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  1. Planning a trip to Spain

    Gaudi? Gawdy! There is a free Gaudi architectural tour in BCN that I've taken twice, and I'll probably take the next time I go, because I always learn a lot (it's free, but give them money, it's usually art history and architecture students giving it). Eat so much great food, drink Cava, and fall in love with one of the greatest cities in the world. People generally spend the most time in Barri Gotic, El Born (get the churros!), and Eixample, but if you finish all the great tourist stuff, spend some time in Gracia and El Raval. I would move there in a heartbeat and never look back if I could find work there.
  2. Jackfruit

    Alright fine. It’s basically Brussels sprouts now.
  3. Oh wow. Is that place good? Seems interesting
  4. Tom Sietsema's Online Chat

    Indigo is so good, but it’s dhaba food and over spiced. Not like overly spicy hot, but not subtle- like a dhaba. Still think it’s different genre than Rasika. But glad there is room and interest in both! Definitely try Rasa Grill! It’s also in a different space. Is anyone else in the DC area using jackfruit yet??? --- Jackfruit (DonRocks)
  5. Tom Sietsema's Online Chat

    You don't have to agree with the critic to appreciate the work. And, I like the chats. There is some good stuff in there.
  6. Kenji talks about this. With heat up time, 25-30 min cooking, and then release, it would probably be closer to 1 hour, but possibly a better result and also "set it and forget it"
  7. Tom Sietsema's Online Chat

    Wow. Never heard of DC Urban Moms... They are a fierce bunch. I'd be scared...
  8. Went for second time, as we were interviewing yet another candidate. I do not get this place. No way is this the best pizza in the region. Maybe not the best within 1 square mile. Too much crust. Not charred enough. My pizza I asked for with the addition of mozarella, and they forgot the cheese and gave it to me with just sauce and toppings. They re-made it and it came several minutes after the others started eating. The broccoli appetizer was good. Arancini was okay, had a little funny after taste. This place is overhyped and based on pictures and personal experience, far too spotty to be ranked so highly by critics. I guess just one major critic. I don't think I want to go back.
  9. Rasa Grill

    WAPO Review!
  10. Wow. As a huge Jose Andres fan, I'm really embarrassed by that. Why make a stink of it? Why implicate Ivanka? It's so petty. Coming off of the great work done in Puerto Rico and fending off the Trump lawsuit, he was looking like a person on the high ground. This was really .. ugh. Just ugh. This idea that it's an unwritten rule that "after parties are fair game" - what bullsh*t. Just because you're a celebrity doesn't mean you get to do what you want. I don't want to jinx it, but that sort of entitlement worries me about what lies beneath...
  11. Vermont

    Skied Stowe this last weekend. We usually stay in Waterbury, which is a cute town, about 15 minutes from downtown Stowe and 25 minutes from the mountain. I would venture to say that The Reservoir is one of the premier beer and cider bars in the country, and I feel like I've been to many of them - in fact, it's something I try to visit in most cities. On tap on Saturday was - Lawson's Sip of Sunshine, Fiddlehead IPA, Hill Farmstead Edward, Hill Farmstead Society & Solitude #2, Stowe Cider Safety Meeting, Citizen Cider - Unified Press, two beers by Frost Beer Works (an Orchard Ale and a Pale Ale). They had Foley Brothers Big Bang, typically have another one of Lawson's and Alchemist in some form or another (bottle or draft of Focal Banger or Heady Topper). Yes, it's IPA heavy, and yes it's New England style heavy, but that 50 mile radius from Waterbury out is making some of the finest beer in the country right now. Plus, the drafts are cheap in town, you can get the quality stuff on the mountain, there are a lot of breweries and cideries to visit, and the bar/pub food is pretty high quality (locally sourced meats, cheeses, and produce are the rule rather than the exception). If you haven't skied or visited Vermont, I'd recommend staying at the Fairfield Inn in Waterbury and exploring - the mountains, the breweries, Ben and Jerry's, Cabot Creamery, maple syrup houses, glass blowing studios, and some great coffee roasters.
  12. @Pool Boy, if space-limited, as many in the DMV are, get rid of your slow cooker and rice maker, and get an instant pot which does both of their duties, plus the pressure cooking. I think it slow cooks as good as a dedicated slow cooker, but doesn't make rice as good as good as a rice cooker, though. It's really great that you can saute aromatics and then make a curry or a sauce or whatever. I have a very limited kitchen space, and can agree that this can take over for other appliances and has an additional function. The best $80 you can have in the kitchen, for serious, do. I think another good space saver with good function is the original Ninja. Not as good as a Cuisinart/KitchenAid food processor, and certainly can't make a margarita or a velvety soup like a Vitamix, but man it gets so much done for prep work. If I have a lot of garlic, onions, other vegetables to chop, or want to make a salsa quick, or need to have a course blend for a pesto or something like that - it's so fast and easy to clean. -S
  13. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Good pics and review! Maybe it's changing, but if you look at TDot itself and exclude suburbs (Chinese area on Hwy 7, Scarborough, etc), Toronto feels like one of the worst food cities for a city of it's size? Possibly the worst that I can think of (NY, DF, Chicago, London, Bangkok, Mumbai, Shanghai, Beijing, Paris, etc. are all way better). Hopefully that's changing and I don't have to run to Scarborough every time I visit! S
  14. Had a nice meal there yesterday. We had pork pate with pistachio (alliterative!) and the bluefish rillettes for the table. Tasty. Bread came a little late, but was toasty and warm. I had the French Onion soup that was bomb - I really loved it, and though it was a chicken broth, it was very "meaty". The others got the butternut squash soup. Good portions, they seemed to like it. Two of us got the confit duck. Perfect crisping of the skin, meat was tender but not quite falling off the bone. On top of greens and a potato thingie. The other entrees ordered were the trout, which was a nicely sized portion, and the duck breast. Everyone seemed to like their food. Got very busy. Good ambience, and voices don't carry - nice for business dinner/interview. Got desserts, too. Chocolate delice for dessert. Described as a fancy Kit Kat. Served with ice cream!! Like a visit to certain massage parlors, I was grateful for the happy ending. I'm so glad we went here. I'd love to go back. Very charming. And, the wine bar next door is fan-freaking-tastic. How did I not know about that place? Super cute. Feels like you're in NOLA or Europe or something. Definitely will visit again, too.