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Found 26 results

  1. Guarapo Lounge closed on Nov. 12 (ArlNow article, Guarapo's Facebook post).
  2. Wow, it's amazing how things sometimes loop together when you least expect them to - last week, I'd never before heard of Linn Meyers. Then, thanks to Tweaked's post about her Hirshhorn Exhibit, I went and saw it, and familiarized myself with the artist. Now, this morning, while doing some research for this post about Long Bridge Park, I randomly stumbled across this page about public art in Arlington, VA, and found another work by Meyers: the etched-glass windows in the Courthouse public meeting rooms. This was completely by chance, and it was one of those moments when you're amazed by how small the world is. This video is worth watching, especially if you've seen the Hirshhorn exhibition - both Meyers works I've seen to date definitely have a "signature style," and it's one I find to be very visually appealing. This particular work is functional, as it provides for privacy below head-level, and openness above.
  3. Not sure if this is the right place (apologies if it is) but curious to see what everyone's three favorite restaurants are along this area? My 3 in no particular order 1. Pho 75 2. Cava Mezze (esp Brunch) 3. TNR, go to Fish in Szechuan Broth Honorable mention: El Pollo Rico, Green Pig Bistro
  4. ARLnow reports (in a sponsored post) that Tupelo Honey Cafe will be opening at 2000 Clarendon Blvd* on June 1st. The post states they're hiring for a variety of positions. Tupelo Honey is a regional (NC, TN, FL, GA, and now VA) chain based in Asheville. According to their website "We serve fresh, scratch-made, Southern comfort food re-imagined." I haven't had the chance to try it out, but have several friends who are big fans. It'll be nice to have another dining option in Courthouse. * The info on the company website says 1616 N. Troy Street.
  5. Hi there! I would appreciate your help in planning a family event in april. As part of the lead-up to a wedding, we wanted to have a lunch on friday for about 40 people, most of whom are vegetarian. The engaged couple like La Sandia in Tyson's, so that's the default option, but, because everyone is staying in hotels at the courthouse metro, i'm hoping for something more convenient. it by no means has to be as formal a place as you'd have for a wedding brunch--it's just a casual family lunch--but it should be reasonably nice. people do have cars and can drive, but the place would need to have convenient parking. I thought of Me Jana, which is right by the hotel, and the last time i went the food was good and the decor appropriate, but i haven't been there in like 3 years so things might have changed. from the post website i found fireworks pizza and cafe asia, but i've never been to the former and don't know if it's nice enough, and i've only been to the latter for dinner, when it was too loud, but i don't know how it is at lunch. I also thought of sawatdee, but there are apparently some people in the party who really don't like thai, so that's won't work. Do any of you have any other suggestions? thank you!
  6. After years of not having a meal at Sawatdee I finally made it the other afternoon for a late lunch. Alone, I had one main dish with a coke...not enough variety to give a significant review. But the single dish was tasty, mildly spiced and frankly way too much for me for lunch. Left me wanting a long nap. Chicken with mango sauce. Mildly spicy, a reasonably healthy amt of mango adding its tang, all on white rice. I'll be back. The interior was upgraded about 2 years ago. Its got to be a popular restaurant in the region among regulars having survived so long in what is a hidden lousy location. Worth more visits IMHO. From my perspective the only downside is there is no separate lunch menu, meaning portions are dinner sized...and of such size that it leaves me wanting a nap. Not a bad thing...but not a good thing for being productive for the rest of the afternoon.
  7. One operating restaurant recently closed: Big Chair Cafe and Bar in Anacostia at Martin Luther King Avenue: "Big Chair Cafe Bar & Grill Closes in Anacostia" by Jonathan O'Connell on washingtonpost.com The other that is still operating under its name but changed management is Toscana Grill. The management between the operator and lease holder ended and the lease holder took it back. In both cases the operators did not have leases. They had agreements with the existing lease holders (former operators) to operate the restaurants. It appears both agreements ended badly and quickly. I knew of Big Chair through the bartending school as we provided them with a stream of bartenders. They converted from a coffee house to bar/restaurant and had an excellent run. From their Facebook page it appeared there was a lot of satisfaction with the operations. --- In the other case the most recent operator made a business deal with the lease holder (former operator) and ran the restaurant for a little over two years. It became a local favorite of mine. Initially because of the NJ/NY style Italian food, flavors, and pizza and then because the operator till just recently it was easily one of the most outgoing, fun, engaging people I had met in the restaurant business over many years. It was easy to become a regular...as with many others. In the case of Toscana, the outgoing operator made a plan to leave, gave notice, but that quickly broke down and the change in operations occurred abruptly last week. I'll certainly miss the operations. I can't speak to the changes if any in the menu. One little note of interest: If you go to the restaurant website, you'll see a note from the website owner/former operator announcing the close down. Then go to the google reviews and sort by most recent: You'll see a "planted review" responding to the website announcement and how great the place is. In both cases the operators didn't hold the leases. Its a rough way to operate in my experience, and though its rare its also a way to get into the business as an operator with very little capital.
  8. Odds are I'll probably end up at one of my usual haunts (Trummer's, Orso, Ray's, Passionfish, Eventide, etc.), but I was curious of DR.com thinks I should try someplace new. My only criteria: 1) It should be geographically proximal to some of the restaurants I listed: i.e. somewhere roughly on the 66/267 corridor in NoVA between Chantilly and Rosslyn. Alexandria in exceptional cases. 2) I'd need to be able to find a table at 7, 7:30PM tonight. 3) I've had an exhausting week entertaining clients in big crowds 24 hours a day in Vegas, so preferably someplace leisurely and intimate. 4) I like cocktails. 5) My date is an attractive blonde. So, what do you think?
  9. Velocity 5 in Arlington was sold a short while ago and will be converted to Arlington Social Haus The sale took place a short while ago and the new owners have been operating the restaurant as Velocity 5 for a bit. This particular space has gone through operator after operator after operator. Good luck folks. I think that space has bad karma.
  10. New York Express Food Cart in front of Courthouse in Arlington On Clarendon Boulevard: Actually I agree with Yelpers on this one: http://www.yelp.com/biz/new-york-express-food-cart-arlington and its good they have it referenced on the web. not the best ever NY styled sandwiches....but pretty darn good!!! and yes the two guys who operate it are quite nice . We are adding a piece on our website about places to eat around our little business (referenced below) (corner of Wilson and Barton Street in Arlington) on the recommendations of our staff. They are here early to late and do everything from breakfast to dinner...and definitely drinks. Since we get way way more than 10,000 visits a year from folks and we do make food recommendations to students and visitors it makes sense. New York Express made the recommendation list on the advice of one staffer. Frankly we sporadically bring in lunches from various nearby places and that is one of them and it does get kudo's. The staff is not a "big bucks group" but they have a keen sense for value...and it turns out some of the suggestions are completely in keeping with the accumulated wisdom of DR.com......
  11. "Rhodeside Grill To Reopen with Renovated Bar, New Menu to Follow" by Rachel Hatzipanagos in the Clarendon-Courthouse-Rosslyn Patch Small Business Spotlight.
  12. What about Brooklyn Bagels in Courthouse? According to their website, they "kettle boil" their bagels. http://www.brooklynbagelva.com/home.html Overall, I like Brooklyn Bagels. Bagels generally chewy but I've had a bagel on occasion that was on the harder side, almost like it wasnt fresh. I haven't been to Georgetown Bagels for comparison.
  13. You really need to visit the Java Shack. Small shop. Independent owner. Good coffee. Friendly staff. Green practices. Strong community involvement. What's not to love? I drive past a Starbucks at 1/2 the distance at least 5 or 6 times a week to get to this place. It is exactly the type of business I like to support.
  14. For those of you who might care, Ireland's Four Courts had a fire in their kitchen. Latest update via Twitter from ARLnow.com is that the upstairs kitchen will be closed for at least a month, and the lunch service during the week is closed - they're open 2 PM - 2 AM weekdays, 10 AM - 2 AM weekends. Hopefully my mug is okay!
  15. For a nice bar scene, Ragtime has really good onion rings, if you ever have a craving for one. And it was a bonus that they had Bell's Oberon.
  16. A far better Gyro is served at Euro Market Cafe on the corner of Wilson Blvd. and N. Veitch. Far better.
  17. Definitely not a joke. I am 99.9% sure that they will not keep the Murky "ambience".
  18. The Afghan Kabob is open where Courthouse Bistro used to be (and Atilla's before that.) (See previous discussion in the Courthouse Bistro thread.) It's an order-at-the-counter type of place. The menu includes various kabob plates and sandwiches, gyro sandwich, (freshly made) afghan bread. There's also vegetable and meat stews and curries and a few different kinds of rice in chafing dishes behind the counter. I'll have to come back and try a kabob sometime. There were a decent number of people in the place.
  19. Summers. Arlington (website). The food may be a little lacking. But, then again, the comparison is to ESPNzone. Summers wins on price, and grit.
  20. Has anyone had an opportunity to visit Fireworks Wood Fired Pizza in Leesburg, Virginia? http://www.fireworkspizza.com/HOME2.htm My family and I have eaten at the restaurant once, and ordered take out twice. On our first visit, the first pie we ordered was the: quattro carni. The second (take out) was the: smokey blue, and the third (take out) was the: fire cracker. Our favorite pie thus far has been the: smokey blue, but felt that the service each time has been poor. During our first visit, the wait staff neglected to remember one-half of the order for my family. As a result causing the food delivery to be staggered. Each time we have called to place take out orders, the phone manners from the wait staff/bartender taking the order has been less than stellar.
  21. The relatively recently-opened Sala Thai at the corner of Clarendon Boulevard and N. Adams St. in Courthouse is closed. There's a large sign in the window advertising a new restaurant: "Me Jana." The sign states that the restaurant will feature "Fine Mediterranean Dining." Some quick Googling didn't turn up anything relevant for "Me Jana," though there seem to be one or more Mediterranean restaurants in other cities called "Mejana."
  22. Pursuant to Don's exhortation to post our most recent dining experience, I offer the following commentary on Delhi Dhaba's Bethesda location. We had the buffet lunch there on Saturday. A massive dog-themed street fair had closed the street (Woodmont), and Delhi Dhaba was one of the few restaurants with enough outdoor seating to accommodate four adults, a child, and an infant. The buffet was small and nondescript, but contained nothing offensive: decent butter chicken; okay tandoori chicken; dal; a potato/pepper dish that was pretty good; palak paneer that was a little light on the paneer (had to go fishing with the ladle). There were a couple other things, but I can't remember what they were. Naan was a bit dry. I did enjoy the gulab jamun for dessert. It wasn't as sickly-sweet as that dessert (along with many other Indian desserts) often is. Service was par for the Indian restaurant course: Not what one would call attentive or speedy, but no one punched me in the face. So, not bad. But since I have to get in my car to go there, I'd veer eastward and head to Woodlands to satisfy my buffet itches every time.
  23. Il Radicchio. Tell me about that place. It's been there and I'm wondering what it's doing.
  24. Yeah, there's a drive-thru. And there's also always skanky fogged windows on the joint. Yuck! I comment on how filthy the place looks everytime I pass by.