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  1. I recently completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training course at Mind the Mat in Clarendon. The class met six days a week for a month, so I had the opportunity to try a number of different restaurants for lunch. My favorite, by far, is Northside Social. I enjoyed the atmosphere, eating both inside and out, and the food and beverages were consistently delicious. My go-to drink was the chai tea latte with ginger and turmeric. My favorite lunch dishes were the brown rice bowl with avocado and bacon, and the kale caesar salad with a poached egg. The coffee, soups and sandwiches that I tried were all very tasty. I never had a bad lunch at this spot. My second favorite place is The Liberty Tavern. It is a little fancier and pricier than Northside Social, but I still felt comfortable lunching there in yoga attire. The roasted carrot and beet salad was wonderful, and I enjoyed their classic tomato soup. The grilled salmon with wild mushroom risotto, arugula, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and crispy shiitakes was also quite good. Both times we ate there it was cold inside, so be sure to bring a jacket or a sweater. I enjoyed a pleasant lunch at Circa, an underwhelming and overpriced meal at Silver Diner, a so-so burger at All About Burger (for me, it was all about the fries, which were much better than the burger), and a few subpar lunches at Cosi, my least favorite spot by far. --- Related Threads: Drinking in Clarendon Dining in Courthouse Dining in Ballston
  2. My husband and I were walking in Clarendon Saturday night looking for a place to stop for dinner (we had planned to get a salad at Northside Social, but squatters who weren't eating were still taking up tables for work at 7:30 p.m.). We walked past Bar Bao, which we've been looking forward to trying once they opened, and saw activity inside. It turned out they were having a soft opening and it was their second night open. Because it was a soft opening, I won't report in any detail other than to say we enjoyed our meals thoroughly. (We liked the music, too - it was loud, but it was not EDM which can set off headaches for me, but rather a good mix of some '80s/'90s/'00s energetic music). They had a more limited menu than they will for the true opening, but there were still plenty of things on it and we were quite happy. It's mostly Asian-inspired street food / bar food (including several kinds of bao, steamed dumplings, and at least one vegetable side). We had one of the nicest and most attentive (in a non-annoying way) servers we've ever had, too. We definitely plan on going back and may become semi-regulars.
  3. I didn't see a thread about this new addition to Clarendon so thought I'd start one (feel free to modify or move if I'm incorrect). My wife and I went a few nights ago with high hopes but were disappointed. We live in the area and love ramen, but I doubt we'll be back to Hanabi. We ordered the tonkatsu and the miso ramen. The tonkatsu broth was just one note, none of the depth of flavor I'm used too. Similarly, the miso tasted like the same broth but with an overwhelming amount of chili oil. Different noodles were served with each bowl, but the flavor and texture were off on both. The tonkatsu noodles especially were too overcooked, and too thin. Fix-ins were fine, but nothing outstanding. Sadly, our bowls hardly compared to the standout places in DC, let alone what we remember from Tokyo. Perhaps we caught them on an off night, but next time we're feeling ramen we'll head into the city.
  4. News from ARLNOW Well at least it's not political...... "Is Clarendon's Oz Restaurant in Trouble" on arlnow.com
  5. Pamplona soft opened yesterday (food is 20% off yesterday and today), and their official opening is tomorrow, Thurs, Jan. 12 (Washington City Paper).
  6. Although it's been there for more than two years, I have yet to try the offerings at Nicecream Factory's Clarendon location (former home of Red Mango). They must be doing something right, as they are opening a second location in Old Town, at 726 King Street, right next door to Eammon's: A Dublin Chipper. Yogi Castle closed a year ago, so that section of King Street hasn't had a frozen dessert option for a while. With Five Guys opening across the street in the near future, there should be plenty of casual diners looking for something sweet to follow their burger. They use liquid nitrogen to flash freeze ice cream to order, supposedly making a denser and creamier finished product, with custom, fresh ingredients. Anybody tried it?
  7. With all the news about restaurants closing in Clarendon, here is a piece about one food and drink emporium extending their lease in Clarendon; the redoubtable Clarendon Grill I couldn't find a thread on Clarendon Grill. That is understandable. Its not exactly a fine dining or specialty food destination, but if one goes to their website one will find actual food on their menu!!!!! The article references that they opened in 1996. Twenty years while facing tremendously escalating rents. They may not be a destination for dining but they are doing something right to stay in business. Of course one doesn't know about the specifics of their lease. They could have a pristine record for paying rent and working easily with the landlord. They are probably paying umteems more now than they were paying in the late 90's and early part of the 2000's. The property owner is getting far more rent than years ago, and if its the same property owner over these 20 years, probably far more in rent than he/she imagined. Possibly they got a relative "helluva deal". If you renew the tenant, you don't suffer from vacancy. We simply don't know. Okay...that means there is one place in Clarendon with the same trusty, well known mediocre menu....and DRINKS.
  8. Not sure if this is the right place (apologies if it is) but curious to see what everyone's three favorite restaurants are along this area? My 3 in no particular order 1. Pho 75 2. Cava Mezze (esp Brunch) 3. TNR, go to Fish in Szechuan Broth Honorable mention: El Pollo Rico, Green Pig Bistro
  9. Fate: it's one of those words that you know isn't really true. So, what exactly was it that had me at Don Tito yesterday? Bad Luck? Divine Punishment? Did I do something bad in a previous lifetime that I don't know about? It started when my phone cord gave up the ghost, and the only appointment at the Apple Store was late-afternoon. Afterwards, I had a couple destinations in mind, but when I was driving up Wilson Blvd., there was Don Tito on my right, and open parking spaces on my left. Open parking spaces?! What did I do to deserve *that*? I had never been to an A-Team establishment, and wasn't looking forward to ending that honorable streak, but if I don't go, then how can I pretend to have any expertise? I parked the damned car and went in. It was exactly as I knew it would be: a sports bar. And when I asked my very pleasant bartender what the second floor was, she said, "They made it into more of a sports bar than this level is." I about spat out my draft of Miller Lite ($3 on the "Football Menu," which is available during all NFL and NCAA games, which I guess is pretty much all weekend). Miller Lite? Well, look, if I wasn't going to dine well, I was going to dine gently, see? And since I figured the kitchen was largely Latino, I figured that was the impetus behind the "Flex-Mex" shtick, and so I ordered a pair of tacos since Don Tito pushes "tacos, tequila, and beer." And I was going to dine gently: I stayed vegetarian. Okay, lemme take a deep breath: I ordered the Fried Avocado with Tomato-Jalapeño Salad Tacos ($8), on soft "corn" tortillas. The avocado was Dos Equis battered, and it came with "cabbage," smoked chili "aïoli," and roasted corn. I was actually thinking of asking them to go light on the smoked chili "aïoli," but it wouldn't have mattered if I had. The tacos arrived in less than two minutes. What showed up were best described as "cole slaw tacos," each having about an ice-cream scoop worth of industrial, mayonnaise-based cole slaw in it. On top of each was one slice of pre-fried avocado which, in itself, wasn't at all bad. Underneath the avocado were random kernels of corn; I could find no tomato or jalapeño salad. The smoked chili aïoli, as I feared, looked like a squirt bottle had an orgasm. Was I going to eat what amounted to industrial cole slaw wrapped in flour corn tortillas, and fill up on probably 800 calories worth of slop? I used my fork, and picked at the fried avocado, which was clearly fresh at one point, and got about three small bites from each taco. I milled around, looking for the stray corn kernel which hadn't been doused. I broke off a small piece of the tortilla and tried it. I had about five chips from the warm basket of Chips and Salsa (gratis), which wasn't really so bad. I thanked my bartender, paid my check, and left, having finished my Miller Lite, and having eaten about ten nibbles of food. Onward. --- Dining in Clarendon (astrid)
  10. I see that Sehkraft appears to be finally making progress. They've got the giant fermenters in place and I see tables and chairs. Any word on when this place will open? An Arlnow article said they were aiming for late August, which was obviously wrong. (In case folks here aren't aware of the place of which I speak, it's a sister restaurant to Westover Market Beer Garden.)
  11. That's a shame, as noted above it would be nice for the residents of Clarendon to have a nice, independently owned restaurant in that space again. The stretch of Clarendon Blvd has really become a chain wasteland.
  12. ArlNow reported last month that Jay's is scheduled to close this Monday, May 18, 2015.
  13. "Sushi Chain Coming to Clarendon?" by Ethan Rothstein on arlnow.com I've been dying for a great sushi place in Arlington, especially Clarendon. I suspect this is not it. But I'm open to being wrong if anyone knows the brand!
  14. I happen to walk by here almost every day on my way to the Clarendon metro. Posting because noticed their soft opening last week one night and from cheesepowder's post. Their FB page states they will open *today* at 11:30am. Parking won't be easy, since it's at the corner of 11th street north and North Highland. Citizen Burger Bar 1051 North Highland Street Arlington, VA
  15. Hi there! I would appreciate your help in planning a family event in april. As part of the lead-up to a wedding, we wanted to have a lunch on friday for about 40 people, most of whom are vegetarian. The engaged couple like La Sandia in Tyson's, so that's the default option, but, because everyone is staying in hotels at the courthouse metro, i'm hoping for something more convenient. it by no means has to be as formal a place as you'd have for a wedding brunch--it's just a casual family lunch--but it should be reasonably nice. people do have cars and can drive, but the place would need to have convenient parking. I thought of Me Jana, which is right by the hotel, and the last time i went the food was good and the decor appropriate, but i haven't been there in like 3 years so things might have changed. from the post website i found fireworks pizza and cafe asia, but i've never been to the former and don't know if it's nice enough, and i've only been to the latter for dinner, when it was too loud, but i don't know how it is at lunch. I also thought of sawatdee, but there are apparently some people in the party who really don't like thai, so that's won't work. Do any of you have any other suggestions? thank you!
  16. I've had lunch at Pio-Pio in Clarendon twice now, after medical appointments nearby one month apart. Yesterday, I had a quarter chicken, yuca, and spiced cabbage. I've had deep-fried yuca at various Peruvian chicken joints dozens of times, but yesterday was the first time I ever had it right out of the fryer, and oh man was it good, hot, crisp, soft inside (all except for one too-thick piece that wasn't cooked through). The chicken was good too. The spiced cabbage is mostly vinegar-marinated cabbage with a few slices of jalapeno, and is fine, if served up too generously.
  17. Eventide is seeking a Pastry chef and Pastry assistant to head up our fabulous 2 person pastry team. The Pastry Chef position is ideally suited for a Pastry Cook or assistant that is ready to step into a starring role. The pastry department at Eventide is responsible for bread, dining room dessert and sunday brunch production. It is a chance to learn how to run a small department and spread your wings. Must have an eye for detail and your own ideas about pastry and also be willing to listen to direction. The pastry assistant position is strictly production and some assembly. Must be able to read and follow recipies and must be able to independently think and work unsupervised. This is not a learning position. You must have knowledge of breads, pastries, ice creams/sorbets and other various pastry related things. I am also looking for a pm line cook. Speaking spanish is a plus but not necessary. Please be professional and willing to work and learn. If you are someone that fits the descriptions above please pm me your resume. If you think you are someone who fits the descriptions above but have major emotional issues, a drug problem, are an alcoholic or are someone who has problems with punctuality, you will not fit in here just so you know, so don't send me your resume, you'll just be wasting your time and mine. The restaurant is located near the Clarendon metro at 3165 Wilson Blvd in Clarendon Virginia. Look it up on Google maps or whatever way you get directions. Consider that the very first part of the interview. The second part will be to see if you're smart enough to find the back door. Gunther Seeger in Atlanta always considered that a test for cooks. We never come in the front door. We provide the illusion for the guest, to come in the front door would destroy that illusion.
  18. Eventide is looking for an Exec Chef; immediate opening. We are an independent restaurant, decidedly not corporate and we offer one of the best schedules for Chefs in the business. We are closed on Mondays and not open for lunch. We have a great FOH team that you will work with. They are ready for a great partner in the kitchen. We're looking for someone to take over two kitchens, two menus and be able to create menus that reflect local and national culinary trends. You will be the source of ideas, and you will be responsible for execution. You will have a great deal of autonomy as well as a great deal of responsibility and accountability. It will be your kitchen. Ideally, you have a few years experience as an Exec Chef at somewhere we have heard of and somewhere kind of like us. You have at least been a Chef de Cuisine or an Exec Sous. You are driven and you are not dramatic. You are focused you are not excitable. You can manage and motivate a team, work within a budget and your cost controls are excellent. You don't go out every night after work and drag yourself back in to work the next day reeking of Fireball and bad decisions. Please look somewhere else if that is your life. We will find out; we always do. We are ready to invest in someone who can move our restaurant forward. If you think you are that person, and you are ready to move yourself forward, PM me or send an e-mail to nickfreshman@gmail.com with a specific cover letter telling me why you are interested and your resume. We'll start with a short interview and go from there. READ THIS: If you call the restaurant about this job, you'll be immediately disqualified. If you visit the restaurant about this job, you'll be immediately disqualified. If you respond to me without a cover letter, or with a form cover letter (e.g. "Dear Hiring Manager"), you'll be immediately disqualified. If you somehow have my cell phone, and you call or text me about this job, you'll be immediately disqualified. And I will kill you.
  19. Someone is taking another run at this spot. There are signs up for something called Le Sandwich advertsing that they bake their own baguettes. The name alone makes me dubious of their prospects. This has never been a strong location. Maybe this time will be different.
  20. This is kind of exciting: ARLNow is reporting that paperwork has been filed that shows Four Sisters Grill will be taking over the space last occupied by Fatshorty's.
  21. A1 Clarendon Valet 3110 Washington Blvd Arlington, VA 22201 Tel. (703) 522-1340 I started going to A1 Clarendon Valet more than three years ago because it was the dry cleaners across the street from my apartment, and they've always done a fine job with suits, shirts, pants, etc. They're also a full-service tailor, but I've only used them for small repairs (buttons, holes) and they've done good work. I recommend them for either, though I'm particularly pleased with their shoe repair service. I'm extremely hard on shoes and have probably had a dozen or more full soles put on at Clarendon Valet. Every time, the shoes come back looking brand new, no matter what they looked like when they went in. They've even brought a few pairs that I thought were too far gone back from the dead. The owner, Aron, is also one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Rich Boone
  22. I'm surprised about the line out the door too. I haven't been there since the beginning, but after trying a slice of pizza and a sub, I thought they weren't going to last. I haven't been back since. (Not sure if you want a separate thread for Bronx Pizza or to move this to Dining in Clarendon)