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  1. "Reopening of Beloved Roper's Restaurant Delights Residents of Flood-Weary Simonton" by Emily Foxhall on chron.com Residents of Simonton, and of Houston in general: You're an inspiration to us all - a pillar of strength and guts. Hearing that you reopened means a lot to me, personally, and I couldn't be more proud of your can-do spirit: You looked adversity in the eye, raised your collective middle fingers, put your heads down, and went to work, reclaiming your lives. The successful reopening of Roper's speaks volumes about all of you. Kind regards, Don Rockwell
  2. In my never-ending quest to find quick breakfasts in my neighborhood, today I tried the Marymount University Ballston Cafe next to the Starbucks at the Blue Goose location. I had a breakfast sandwich with sausage and it was quite delicious. Croissant was nice and buttery. Their morning fruit bar looked good too with fresh strawberries, blueberries, grapes, pineapple, yogurt, granola toppings. Coffee was decent though no match for the Starbucks next door.
  3. The coffee portion of Little Pearl is opening today, Dec. 16 (via Washington Post) and the wine bar portion is opening on Dec. 30 according to their website.
  4. I'm sure this will be a smashing success just like Eataly was back in 2010, when Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich opened their first store in New York, but a small voice inside me keeps asking "which part of Chinese cuisine has omakase sushi?" "China Live: A Food Emporium of Epic Proportions in San Francisco's Chinatown" by Jonathan Kauffman on sfchronicle.com
  5. I spent all day feeling terrible and craving soup, so when N came home we wandered over to 18th to try out Ben Tre, which apparently opened in August. I've been craving canh chua for weeks now, and I already knew that Pho 14's version doesn't really do it for me. But, man, did I score tonight! The soup hit all the high notes- sweet, sour, spicy- with yummy bits of pineapple and lots of tomato. There were little puffy bits of pork belly in there, too, and okra and pepper flakes. It was amazing and perfect. The shrimp toast appears to be shrimp paste, on toast, and then the whole thing appears to be battered and then deep fried. 3 pieces to an order. It is both good, and a little horrifying. N had a spicy beef soup which was also really tasty, but not what I wanted. Which was fine, because I was blissfully happy with my own soup. Now that I have found this place, I may be here at least once a week, it's a 5 minute walk from home.
  6. Planning to meet a friend near Smithsonian Metro this weekend and walk to the MLK memorial / Tidal Basin. Would like to meet up first for a drink and quick snack. Is there a nice cafe or bakery near there or between the Metro and the memorial? Thanks.
  7. Barking Mad Cafe has a solid coffee program. They use Counter Culture beans and can draw a serious espresso. Their cappuccinos and lattes are also good, although I have had a few cappuccinos that were wetter than I prefer. They have drip coffee, but no pour over. The standout, though, is their cold brew. During the summer, they had two offerings, both on nitro taps. It's so smooth it's like drinking Guinness coffee. The coffee served at Barking Mad Cafe would be noteworthy anywhere in the DC area. IMHO, it's extraordinary in Gaithersburg, which has nothing comparable within a reasonable distance.
  8. Junction Bakery and Bistro had it's soft opening this week. It's where Mancini's used to be. They gutted it. I stopped by to get the staff's Friday breakfast. They've gotten real spoiled when I'm in the clinic on Fridays not Dunkin Donuts like my partners The place is cool, super retro looking, you can see into the bakery and watch them work and make delicious baked goods. Seems like people already know about it, it was fairly busy for just being open for 2 days. I got a bunch of stuff - ham and cheese croissant, chocolate croissant, everything croissant, lemon poppy tea cakes, cheddar chive biscuits, some scones, and then I get an Americano for myself. Was a big hit... Everyone loved it. The everything crossaint was a real winner. I had half a cheddar chive biscuit, and that was good. Everything was rich/moist. The Americano was ... watered down (I know, I know ... it has water in it), but it wasn't as strong as Swing's or Stomping Ground or even the new St. Elmo's (what a revamp!). Well, the next hipster thing continues in Del Ray, a full fledged bakery with people with those baking hats. Food is good. Looking forward to trying real breakfast here. -S
  9. Great lunch today at Nam Eatery in the Heights. This is a clean (both in terms of sanitation and in decor), brightly lit joint with an unfortunate "umsa-umsa" dance music soundtrack playing. We had just finished a school tour with the 3-year old, and despite the hot & humid weather, he opted for the child's-sized pho with meatballs and a homemade passion fruit limeade. The pho was a great size (I would love to be able to order that size so I could sample other dishes), and comes out bare, ready to be dressed at the "pho vegetables" station up front (complete with hoisin and a few different chili and sauce options). I'd give the broth a 7/10. Light and clear, but with a reasonable depth of flavor. I look forward to comparing and contrasting with other places around town. The limeade was delicious, and I'll have to dig deeper into the long list of fruit teas and smoothies they offer. My banh mi with house paté and 2 over easy fried eggs was great, made even better with a schmear of smoky chili paste taken from the sauce selection. The baguette was appropriately light and crispy. I originally ordered the "combination," with steamed pork roll and cold cuts, but they no longer serve it because "no one ever ordered it." For shame, Houstonians. For shame. Cristina's "shaking tofu" vermicelli bowl was fantastic, with nicely fried cubes of tofu, sautéed onion and halved garlic cloves, along with the typical vegetable accompaniments. The fish sauce accompaniment was delicious, though a little less acidic than I'm used to. Not a complaint, just an observation. A shared shrimp "spring roll" was a fresh, herb-packed roll I've more often seen called a "summer roll," served with the standard peanut sauce for dipping. Nothing life-changing here, but a fine rendition. Given its proximity to our new house, Nam will assuredly be in the rotation, and I look forward to further exploring the menu. (Also, bring back the combination banh mi! I'll order it.)
  10. I have been meaning to try Gazebo Cafe in Kentlands for a while because it has pretty good local press. They don't have a website, but they have some sort of Facebook Page [unofficial].. Located a short walk from my house in the Kentlands, this is a little space with a bar and a few tables inside and outside (probably can't seat much more than 15 people, if that). Whenever we have tried to go, we couldn't get a table because it is so popular. Today we tried and hit it at the right time and nabbed a table. Gazebo is pretty much a coffee car with a breakfast/lunch/brunch menu. It is Korean owned and as a result they have a Korean menu also. All dishes looked very fresh and like they were prepared with care and love. Today I opted for the 2 eggs, with Korean beef with scallions and waffle brunch item with organic ginger/honey tea. I ordered the eggs over medium. They were served on a plate with the beef. I broke the yoke and mixed everything together. The flavors were very good. The waffle was also good, from a Belgian press. The tea came with a bunch of fresh ginger in the bottom. The tea was perfect for me as I have a cold, and the honey coated the throat. My wife and daughter each got half a waffle with ice cream (which holds a spot in my wife's heart from her days dining in Long Island diners). My 5 year old daughter had no idea what she was in for and sat wide eyed in disbelief at what she had ordered. Needless to say she finished every bit on her plate and asked for a spoon to try and get what remained of her cookies and cream ice cream. The waffle had a generous scoop of ice cream, with whipped cream, some drizzled chocolate syrup and couple of sliced strawberries. My wife was equally pleased. The service was very warm, kind of like you were dining at someone's home. We will definitely be back. Oh yes, it wasn't a typo, but they do also have dry cleaning, although I am pretty sure it isn't done on-site. I need to go back and have a pure Korean dish. I am sure it will be good.
  11. If there is a thread about this place I could not find it. I have not been here in years, but it appears there is a new chef: Apr 20, 2016 - "Well-Loved La Côte d’Or Café Gets New Owner-Chef; Frogs Legs and Escargot? - Oui!" on lightningreleases.com Apr 22, 2016 - "Frog Legs, Escargots Back on the Menu at La Côte d’Or Café" on arlnow.com May 4, 2016 - "Arlington: New Owner-Chef Leads La Côte d’Or" by Eden Brown on connectionnewspapers.com We used to enjoy La Mediterranée on Lee Highway before it burned down. Might be time to head back to La Côte d’Or and see what's doing.
  12. HeyyyYYYYyyyy peeps, SOOOOOO I don't live in NYC on the reg BUT soon to be doing so again!! TO start the summer off right I wanna rep one of my fave Uzbek spots that gets not nearly enough love Nargis Cafe. It's a bit outside the bend from the boardwalk and the subway so it doesn't get the traffic of like Cafe Kashkar and unlike those restos hasn't been written about so I consider this my secret lil gem. My Belarusian friend told me about this place and I went one summer a bit ago now. Full Disclosure this was like a year ago so it may have changed but at least when I went the Plov was really really good. In a sea of plov that is NYC this one ranks high. Dunno if you guys agree. Wanted to get the Manti as well but getting like 7 dumps for ones lone self always seems excessive. They even give you sour cream!! The small things count lemme tell ya!!!
  13. I recently had a chance to visit Bottega Louie, a bright, cavernous space in The Brockman Building on South Grand that is both a gourmet market and restaurant. The large open floor and high ceilings plan gives the place a certain vibrancy, with an accompanying noise level that you might expect from such a large room. I took a seat at the 10 stool bar in the front closer to the market and quite enjoyed the Cioppino, which also cost $30. It was a full bowl of succulent seafood, that contained perhaps the most plump mussels I have ever been served. Truly satisfying.
  14. Bartaco opened at Reston Town Center on Monday. We just stopped by early in the evening and by the time we left it was completely packed with a waiting line. Pretty impressive on a weeknight and so recently since it's opening. The atmosphere was casual and staff were friendly and helpful. Our waiter informed us that they have a order slip which we fill out and then place a small blue card on metal stand on the table to notify them when our order was order and for everything else we need. Our tacos ($2.50 each), baja fish, chicken and pork belly were tasty and surprisingly on the level of a place in DC like Oyamel. The non taco part of our order ($5-9 each), guacamole and chips, and tamales were equally as good. We didn't try the rice bowls or desserts. Definitely reasonably priced and good food, a welcome addition to the RTC. If quality remains this high can see it being a part of our regular rotation. Bartaco 12021 Town Center Square Reston, VA 703-787-8226 4pm - late
  15. I haven't been down to the Lafayette-Houston area in forever. I think Tower Records may still have been open. A group of 5 of us went for dinner at Lafayette following a memorial service in midtown. It was super loud and reminded me quite a bit of Balthazar in terms of lay out and sound. Our server was excellent and never let anyone run out of drinks (both alcoholic and non). We skipped appetizers and went straight to the entrees. I had a roasted pork chop that was great. Others at the table had the duck, the bass, a goat cheese ravioli and I think a roasted chicken dish. Everyone was very pleased. The brussels sprouts and pomme frites for the table were a hit as well. The dessert options were a bit exotic--the pineapple pavlova wasn't going to work for any of us, nor the chilled rhubarb consommé. It wouldn't be my first choice---my list of places I want to go in NY is quite long--but it was another case of everything being just right on a day where that was just what was needed.
  16. In the new Northgate complex at 450 N. Washington St., about two full blocks south on Route 29 from Chasin' Tails, Cafe Kindred has put up signage, and according to their Facebook page, is working hard to open (if you look at the photos there, you can almost feel the excitement of two people working to make their dream a reality).
  17. Today kicks of a new partnership between food incubator Union Kitchen and the National Museum of Women in the Arts. Various Union Kitchen members will have the opportunity to run NMWA's Mezzanine Cafe. First up is DS Deli (Dirty South Deli) providing sandwiches, soups, salads, and sides, with Blind Dog Cafe providing baked goods. DS Deli Menu
  18. Didn't see a topic for this place. AllSpice Cafe is on Oak Street essentially across the street from the new Heavy Seas Alehouse, kind of on the back side of the building, next door to Kanpai. It's a great little place when you're in the neighborhood. Good sandwiches (I've tended to the wraps like the southwestern wrap or bbq chicken).... mrs. rbh likes the chicken hummus veggie sandwich and swears by their breakfast wraps. They have apple fritters as big as a face - and they have Swings coffee. I've had their soups a couple times and was pleased. Soups and sandwich specials rotate daily. They also have a made-to-order salad station that I have to try sometime. Given the other choices around for take-out sandwiches, I put this over all the walking distance places (capriottis, subway, jimmy johns, etc). Particularly for the price. Basically if I'm working from home and want to wander out for a lunch sandwich, this is the default unless I feel like driving to Italian Store or Earl's. I hope that when the demolition starts on this bldg and the one next door in a couple years that they're able to find a new home.
  19. Sis and I got back from our east coast road trip, where we enjoyed Maine lobster in Bar Harbor, amazing Italian in Boston, Ramen in NYC, and a good burger outside of Hartford, CT. We were starving last night and were having great trouble coming up with an idea for dinner. I was driving and told to put the smart phone down (good call, sis!) so she worked on finding a place. She said, "there's a place with a 5 star average in old town but it only has 44 reviews, it looks Ethiopian". It's not a large number, but still, that's impressive and she had never had Ethiopian. So, before reading the rest, two points: 1) I don't really like Ethiopian food. Ive been to etete, dukem, zenebach, the fancy one on H, the one in Georgetown, eyo sports bar in Alexandria - probably ten total experiences. I liked Eyo best, didn't love the rest, and stopped going if I'm choosing. 2) I'm recovering from a terrible sinusitis and my taste wasn't perfect. It's on a quiet street in old town, away from King St's hustle and hustle. I think it used to be Caboose? Anyway, we were the only customers and they invited us in. We ordered quick - sister got a side salad and I got lentil soup. Dressing was more like yogurt sauce like tzatziki and sister liked it. Lentil soup was hearty, tasted like ... yellow lentils. Spiced but not heavily and I liked it. For our entrees we shared the lamb wot and the vegan sampler with injera and rice. Here's my thing with with wot. I just really think Indian lamb curries are a better version of wot. I do, and it may be show my overall primitiveness with food or an insensitive palate, but it's my opinion. Anyway, there's was good- spiced nicely with hints of cinnamon which I'd never had in wot before. The vegan plate was red lentils, potatoes, greens, a small salad with onions and jalapeí±os, and something else that wasn't memorable. We liked it. Small portion of lamb, even though it was most expensive thing on menu. Vegetables were good, but non lentils a little bland. For my sis, it has piqued her interest in Ethiopian, and for me, I'm going to give it another try. I'm curious for someone with a better palate for Ethiopian food will think. No booze here, btw, not sure if they are byob S
  20. Met a friend here for lunch today at her recommendation, she visits regularly. I had the linguine with mushrooms and light cream sauce, plus I tried my friend's side of roasted cauliflower. Also ordered a lemonade which was how I like it -- very lemony/tart. The food was tasty, though I felt the pasta could use a little pepper or spice to it. If they had a pepper grinder I would've been happier. My friend was happy with her food (besides the cauliflower she ordered polenta and mushrooms with gorgonzola, which I didn't taste). Unfortunately one hiccup with the food combined with slow service and an inadequate response (IMO) to my complaint ruined the meal for me and I doubt I will ever return. Whomever cooked my pasta left a bay leaf in there by mistake, of which I believe I swallowed a part. I believe this because I swallowed something that didn't feel right, like prickly. A few minutes later I found a partially torn (or chewed?) bay leaf. When I brought this to our server's attention, he didn't seem to care one bit. I asked him to tell the chef, and never heard another word about this. In addition, we were dining outside, our waiter was also the bartender and slow to respond to our requests at the end of the meal for the check, which IMO is quite unacceptable at lunch time.
  21. On the way through Manassas this afternoon, hunger pangs attacked Lady KN and I, and Bella Vita was visible in a strip mall on the side of Liberia. A good meal was about to be had. First things first - this is not a chain, although there is a related restaurant in the Richmond area called Dolce Vita. Next, the interior is very nice. It's family friendly, but there are happy hour specials and a little bar off to the side of the entrance. Pictures of Frank and Dino on the walls -- and inexplicably, a picture of Bogart above the urinal -- and plenty of tempting dishes on the menu. Candy Sagon would be all over this place with one of her meaningless two-star reviews, and it qualifies for her purview -- lost in the Virginia suburbs and not really worth a review. Nonetheless, Lady KN and I had a competent snack, beginning with the appetizers of mussels (plump and flavorful) and calamari (nicely crisp and tasty). No lemon was provided for the calamari and no sopping bread was provided for the mussels, but these were easily corrected omissions. We followed with spot-on salads -- Wedge for Lady KN and Chef's for me -- and these were very good. They arrived on rectangular plates, so the the ingredients were nicely spread out instead of piled high. The competence of our dishes led me to peek at the menu and see if anything might compel me to return at some point, Pappardelle with Lamb Bolognese, Gnocchi Boscaiola, Scallops alla Brandy over Fettucini and a pizza named "The Butcher Shop" all caught my eye. More than likely, we'll try this place again at some point. http://bellavitaonline.com/
  22. Just saw this piece about Lia Cafe about a new Brazilian cafe opening in Mt. Pleasant. Looks like it will have all the typical salgadinhos (Pao de Quijo, Kibbe, etc.) that you would find in a Brazilian corner bakery. Hope they also have acai and juices, like a real Rio juice bar. No matter what, I think I will be here a lot. It's a bit sad for me, though. I had an idea to open a place like Each Peach Market, and then someone beat me to it, and my next idea was to open something like this, and I've been beat to it again!
  23. As noted elsewhere Rosslyn is a wasteland for dining. Along with another thread about a hidden better higher value lunch alternative there is Ahra Cafe located at 1100 Wilson Boulevard in the Twin Towers Building with Channel 8 on the ground level off the lobby. Ahra is only open for breakfast and lunch on weekdays and has no outdoor signage. Their breakfasts and lunches are hearty and offer good value for the price. Ahra's specialties are slow roasted turkey, ham, roast beef and brisket sandwiches. They are hearty, large, and accompanied by a wide variety of extras. They offer great value for the price and a cut above the world of chains that proliferate in that wasteland.