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  1. Couldn't find a post about this place so please move if I'm wrong. When my friend hosted book group, she got platters from here and they were delicious so I went with my son about a week ago. And it was just as good. They made a kid's plate for my boy with a kufta kabob, rice and a bit of carrots & potatoes in a sauce - he loved it but I ate the veggies. I had the chicken kabob platter with my chosen side of sauteed spinach and naan-type warm bread. Came with the yummy yogurt sauce too. I finished it - nuff said. Also had the baklava, a huge portion for $3.99. Really nice staff/owners, a few tables for eating in and a lot of people coming to pick up their called in orders. Website: http://www.arlingtonkabobva.com/
  2. Team, We have been reading this forum for a long time and found it very helpful in enhancing our dining experience. Now, me and my partner Enzo Algarme have opened our own food establishment and want to invite you guys to check it out. Enzo, who is from Naples, Italy, worked in the kitchen of the renown "Il Pizzaiolo del Presidente" (certified by Verace Pizza Napoletana) in Naples, where he learned how to make authentic Neapolitan specialties, which we are now making here, in Arlington, Virginia. Some things, like the Neapolitan Fried Calzone, you can't find anywhere else in this area. We also make Palle di Riso (crunchy rice balls stuffed with peas, veggie crumble and cheese), Panzarotti - potato croquettes stuffed with mozzarella, Neapolitan-style pizza (we do not have a wood-burning oven, but use the same recipe and the ingredients as pizzerias in Naples). The food we serve is the authentic Neapolitan STREET food, just like you find on the streets of Naples. Our food establishment is a STREET CART, not a restaurant, so the prices are more than reasonable. We have been open for about 1 week in the neighbourhood of Ballston, in Arlington, VA just outside the Metro station, at the corner of Stuart and 9th streets. We are only open Mon-Fri for breakfast and lunch right now, from 8 to 3:30, but soon will be open until 8pm. Come to give us a shot! Anastasiya and Enzo pupatella.com myspace.com/pupatella1pizza
  3. "No Peeking!" That's what it says on the bright orange envelope I was handed at Sushi-Zen as I picked up my carryout Vegetarian Sushi ($9.49) lunch special. I've been to Sushi-Zen a couple times in the past, and have never cared for either the fish or the sushi rice. Again, I didn't like the rice, but I was pretty taken by the artful carryout presentation of the (tired-looking but well-cut and colorful) vegetables, about six or seven different types. Visually, it was a really nice effort by the sushi chef. Back to the orange envelope. "Come back to Sushi-Zen November 1st through November 30th, and bring this envelope UNOPENED [in big, bold letters] to receive one of five secret prizes. Envelope needs to be opened in front of your server to be valid." * A $50 Gift Certificate * 25% off your bill * $3.50 off your bill * A free appetizer value up to $7.00 * A free dessert My envelope remains unopened. However, a close scrutiny under bright sunlight reveals that I have a free appetizer (value up to $7.00) coming my way in November, should I wish to go back. Cheers, Rocks.
  4. I see from today's lettres that Mr. Rockwell was at Cassatt's recently. I fervently hope that he wasn't there Saturday night, as every time the band stopped playing would be the exact moment that I would say something shameful that would suddenly carry across the restaurant. The meat pies were indeed very good and there are easily 7 or 8 to choose from. My beef and cheese was great until I hit the occasional bits of gristle. The steak and mushroom pie didn't have that problem and was perfect for a cold night. The lamb kabob and the grilled tilapia were fine, but you can get those elsewhere AND those unfortunate souls who ordered them were forced to borrow my mango chutney. I protected it like an enraged giant weta. We came because of their inclusion in the Neighborhood Eats on WETA (which is different from a weta; look it up) and because New Zealand has always been the escape plan if we had to flee the country, so it would behoove us to see if we like the food. Has anyone else been? Is the food small "a" authentic?
  5. For New York style pizza, Upper Crust on Pennsylvania Avenue (next door to Roti) is pretty good. Not like Giuseppi's Pizza was back in the day in Rockville, but close.
  6. I find ARLNow's comment section really really funny. Sometimes it turns up interesting information. Since I am a regular at OKI Ramen downtown, I just might have to check out our local option. Has anyone been? "Family-Friendly Ramen Shop Opens in Cherrydale" by Heather Mongilio on arlnow.com
  7. I liked Ambar, but will need to try it again to see if it'll be a regular place for us or not. Haven't been to Pamplona yet, but they sound appealing. Can't find their website/menu, though. Not fine dining, but I'm looking forward to trying Bar Bao when it opens in Clarendon (reportedly next month).
  8. It doesn't, but they list Bolly at $70. There are retail wine merchants who charge that (they're ripping you off, of course, but still). I've often wondered about that place when taking my dog to the (wonderful) vet across the street.
  9. Ruffino's on Lee Highway... hubby mentioned when driving by today it looked closed and their old neon sign was down... Anybody know the story... are they closed and is it for renovations or totally closed?
  10. A friend of mine has been telling me that I should definitely try this place located in Arlington on the N Glebe road while driving up to Ballston on the right hand side next to a Suntrust bank.(enough directions?) this is a place which you wont expect alot. there is no ambiance no decor there is no nothing but chairs , tables and the counter where you order your food. The prices are cheaper if you compare to Moby Dicks but you get the same amount of food . Now that Im Turkish , call it eather Middle east or Europe I dont care , we have good kabobs in Turkey. As a matter of fact those Turkish restaurants that claim their kabobs are good , they are nothing comparable to the ones in Turkey. What Im saying is I know a good kabob and the best ones. I ordered the lamb chops because my friend told me everytime he orders those, and my companion ordered the Ravi kabob special. Both meals are served with homemade pita (I think better than MDicks) with salad , rice and chick peas, and some yogurt sauce. yogurt sauce is not that good, its just ok . Ravi special is chicken kabob and ground beef kabob combined. but this chicken is the most tender and moist and flavorful chicken ever as a kabob. I havent eaten a better chicken kabob in United States. Lamb chops were great also but alittle oversalted , but hey , who gives a damn. I`ll keep going to this place just for the chicken kabobs. There is not much else to say, total check was 26$ including 2 bottled drinks.
  11. We tried out this Turkish-Lebanese-Greek restaurant tonight and it was really good. We had falafel, dolmas, grilled squid, boregi, and moussaka. Everything was pretty good. We will definitely go back again. They have only been open 2-1/2 months but the place was very busy tonight. It is located near the Chasin' Tails restaurant.
  12. Caribbean Grill is on of our go-to take out places (although there are a few tables inside). It is on Lee Hwy at the intersection with George Mason Rd. in the same shopping center as Saran. (You know the place that is really difficult to get in and out of) The chicken while very good, just isn't as good as El Pollo Rico; however, the sides more than make up for difference in chicken seasoning. I think the Cuban rice is very good. Not overly spiced, but very comforting. They have fried, baked and stewed yucca. The fried is my favorite. Nice texture that stands up against the ride back home even. The plantains have nice flavor and you get a reasonable portion. They also have steamed veggies, non-Cuban rice and a nice selection of beans. This place is quick, tasty and pretty affordable. I hear they have a really good Cuban sandwich, but we always get chicken. Will have to try it sometime. They also have a lot of Cuban specialties I have also not tried yet. Ordering a whole chicken provides days of food for me, so it is just so hard to pass up, especially when the whole place smells like roasting chicken. The ladies are always very nice, and you can almost always get a table.
  13. I wasn't quite sure where to start the Heidelberg thread- feel free to move it to shopping and cooking, but I wanted to note it is a great place to eat, as well. In the winter Heidelberg is more of a bakery, shop and a deli. They have beautiful breads, pretzels and pastries, they have pies, they do cakes, they have a wide selection of marzipan goodies. They also have chocolates and cheeses and meats. They make sandwiches and etc. In the nicer weather though go for the wurst. If you drive by and see their tent out front that is when to stop by. They grill multiple types of sausages on the grill brautwurst, knackwurst, weisswurst and debreziner, which they serve with kraut on a really nice roll that is appropriately crisp and soft. I particularly like the curried ketchup to put on it. You can get a combo with a pretzel and drink, or with kraut and German potato salad and drink or add to that pretzel and a piece of apple strudel for the ultimate combo. If you can't decide on a sausage no problem they will cut you off a piece of each to sample. The kraut isn't too sour, but has a nice crunch and tanginess to it. The warm German potato salad is really good, the potatoes are tender and there is just the right amount of sauce not to overwhelm the potatoes, but to bind them nicely. The pretzels are wonderful, soft and chewy with a nice shell and just enough coarse salt. The apple strudel has nice cooked apples inside, the pastry is dense, but still light and very flavorful. Really worth a stop. They have tables and chairs outside, some with umbrellas to eat your goodies in good weather. They only have one table and a little counter area inside. Here is their website- it's pretty informative. Heidelberg
  14. I pulled into Westover Shopping Center today, and saw that Village Sweet is now open. Peeking inside, there isn't much in the way of seating, so it looks like there's slim hope for WiFi, but it looks like there might finally be good coffee in North Arlington! It's literally right next door to Lost Dog Cafe.
  15. It's such a beautiful day today that I decided to take a long walk. As I turned off Lee Highway onto Glebe Road, I noticed Thirsty Bernie Sports Bar And Grill, right next to the fisherman's shop that used to be called "Angler's Lie" (which I thought was a great name). A big sign on the restaurant says "Coming Soon!" I walked up and saw a big flat-screen TV in the window, and noticed that things looked set up and ready to go. There was a gentleman inside, working hard, and when I caught his attention, he motioned me over to the side door. He spoke very little English, but I managed to ask him when the restaurant would be opening; although I can't be sure we understood each other, it appears to be very, very soon. A menu is posted on the window, and Thirsty Bernie will be serving classic sports-bar fare such as chicken wings, hamburgers, fried onion rings, and bean dip. When I walked away and continued down Glebe Road, I had a huge smile on my face, and I headed towards Ballston with a spring in my step, unable to suppress the smile which kept coming back, again and again. Because in addition to the chicken wings, hamburgers, fried onion rings, and bean dip, the menu also listed beef on weck, a kielbasa sandwich, pierogies, a homemade charcuterie plate, and a whole host of other things. And on the bottom-right was this: Executive Chef, Jamie Stachowski. Cheers! Rocks.
  16. I couldn't find a topic on this neighborhood joint (and I've been spending a lot of time there) so I decided to add one. This place is a big reason for my jump back on the beer bandwagon. They always have a great beer on tap and really nothing beats drinking outside on a nice day. The place is a little crazy with children during the early hours but eases in to an older crowd as it gets later. There is actually some decent food at the deli counter depending on the day, and if you want beer to go Westover simply has one of the greatest selections in the area, including kegs.
  17. I used teh Googlez and didn't see any threads on it, which kind of surprised me. Ahhh well. My parents saw an episode of "Divers, Dines, and Dry Cleaners" or whatever that Guy Fieri show is that featured Metro 29. Well, to be completely honest, I saw it too, though I usually try to scrub the memory of the bleach blonde spikes and sunglasses out of my head with copious amounts of alcohol. They had debated between La Carraquena and Metro 29, and decided since there was 5 of us to go to Metro 29. It helped that it's one of my sister-in-law's favorite restaurants, though she hadn't been there in a while - she's been going there since it opened. And honestly, on the show, it made me more interested in going to it, as before I'd always just thought "Silver Diner" which I can't stand. We called ahead of time and only had to wait a couple of minutes in the crowds. The sheer age diversity amused me - everything from high school kids to the elderly. It was one of the few times I wasn't immediately annoyed by a throng of high schoolers (I must've been distracted or something). We ordered appetizers of fried cheesesticks and chicken tenders. I had gotten soup and a salad with my entree so I only sampled a small bit of each (feeling kind of "na na na boo boo, I'm healthier than you" for once in my darn life). They weren't greasy and were actually quite tasty. My brother posited that the honey mustard was Ken's brand which is his favorite. My soup was solid though needed pepper badly. Lots of noodles and chicken, I could've used more broth but couldn't complain about the taste (after I added pepper). The salad was pretty straight forward but man, the cucumbers on it were delicious. Maybe it was just me yesterday. Usually I avoid cucumbers unless they're pickled or in gin. My brother and mom had reubens. They were huge, had some of the better onion rings I've ever had on the side, and made for two solid meals for any one of us at only $12.50. Dad had an open faced steak sandwich of some sort that he seemed to like a lot (same in terms of size). My sis-in-law had French toast. I tried a bite of it and I will say that it was FANTASTIC - and with about a half pound of bacon on the side. I got the Yankee Pot Roast. The meat was a bit touch but the potato pancakes and gravy were all delicious. I didn't try the cabbage as part of my "be nice to the family" campaign. I still have half of that in my fridge... At the next table some hungover college kids had milkshakes. OHMYGOD I NEEDS ONE. They looked fantastic. Imma gonna go back, and get a milkshake, and french toast, and cover it in syrup, then go bounce off the walls of my office for the rest of the day. I HAVE BIG PLANS FOR MY LIFE. Anyways. I'd always dismissed this place as a Silver Diner clone. The food here wasn't super spectacular, but it was good, it was plentiful, and it wasn't expensive. I understand now why the line goes out the door regularly. Not every meal needs to be super fancy - this food made us all happy, if a bit needing a nap.
  18. Thai Curry is one of the Groupon specials today (http://www.groupon.com/deals/thai-curry-arlington?c=dnb&p=5). It replaced Bangkok Siam in the Buckingham shopping area, and has been totally renovated - so much nicer than before. Full disclosure in that I am friends with the owner, but I have enjoyed many of the dishes I have had here. A few dishes that you do not see on every other Thai menu as they are trying to emphasize a more "street food" approach, but we still usually order the standard curries and noodle dishes. I do love the Larb Balls, a nice change from regular larb gai although you have to forget all the extra calories that likely come with the frying part of the dish. The owners also have Kanlaya and Asian Spice.
  19. Well, the good news is that we finally have a thread on Mother's Macaroons (review here); the bad news is, it's because it closed on April 17th after *28 years in business*. Darn it, I wish I had known - I would have loved to go there one last time - I really did like their macaroons. (Thanks, NB) "Mother's Macaroons Closing This Week" by Ethan Rothstein on arlnow.com
  20. Ate here tonight fir the first time and will be back. I couldn't find a thread for this restaurant, which is on Wilson Blvd in Arlington, west of Pupatella, right next to La Union (which I also couldn't find a thread for, but we decided to try Sultana Grill tonight instead). Sultana Grill bills itself as Moroccan and Mediterranean food. I was a little dubious, but we liked it enough to declare, mid-meal, that we planned to add it to our rotation. The hummus came with freshly chopped parsley, olive oil, and pickled turnips and tasted less tahini-like than Lebanese Taverna Market's. We agreed it was a different taste, with a lighter feel. Same with the tomato avocado salad. It was tangier with more of an herbal taste, and more lightly dressed. Pita bread was nothing to write home about. Spinach pies were baked, not fried and were lemony. I like more spinach and less dough, but I would get these again. Came with what I think was a tahini/herb dip. Chicken shwarma was delicious. Not sure what the marinade and spicing were, but the chicken was tender, chopped to a nice size, and came with garlic spread, more pickled stuff, and saffron rice that was just the right consistency. We were the only non-Arabic-speaking family in the place for dinner (not that it was packed). Capped it off with Moroccan tea (minty sweet) served in the lovely glass cups and a silver teapoton a silver tray. Service was not quick, but we weren't in a hurry. If I missed a thread somewhere on the site for this, my apologies, but I thought it was a tasty, family-owned place I'd go back to, so I thought I'd share.
  21. My neighborhood listserv has been praising this place ever since it opened a couple of months ago, so my friend and I decided to try it. The praise was spot-on. This food is downright delicious. We had the baba ganoush (best I've ever had) with fresh-made pita, and chicken kabob sandwiches. Everything was so flavorful and fresh. Can't wait to go back and try more things. You can dine in, but also looks perfect for carryout. The website is here.
  22. My wife and I are looking to eat in Arlington this Wednesday and be finished by 8pm. Looking for something interesting and good that will not break the bank and will leave our tastes intact for a wine tasting later that evening. Thanks in advance
  23. I haven't seen much about this restaurant other than occassional mention in the Wed. chat, but a friend and I went there last night for dinner. In comparison to Lebanese Taverna, I must say this is much better. Note: we split 5 mezzas and they were all vegetarian as my friend doesn't eat meat. We stuck with your basics standards but thought they were well executed. Had a pomegranate hommass-your basic hommos with with pom. juice on top. (we actually ordered a 2nd one later since we liked it so much). It was well made, very smooth and creamy, not too garlicky, but the juice just added a nice sweet/tart note that is a bit unexpected (but in a good way) Had the moussaka-eggplant, onion, tomatoes, chickpeas. We both enjoyed it, but definitely had other favorites of the night. It was cold which we weren't expecting, and came as a bit of a shock since we were expecting something else. It was a good melding of flavors in more of a vegetable stew kind of dish, rather than a layered casserole that I think of when I think moussaka. Middle Eastern cheese-2 1/2" thick, maybe 6" long slice of cheese, said to be served warm, we found ours to be at best lukewarm. Probably the least liked of the bunch. One was covered in black sesame seeds, the other in zaatar. I just found it didn't have a whole lot of flavor. Spinach Fatayer-a good rendition, nothing mind-blowing, not too inventive, just a good spinach pocket. Very generous on the filling, which I have found can be stingy at some places. Last, vegetarian kibbeh-I think this was my favorite of the night. Triangle shaped filled wheat shells with walnuts, peppers, and pom. sauce, then deep fried. The outside had a wonderful crispness to it without being greasy at all. The inside was so hot I burned my mouth a bit, but is was a wonderful oozy gooiness. Not to oozy to spill everywhere, but enough to feel a wonderful texture contrast in your mouth. That's it, sorry to be so long, hope I didn't bore you! Our bill was $42 (6 mezzas and one iced tea), not including tip. The interior was very nice-the usual Middle Eastern decorations, but tastefully done. It was not crowded at all when we were there, but I could see this being a nice place to bring a date on a weekend. Very large selection of vegetarian choices-I would say over half of the menu actually.