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Found 38 results

  1. Victor Albisu's Taco Bamba opened yesterday in Falls Church/Tysons. It was a rough opening day. When the wife and I arrived at about 7PM the air conditioning was not working and their expediter was doing double duty dealing with the AC techs. We tried six tacos between us, Lengua, Tripas, Suadera and Pastor. All of the fillings were excellent, especially the tripe. The Pastor was not made on a rotating spit and suffered for not being quite crispy enough on the exterior. The flavorings on all the other meats were excellent, better than anything I have had in DC. The house made salsas that were served with the tacos were also excellent. We did not try the tamales, but if they are as good as the ones sold in his mother's store next door, then they are very good. The biggest disappointment were the tortillas. They were flour instead of corn and were not house made. My wife, the Arizonan, seeing the packaged soft tacos opted for the crispy tacos which were made from masa and they worked better than the soft flour ones. For me, the result was like having great pastrami on wonder bread. I hope they get a better supplier for the tortillas. I also prefer to dress my own tacos with, depending on the type of taco, cabbage, raddish, cilantro, onion or peppers. The tacos came pre-dressed though they did have small cups of diced raddish available. With opening night jitters, we ended up missing part of our order, but that is par for the course for any opening night. I am going to work my way down the menu and give them a chance to work out the kinks. As a former Miami resident, I am looking forward to trying their Torta Cubana and I hope they take a shot at another MIami favorite I miss Lechon (whole roasted pig). All things considered, I am very happy Victor Albisu has saved me a trip to Maryland to get a taco
  2. Soupergirl is located on M between CT and...18th st NW, this little take-away place just opened a few weeks ago. Some of you may recognize Soupergirl b/c she's been selling at local farmers' markets for years. Her food is all virgin (my short-hand for local, organic, eco-friendly, ect). Plus she's vegan and kosher. In my eyes the vegan thing is a huge downside. I love meat. All kids of protein. I digress. The menu consists of maybe 6 fresh soups every day and they offer free tastes. She has Gazpacho (or did earlier this week). There's also pre-packaged salads of both the veggie and grain varieties. Some of her soups are served both warm and cold. I've had a wonderful soy veggie soup and a fabulous quinoa salad that I added shrimp to once I got home. Excellent. Didn't really need the shrimp but I thought: why not? Give it a try; I think you'll like it.
  3. Enough of Etete, which is tired, boring and full of yuppies. Zenebech is the best Ethiopian in town, and the gored-gored is the best raw meat dish you will have this year.
  4. I will keep my eyes peeled as I inch my way up the Pike on my next pizza run. Not only are their pies great, everyone in the shop is so nice -- whether they're patiently taking a long phone order, when you come in for pick up or when you're eating in. Fond of Frankly, too -- it's not the same, but we're lucky to have better pizza around these days.
  5. Haven't used these "Help Needed" threads much in the past but thought to give it a try today. I'm going to be in NYC later this week and will have about two hours free after a meeting to get to Penn Station and a train back to DC. Will be in Midtown (either central Midtown or Midtown East). Where would people recommend stopping to get some great takeaway to have for dinner on the train later since, well, can't stomach the fare that Amtrak sells? Can be most any cuisine but something that will stay for a few hours that can be boxed/packaged up. Hoping for something especially good, interesting (doesn't have to be a restaurant; maybe a great food market of some kind?). Would need it to be east of 8th between 50th and 30th. Here's hoping. And, Thank you!
  6. Never been, but I am intrigued. Anyone checked out this place? Great Wall - Szechuan House
  7. Zora, I just had a #10 ($3.75) at the replacement for Song Que - it wasn't quite the same, featuring huge pieces of raw white onion and raw jalapeí±o. That said, it probably had the best baguette of any banh mi I've had in the immediate area, so all is not lost - I picked off the onion and jalapeí±o and enjoyed it very much. As silly as it might sound, I didn't even get the restaurant's name, but it has the same structure and format. However, my beloved coconut water (the best I've ever had that wasn't ultra-fresh or didn't cost more than $10) was ... gone from the refrigerator case! I suspect a lot of the previous workers are remaining here, so it hasn't changed as much as you might think, yet.
  8. My co-worker asked me for recommendations on an inexpensive but good sushi place between work (downtown DC) and her apartment (Woodley Park). She generally goes to Umi in Woodley Park but says she ends up spending more than she'd like there ($25) and is looking for other options. I am not familiar with the options on that side of town and could only think of Kotobuki in the Palisades or Momiji in Chinatown. Is there any other place I can recommend to my co-worker? I want to keep my reputation as the office guru of DC restaurants. Thank you!
  9. I'm going to be bringing some take out this Sunday evening to some friends who've just had a baby. I live in DC and they live in the rough triangle formed by 395, Route 1, and Route 7, whatever that's called. I'm willing to go anywhere to get the food, provided I can park nearby and get it to their house in a reasonable amount of time. For example, I've thought that getting sandwiches from Stachowski's would be reasonable, because I could easily hop on Rock Creek Parkway and make it to my friends' place in about 20 minutes. The only catch is that the new papa has a nut allergy and is a bit of a picky eater, ruling out seafood centric-stuff or some of the more exotic ethnic choices. Other than that I'm just looking for a few ideas I may not have thought of yet. Thanks!
  10. Hey guys. In a real situation here. I'm staying for a few nights at the Inova Fairfax Hospital on Gallows Rd, right near the Mosiac District. Can anyone recommend some delivery/take-out options near me that will travel/reheat well? There's no way I'm eating this hospital food. I notice Elephant Jumps, for example, is near me but I've only ever had experience dining in there. Does any of the food from their "serious authentic Thai food" menu reheat well? I loved the Gang Hung Lay when I ate there but have no idea how it would handle even the shortest of drives. Anyway, all suggestions are welcome!
  11. On my way back from the library today, I stopped to pickup a lunch special from Hunan Deli, which despite it's name, serves Korean food. It's in a small strip mall on Telegraph Rd., near Rt. 1. I ordered the jjampong, a spicy seafood soup, & it is delicious. I've had a bit of a cold & congestion, & the taste of this will clear your throat right up! It's a small place w/ just a few tables, but most of them were full with folks happily eating big bowls of yummy looking food. I look forward to going back & trying something else...
  12. Last place I ate? Adams Express on Mount Pleasant Street. Three page menu: Chinese, sushi and Korean. A tasty little serving of Bi Bim Bap that was not what you'd enjoy at Yechon but did not involve a 40-minute car trip. Even better: some allegedly octopus-oriented dish (I think they actually used squid) involving onion, garlic, cabbage and copious garlic and peppers that almost smells like rotting fish when you get it but -- like certain cheeses and fermented fish condiments -- tastes nasty good once you shovel it into your mouth. Almost as good for lunch three days later and it has the added benefit of ensuring that no one comes near you for the rest of the day.
  13. Just had a wonderful goat roti yesterday at the DC outpost of Rita's West Indian Carryout on Georgia Avenue (I hear the original is in Tortola, BVI). Roti, curried potato, pepper sauce and goat curry.... aaaah! I also tried a drink called mauby (described to me as Trinidadian iced tea), which tasted somewhat like I imagine a cinnamon RedHot would if it was made into a cold drink; stimulating yet refreshing. According to my Trinidadian friend, mauby is a plant native to the West Indies that is said to be beneficial to the circulation. The 'Carryout' in the name is somewhat misleading; there is a seating area in a room up a few steps from where you order and pay. Quite plain (upon entering I had a flashback to Zorba's upstairs room from many years ago), but very serviceable and immaculate. (Since we drove by the Islander on the way to Rita's, I asked my friend how the two compare. She said that the Islander serves Americanized versions of Caribbean food, but Rita's is the real thing.)
  14. Vaso's is opening a 2nd location soon. "Vaso's Kitchen Preparing New King Street Location" by Drew Hansen on patch.com -- [sorry about the tweets guys; I hadn't had my coffee yet.] (Glad you had such a nice time, SeanMike - nobody deserves one more than my good friend.)
  15. Stopped by WTF for lunch and was very impressed. We had the grilled corned beef sandwich with coleslaw and the duck confit reuben with purple slaw. Both were large, somewhat messy (in a good way) sandwiches with good quality meats. The kale and fontina empanada (they call it something odd like hand roll) on display by the register looked good and I'm so glad we shared one as an app. It was excellent! tasty flaky but solid crust and fresh ingredients. The array of desserts was really tempting but my better half helped me resist. I highly recommend this place.
  16. Next time you find yourself near Suitland and you're wanting some good seafood at very reasonable prices, go find Food for Life Cuisine on Suitland Road. I've made two visits and I'm amazed at the amount of food you get for the price. Oh, and it's good, too. Today I'm enjoying the whiting nuggets (about 8-9 large nuggets for $6.00) and hushbabies (10 large puppies for $3.50; not sure why they're called "babies"). Good hushpuppies can be hard to find around here, but I found some! Looks like they mainly have whiting, tilapia, and salmon. They also have some chicken items and burgers, southern style sides, desserts, and carrot fries (which I have yet to try). You get two sauces with your order, which I believe are made in-house. I'd post a link to their website, but for some odd reason I'm having trouble pasting here. You can copy and paste this: fflcuisineonline.com.
  17. Read about a new place on Chowhound. Can't find a website or even their operating hours online. Does anyone know if they do brunch or when they open on weekends? Yelp reviews indicate they do brunch but don't open until 11:30. It kills me that all the places that do northern Chinese brunch other than A&J don't open until 11 or later.
  18. And the neighborhood joints keep coming! Brookland's Finest in WaPo Main menu Brookland's Finest FINALLY opened this past week at 12th and Jackson. From the guys who run The Pug and Solly's. We went for drinks at the soft opening last Sunday, drinks on Saturday night, and finally back for food yesterday for dinner. The space is pretty nice inside. Not huge, but maybe 6-7 4-tops and a row of 10ish 2-tops along a side bench. The bar is decent-sized, and there's a roll top to the outside with 6 additional bar seats. Once the patio is populated it'll seat about 20 I think. They're also very family-friendly - plenty of high chairs and booster seats, stroller parking outside, coloring books and crayons, etc. Great news for us since we live 3 blocks away and have a one-year old! The menu looks pretty good, but we were hoping it would be slightly cheaper (kids' meals for $6-8 seems like a lot...and all the sandwiches are $12+). Also no HH We started with the Crispy Brussels Sprouts Chips (sea salt, lemon, dill cream sauce - $4), which were addicting. A pretty good sized bowl of leaves that we think had been flash fried. Our daughter loved the dipping sauce. This would be an easy thing to order on every visit. Then we split the Colonel Burger (certified Angus beef, pickled onions, tillamook cheddar, apple wood smoked bacon, brioche bun, tempora onion rings - $14) and Baltimore Style Pit Beef Sandwich (certified Angus beef, tiger sauce, pickled ramps, brioche bun, hand cut fries - $14). Despite being overcooked beyond the requested medium, the burger was pretty tasty. The brioche left a lot of butter/grease on our hands, but was a good compliment to the burger in both flavor and not being overwhelmingly bready (it's nice to let the burger and toppings shine over a dense and dry bun). There were two GIANT onion rings served alongside that were kind of meh. I'd prefer smaller and crispier onion rings instead. The pit beef sandwich was good as well, but not outstanding. Probably should've gone with a non-beef for one of the sandwiches, but the manager talked us into this one. The fries, however, were excellent. Piping hot and crisp and obviously fresh cut. Overall I probably wouldn't travel out of my way or across the city to hit it up, but I'm certainly happy to have it a 5 min walk from my house.
  19. Lady Kibbee and I were looking for something quick on the way home tonight. Cedar Cafe never disappoints. Cedar Cafe is a spare lunch (or dinner) counter on the corner of the Rolling Valley strip mall where Shopper's and Staples occupy the larger spaces. It offers a medium-sized Lebanese menu, along with a few related grocery items and packaged goods. Dinnerware is plastic, but the place is clean and nicely appointed. The special tonight was the stuffed cabbage (also called "malfoof"), five cigar-shaped cabbage rolls stuffed with rice and meat, which came with a nice fresh iceberg lettuce salad dressed with oil and lemon juice, a yogurt-mint-cucumber sauce for the stuffed cabbage and a half pita, for $11.99. I liked it very much and would order it again. We also ordered the mixed mezze, your choice of six of the items in the display case for $9.50. We had a kibbee football (really good), tabouli (fresh and refreshing), baba ghanouj (good), hummos (very good), lubieh (green beans in tomato sauce, and very good), tomato and avocado salad (not sure it's actually Lebanese, but it was good), artichoke salad (good), and Lebanese-Syrian potato salad (dressed with lemon and parsley, and exceptional). OK, that's eight items, so I paid a little extra. The ingredients were fresh, the flavors were very good and the food was actually quite remarkable for a lunch counter. As I said, Cedar Cafe never disappoints. http://cedarcafeonline.com/ We went home and ate to our fill and satisfaction for about $24. Not bad.