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  1. I liked Ambar, but will need to try it again to see if it'll be a regular place for us or not. Haven't been to Pamplona yet, but they sound appealing. Can't find their website/menu, though. Not fine dining, but I'm looking forward to trying Bar Bao when it opens in Clarendon (reportedly next month).
  2. Couldn't find a post about this place so please move if I'm wrong. When my friend hosted book group, she got platters from here and they were delicious so I went with my son about a week ago. And it was just as good. They made a kid's plate for my boy with a kufta kabob, rice and a bit of carrots & potatoes in a sauce - he loved it but I ate the veggies. I had the chicken kabob platter with my chosen side of sauteed spinach and naan-type warm bread. Came with the yummy yogurt sauce too. I finished it - nuff said. Also had the baklava, a huge portion for $3.99. Really nice staff/owners, a few tables for eating in and a lot of people coming to pick up their called in orders. Website: http://www.arlingtonkabobva.com/
  3. Well, the good news is that we finally have a thread on Mother's Macaroons (review here); the bad news is, it's because it closed on April 17th after *28 years in business*. Darn it, I wish I had known - I would have loved to go there one last time - I really did like their macaroons. (Thanks, NB) "Mother's Macaroons Closing This Week" by Ethan Rothstein on arlnow.com
  4. I find ARLNow's comment section really really funny. Sometimes it turns up interesting information. Since I am a regular at OKI Ramen downtown, I just might have to check out our local option. Has anyone been? "Family-Friendly Ramen Shop Opens in Cherrydale" by Heather Mongilio on arlnow.com
  5. I pulled into Westover Shopping Center today, and saw that Village Sweet is now open. Peeking inside, there isn't much in the way of seating, so it looks like there's slim hope for WiFi, but it looks like there might finally be good coffee in North Arlington! It's literally right next door to Lost Dog Cafe.
  6. ARLnow.com reported that it was the Pasha Café on the other side of the 7-11 from Portabellos that changed its name to Bistro 29.
  7. "Restaurant With Questionable Spanish Name Opening On Glebe Road" by Ethan Rothstein on wtop.com
  8. North Arlington Pizza Delivery

    Pizza delivery in N. Arlington - what do you like? With Listrani's gone, we're a bit stuck when it comes to delivery (my family is happy with Papa John's but I'm not). Plenty of options for takeout or eat-in (Pupatella being the best, Faccia Luna though we haven't been in a long time, Fireworks, etc.), but sometimes you want a delivery option.
  9. We tried out this Turkish-Lebanese-Greek restaurant tonight and it was really good. We had falafel, dolmas, grilled squid, boregi, and moussaka. Everything was pretty good. We will definitely go back again. They have only been open 2-1/2 months but the place was very busy tonight. It is located near the Chasin' Tails restaurant.
  10. I tried to go to this place a few weeks ago, but couldn't find it, so I re-doubled my efforts yesterday. I had spent a lovely morning with a friend and became quite hungry. I remembered I wanted to try here and was in the mood for something spicy and warm, due to the recent cold weather. On a side note, it's going to go down to 7 degrees tomorrow. I thought there was a reason I left Michigan. Oh, yeah, in my hometown it is going to be a high of -5. Anyway, this place is not hard to find if you know how to use a map. But, the problem is that they don't have a sign up yet (other than the poster in the window), so I missed it. It's in the Bangladeshi strip, where there are grocers and Gharer Khabar is. I parked in the back (the strip is mall is packed with cars, and it's kind of a pain exiting/entering, so maybe try the back. It's a simple place, looks sort of like a cafeteria. It smells good in there. There were two couples in there eating delicious looking curries and biryanis. I was eating alone, so I was a bit limited in what I could order. What immediately caught my eye was the 'kaachi biryani'. It is a biryani dish where the rice and meat are cooked raw together and layered with other ingredients (the spices, vegetables, yogurt). However, it is a special order dish and only available on Saturdays, if you call four hours in advance. I asked him details and if there was any left over that I could have, but he said that due to the weather, they couldn't get some of the suppliers to bring what they needed so it just wasn't available today. They have many curries (chicken, shrimp, lamb, goat). They have many biryanis. They have typical north Indian dishes (CTM, a few vegetarian dishes). The prices are lowish. I ordered the 'halim', which is stewed lentils with some pieces of goat and spicy. It is supposedly a weekend breakfast/brunch treat. He gave a lime and some chilis on the side with no instructions. It was spiced well, but I threw in some lime juice and a few cuts of the chili. It got fiery. I liked the taste. It's like dal makhni on steroids, much richer and less cream based, with a few small fatty cuts of goat. I could eat a large bowl of that a winter afternoon any time. The portion was smallish, but it also only costed $5. Then, I got the goat curry made extra spicy. It was served with basmati rice. This was bar none the best goat curry I have ever had. I have some reference, as I have had it at maybe 8 or 9 other places. It was rich, the coloring was perfect - dark deep brown. There were a lot of pieces of goat, some on bone and some off bone. It brought the heat. I absolutely loved the dish. The total with a Diet Coke was $17.67 and I saved exactly half for my lovely friend for her dinner tonight. I have to go again and try the seafood dishes, and call ahead for the Saturday dish. The young an that was serving and also the cashier was delightful to chat with, he just moved from Bangladesh 3 months ago, and it is his family friends that have hired him. They used to be located in Rockville, but said with the growth of the Bangla population on this strip of Lee Highway, it made sense to go. He very much suggested coming on Sunday, where there is "brunch buffet" with many dishes for just $8. $8, I had to have him repeat it to me. 10am - 5.30pm. The food is very delicious and authentic. I hope the owner works on the decor. With a little work, it could become Virginia destination dining like Bangkok Golden (my lunch treat for today). Probably a great spot for a group gathering. I'm curious to hear what the Don has to say about this. Tyler Cowen has spoken already. There is just one review on Yelp and it is about butter chicken. (Picture me as the guy in Sideways, "I'm not ordering the f-ckin' butter chicken!") Pic 1 is the halim, pic 2 is the goat curry, pic 3 is leftovers in a cute box. Simul
  11. Hi, thought I'd start a TMB for Arlington to see if others are interested. I'm assuming from ktmoomau's message that she lives in Arlington too.
  12. Ate here tonight fir the first time and will be back. I couldn't find a thread for this restaurant, which is on Wilson Blvd in Arlington, west of Pupatella, right next to La Union (which I also couldn't find a thread for, but we decided to try Sultana Grill tonight instead). Sultana Grill bills itself as Moroccan and Mediterranean food. I was a little dubious, but we liked it enough to declare, mid-meal, that we planned to add it to our rotation. The hummus came with freshly chopped parsley, olive oil, and pickled turnips and tasted less tahini-like than Lebanese Taverna Market's. We agreed it was a different taste, with a lighter feel. Same with the tomato avocado salad. It was tangier with more of an herbal taste, and more lightly dressed. Pita bread was nothing to write home about. Spinach pies were baked, not fried and were lemony. I like more spinach and less dough, but I would get these again. Came with what I think was a tahini/herb dip. Chicken shwarma was delicious. Not sure what the marinade and spicing were, but the chicken was tender, chopped to a nice size, and came with garlic spread, more pickled stuff, and saffron rice that was just the right consistency. We were the only non-Arabic-speaking family in the place for dinner (not that it was packed). Capped it off with Moroccan tea (minty sweet) served in the lovely glass cups and a silver teapoton a silver tray. Service was not quick, but we weren't in a hurry. If I missed a thread somewhere on the site for this, my apologies, but I thought it was a tasty, family-owned place I'd go back to, so I thought I'd share.
  13. My neighborhood listserv has been praising this place ever since it opened a couple of months ago, so my friend and I decided to try it. The praise was spot-on. This food is downright delicious. We had the baba ganoush (best I've ever had) with fresh-made pita, and chicken kabob sandwiches. Everything was so flavorful and fresh. Can't wait to go back and try more things. You can dine in, but also looks perfect for carryout. The website is here.
  14. Reed's Custom Tailors 5179 Lee Highway Arlington, Virginia 22207 Tel. (703) 532-1112 I've been using Reed's for all sorts of alterations and repairs for perhaps a decade (maybe longer). Their rates are good, and they have always done great work. The owner is extremely nice, too, and seems very honest. I've taken a few things in for repairs and was told that it wouldn't be worth the money. If you're looking for a tailor and are anywhere nearby, you should give them a try. I've sent quite a few people there over the years and haven't heard any complaints. Rich Boone
  15. There's currently a Groupon for this place. Would it be worthwhile to buy one?
  16. Has anyone eaten at cityhouse? We may be booking a large event at the Hyatt Arlington Rosslyn, just wondering if any of you have tried the food there since it became cityhouse. Thanks!
  17. Has anyone been to this restaurant? I tried some of their food at the Taste of Arlington on Sunday and thought it was just excellent. I had samosas, some other fritter that I think had spinach in it, some chickpea curry with almonds, and biryani. They seemed to be only serving vegetarian fare, and if I wanted to become a vegetarian, it would be easy if I could eat their food. Has anyone been to the restaurant itself? I think I may want to try it soon. So delicious.
  18. I have been afraid to but my upstairs neighbor hangs out there from time to time after his shift is over. He claims there is decent beer and meh food, iirc. One of these days, I will go somewhere other than Toby's, food-wise on that side of the street....
  19. It should be noted that there are two empanada food trucks - the other being Capital Empanadas which is not good. at all. Do not make the mistake of eating at Capital Empanadas, which serves small, dry, overpriced empanadas that are only edible with copious amounts of green sauce.
  20. For New York style pizza, Upper Crust on Pennsylvania Avenue (next door to Roti) is pretty good. Not like Giuseppi's Pizza was back in the day in Rockville, but close.
  21. I used teh Googlez and didn't see any threads on it, which kind of surprised me. Ahhh well. My parents saw an episode of "Divers, Dines, and Dry Cleaners" or whatever that Guy Fieri show is that featured Metro 29. Well, to be completely honest, I saw it too, though I usually try to scrub the memory of the bleach blonde spikes and sunglasses out of my head with copious amounts of alcohol. They had debated between La Carraquena and Metro 29, and decided since there was 5 of us to go to Metro 29. It helped that it's one of my sister-in-law's favorite restaurants, though she hadn't been there in a while - she's been going there since it opened. And honestly, on the show, it made me more interested in going to it, as before I'd always just thought "Silver Diner" which I can't stand. We called ahead of time and only had to wait a couple of minutes in the crowds. The sheer age diversity amused me - everything from high school kids to the elderly. It was one of the few times I wasn't immediately annoyed by a throng of high schoolers (I must've been distracted or something). We ordered appetizers of fried cheesesticks and chicken tenders. I had gotten soup and a salad with my entree so I only sampled a small bit of each (feeling kind of "na na na boo boo, I'm healthier than you" for once in my darn life). They weren't greasy and were actually quite tasty. My brother posited that the honey mustard was Ken's brand which is his favorite. My soup was solid though needed pepper badly. Lots of noodles and chicken, I could've used more broth but couldn't complain about the taste (after I added pepper). The salad was pretty straight forward but man, the cucumbers on it were delicious. Maybe it was just me yesterday. Usually I avoid cucumbers unless they're pickled or in gin. My brother and mom had reubens. They were huge, had some of the better onion rings I've ever had on the side, and made for two solid meals for any one of us at only $12.50. Dad had an open faced steak sandwich of some sort that he seemed to like a lot (same in terms of size). My sis-in-law had French toast. I tried a bite of it and I will say that it was FANTASTIC - and with about a half pound of bacon on the side. I got the Yankee Pot Roast. The meat was a bit touch but the potato pancakes and gravy were all delicious. I didn't try the cabbage as part of my "be nice to the family" campaign. I still have half of that in my fridge... At the next table some hungover college kids had milkshakes. OHMYGOD I NEEDS ONE. They looked fantastic. Imma gonna go back, and get a milkshake, and french toast, and cover it in syrup, then go bounce off the walls of my office for the rest of the day. I HAVE BIG PLANS FOR MY LIFE. Anyways. I'd always dismissed this place as a Silver Diner clone. The food here wasn't super spectacular, but it was good, it was plentiful, and it wasn't expensive. I understand now why the line goes out the door regularly. Not every meal needs to be super fancy - this food made us all happy, if a bit needing a nap.
  22. I saw that yesterday - Bangladeshi food. I have a number of Bangali coworkers, so I'll be interested to see what it's like.
  23. Thai Curry is one of the Groupon specials today (http://www.groupon.com/deals/thai-curry-arlington?c=dnb&p=5). It replaced Bangkok Siam in the Buckingham shopping area, and has been totally renovated - so much nicer than before. Full disclosure in that I am friends with the owner, but I have enjoyed many of the dishes I have had here. A few dishes that you do not see on every other Thai menu as they are trying to emphasize a more "street food" approach, but we still usually order the standard curries and noodle dishes. I do love the Larb Balls, a nice change from regular larb gai although you have to forget all the extra calories that likely come with the frying part of the dish. The owners also have Kanlaya and Asian Spice.
  24. Ruffino's on Lee Highway... hubby mentioned when driving by today it looked closed and their old neon sign was down... Anybody know the story... are they closed and is it for renovations or totally closed?