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  1. I drove by this shopping center yesterday, and saw signage for Delia's, which will be opening soon. (They're hiring, so if you're looking for work, they have an email address on the sign which I didn't notice - if you blow this picture up, you might be able to see it.) Dec 18, 2017 - "Mediterranean Restaurant Delia's To Replace Tazza Kitchen in Arlington Ridge Shopping Center" by Chris Teale on arlnow.com
  2. Northside 10 opened up this weekend, it took over the Chez Andree space on Glebe Rd. Brought to you by the Southside 815 folks. Drove by and saw that it looked open, and wanted to watch football. So, instead of packing into Pork Barrel, stopped by here. It was pretty crowded. Decent draft list, including Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA. They had a bunch of TVs playing the playoff games (go Packers!) and a lot of the crew were familiar faces from other Del Ray restaurants, as were many of the guests. Lady got the burger, asked for medium, probably more medium well, but she loved it. I got some pretty darn good wings. Found out we had accidentally stumbled into Friends and Family soft opening, so they didn't charge us for the food. Oops! Paid for it anyway with a big tip. Although kind of a weird location, I think it's going to do well. Very residential area, lots of family's can easily walk to it.
  3. Running by the former Monroe's location at the corner of Commonwealth and Monroe, kinda in Del Ray, I saw a sign hanging out front for the forthcoming restaurant "Live Oak." Don't have any more info. I was surprised not to see any info here! Hope they do well!
  4. Funny, I had an Americano (a large comes with four shots - they use a California roaster with a multi-syllabic name beginning with "D") in Del Ray just two days ago, at the pleasant Emma's Espresso and Wine Bar. I didn't try any of the baked goods, but the Americano was very well made, served in a ginormous (that didn't activate the spell-check alert?) mug, and was quite a good cup of coffee. The first few moments of service were addled, but instantly rectified themselves, and the staff there was as pleasant as can be. They have free WiFi, and Emma's is well-worth a visit if you enjoy independent coffee houses. They own the entire house, right off Mount Vernon Avenue, so there's ample parking.
  5. Junction Bakery and Bistro had it's soft opening this week. It's where Mancini's used to be. They gutted it. I stopped by to get the staff's Friday breakfast. They've gotten real spoiled when I'm in the clinic on Fridays not Dunkin Donuts like my partners The place is cool, super retro looking, you can see into the bakery and watch them work and make delicious baked goods. Seems like people already know about it, it was fairly busy for just being open for 2 days. I got a bunch of stuff - ham and cheese croissant, chocolate croissant, everything croissant, lemon poppy tea cakes, cheddar chive biscuits, some scones, and then I get an Americano for myself. Was a big hit... Everyone loved it. The everything crossaint was a real winner. I had half a cheddar chive biscuit, and that was good. Everything was rich/moist. The Americano was ... watered down (I know, I know ... it has water in it), but it wasn't as strong as Swing's or Stomping Ground or even the new St. Elmo's (what a revamp!). Well, the next hipster thing continues in Del Ray, a full fledged bakery with people with those baking hats. Food is good. Looking forward to trying real breakfast here. -S
  6. Chickpea Mediterranean Grill soft-opened a couple months ago and I have been pleased each time I have been able to eat there. (The hours were a little wacky. Late-night dining is only available some nights and they do close early and unexpectedly when they run out of food) Imagine a Chipotle but with hummus and falafel. They have bases of different rices, pita, salad greens or quinoa. The protein options are a rotating mix of chicken, steak, lamb, pork or meatballs and falafel. (I would stick with pork or lamb but others have really liked the spicy chicken) The toppings are standard but the house made sesame slaw is really tasty. I could eat a dish of that alone. They top it off with dressings and sauces of your choosing and off you go to eat! I also recommend washing it down with housemade lemonade that you can add mint to. Best thing is the special Greek fries but it's hard to dispute the genius of hot fresh fries tossed with herbs and feta cheese.
  7. Maybe they will be better at coffee than pizza. I have a lot of respect for Nora and St. Elmo's as an institution, but the coffee leaves a lot to be desired, so they will benefit from a low bar.
  8. The Happy Tart, a gluten-free pátisserie in Del Ray, is opening a second, much larger location in Falls Church later this year. No word on whether or not the second location will serve entirely gluten-free offerings.
  9. Congratulations to the good people at Del Ray Pizzeria for last Friday evening's opening of Reserve 2216, a 30-seat, reservation-only restaurant directly above Del Ray Pizzeria in Del Ray. I talked with Chef Eric Reid, who was previously at Del Merei Grille, and here's the scoop about Reserve 2216 in Eric's own words (he was prepping while typing, so that explains the brevity): "Reserve is located above DRP. It has a VERY small dining room, 24 seats plus 6 at the bar. It is reservation only - we are on OpenTable. You can still walk in and make a reservation on the spot. We have a 10-foot communal table. All the tables were built by the GM, Darrell Bernard. 5 draft lines, same craft beer program as downstairs. Higher end liquors, rail vodka is Tito's. I'm not a wine expert, but those who are have confirmed that we have a nice selection. Also installed a beautiful wine refrigerator, cabinet, closet thingy to keep the bottles at temp. I'll be changing the menu very often depending on seasonal and personal preferences.The opening menu is 4 apps, 3 salads, 5 entrees, 2 desserts. Food will not be shared between the restaurants, meaning no pizza upstairs. There is also no kids menu but children are more than welcome. We're only open Thursday- Saturday, 6-11 PM, with special events on Tuesdays, i.e.. beer dinners, wine dinners. The owners were very generous with the budget by allowing me to basically do whatever I want up there. Picking out the silverware, glasses, chairs, plates, everything. I am very excited about Reserve because it gets me back to cooking the food I enjoy. I'll still be overseeing downstairs, but will be spending my prime time cooking at Reserve 2216."
  10. We used to be fans of La Strada before it closed, but only recently found out (via a Daily Deal) that a new restaurant had long since taken its place. I'm surprised that I didn't hear of its replacement before. Apparently, the new place has been in operation about 2 years. Before we went, I read that it was owned by the same owners as Pines of Florence, of which I had not heard good things. Nonetheless, we gave it a try last night and were impressed. We enjoyed the caprese, mussels with linguini, and spaghetti bolognese. Bread was good too. My husband said the minestrone soup was the highlight of his meal. We like the menu choices - solid Italian-American which I miss from my childhood in Brooklyn. We will be back to try other tempting menu items like eggplant parmesan and seafood pasta! The only nit was that the mussels were small, but they were tasty and the marinara sauce was delish. I recommend that people give it a try. I am worried about the survival of the mom and pops.
  11. How can I not support LafiteForAKing, who wrote a cameo about donrockwell.com in his first novel, "The 500?" In this sequel, main character Mike Ford lives on The Avenue in Del Ray, and features cameos of The Dairy Godmother and St. Elmo's Coffee Pub. Matthew Quirk will be doing a reading at One More Page near East Falls Church Metro on June 13th at 7 PM, and has asked any donrockwell.com members to come and chat with him. Good luck, Matthew!
  12. "Kaizen Tavern To Replace Osteria 1909 In Del Ray" by Evan Milberg on northernvirginiamag.com
  13. I stopped by tonight with a fried chicken craving and Blue and White Carryout had already closed. This place has recently undergone new management the past couple of months but this was my first time in. (corner of Monroe and Mt. Vernon) 12 bucks with a little extra got me a large quarter dark meat chicken (the drum and thigh attached) two generous sides (Mac and cheese and collard greens) with a homemade sweet tea and lemonade. It took a little over ten minutes to get my food together (I assume they were frying to order) and I chose to eat in. There was only one other patron in the place at the same time as me, and he enthusiastically praised the smothered pork chops. The counter service was friendly and fast. I noticed the cook and cashier both peering curiously as I ate to see if I liked it, but they never asked me directly. My chicken was fine. Not searingly as hot as the mac and cheese, but with a crunchy-crisp, medium-weight dredged skin that was well-seasoned. Less breading than Popeye's or KFC but more substantial than Korean fried chicken. Not sure if they soaked the chicken in anything before frying, but the meat was moist, if a little bland. The skin made up for the blandness of the meat - you really have to eat the two together, I learned. There is generic hot sauce on every table if you prefer a little kick. My favorite of the sides was the collard greens - they make them with smoked turkey and are obviously made with skill and love. I will try the mashed potatoes next time, they don't come from a box. The mac and cheese was okay - dusted with paprika and just shy of becoming gummy as I ate. Nothing spectacular. I will go here when Blue and White is closed (which is after 3:30 on weekdays) It costs just a bit more than smaller carryouts, but it's got high enought quality ingredients and skill to justify it. Convenient and tasty soul food in Del Ray!
  14. Hey- Looking for light pasta or pizza and pasta in this part of NOVA. After eating at Zaytinya, Bangkok Golden, Karaikudi, and Pho 75, my sister and her boyfriend want to end their trip on a lighter note tonight. Hopefully no more than 15-20 minute drive from Del Ray. This is a type of food I know nothing about. Was thinking Puppatella (I've been and loved), but got the sense it wouldn't be very leisurely with the ordering system... Sort of order, eat, leave. Any order ideas? Simul
  15. While this ^ is the only mention I could find of Po Siam (and from the Bangkok 54 thread), it will soon be added to the list of closed restaurants, after 25+ years in Arlandria. On a positive note, there is already another locally-owned business lined up for the space: a to-be-named Sri Lankan/Indian restaurant.
  16. Should be pretty interesting to see how it is received by the community. "A Sushi Bar Fit For Adults" (WTOP, 4/26/13) "Preparations Underway For Upscale Sushi Bar in Del Ray" (Del Ray Patch, 4/9/13)
  17. After a sweet renovation of a large house just off the main drag (Mt. Vernon Ave), it looks like Del Ray Café has opened (or is doing so, softly). They serve breakfast and lunch Mon-Fri, brunch on Sat-Sun, and dinner Mon-Sun. Thrillist has some details on the space and menu items (menus are available on the website linked above). It does say they're closed this Saturday - and they're hiring. I look forward to checking it out!
  18. On one of our Famous Friday WalkaboutsTM, we meandered over to and all through Del Ray last night. We wound up in front of The Happy Tart, beckoned by the cheerful lighting on the small storefront. The store was not open for business. But two people were inside, conducting final preparations for today's Grand Opening event featuring the mayor, ribbon cutting, etc. One of them saw us bundled up outside, came to the door, and insisted we step in to try their latest creation. We tasted the raspberry with almond mini-tart and just about fell on the floor with admiration. Nevermind that this is gluten free---no one would notice. They would be too busy enjoying the skilfully prepared masterpiece made from top-notch ingredients and exceptional flavor results. Coupled with the enthusiatic, warm welcome of the owner, I echo lperry's wishes for long-term success and will be trying more creations soon. Website is out here, including the menu. Celiacs, rejoice!
  19. Osteria 1909 I have been following them for a little while. It is basically a galley style establishment with a long bar and some some smaller cocktail tables on the opposite wall from the bar. There might be more seating in the rear. They are promoting an always fresh menu in a seperate kitchen from La Strada. I like the concept very much, winecentric and small italian plates. Plus they are open until midnight at least 6 days/week which is unheard of for Del Ray. Will also be open for brunch in the future. Will report on food soon!
  20. I was surprised to dig into the Del Ray guide and not see a thread on Monroes. I recall it being one the first actual dining spots of the last 15 or so year rebirth of the neighborhood. It was opened by the Abraham family, formerly associated with the Vienna Inn. Its woodburning pizza oven and neighborhood vibe caught on fast and local Del Ray loyalty has sustained it this many years. A family connection to Monroes spawned the now-late Del Merei grill on Mount Vernon. I've only stopped here a handful of times over the years but always enjoyed the family atmosphere and well-prepared pasta's, fish, pizza's and general comfort food. Though I'm not a regular, Monroes won my heart during a big blizzard, gosh, has to be 13 years ago, when I was soldiering home to my then-pregnant wife desperate for a place that was open and had some takeout for me to bring to her. I was turned down flat at the open-but-empty Evening Star ("we only do takeout at lunchtime") and lurched in my mini-van to Monroes. The smiling welcome (and perfect snowbound-carryout meal) earned my eternal (though sporadic) friendship in the same way as my "spurning" by Evening Star has earned eternal dirty looks whenever I drive down Mount Vernon (I hold grudges). So when I was scrolling through Open Table listings in Alexandria for a spur-of-the-moment Saturday dinner, I was pleased to see my old friend and, thanks to technology, I was booked before I gave it a second thought. Our table for five (son, wife and good friends) awaited us in the midst of a packed dining room. Service was friendly and low-key. Nice variety of wines by the glass, with a Barbera and a Vernaccia the "specials" at a (these days) refreshing $7. I had a fairly simple arugula and pear salad and the lamb tenderloin w/port wine sauce appetizer, both lovely, and sampled my wife's mussels au gratin and my son's vegetarian pasta (and lusted from across the table at my friend Bob's Linguine with Shrimp and Mushrooms). All shared the Monroe's Bread (pizza dough with kosher salt, rosemary, basil and parmesan with VERY intense pesto for dipping), which disappeared in no time. Very lively very "neighborhood-ish" vibe but not too loud for conversation. Really just the ticket for a chilly early winter's night. Nice to check back in with an old friend.
  21. Mango Mike's owners are opening a new place (supposedly bbq?) in that former gas station/now construction site next to the Dairy Godmother. I guess they're participating to generate some buzz/goodwill in the new neighborhood.
  22. Our very good friends have invited us to dinner at what they say is a new Italian restaurant in Del Ray -- of course we're going, but does anyone know anything about a place like this?
  23. Fireflies in Del Ray for a late dinner of pizza and a glass of wine. The pizza was really very good. The crust was just right - tender, nice crunch, not soggy at all. I had the pepperoni, sausage and mushroom version, but I like the Cheesetique one as well. Plus the new bar is open and they had live music.