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  1. What a great show!!!! For a REAL Cheers type hangout I really haven't had a serious bar hangout since Kitty O'Shea's closed in Arlington/Courthouse around 2011. It was a dive. I knew and was friendly with the owner, staff, and other patrons. I drank there in evenings and watched sports/ on Sundays plus some early morning Euro Soccer. I repeat...it was a dive. My kind of Cheers type place. Now I'm old...so beyond the typical Cheers type age range...but I've always enjoyed them. Fave Cheers type places over the years: The Beowulf at 20th and L downtown in DC till it closed in the early 80's, Turkey Joe's in Fells Point, and my home town joint, which I understand has customers my age...my old school mates and teammates that never moved far from that area; All sorts of dives....oh...and a special shout out during the latter 80's and into the 90's the Malt Shop above the Dancing Crab off Wisconsin Avenue. (boy my ex put a crimp on my hanging out at that dive)
  2. This is a little off topic about the 2nd Amendment and guns in domestic American society but then moves back on topic. Over the last two weeks our bartending school has had a student who fought in Iraq during the "surge" period, around 2007-2009. He was in the army stationed in Baghdad and was a member of a unit memorialized by the the book The Good Soldiers, by David Finkel. The unit was the Army 2-16 battalion nicknamed the Rangers. Our student mentioned that he didn't realize how bad it was, but the book made it more clear. Part of the reason he didn't realize how bad conditions were was because he was injured by a type of IED in 2008. It left him in a 6 week coma, he has titanium in his skull and he has lost one arm severed to his shoulder. Seeing him in class is stunning. It is 10 years since his war injury and very long recovery and he is still working to find his way in life. In class he is trying to figure out how to do a job that requires 2 hands. We are helping him, but it is his effort. He knows infinitely more about kitchen and life equipment built for people with one working arm. I only discovered these types of every day tools after meeting and speaking with him. He has learned about their utility since he moved out of recovery and therapy over the last 8-9 years. I am stunned, flabbergasted and in awe of his efforts. He is dealing with life. He has a wonderful dog by the way...his companion. To get a feel of conditions at that time a video shown by David Finkel who was embedded with this unit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjXMpj_5raU Getting back to guns in American domestic society: It is tragic and crazy that our citizenry faces this type of violence from guns and weapons that are meant for war. Around the world these weapons are banned from domestic use. They are not in our nation and we suffer the consequences. This year to date more American kids in schools have died by gunfire than all deaths in the American military during 2018 to date. We have soldiers in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and other dangerous places. They are better protected than our kids. That is a travesty.
  3. Just ran into this retrospective on Barkley, with this commentator rating Barkley towards the top of all players while acknowledging his weaknesses. I loved watching Barkley play. He was a true basketball unicorn in his style of play, still not replicated by any player since. Many of the scenes in this video are repeated elsewhere--its Barkley's size and explosiveness and physical strength that stand out. Honestly, at least in these shots and regardless of the finishing play nobody truly tried to body him up. I suppose Shaq did. I don't recall others even trying: He was scary and intimidating: A little Barkley ....... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vl_g7qfj8Ho
  4. DaveO


    Dammit. I've become spoiled for quality burgers at joints or better restaurants. The other day I craved a burger and stopped at a bar/restaurant that will go unnamed. Decidedly mediocre. Maybe it was the type of hamburger I could have wolfed down years ago without a second thought. Not now. It was well in the range of 'okay". But it wasn't good. Hamburger mediocre-fries a little less so. I miss Hellburgers. They upped the game for burgers. There are other good burgers around town. Many are mentioned above. I've referenced some others I've liked. But I miss Hellburgers. They seriously raised the level of beatific burgerness.
  5. I’ve watched those games. They highlight just how much the court spacing has changed and how the game has spread out over a far larger area. In the old game there were big visible picks by huge bodies such as Unseld, that freed up shooters. Now there are picks everywhere with players going from left to right to be the recipients of passes for long distance shots. It’s very different spacing all over the half court with the Warriors expanding the court the most because Curry can shoot effectively from further out than anyone else. That off ball screening isn’t new it’s just more pronounced. 20 years ago I watched U Maryland perfect it over the 3 years that led to their national championship team with Juan Dixon getting off ball screens and curling/breaking into the open to get timely passes from fellow guard Steve Blake. They practiced it for three years.
  6. Basketball is a sport that has for decades highlighted both individual ball AND team play. They are and can be evident simultaneously. The volume of 3 pt shots combined with a current loss of highly skilled big men operating down low with post moves has changed the look more dramatically though some young skilled big men with possibly more on the way may change that perception. I find watching the intricacies and the team element difficult to catch with one view during the game. It moves at high speed. I only observe it through replay and highlights. Specifically off the ball screens that free players like Korver for Cleveland or Redick for Philadelphia for timely pass and shoot 3 pointers are great examples of intricate team play finished off with a very timely pass and shot. I rarely catch those plays in development but only see the final pass and shot. That is what replay is for. Finally team sports such as soccer, basketball, football, hockey etc are all focused on creating open spaces for stars to perform their individualistic magic. (I should know, I was a lifelong screener).
  7. Good. Good luck on his recovery. Unless they start playing better they won’t have many opportunities for saves but if he recovers he’ll get his innings.
  8. The issue with Britton is that he was injured much of last year. When he returned he was less effective. He may not pitch this year till July or late if at all(more serious injuries). Before he was injured he was the heart and soul of Baltimore’s mediocre pitching staff, being used as the saver on games with leads and being stupendous. He can be a free agent at the end of this season but he might not pitch during the year. High risk career.
  9. And then there are days like yesterday: Nats lose 2 Caps lose I like the Celtics: losers yesterday Orioles lose. (norm this year) (Oh but there was a lovely fairy tale/the world is changing wedding) Its for days like yesterday that beer was invented
  10. DaveO

    Good Standard for Price, Quality, and Value

    Those are great descriptions above. Enthralling. I've only had a few (3) of those experiences in the last year or so. Not exactly the same as described above, but at some point in the meal or with a particular dish, the WOW realization set in and a type of moan followed. One set in during the course of the meal, the other two occurred immediately. ....and upon reading the description of the lobster dish Joe H described....I'm jonesing for lobster with an exquisite well thought out well executed butter sauce.
  11. I've been trying out the everything but the bagel spicing from TJ's. I do love everything bagels and have become a fan of the Everything Croissant from Junction Bakery in Alexandria. Still experimenting with the spice. The advice of a healthy shake is on target, IMHO. The combination of garlic flakes, sea salt, poppy seeds, sesame seeds and onion flakes is so diverse as to spread the flavor components throughout a dish. In fact in my efforts it appears that to REALLY grasp the flavor the spicing has to have the look of an everything bagel or croissant, such that it is highly visible and concentrated in a manner not unlike its topping on a bread. Either that OR I've got to double or triple what I consider to be a healthy shake. ....and then it might just depend on which flavor components hit the desired spot and in what quantity. As a spice on anything I'm thrilled with the sea salt garlic and onion flakes. They all provide a high level of the appropriate seasoning. The poppy and sesame seeds aren't working for me as a spice. There are simple recipes for making your own everything but the bagel spicing and they are so simple. I might just create my own version limited to garlic flakes, onion flakes and sea salt. Its a good learning experience though. It appears my version of a healthy shake has been pretty minor league. Shake shake shake...like there is no tomorrow.
  12. Oi. I never ate it. Might have to revoke my birth certificate
  13. Bully for loyal Caps fans. Bully, bully, bully for the Caps. Good luck. Keep it up. Fast break. Two on one. Get the dee to commit. Great pass. Tough angle. Ooooh nice shot. A talented scorer seeing the hole http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=23497350