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  1. A little bird told me this is coming soon: "Washington's Vegan Dining Scene Is About To Get a Boost" by Becky Krystal on washingtonpost.com
  2. I just got word that hiring has begun at VEDGE. Please forward resumes to careers@vedgerestaurant.com. More details to follow as I learn of them. I am so excited about this opening more than any other restaurant. Here in Lancaster, both Vedge , along with V street are a local favorite to vegetarians, and carnivores alike. Makes me kind of wish I live back in the District. Almost. Just the messenger, kat
  3. I was sure this had been talked about on this thread but apparently not. And if that's the case, the fault is mine, as I'm the person who spends the most time on here talking about taco options on or near the H Street corridor. This place opened up earlier this year in the former Grace Deli spot on the corner of 7th and H. Per Prince of Petworth, they've applied for licenses for both outdoor seating and to serve alcohol, both of which would be nice. In my opinion, right now these are the best tacos on H Street. The tortillas at Impala remain the best, but I much prefer the tacos, and really the rest of the offerings I've tried, at Fresca, although in fairness they are very different establishments (Impala is a full sit-down restaurant with a bar and patio while Fresca is a small, counter-service establishment with minimal seating). So far we've mostly stuck to tacos and tamales, and I need to work through the rest of the menu.
  4. Mythology is now (soft) open at 816 H Street NE. The concept has been in the works for years and comes from former Atlas Room GM (and Mark & Orlando's owner) Mark Medley with his business partner Todd Luongo. Mythology opened quietly last night. With little fanfare, Mythology lined up the talented Chef Joseph Harran (formerly of Woodward Table, Bistro Bis and Vidalia) to operate the kitchen. If you don't know Chef Harran (and I did not), note that our fearless leader DonRocks has described him here as "exceptionally talented" and a "Top 20 Chef in the city." Our preview meal confirmed Don's informed opinion and was quite delicious and well-executed. We particularly enjoyed the blue crab toast appetizer, the scallops and steak (w/bone marrow) entrées, and the playful "coffee and tea" dessert. The second floor lounge area and roof decks of the building and concept remain under construction, but Mythology is open for dinner now and likely to add brunch and the upstairs bar/lounge space in the coming months. Some aspects of the Mythology theme were not to our taste, but we will be back again for another very good meal soon. Mythology is an instant contender on H Street, IMHO -- Chef Harran in back and Mark in front is a very strong combination and elevates the competition for quality dining here in NE DC.
  5. The above comments stuck with me. I preferred drinks such as Manhattan's, Martini's, Negroni's (mentioned above), Boulevadiers, on the rocks rather than straight up. Once on the rocks it sort of negates the issue of shaken not stirred. But its admittedly been a long time. I scarcely drink. Somehow--somewhere age caught up with me. But I found the above discussion haunting and required a field test: On the rocks vs straight up in a martini/cocktail glass. I hit a reasonable bar, (where a grad of the bar school was behind the rail) and ordered some dinner and drinks. Two boulevadiers...(which once was par for the course--and now is probably 1.5 too many). One straight up, one on the rocks. By the way, the bartender "free poured" using a count method. While I don't pour professionally and often any more I'll get new students started with learning a count method, get behind the bar, demonstrate, and usually I'm on target. (frankly if I was doing this "professionally" / for fun and money I'd test my rhythm and count every day behind a bar. Certain bars require that on every shift--good policy.) She wasn't eyeballing as she was pouring into a metal mixer, not a mixing glass. But if your pour and rhythm is on, you should hit accurate pours virtually all the time. Anyway the question for me was on the rocks or straight up in a cocktail glass. The first was straight up. The cocktail glass was chilled for an adequate time, lot of ice in the mixing tin...and a longish shake. That conveys a lot of chill. Nice. But....I think the best part of the chill lasted about 1/2 an hour. I don't recall the room being overly warm. Its simply that the chill "leaves". I had her pour the drink into a rocks glass with ice and the chill returned. Yes, as I got to the last bit of drink it was diluted. The second cocktail was on the rocks from the beginning. The chill stayed far longer. I enjoyed it more. No I didn't finish it, but toward the end it was diluted somewhat and I could discern that. Still enjoyed it far more. Now that ended up being a tough test for me. About 1.5 cocktails too many at my stage. As to measuring vs eyeballing or free pouring. Well I hope or doubt most bartenders Don't Eyeball. I hope, when they are free pouring they are using a count method...but I know if you don't practice and stay on top of one's rhythm it goes astray. For some cocktails it shouldn't matter much...for others it makes a big difference. From an owner perspective, there are just under 34 ounces in a 1 liter bottle. Over pour all the time...there go your margins. Pour erratically, drinks come out tasting differently. I'd simply suggest measure or free pour...but if free pouring be damned good with your count rhythm. Its not difficult.
  6. So, we've gone from zero to two "Fast-Casual Asian Bowl Places" on H Street over the past month or so. Last night I picked up carry-out from the brand new Pow Pow, which just opened this past Saturday. They don't seem to have a menu available online, so I can't remember the names of everything we ordered. This is refreshingly not a Chipotle-like concept, and instead has you just pick actual items off of a relatively small menu. They have bowls, with stuff served over rice, as well as gigantic, burrito sized fried egg rolls. We didn't go with one of the egg rolls, and instead got two bowls, Fugazi Osbourne (beef with hoisin sauce and a bunch of stuff) and something I can't remember the name of that had pork and a poached egg. Everything was solid, although I wasn't a huge fan of the coconut rice, in both flavor and texture. Between this and BAB Korean Fusion, I think I prefer BAB. But both are good, and I'm happy this is here.
  7. I've been meaning to start a thread on this for a while, but then Tim Carman's review today spurred me into action. I have been convinced for the past few years that this spot, directly on the SW corner of 14th and H, right next to Tony's Breakfast, would never open. There would be construction, and then it would stop for months. They'd appear suddenly close to opening, and then there'd be no action. The sign itself was actually up for I think at least a year before they finally opened earlier this year. I've only been there once, so Tim's review is much more comprehensive, but we enjoyed it. We much preferred the bulgogi over the spicy chicken, and by far preferred the house veggies to the backyard veggies. It's affordable, it's something different for H Street, and it's finally open, so I'm happy.
  8. Ten 01 is described as "the newest restaurant concept from the family behind Ben's Chili Bowl" on their twitter page. They posted on Facebook and twitter that Ten 01 is soft opening on Tues, Oct. 20, at 5 pm. They're located above the Ben's on H Street at 1001 H St, NE, DC.
  9. Has anyone else ventured to the newish Ethiopian joint on H St.? I stopped in for a late lunch last week around 2, and (unsurprisingly) had the place to myself. Decor-wise, it's much more casual than Ethiopic, with a couple televisions strangely located around the dining room. The lone waitress was very nice, and eager to please. I had a vegetable sambusa and the smaller of the 2 vegetarian samplers. The sambusa was delicious, with a nicely-spiced lentil filling. The ones I've had elsewhere have tended toward blandness. The sampler was underwhelming. The spicy lentils had a strange sweetness to them that I haven't had before, and the kik alicha were really, really bland. The potatoes in the "dinich karot" were terribly dry and basically inedible. It would be great to have a lower-priced Ethiopian option on H St...I'll still give them another try, and look forward to other reports.
  10. Boundary Road hosted a pop-up this past Sunday night, and SMN just killed it. I am really looking forward to the opening. Chef Sam had a couple other guys helping him out for the pop-up, including Chef Brad at BR and Chef Erik from TU/Maketto. They offered about 7 small plates and 2 desserts, my friend and I ordered the entire menu. Braised goat in a smoked pepper raita was the standout for me, as was the poached sablefish with escabeche. Veggies were also a large focus of the menu, I particularly liked the pan roasted radishes. Desserts were also excellent, a carrot and orange ice cream SCOOP (not quinelle) with a maple pizzelle, and a flourless almond cake in pear compote. Plateware was thoughtful, similar to R'sL. Pickles and acid play a consistent theme in the dishes, but always playing a complementary role to the main ingredient. The fingerling potatoes in pork fat, for example, look just like little sausages served over the sauerkraut, that dish worked really nicely for me as well. Currently, H Street NE has a couple of excellent restaurants, a smattering of fine ones, and a deluge of okay places. With the almost concurrent opening of SMN and Maketto, I hope that more venues with focused concepts will try to hang a shingle in the neighborhood, and help create a brand of thoughtful restaurants on the strip.
  11. We visited last night for the first time. Really like it. We were at the bar upstairs, which has a much different look and feel than downstairs. From what I understand you can order food, beer and wine downstairs, but no cocktails. Loved the look and feel of the place upstairs, although it is small. While last night it was not crowded at all, I could see it being a bit tough to navigate on a busy weekend night. They have a good, although for me at times challenging to read cocktail menu, designed around classic drinks. It's hard for me to describe exactly how it's laid out, so just know that it's laid out exactly like this. In addition, on the board behind the bar they had a large section featuring different variations on the daiquiri. I'm not certain, but I believe that they will be changing that up periodically to spotlight a different drink. The drinks were well made, and service was fantastic. On the food, we ordered nearly everything off of the menu, and quite enjoyed it. I preferred the dumplings. In short, this is now, probably, the second best cocktails on H Street (behind the Atlas Room), and a great spot to go to get drinks and some relatively inexpensive food. Happy that they're here.
  12. Boundary Road GM

    Boundary Road is currently looking for a GM to start in the next month. We're a small, fun little bistro that provides excellent food and beverage for our awesome neighbors. This would be a good position for someone with some restaurant management experience looking to take the next step. Duties include staff management, scheduling, purchasing, bookkeeping, and generally running the place. Please send your resume, salary requirements, etc. to me at chef@boundaryrd.com. Thanks, Brad Walker.
  13. Bullfrog Bagels did a few pop-ups around the city, but has now opened a permanent store on one side of the Star and Shamrock bar on the East end of H St. I stopped in around 8:30 this morning, and there was a line of about 18 people. The selection today included all the standard bagels as well as a reasonable looking bialy. I needed to get in and out quickly, so decided against any of the breakfast sandwiches (egg & cheese, lox, smoked whitefish, etc.), and got a sesame and everything bagel to go, with sides of scallion/chive and smoked salmon cream cheese. The little guy got a bialy. The everything bagel was indeed everything. Almost, but not quite too salty (which is the perfect amount of salty for a bagel), with a shiny, dark brown outside and perfectly chewy inside. This was a damn fine bagel. The sesame looked like it could've used a few more minutes in the oven, and was a bit pale and soft on the outside. Overall, it was still a pretty good bagel, but didn't compare to the other. I'm not much of a bialy expert, but this one at least looked like the ones I remember from NYC. Nice softened onions and poppy seeds filled the middle. Given the crowd, they're definitely filling a need. Another day, another quality opening on H St.
  14. Jessica Sidman tweeted that DC Harvest is opening on Sept. 2. It's at 517 H St, NE, DC. More info about the restaurant is here.
  15. I always get excited at the possibility of good Cajun/Creole food. For years, I worked at a place in the Atlanta suburbs called Comeaux's - the owner was from Lafayette and the food was amazing, and it set my expectations pretty high. I have yet to find crawfish etouffee (outside of Louisiana) that matched the version I would routinely eat after my shift. So, Jason and I visited Po Boy Jim last Friday night, and I worked pretty hard to temper myself. The two-story space is nice - we ate at the bar upstairs. Service was good - the staff seem pretty enthusiastic about the restaurant and its potential. The beer list was pretty lackluster (only 5 taps, 3 of which were not very good for summer), but the bartender actually took time to listen to our suggestions and jot down some notes - again, they really seem like they want to hear feedback and implement positive changes. The food was quite good. We started with a "flight" of wings - 3-4 each of three different flavors. The wings themselves were somewhat small, but they were pretty meaty and the sauces/rubs were tasty. I liked the dry Jerk version the best, and hubby liked the Carolina BBQ. We each had an oyster po'boy - I got the original/classic, and Jason got the Buffalo version. They were both delicious. The bread was really nicely grilled, which gave the whole sandwich an almost smoky note. The oysters were plump and well seasoned/fried. The onion rings were awesome - big and thick, which is my preference, but also crispy and well-salted. Fries were less impressive, but still hot and tasty. Jason raved about the buffalo sauce - he was sopping up every last drop with the fries. Some people have complained about the prices, but considering the large portion sizes, I thought they were fine. The chef (and owner, I think?) came out to apologize for our wings taking longer than usual, and to ask what we thought about the food, which was nice. It's definitely not a diet-friendly place to eat, but I can see us going back to try more of the menu choices.
  16. I do know @EricTollar continues to work on opening the restaurant at 400 H. Don't have many details besides something like 12 taps, plans for craft cocktails and a menu as stated above. I believe they are "close" to opening. I also think Mr. Tollar above has a pretty good craft cocktail background.
  17. I just couldn't let the Virginians have all the fun. Seriously, Jason and I have been craving some social time, and it would be great to meet up with some of our DR neighbors in NoMa, H Street, Atlas District, Trinidad, etc. Anyone up for a get-together sometime soon?
  18. Does anyone know if Pho Bar and Grill is closed or if they'll actually reopen? They've been closed the last few times I've walked by there with a sign that they're closed temporarily for renovations and training. No work appears to be taking place inside.
  19. It's come to my attention that this place doesn't have a thread, so I'm starting one. I don't to be honest, have a ton to say about it. The food is better than Sticky Rice most of the time, which I suppose makes it the best sushi restaurant on H Street. Which isn't the highest bar to clear. I've never had any real complaints about a meal here.
  20. I couldn't find a topic on this place. If it exists, my apologies. We went to Cusbah late last week, and were impressed. The food was very good, extremely flavorful (they were not afraid to use heat), and extremely affordable. My goat vindaloo was $11, while my wife's chicken tikka makhni was $9, and it was more than enough food for us. They had some decent drink specials as well (and some appalling sounding mixed drinks, which involved Goldschlager and Jagermeister mixed together). I wouldn't travel to go here, but it's definitely the best Indian food I've had on the Hill (which is, admittedly, a low bar).
  21. It's been awhile since I've been on DonRockwell, but Don said I should post this (FYI..TasteDC re-launched in January, 2013 - it's a slightly different concept - we post ALL food and drink events..): Neighborfood - H St. NE Foodie Tour June 29th (Saturday), 2 - 5 pm Smith Commons 1245 H Street, NE Washington, DC 20002 Neighborfood Event Page *** Special Discounted Tickets - 50% Off Normal Price *** Neighborfood: 1 Day, 8 Restaurants, 100's of People, 1 Neighborhood.. Neighborfood is an afternoon celebration of food, family, and the community we live in. Current Featured Restaurants: Smith Commons, Sol Mexican Grill, Tru Orleans, The Queen Vic, Hikari Sushi, H & Pizza, Rose’s Deja Vu and more.. Tickets Are $30/person (with Special Discount) for Entry and 10 Food Tickets Purchase Tickets Online Current Featured Restaurants (these may change..sorry, they probably will!!): 1. Smith Commons 2. Sol Mexican Grill 3. Tru Orleans 4. The Queen Vic 5. Hikari Sushi 6. H & Pizza 7. Rose’s Deja Vu 8. TBA! *** Note: Event is Rain or Shine *** Neighborfood is an afternoon celebration of food, family, and the community we live in. A neighborhood is defined by the community within it, so, for one afternoon, we will be inviting your neighbors to live it, love it, and eat in it, because as Virginia Woolf said “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” On Saturday, June 29th, We will be dining at 8 different restaurants along the H Street Corridor which are all within walking distance. Your ticket will include food at each participating location, with drink specials to be offered. We will be donating a portion of the proceeds to local nonprofits. Let's celebrate the community and help it out, too! How does it work?: A ticket is your invitation to dine at all 8 participating locations. During check-in, on the day of, you will receive a dinner map, which shows you all the places you will try and love. Are tickets available day of?: Yes, but they will be $15 at check in, right now they are $10. Food and beverage tickets will be available the day of for $5. I’m a Vegetarian: We love and respect vegetarians, and there may be vegetarian dishes at various places, but, we cannot guarantee vegetarian options or any other dietary restrictions. *** Cancellation Policy: Cancellations are taken within 48 hours advance notice. All Dishcrawl events are rain or shine. *** Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): -Are kids welcome? Yes, we love kids! Although, participating locations have the right to refuse service to anyone. -Do kids need a ticket? No, they only need a ticket if they are eating. Your ticket entails you to just one dish at each participating location. For our younger neighbors, we recommend one ticket for two kids to share. About Dishcrawl (We curate experience!): Here at Dishcrawl, we are proud to say that what started off as a simple idea to explore different foods, restaurants, and neighborhoods in our local area has blossomed into who we are today, a company that is dedicated to re-imagining the way people experience food, drink, and their local communities.
  22. You'd think we would've learned our lesson about trying places in the first month of opening by now, but here we are... Vendetta is a new Italian restaurant/bar/bocce court venture by Joe Englert in the old Red Palace space. The place looks amazing. It's tough to believe it used to be a dive bar and grungy music/burlesque venue. We started our night with cocktails, all of which were well made. The favorite of the group was the Linden Court (bourbon, amaro, madeira, orange bitters, and vanilla). I would normally have ordered a Negroni, but curiously, they have chosen to muck up the drink by adding orange juice. For appetizers, we ordered pickled green beans, a charcuterie plate, fritto misto, and "artisan bread." The charcuterie was the highlight, but they can't really take credit for much more than plating nicely sourced salumi. The fritto misto was fine, but nothing outstanding - 3 medium sized shrimp and 3-4 baby octopi. The breading did not seem to be seasoned at all. The bread consisted of 4 chunks of cold, standard crusty bread and a pretzel stick, all inexplicably served in a large paper bag. It was served with a too-small amount of "bourbon chutney butter." For mains, there were a couple of specials, but everyone went the pasta route. The pastas are touted as being made in-house. You choose a shape and then pair with one of several sauces. I can only vouch for the squid ink and the rabbit ragu. Both were completely unseasoned and served on the cool side of luke warm. The papardelle served with the ragu was drying out with the noodles all clumped together. No bueno. The requested salt shaker and wine were delivered ~5 minutes after everyone finished their pasta. Luckily our dining companions were great, and between the cocktails and the company, a good time was had by all. I'm sure the service issues will iron out somewhat over time...the food, I'm more skeptical about. There was such a tremendous lack of seasoning throughout, I'm not sure anyone back there was paying any attention to what they were putting out. All that said, I'm sure we'll be back for cocktails and bocce...and maybe that's the whole point.
  23. The Batter Bowl Bakery. Keep in mind I am but one voice, and all of my neighbors publicly drool over it, but I am not a fan. Croissants made of phyllo dough, not flakey or buttery, but weirdly dense in the middle. illy coffee, eh. I am a big fan of the illy espresso cups, have a set at home, but we have better options in DC for coffee. Frenchie's during the H Street Farmer's Market is sooooo much better. Better isn't even the right word, the product is totally different.
  24. I drove by this the other day, but this post on Prince of Petworth reminded me to post something here. There's been a lot of work going on at Chupacabra, and they look as if they're relatively close to opening.