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  1. Saw that story. I cannot overstate how nice both of them were yay and how stunned I was to learn of the scam. Last time I was there Clark recognized me and by name and we chatted. I hadn't been there for a good period and had forgotten his name ....and their products were mostly great. Shit. Sad story. Sad that they were charming scammers.
  2. the issues were so many and in so many places. The lending and real estate side were two areas. Oversight on lending was a third area. While that was occurring Wall Street was intimately involved buying loans, breaking them up, reselling them, placing bets on the loans, etc. Nobody saw all of it in one fell swoop. In the 80's. I saw the lending, I saw the structure of the loans and their worthiness or not, I witnessed the overview that was seeing the market conditions that satisfied the loans, and while there wasn't a wall street element like in the 80's the lenders were flush with cash. I'd like to hear some of the insights from some of the players.
  3. I'd love to hear from someone who who was involved. I wasn't. I was involved in the credit crunch/over lending/crash of commercial real estate that occurred nationwide around 1989. I was involved from the earliest 80's. From the outside looking in there was so much that seemed replicated. Not exactly the same but so freaking similar in so many ways; on the lending and non oversight ways. The Wall Street element added another level of miserableness that didn't exist in the 80's and the run up to '89, but so much seemed so similar. But I was on the outside in the 2000's, not the inside. I'd like to hear about if from the inside.
  4. Metaphorically she is alive and is saying "let them eat steak" at my hotel and my steakhouse: Here is the dinner menu (dinner menu for BLT at Trump Hotel// not Rare SteakHouse and Tavern).
  5. I know this is difficult to believe. A new steakhouse is opening in Downtown DC, Rare Steakhouse and Tavern at 1595 Eye Street, NW. Per one of the staff, opening, possibly a soft opening will be 10/25. I've seen a different report for 11/1/17. Its about time. Not enough steaks in Downtown DC. But on a different note, this one will serve breakfast. That is completely revolutionary.
  6. Cripes. Loss of fastball velocity. Oiiiii. I tend not to critique managers and manager decisions. They are getting paid the big bucks and have big staffs with all that kind of data. I ASSUME. Maybe they see that info, maybe they don't. Maybe they see it and don't pay attention. I'm still not going to criticize the manager. Crappy miserable freaking terrible results and weird game after the first 4. I don't believe in curses. Go get em next year.
  7. The end result sucked. The Scherzer inning was a comedy of errors and unusualness with the most dire results. A friend of mine who studies baseball like Einstein studied relativity stated that there is a long history of starters stinking as relievers in situations such as yesterday. Maybe. I wouldn't know. Terrible results. Most unusual game after the first four. Wait til next year.
  8. Lets add a food twist to this. Lary Doby was a high school sports star in New Jersey. He got into college, fought in WW2, came back, joined the Negro Baseball League and then went to the Majors where he had an excellent if not great career. Doby settled in NJ post his baseball playing career and I believe he became a baseball official. But the important food element follows. Doby and his wife settled in Montclair NJ, near Yogi Berra and his wife. The two couples were great friends. Montclair is near where I grew up and is part of the great world of Northern NJ dining specializing in Italian and Italian American cuisine. Over many years I heard of Doby/Berra restaurant sightings. As many times as I visited my folks, the old neighborhood, and old friends who remained in the general area, let alone all those times I dined in the area...I never did see the Doby-Berra couples club at a restaurant. Regardless I heard of many sightings. The Doby's and the Berra's ate well.
  9. I saw pieces of different games. They simply didn't look that talented to me. The US is obviously levels below the talent peaks in other nations. Now that comment from the manager of the Scottish team is absurd. Somehow it ignores all the Messi's of the game over the decades. That guy needs a different excuse.
  10. Oh man. I think post season baseball is a crap shoot. Always has been. Some players rise to the occasion. They are always the exceptions and always noted. But its a pure crap shoot. Everyone is trying, everyone is talented....but how will they perform??? Nobody knows. This series....so tough. Best pitching in the post season so far by the Nats 3 starters...and we are down 1-2. Hitters aren't hitting for the most part as you note above. I think its always magic. As I recall Big Poppy from Boston was dynamite in a bunch of series and crapped out in his last post season. Pray for the baseball gods to shine on Washington.
  11. JoJo had contacted our school and hired from it before he left. I subsequently heard that a number of the bartenders he hired left with him, while enough stayed on to carry on the bar program he initiated. (All my comments are 2nd hand/still haven't been there). What I did hear was the bartending staff loved him, including those that left and those that stayed. Assuming the cocktails he developed remain on the menu I'd suspect the bar program @DaRiv18 spoke well of in August remains a strong point.
  12. Top photo/center. Is that ginger? Parsnips? No turnips? That help creates old world goodness. Looks beautiful
  13. Ran into a Rocklands food truck today in Arlington. Had no idea they were around (where have I evidently been for the past 5 years?). I enjoy Rocklands and have for some two decades even as I've found better bbq around town. That is okay. BBQ is usually okay in my book. The potato salad and corn bread hit the spot, pulled chicken ...meh, sort of dry. Way too saucy, way too little good bbq cooking. That is okay. Now that I know its around I'll hit the brisket sandwich; its always been my favorite sandwich over there. Better yet, its time to visit Arlington or DC. Been a long time
  14. If things are off I'm more inclined to send a dish back. I state that having come from a perspective of NEVER SENDING a dish back. And that perspective comes from feeling bad as to how expensive things are for any business let alone a restaurant. That is admittedly somewhat dumb. Restaurants always get things wrong, and so many restaurants have shown great responsiveness in correcting mistakes and redoing an order, in fact restaurants of all types from fast food to fine dining. The other evening while meeting a friend at a Stone Fish Grill the server misinterpreted my order. When I informed them of what I wanted they willingly replaced the meal so fast. It was almost too fast. But clearly responsive. The order came back, this time correct. Not an expensive dish. Not fine dining Simple seafood dish. I purchase this seafood at the market. The sides I ordered are not expensive. My auto gut is that the cost of the dish (products only) was somewhat in the 20% range. Lots of mark up. Which is the norm across the board in today's restaurant world. Lots of mark up in the industry. More for fine dining. If its not correct send it back.