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  1. Yup. I worked on this going through a variety of topics. Couldn't find a perfect topic as currently defined. News?? Eh....not really. BTW: In the vast content there are posts in the cooking section and restaurant sections that cover overlapping topics as I'm sure you are well aware although this is restaurant oriented not cooking oriented. It doesn't quite work its way into bi-topical treatment. In any case I admire the writers efforts. There was a point in time when I both ate at more delis and only ordered brisket as opposed to pastrami or corned beef, so I appreciated their including it as a sandwich choice. I'm aware of many that have done the same. The 3 sandwich evaluations are valid. There are also interesting backdrops to the effort if one is interested in the deli phenomena. Lastly, as there have been some recent comments that suggest overall bagel quality in the NY area might be worse than it was decades ago, I certainly had significantly more deli in the 1960's and 1970's. A fair amount was in the lower East Side of NYC, not that many blocks from Katz's. My dad's family had a business in that area and I visited or worked there a fair bit. There were so many more deli's in that area at that time. The business was about 6 blocks from Katz's and there were many such places closer, including some of deserved fame. These places are vanishing.
  2. I could not decide where this post should sit. Don: Place it elsewhere if you think it should reside in a different section. Honestly though it seems to me to transcend the sections of the blog as presently constituted. These vital andintrepid and souls from the DC area decided to visit and rate Deli's from NY to DC and in between. Four of them visiting multiple deli's in a day at times. The research stretches from 2010 to this year. NYC, Northern Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore and DC. Multiple delis. Multiple sandwiches and side orders. Tight parameters. Repetitive tastings of the same base foods. A noble task. I salute them. Here are their evaluations/ratings/reviews on the entire list of 48 delis There are background details to various trips and tastings by clicking on various links. Spectacular research!!!!! (never in a million years would I attempt such an effort but I salute the sacrifice and magnificent effort of these gentlemen!!!!!!)
  3. The Trite Food List

    Didn't know that. Thanks.
  4. The Trite Food List

    Brunch- Still eating and enjoying brunch since the 1970’s though the paper NY Times is rarely there Meattballs as an appetizer: meatball appetizer at Casa Luca was sublime Deviled eggs: helluva food markup item, but you gotta do what you gotta do If someone makes a great tasting hummus like dish out of other items- bravo Had this with other ingredients at Bayou Bakery. Found it tasty and spicy. Thai Curry at a non Thai restaurant—hm yet to try that
  5. Thinking of charcuterie and salami: here is something Hobby’s did about a decade ago in reviving a tradition from WWII. Once called “send a salami to the army” in modern lingo without rhyme it might be called "charcuterie for the troops." Oct 31, 2009 - "Salami Care Package Destined for US Troops in Iraq" on voanews.com
  6. The Trite Food List

    In my youth I used to eat salami and other spiced sliced meats so regularly that the very concept of charcuterie surprised me. Was this not commonplace?? I had Sliced spicy meats with mustards breads olives quite often. The very concept of charcuterie as a new delicacy was confounding. Salami’s were the number one meat from my youth and into my 20’s. And then in our home growing up we had a pet dog Skipper who lived to dash outside and race around for hours if all doors weren’t carefully guarded. Skipper also loved salami. When the dog escaped our standard effort to recover him was to dash outside with salami. “Here Skipper, salami!!!” I suppose if his state was hungrier rather than rangier he would return for the treat, allow one of us to grab him by the collar and give him his treat. If not hungry we could never catch him. In those cases we wouldn’t see him for hours. The first time I was at a restaurant with my brother that had charcuterie, he being marginally faster and with longer arms, slightly beat me to the punch picked up a piece of salami, and with a big grin, stared me in the face, and said “Here Skipper, salami!!” Charcuterie! It’s a nice treat. I don’t mind it everywhere. Go to Stachowski’s and then create your own mixed delicacy.
  7. With many shootings occurring at many places in such frequency there will be some situations where a guard will takeout a shooter. There will also be other outcomes including innocents being shot by the guard(s) and a variety of “endings”, some far less “satisfactory”. (I recall seeing one news piece on a shootout between cops and armed citizens that resulted in multiple injuries or injury/deaths—far more devastating than a melee) In the above case the shooter and guard had pistols. I saw the Florida school shooting news on TV while it was occurring. Get rid of the assault weapons and do other things also. I’d follow the kids. I hope they’re relentless
  8. German Restaurants

    That was a critical element in the article.
  9. German Restaurants

    German restaurants are and have been closing all across the country I still relish sauerbraten.
  10. I agree. As a guy how do I know what women experience in this “environment”?
  11. Not me. I've been a terrible speller for decades. Unlike dracisk spellcheck has probably improved my spelling, but the big difference is I look up the spelling of everything. I mean everything. As bad as I've been I was floored to see that in a universe of 11, 000+ users of a phrase my poor spelling would have put me in a teeny minority of 27 that misspelled a word. Admittedly that is terrible.