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Found 103 results

  1. Rasa Grill

    Rasa Grill opened in SE in Navy Yard in December. It's fast casual Indian (or more like Indian-ish), locally sourced ingredients, and some fun fusion (Masala Gin Tonic!). They have pre-made bowls, or you can make your own. Really beautiful space, fun colors, neat design. Great back story, too. They made Eater's hot list for this month and review have been good. Anyway, I won't say too much, since I'm an investor, except that I think it's pretty darn tasty, and you should try it out and let me know what you think!
  2. I can't think of another Indian restaurant in walking distance of the Ballston metro at the moment. We will definitely give it a try.
  3. We had takeout from Aabshaar Restaurant last night and it was amazing! Pakora came off the steam table of the buffet, but was delicious and crispy nonetheless. Keema was the best version I've tried (out of 3). Daal Mahani was full of wonderful flavors. Tandoori chicken was moist and flavorful, although some pieces were more bone than meat. This is really good cooking and we are so glad we tried it!
  4. Chicken 65

    Up in Columbia, I have seen Chicken 65 at both Mirchi Wok and Chutney before. I don't see it on their online menu right now though, so they might have been specials or they might just not be listed online?
  5. I'm intrigued by Chicken 65, which I've never tried before. Northern Virginia Table Tennis Center is less than two miles from here, so I'll be trying this dish soon. Does anyone know of other Southern Indian restaurants that have Chicken 65? I don't recall ever seeing it on a menu.
  6. Been a while since I posted but I think I found another place worth reviewing. Got a fun Saturday planned? Maybe you're going to go to Home Depot. Yeah, buy some wallpaper, maybe get some flooring, stuff like that. Maybe Bed, Bath, & Beyond, if you have enough time. If your suburban angst has you going to Target and Costco and Chantilly then you should treat yourself to a meal at Chennai Express. Recently opened, this place is tucked away in an industrial park in Chantilly in the former Talking Turkey space. Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu India. A state in the southern part of the country and the menu is designed accordingly. Do not expect to find Butter Chicken or Palek Paneer, Do expect to find authentic food prepared with care. The owner is passionate about his food and it shows. We stopped in on Sunday for some carry out. I'd like to tell you what I got but I could not pronounce most of it. Regardless. It was all good. Most important is that they do Chicken 65 right. No sweet sauce for this. Just dry, crispy juicy chicken with just the right amount of kick. There isn't a menu posted yet but who cares. Check it out. Its a great addition to the Chantilly food scene.
  7. Have you tried K.N. Vinod's Chicken Chettinad? If not, write me, and I'll track him down and find out where you can find his best version - it is revelatory.
  8. Enjoyed a good meal at this new fast casual place in Mosaic a few weeks ago. The three of us each got different meats with sides (lentils, etc). The Naan was well made and buttery. I don't recall all the details, but it was hearty and reasonable. Sauces were not too spicy but flavorful and unboring. I do recall this weird automatic hand wash contraption thing in the dining room. It was awesome.
  9. Our family is from Maharastra (west-central India) so I didn’t grow up with the north Indian/Pakistani food common in this area. We’ve been trying different south Indian restaurants because the flavors are closer to what I’m used to. I learned of this restaurant from Tyler Cowen’s website. We’ve gotten carryout several times now (they give a 10% discount if you do carryout and pay with cash). The Chettinad region is known for its cuisine so I was eager to try the food. I highly recommend this restaurant; the food has been consistently delicious. The menu has some North Indian standards but we’ve stuck with the southern dishes. Among our favorites are kozhi varuval (boneless chicken in dark spices), ennai kathirikai kuzhambu (small eggplants in an oniony tomato sauce), dal tadka (remarkably tasty rendition of this humble dish presumably owing to the generous amount of ghee), and Chettinadu kothamalli chicken curry. We always ask for "spicy". In the south, people use a lot of hot peppers. To my taste, Chettinadu’s spicy is just right- a lot of heat but it doesn’t prevent my enjoyment of the other flavors. Recently, we dined in because we wanted to try the dosas. We had three: chilly/onion; paneer; and masala. They were served with three sauces: tomato; coconut; and mint as well as sambhar. The dosas were good, though I prefer the “paper” style. The sauces were fine but the sambhar was outstanding. I’m glad we went. Besides getting to try the dosas, we got to see an Indian “aunty” in action. Indian aunties don’t have filters and cause embarrassment and amusement around them. This one explained in detail to the young waiter how one is supposed to make dosas (use more ghee among other things) and she offered to go to the kitchen to show the cook what to do. When that didn’t work, she asked the waiter to have the cook come out “just for a minute” so she could tell him. Unfortunately, the chef was busy filling orders for the now-full dining room. Her embarrassed son paid the check and gently tried to lead her out of the restaurant. On her way out, she stopped at a table to give the diners a critique of her meal.
  10. I first heard about this vegetarian Indian restaurant back in April but never had an opportunity to check out the place until today. This place is located in Herndon off of Fairfax County Parkway. If you are on the toll road you can take the exit for Fairfax County Parkway. There was a steady stream of customers during lunch time. I decided to go with the masala dosas and channa bhatura. The dosa was spot on. Probably one of the better dosas I have had in the DMV. I was not that impressed by the Channa Bhatura. I think the version at Punjabi by Nature is better. If you are vegetarian or looking for something besides the usual kabob joints, I would give this place a look. Tim Carman of the Washington Post recently did a write up on the place. 1. Masala Dosa 2. Channa Bhatura
  11. Baingan Bharta

    Care to share? I haven't tried to make it in a while...
  12. Homemade Naan

    Hey - anyone with experience making naan? On skillet or baked? Anyone try grilling? Having a little dinner party and wanted to see if I can make at home rather than buying it. -S
  13. Paneer

    I myself have never been a big fan of paneer. I do not like seeing it in palaak.
  14. Asad opened a new place in Sterling called 1947. It has been open a few months but I think he might close it down due to lack of diners. My issue with Asad is that he is always in expansion mode. He should be focusing on ensuring that his restaurants are financially stable before deciding to expand.
  15. I have been getting my Indian delivery fix from this place and it's very good. I have never been to the spot and don't really know where in Burtonsville it is, but it's delicious. Deliveries have been prompt and accurate Website Garam masala wings should be a thing everywhere. They should come with raita without asking, which they might but I ask for extra raita every time so I don't know. The naan is as crisp as you could expect from delivery. I bet it's great dining in. I had never heard of Chicken 65 but I guess it's a thing. A delicious spicy breaded chicken nugget thing here. Curries are great, with various choices of rice, chickpeas, salad, etc for various charges or not. Lamb curries have been excellent. Tons of food for the money but also delicious. Samosa and pakora are pretty standard but the standard is good. As important as anything, the gulab jamun is great. I love a small bite or two for dessert without being weighed down in price or calories. Some Indian places can't get this right, but it's good here. Without throwing any other local indian delivery under the bus, this is the one to get by far. They are on grubhub but not eat24, which is great because you aren't accidentally encouraged to give yelp 2 bucks.
  16. Cute article. Made me tear up a bit. I think most of us Indian-Americans can relate very closely to this. Same for me - only fast food til I went to college. Hated Indian food. And then .. suddenly came home, and it tasted so good. And haven't stopped dining/cooking/eating it ever since.
  17. I noticed a sign while driving today for Chutney Indian Restaurant supposedly coming soon to a space near the intersection of Georgia Avenue and University Boulevard in Wheaton. I don't know what used to be in the space. The only information I can find online is this skeletal Eater post. I'm wondering whether this place has any relation to the restaurant of the same name in Columbia, for which I can't find a thread despite rave reviews on Yelp and TripAdvisor (I know, I know ... but still). I wouldn't mind at all having a closer option for Indian food than Ghar-E-Kabab, which I think is our closest option now. (I live near the Forest Glen metro.)
  18. Sounds like part of Ardeo+Bardeo will be re-vamped into Bindaas, an Indian street food restaurant with Vikram Sunderam overseeing the food: "Rasika Chef Vikran Sunderam to Oversee Upcoming Indian Street-Food Restaurant" by Becky Krystal on washingtonpost.com At 50 seats, I'm assuming the smaller side space that used to be Bardeo will become Bindaas. Targeted opening early August, but you know how that goes. According to the article, Ardeo+Bardeo will continue with a dining room and the upstairs patio.
  19. Diya Bistro opened around new years at the corner of Great Seneca Highway and Quince Orchard Road in the former Famous Dave's location (which moved to the Wegmans shopping center in Germantown). We had high hopes for this place as my wife and I generally like Indian food, and it is within walking distance of our house. They didn't change much from when it was Famous Dave's with the exception of tables, chairs, and maybe a paint job. The antler chandeliers still provided the light. They really push thallis here, which gives you a plate of several items including bread a desert. You can order a vegetarian thalis or meat thalis. It is supposedly all you can eat. We warned them that my wife if very sensitive to spice. Never-the-less, her meal came out very spicy (even for my tastes). We said something and they brought her some dal, which was also spicy. There was one thing on the plate that she was able to eat, which looked like sweet potato. They never checked back to see if the dal was okay for her tastes--it wasn't and she left hungry. Maybe it is our fault that we didn't push things a bit further, but we basically gave up. When they brought us the bill, we asked about the desert. They said it was on our original plate. We paid the bill and left. Never once did they ask us if we wanted a refill. Perhaps, they were still going through opening issues (it was a few weeks after they opened), but spice level for my wife is a deal breaker, and she would not risk going back. I don't even remember if I would consider the food good as I was trying to make sure my wife was satisfied, so perhaps this is not a fair review. We really wanted to love this place, as it is in our neighborhood.
  20. Curry and pizza place in Georgetown. I've heard great things. Has anyone gone? I guess curry and pizza is a thing... we have it in suburban Detroit where I grew up. -S
  21. In the old Bistro Vivant space is a new restaurant called Masala. I haven't been yet. They do buffet for lunch, and have a pretty big dinner menu. The chef is Ram Thapa.
  22. Soooooo I finally made it out to Ganesh Temple's Cafeteria after wanting to go sometime. I was repurposing after finding Gui Lin Mi Fen to be under renovation or closed (the guy couldn't really explain what was going on). It was for the best though as this place was truly one of the most memorable adventures I've had in a long timmeeee. It's this nice canteen serving nice Dosas and other Indian veggie dishes out of it's cavernous complex. The place is pretty big especially compared to the slumped wooden houses that surround it. They have it all inside: the wedding hall, prayer space, the canteen and MORE!! It was almost otherworldly seeing this massive Hindu temple in the middle of a random part of Flushing. Any who the food is quite nice and while I am a bit weaker in my Indian palate (didn't grow up eating it in the way I did other cuisines like Chinese) I would rate this place very high. Not only do they have a wide variety of dishes, particularly in dosas, that often one doesn't see BUT they have a whole slew of other dishes as well to quench your indian veggie appetite. I went with the Mysore Masala Dosa which was quite delectable and had the perfect amount of spice (I do love spice and could've handled more but this spice complemented the flavors well rather then overpowering them). I also should laud the price to quality ratio. I don't think a single item (admittedly I forget some of the spelling/names so forgive me dear rockers!!) was over 7 buckaroonies which in my book is a steal for the quality of these dosas. Sooooo between the very cool visiting the temple experience and the food I would say make the trek out here!!
  23. Take note Simul: (and others) The owner of Bollywood Masala in way southern MD, California, MD has opened Bollywood Masala in La Plata. I only reference Simul as I suspect you have a wee bit of experience with the cuisine and you've referenced the original Bollywood Masala at least once in the past. La Plata just opened in the last week or so. I'm not qualified to speak to the restaurant or cuisine, but I've spoken to the owner off and on in the past and visited the original and still operating location once a few years ago. (I'm a wuss when it comes to Indian Cusine, but more specifically a wuss as it relates to hot)
  24. "Chatting with Craig LaBan: Indian Takeout, Caterers, and Butchers" by Craig LaBan on philly.com I want to add that I did a James Beard nominee trip a few years ago, and went to one of the long-listed nominees: Bindi, a well-meaning but ultimately sub-par Indian BYOB just southeast of City Hall. Bindi was the only klunker of the entire trip, and we were left slack-jawed wondering how it got long-listed for a Beard Award. Incidentally, the following year, it fell off the nomination list. Still, it was a Beard long-listed Indian restaurant, and I think (don't quote me on this) this was before Rasika had ever been nominated, so it at least made a valiant effort - and it was BYOB! One important thing to know: "Bindi" signifies the red dot worn on the center of the forehead, often by Hindu and Jain females, and this was reflected by a huge red circle on the ceiling of the restaurant. "Bhindi," however, means "Okra," and is pronounced nearly the same, so it would be quite easy to confuse the two. This was the same weekend we went to Amada, Zahav (my first visit which was spectacular), and Tinto (also my first visit which was spectacular), so it was in some pretty tough company, and just didn't stand up well next to its peers, two of which were in their prime.
  25. Bawarchi was similar but not quite as good as Karaikudi. With that said, the buffet was usually excellent. Unfortunately when we went last week we were informed that they discontinued the weekday lunch buffet. I imagine I will be writing another epitaph soon.