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  1. A friend of mine re posted this list of predictions. A fair amount of it has to do with automobiles:
  2. Me too. I was in the Bethesda triangle a lot in the 80's -90's. I thought the classes would be interesting and fun. Damn. I never took one. As to one small item above. I doubt the MD department of Education was the "reason" or one of the reasons for closure. We deal with them. We've dealt with state educational offices and boards in numerous states. Its a Pain In the Neck element of running a school. Some of the things they require one to do and report are both time consuming, detailed and cost some $$. In our experience it has never been an element to make or break a school. In my experience Md's educational regulators are a little on the tougher side versus the majority of states wherein we have experience. Very tough for all the staff. I hope this hasn't extended to the Gaithersburg locaction
  3. Machado couldn’t buy a hit in the early part of the season but had a tremendous July and August/all star quality then his hitting petered out in Sept. Someone who watches the O’s “professionally” assured me he was ripping the ball early last season even as he couldn’t beg a hit and as the article referenced. There are other excellent 3rd basemen Rendon one of them. Machado can move to SS and be even more valuable as you suggest. The franchise depresses me and has during the entirety of Angelos’ ownership. It was obvious they again made no effort on the starters last year and then the staff underperformed below the expectations of mediocre. I wish they would try harder as a franchise. The Nats are trying which keeps them compelling. The O’s really not for almost 2 decades. It depresses me. I see two antidotes. A chocolate 😜 B Ride Angelos out of town
  4. Potentially trading Machado is depressing. The baseball news and specific words from Orioles management is that the Orioles have Manny Machado up for trade. He is either the best 3rd baseman in the game or one of the best and a home grown star in current baseball. He is a great fielder has a true accurate bazooka of an arm, can do a great job at either 3rd or shortstop. And is a good to potentially excellent hitter/run producer. The Orioles have decided they can’t or won’t try to afford him as he approaches free agency and can be in the $30 million/ year range. Just depressing. Since Angelos purchased the team in the early 90’s they have an overall losing record, have won their division twice, been in the playoffs 5 times. Dismal overall. They compete against the Yanks and Red Sox who will outspend them. Last year the O’s had the 10th highest payroll in baseball which is certainly a level of competitiveness but they trail NY and Boston by a lot. They haven’t had an excellent starting pitcher since they wouldn’t compete to keep Mike Mussina over 17 years ago. They let studs go Angelos like our own little demonic home town diablo (Snyder) has stuck his nose into the players skills part of his business and done a poor job. I wish he would sell. I don’t know the business $ and cents of the Orioles and whether they can afford Machado or not, but with Angelos running the show and 24 mediocre to lousy seasons I wish he would depart.
  5. Mario Batali - Sexual Misconduct

    The food and beverage (f&b) industry has sexual predators. Maybe more than other industries maybe not. I don’t know. Some elements of the industry are purposefully sexual. There is a lot of liquor there. There are scum bags in the industry but that is also true elsewhere. I know the bar school has heard about sexual predators from grads who landed work at places that sent us leads for staff. That has been going on for years. When we heard about it we stopped sending out leads on behalf of that employer. (No we never reported it anywhere). We heard about other inappropriate things also. We just stopped sending out leads from those employers. Who knows best about it? As @saf said above women in the industry have voluminous stories to tell. There is nothing in the makeup of a chef that would make them immune to being abusive.
  6. Hummus

    ha ha. Dare I say it but I'm something of a Neanderthal. But when I saw the Perfect Pita squeeze top bottle for their hummus the word "cute" came to mind. "Cute" That is repugnant to my Neanderthal nature, but it looked so nice I purchased one. They are available at their stores and certain markets. It pours out like a plastic mustard container. I've now used it on grilled hot dogs and burgers. I'll try it on other things. I eat a lot of hummus on pita. It pours out well on the bread. Okay. I sort of love it. We haven't dated yet. I haven't introduced the hummus squeeze bottle to my family yet. But we have a "thing". It works.
  7. I read it as a “bash” but more importantly I interpreted it as a bad experience. I took my experiences over the last few years, I read recent reviews from other sources, I read @hopsing‘s comments with the identifying comment “regular” and I noted @Ericandblueboy‘s comment about lunches in the past. I’ll return. I still enjoy it. Who knows what occurred. I’ll venture a guess that they might not staff up well for lunches. Just a semi educated guess, but I don’t see it as being busy or profitable at that time period. It’s also possible the lease requires them to be open those hours. (The landlord is also the tenant) All guesses. Emphasis is that I’ll continue to go there with the belief that you had a one time bad experience
  8. National Chains

    I haven't been to a Johnny Rockets in ages. Why? Dan Snyderskin owned them. Ultimately I stopped going to Skns game. In the earlier 2000's it felt that as you approached the football stadium Snyder was already reaching into your pockets and sucking out your cash for an ever worsening experience. Back to Johnny Rockets. Didn't realize it till just now. Snyderskin sold Johnny Rockets--in 2013. How do ya like that? On the one hand I feel like its okay to eat there again. OTOH the patty melts suck. Guess that means status quo going forward. Thanks for the tip.
  9. National Chains

    I appreciated the article. I'll eat at chains in the future just as I have in the past. Gives us a heads up on what is okay and what is miserable. One thing surprised me and I admittedly haven't eaten at an Outback for a long time. I used to eat at Outback's. I thought the steaks were okay. I recall both eating there and comparing them to the miserable steaks at Sizzler's referenced above. But its been a long long time since I've last eaten at an Outbacks. Isn't there one off Rte 50 in Arlington? That was both convenient..;.but why eat there when there are tremendous alternatives so close by. In any case I'm appreciative that Sietsema went out and surveyed all of these places. It will save me the effort and might keep me from ordering something horrible next time I'm at one of those restaurants. BTW: I've always liked patty melts but have had some lousy one's recently. Maybe I'll have one at IHop per Sietsema's article. Couldn't be more disappointing than some of those I've had elsewhere.
  10. Hummus

    It’s not only good you can get it in a very handy highly functional 9 oz squeeze top plastic bottle. That makes it easy to add to grilled burgers or grilled hot dogs, etc
  11. @Pat That sounds terrible. If I’ve been there for lunch it was some years ago. I don’t recall. But I’ve found Orso to always be good if not as spectacular as several years ago. I still go there a couple of times a year. The pizza’s have never been as you described and sometimes, though less frequently than in the past, extraordinary. I’ll continue to return in evenings but that is a terrible warning about lunch. It doesn’t sound like the B team, more like the D or F team.
  12. Oh my. Hope you are in a ppr league or did you squeeze by with the punt return?
  13. Ooh good luck. Playoffs are where the $ is. FF. It used to use up all my time. Watched Ravens -Steelers last night before falling asleep before the end. Antonio Brown killed the Ravens. Damn: I still follow him b/c of FF. Picked him up in his 2nd or 3rd yr as a very low pick in a keeper league with PPR. big $$ FF League. Damn I ‘d still have him and his draft status would still be low. He is a “get you in the playoffs stud” Good luck again. oh my. Your receiver is going against your Dee. I hate when that happens. To bad the Dee wasn’t going against the Colts or the Skins much later; nice td for your receiver!!!! Blimey. Miami’s Dee is the hot one tonight
  14. Had the bison huevos rancheros again. Still an excellent dish. The meat component has the flavor and tastes as @zoramargolis described the bison some years ago. Meaty juicy a little fatty and nicely spiced. I have a thing for that bison
  15. Oh boy. Bronx Bombers; Murderers Row. The fans in Right Field should be in for a treat. In '61 the "modern" version of the Bronx Bombers hit 240 dingers. I remember that team. In my youthful brain they seemed like "gods". Maris 61 Mantle 54 Skowren 28 The 3 guys who split catcher duties including Yogi mostly in Left Field hit 22, 21, 21. Lot of dingers by those big men. This team might demolish that "then record". I know. Lots of teams since then have beaten and demolished that record. But it took decades for a team to beat it. This team might be dinger heaven. Hope those big fellows including Sanchez stay healthy.