not being made the same as previous times, something about how it used to have some kind of creamy center. Again, don't quote me here. All i know is that she used to go out of her way to get this one dish at this one place, and could only manage a few bites before sadly pushing it away.
  6. Hah, yeah, that was partly our intention when we first went (after realizing there was no shower/hose), and we weren't the only ones...that tiny pool was filled with sand. I was surprised there was no shower/hose, which strikes me as pretty standard for a "beach hotel". After our first day on the beach, the floor of our room was gritty. There's a shower at the last boardwalk entry to the beach, not far from the hotel's 25th St entry to the beach, that is key.
  7. Hershey, PA

    FWIW, the Hershey Pantry has undergone a significant renovation, such that it is now "pantry" in name only. The food, which used to be good top to bottom, had some clear misses including a baked blueberry oatmeal (only 1-2 blueberries, and they may have changed the previous recipe; it didn't have some sort of expected cream filing) and cinnamon bun (still giant, but dry and now just an icing delivery system). A meat lovers omelet and cheddar biscuits and gravy (new menu item, $10) were very good.
  8. Location and Rates for Tonight - Website with Best-Rate Guarantee This is a new hotel, on the bay, at 25th Street. It's a very easy walk to the beach, even though it traverses a couple main roads. Also, it's aligned with the end of the boardwalk, and thus provides easy access to that aspect of OC. The rooms are comfortable and well appointed, and the staff is friendly and helpful. Rooms come with a solid full, hot, buffet breakfast. Beware that the pool is a sham: sure, there is one, but it's so small I doubt you could fit more than 8 kids in it. We like to regularly incorporate the pool into our beach vacations, so this was disappointing. They are also in dire need of an outside shower or hose, to assist with getting off the sand. Still, the hotel is shiny and new, with breakfast, and in a great location, so you could do a lot worse.
  9. Dining in Ocean City

    Hooked: Another excellent meal, and our "go-to" for OC trips. Strangely we hit the full spectrum of service. On the one hand, the server specifically went to the kitchen to ask them to prepare the "hotdog octopus" that is no longer on their kids menu, which they we able to do. On the other, our 2 mains (scallops and cioppino) came out while we were in the middle of eating our appetizers. The server said he thought the kitchen was more backed up than it was, but we'r not sure what would give him that indication as the restaurant was 1/3 empty. Oh well. [Also, in general, is it reasonable for the diner to ask the server to take the mains back until the diner is ready? Is it further expected that these things would just be put under a hot lamp in the interim? I'm not sure our meal would have benefited from sitting under a lamp for 10 minutes, so maybe there are no winners here...] Shark on the Harbor: We had an excellent meal here as well, contrary to our last visit a couple years ago. We started of with Mako Bites, which was a plate of 4 (maybe it was 5) large medallions of mako, dressed in a soy-based sauce. This was a meal itself! Contrast that to the squash blossoms filled with lobster, which while delicious, was a small 4-bite portion. The wife had a large piece of rockfish for dinner, and I got a filet mignon, both were perfectly cooked. The filet also came with lobster mashed potatoes that were amazing. Great service as well. Mother's Cantina opened up a tortilla shop next door, which has added seating to the dinner rush, as long as you don't want a mixed drink (you can get beer and wine). Rosenfeld's Deli: This was our first time here, and we really liked it. My son particularly enjoyed their grilled cheese on challah. They do a pretty good, if slightly sweet, chopped liver, and my only quibble would be the meat to liver ratio on my double-decker sandwich (more chopped liver, please! I didn't ask for only a schmear!). Still, i see us putting this place into our regular rotation. Also hit Anthony's for subs and Trattoria Lombardi’s for pizza, both of which are solid, but I don't have anything more to add to what I've already said above.
  10. So, to be clear, the doner kebab is available every day, but is made fresh only on Wed/Fri/Sat/? I live less than 5 minutes from this place and have never gone. I guess I'll have to change that.
  11. I'm curious if anyone has compiled a running list of what I am confusingly referring to as "deals and/or opportunities", which would include things like the bar deal at Corduroy. That is, if you go to this area (i.e. bar, lounge, patio) at this restaurant (i.e Corduroy,) for a relatively low price (i.e. $30), you can get a multi-course meal (i.e. 3-, 5-, 7-) from a highly respected chef (i.e Tom Power), etc. Anyway, I realize the parameters are vague, but I would find such a list useful (and, obviously, want someone else to do the work for me).
  12. I was there around Xmas, and posted some good suggestions in the Philly thread, fwiw.
  13. Sorry, I should have been clear. I was at the brick/mortar location near the Mosaic district (If there's a fancy name for the area that's been built up on the other side of Home Depot, then I haven't learned it yet).
  14. I'm not sure I understand the appeal of this place (that is, the long lines I usually see). There were very few choices for toppings (only lettuce and tomato, no onion), and the meat is pre sliced and chopped, so it's all small, over-cooked bits (I like the long pieces, and watching them slice it off). I recognize this is done to ease gyro production. It was a properly stuffed gyro, priced reasonably, and perfectly adequate.
  15. Dayton, OH

    I recently had a very good dining experience at J Alexander's Redlands Grill in Dayton, Ohio. My friend suggested it, saying it's a good regional steak and seafood joint. I ordered the Steak 'N' Fries, which also came with a Caesar salad. The salad was great and one of the best Caesar's I've ever had: large, good-looking lettuce, seemingly housemade croutons, ample dressing that was very tasty and had just enough kick. It's a salad worth adding meat to and eating as a main. The Steak was also excellent, a perfect medium rare, served with a melting pat of butter on top. The fries were the shoe-string variety, crispy, and tasty. This was an excellent meal, at a very reasonable price ($24.95). Service was also great. They use the "team-style" approach where everyone sees every table as their responsibility. Refills were anticipated, sides were remembered, all by multiple staffers. I look forward to working my way through the menu of this place. (My friend says it's the type of place where everything is good, and I think he's right.)