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  1. Not sure why you compare it to IPAs, as it's really not. Not even a pale ale. Maybe more hop-forward than your standard ale, but I wouldn't really call this a hoppy beer. How do I know? My wife loves it and she hates anything hoppy.
  2. Spaniards love an aioli on just about anything. When I studied abroad my host mother made paella once a week and served it with mayo on the side.
  3. I think they're big on the MD Eastern Shore as well. I recall Andrew Zimmern eating them I think during his Baltimore show.
  4. Winston-Salem, NC

    And before him it was Ed Witt, formerly of 701 and The Partisan
  5. I've eaten at several of his restaurants and all were excellent. Had wanted to go to Shaya for the longest time and actually had recommended it to people (just based on internet hype) and all universally loved it. Besh always conjured up a folksy, genuinely nice guy persona as someone who had spent his whole life in New Orleans and was determined for it be seen as more than a place for gumbo, Mardi Gras and Bourbon Street. He was a finalist in the first season of Next Iron Chef, losing to Michael Symon. Based upon everything I knew about him, this was shocking. But based on everything I know about the restaurant industry from reading memoirs and through my brother-in-law who cooks in some of the best kitchens in Charlotte, it's not. Will be very interesting to see the ripple effect this has across the country, as I would suspect many big names are shaking in their boots (I know of none, but just speculating). Moral question: should I get rid of his cookbooks I own? Am I wrong to still want to cook from them?
  6. coincidentally (ironically?) Carroll used to be the head chef at the Eric Ripert restaurant 10 Arts in the Philly Ritz, which she later left to venture out on her own after Top Chef. We did get to eat there while her original season was airing and quite enjoyed the food. I will disagree with your premise that Graffiato wasn't the hottest restaurant in DC at one point in time. When Isabella was a runner up on the All Stars season of Top Chef he made a pepperoni sauce for one of his finale meal dishes that had the judges (particularly Gail Simmons) swooning. And when it opened it was to considerable hype, particularly because the sauce was on the menu. It was very difficult to get a table for weeks/months.
  7. Tom Sietsema's Reviews

    Well, even though none made the arbitrarily listed top 10, all are still 4 stars so he's still high on them. Did LS get upgraded to 4 this year?
  8. Tom Sietsema's Reviews

    Gotta be Komi, Little Serow or Rasika
  9. Asheville, NC

    Glad you liked it. The good thing is you can go next door to Catawba Brewing and they'll text you. I find they way overestimate wait times. Usually they'll tell us 1 hour+ and we get the text before we finish our first beer. We went Friday night around 6:30 and there was no wait, which was shocking to me.
  10. Asheville, NC

    12 Bones is fine but our favorites are Buxton Hall and Bonfire. Took my mom to the former last night and she loved it. They do Eastern NC style whole hog and she is someone who grew up on that end of the state going to the little shacks and getting cheap, excellent 'cue. Buxton is decidedly hipster and much more expensive than anything you'd get in Eastern NC, but damn, it's great. The BBQ hash is one of my favorite things in town -- they cook down the trimmings, head meat, etc and the pork livers until it's a smooth stew and serve over rice. Great cocktails and desserts too. You'd never find booze in a true NC BBQ shack, just sweet tea. But we're in Asheville. Bon Apetit named it a top 10 best new restaurant in America last year which is damn impressive for a BBQ joint. Bonfire does the more wholistic approach to 'cue with brisket, sausage, ribs, chicken, etc. Buxton and Biscuit Head are our two definite places to take out of towners. We've got friends visiting next weekend and you can bet we're going to both.
  11. Solar Eclipse, August 21 2017

    Eater just named JC Holdway in Knoxville as a top 12 best new restaurant in America. And there's always Blackberry Farm. I'm in Asheville and we're supposed to get 99.6% darkness here, but I'll be out of the country. Plenty of great dining options here, but hotels might be scarce as they've been hyping this all year.
  12. I guess Pete Wells read my post and agreed with me:
  13. I don't understand why all of the critics have written pieces critiquing the meal, including Tom Sietsema. It's my understanding that generally when a restaurant is reviewed, it's for the reader to then determine if they would like to go visit the place themselves. But if you're a DC-based reader of the Post, it's virtually impossible to try out this pop up for yourself. Even when Tom reviews out of town/foreign restaurants, the assumption generally is you can plan a trip around a meal at a place he writes about. But this Noma pop up will be gone pretty soon, and even if you did happen to be going to the Yucatan while it's there, the chance of snagging a table has to be nigh impossible, no? It just kinda reeks of "hey, check out this place I got to go on someone else's dime."
  14. Japanese Street Food

    Was Kushi not considered an izakaya?
  15. 2017 James Beard Awards

    Congrats to Mark Furstenberg, winner of the Outstanding Baker award!