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  1. Cafe Kimchi has closed. The space is now open under (I believe) different ownership with a new name and prettier look. The new restaurant is Torai, which serves Korean and Japanese food. Yelp link (obligatory "Sorry, Don.") Someone I know who lives nearby told me about the change and said that the food is quite good and a step up from Cafe Kimchi. I have not been in to eat here yet and, for that matter, only got food at Cafe Kimchi once. I forget what it was but it wasn't something that traveled too well. Given the small space, takeout probably remains the best option here, though there is some seating. The space is at 751 8th Street, SE, next to District Doughnuts.
  2. ... because it deserves its own thread... also Eggslut’s Alvin Cailan Tries Healthy Indulgence at Paper Planes, by Ligaya Mishan, August 28, 2017, on nytimes.com.
  3. The Branded Saloon is a corner neighborhood bar with a somewhat kitschy Western theme - wagon wheel chandelier, stuffed animals heads mounted on the wall, you get the picture. The small front room has a friendly looking bar and stools along with a handful of booths. The back room hosts live music and other events nightly and the basement has a pool table. A small patio area is out front for a sunny day. The Brussel sprout hash with bacon, potatoes, poached eggs, garlic cilantro hollandaise made for a good brunch dish, the accompanying "white toast" was supermarket quality and had spent maybe 10 seconds near a toaster. Very good Bloody Mary. The beer list skewed local. I'm not sure anyone would go out of their way to go to the Branded Saloon, but it's the sort of neighborhood bar that should be supported.
  4. Yesterday, my co-worker asked me if I wanted to grab lunch and I said sure and asked him what he had in mind. He said there is a hole in the wall place in Sterling, VA that serves good cheese steak. I said I am game and off we went. The place is a complete hole in the wall and I loved it. Has less than twenty seats. I ordered the cheese steak and a slice of pizza, so I could get an idea on the pizza. I was impressed with the pizza. It wasn't soggy, was able to do a proper fold on a new york style pizza. It was delicious. The cheese steak was outstanding. I was impressed. It was juicy with the juices dripping down the sandwich and my hand. I went through at least ten napkins while consuming that sandwich. I plan on going back and trying some more items.
  5. A friend and I stopped for a quick look around today, hoping they had dine-in. They do some carryout sandwiches and the place smelled absolutely terrific, but there's no indoor seating. A few bistro tables outside, but it was a tad too chilly to sit on metal chairs on a cloudy afternoon. They advertise fresh bread brought in daily, and there's a selection of wines, gelato, pasta and similar. And the red sauce smells like I'd want to drink a gallon of it.
  6. I didn't see a thread on Which Which, so I thought I would start one website here: https://www.whichwich.com/#!/ Mon-Sat 10:00 am to 9:30 pm, Sun 11:00 am to 6:00 pm We go to the Ballston location when we go, their staff is nice and it is very efficient. They have very little inside seating, but they have some outside tables under the awning to eat at, as well. I have found a number of their subs to be pretty good, not anything like a homemade sub shop, but definitely a step above Subway. I like it just a bit better than Potbelly, as I find there to be more options and easier to select what you want in the ordering process, plus they keep later hours than the Potbelly near us. I find their hours to actually be later than many of the places near us, so it is a later evening oh shoot I need to eat and darn I just missed many other closing times option in Ballston. I got their Philly Cheesesteak with provolone special recently and was quite happy with it. I also like that they have the fancy coke machine.
  7. Funny, I had an Americano (a large comes with four shots - they use a California roaster with a multi-syllabic name beginning with "D") in Del Ray just two days ago, at the pleasant Emma's Espresso and Wine Bar. I didn't try any of the baked goods, but the Americano was very well made, served in a ginormous (that didn't activate the spell-check alert?) mug, and was quite a good cup of coffee. The first few moments of service were addled, but instantly rectified themselves, and the staff there was as pleasant as can be. They have free WiFi, and Emma's is well-worth a visit if you enjoy independent coffee houses. They own the entire house, right off Mount Vernon Avenue, so there's ample parking.
  8. Wellllll I don't mean to be quite the debbie downer between contra and Karam for while this was better then my bad contra experience, if they can be compared, this wasn't great either. Now this isn't a totally fair argument as one is fine dining and one is a Lebanese "snack shop" but I believe experiences can be compared across restaurant genres. I digress though.... Tonights resto just wasn't great. Perhaps I am becoming tooooo demanding but I got the chicken shwarma sandwich with falafel in it and I got a mezze spread cuz like you can't have Lebanese without some hummus. Nevertheless, I expected more from this spot sadly and left disappointed. Firstly, the falafel didn't taste all that fresh. It had that sitting around falafel taste and texture which is like chewy falafel that loses its crunchy skin etc. That was a big disappointment!! The chicken was fine but I wouldn't label it so good that it outweighed the falafel tragedy!!! Next was the mezze. Now Hummus is something I feel like I've really honed my knowledge of in terms of how it's supposed to taste. I expect a certain sourness and bitterness to it bursting with chickpea flavor (I know they use other beans but the flavor should still have a bursting quality in the mouth at least to me). It should not be bland which precisely this was. I dunno if it was the beans used or something but this just wasn't the best I've had. I also got some other spread they were fine but I just didn't feel this place was up to snuff. My anxious side thinks I'm being to tough recently but I dunno I think I'd stick to this negative review if pressed. HOWEVER.....the day was redeemed by a nice Lebanese pastry/ice cream shop which I shall wax about in another post!! I promise next post will be positive!!! Is there another one of these I should be giving a hard look at going to?? My feeling is that Turkish food is on average better in NYC then Lebanese but I haven't had enough of either during my short sojourn here in the city to absolutely confirm or deny that feeling.
  9. We stopped by this place just to get a drink. While there we picked up a homemade "Ring Ding." Amazing! Don't know if they have this every day, but if you stop in and they do have it, better pick one up as it was delicious. It was the yummiest thing we ate in NYC during a weekend of plenty of good eating!!!! As a kid I didn't even like Ring Dings, but this thing was a winner.
  10. "Bunk Sandwiches Opens in Brooklyn, Bringing Another Slice of Portland Food Culture to NYC" by Michael Russell on oregonlive.com Opened on 11/17/15 at 740 Driggs Ave.
  11. I haven't been here, but heard that That's A Wrap Deli opened in the Potomac Valley Shops (12158 Darnestown Road, Gaithersburg, MD 20878). From their website it appears that it is a non-profit that employs people with special needs. I will definitely give it a try. Has anyone had a chance to stop by yet?
  12. Not really a sit down dinner place but a really good place for a sandwich, South Market Sandwich.
  13. I have an affinity for inexpensive rye whiskey. Especially Old Overholt. So when I read that a new bar called The Airedale was going to serve Old Overholt soft serve ice cream I knew I had to try it. Eatruneat and I made our way up there around four in the afternoon on Saturday to find the place almost completely empty. Our friends met us soon after and were terribly disappointed to find that they were not serving food at the moment. Eatruneat and her friend had just run almost twenty miles and were in a 'caloric deficit'. But the kitchen was transitioning from the brunch to regular menu wouldn't be ready until 5. Eatruneat and her friend sucked it up and just ordered beers after our bartender and bar manager promised to take their order as soon as possible. At 4:57 one the cooks popped his head out of the kitchen and gave our bartender the nod. Eatruneat ordered the la mitraillette and her friend got the Royale with cheese sans cheese. Eatruneat's friend said that her burger was cooked to a perfect medium rare and the veggies on top tasted really fresh. As for Eatruneat's dish, I don't know where to begin...and I don't think she did either. Her 'sandwich' was insane. Imagine an open faced baguette with a butterflied half smoke topped with pieces of ground chuck topped with onions topped with french fries with mayo and ketchup topping it all off. It was truly a sight. After they finished their dishes it was time for the reason we went there in the first place, the ice cream. Eatruneat and her friend thought it tasted a lot like Old Overholt where as my friend and I though you could really only taste the whiskey during the finish of the ice cream; however we did find a winning combo. When paired with a 'hard' root beer the ice cream really shines. We will be back for that combo - and maybe that crazy 'sandwich' again - as well as the friendly staff and nice atmosphere. On a side note, Eatruneat's friend noticed that the stairs going to the upstairs, where the bathrooms and outdoor deck are located, are floating and she was pretty sure 'flashed half of the bar' when walking up them in her dress. Be careful, ladies!
  14. In the "every cloud has a silver lining" category, I am now eagerly awaiting the opening of his "Chase the Submarine" on Church Street! I had not heard that this was in the works.
  15. Somehow this place has passed me by with stealth. I just really noticed it today, and it's apparently going to open in mid-May. (Well, that's the target.) Two of us spoke with a man working outside I assume is the owner, and he said that he plans outdoor seating and will also be applying for an alcohol permit to serve wine (or at least wine). Projected hours: 6AM to 9PM Mondays through Thursdays and 6 to 10 on Fridays and Saturdays. Closed Sundays. Since it has completely passed me by, I have no idea how far he has gotten with any of the permitting for outdoor seating or alcohol. I'm not sure how the immediate neighbors will react to those two facets of the operation. There is a decent space for a patio outside. (Visually, this is catty-corner from the northeast corner of the Car Barn, at 101 15th Street.) Their website is up and functioning: http://www.miascoffeehouse.com I wasn't sure if this was the right forum for the posting, but given that this is the coffee menu, I figured here: Espresso Americano Flat White French Press Pour Over Macchiato Cortado Cappucino Latte Cold Brew Iced Coffee Decaf House Blend
  16. So this place is probably overdue for its own thread since it: - has been around for 2.5 years - is in Adams Morgan - has reasonably good offerings - has been mentioned only in passing in a couple of other, not-so-recent, topics - is just a few steps from the now-shuttered Hans Pedr' Kaffe, which had been serving good coffee Online here: http://www.pleasantpops.com Hopefully, someone else who knows this place well can report a bit, as I only "discovered" it this week. Evidently, this biz is the brainstorm of a pair of college buddies who set out to "reinvent" the childhood ice pop with a local/farm spin, realized that probably wasn't lucrative enough to be sustainable, worked farmers markets, a truck and a food incubator, before finally expanding the concept some but still with the goofy name that probably masks what they actually are to some degree. It's a coffee shop since they use Ceremony coffee and espresso, have a Marzocco espresso maker, offer free and fast wifi and have an assortment of decent baked goods like a coffee shop might. But, this can be fairly debated since they also have a fairly developed lunch business with sandwiches and salads, refrigerated cases with local/farm grocery type items and, of course, many varieties of the namesake "pops" (yes, wood sticks suitable for fort-building are included with each "pop"). No fresh brewed coffee (minus a point there to be sure) but definitely a nice, comfortable space, nice people, good food and respectable espresso drinks. If you're not a Tryst fan and need a decent coffee, in Adams Morgan, and without enough time to amble four blocks west to 14th, this is your best bet.
  17. Beef On Weck

    Beef on Weck, or Buffalo Night? The former, sure (it's basically just a roast beef sandwich); the latter, no.
  18. Have seen the sandwich shop Local Foods show up on a few 'best in the country' lists for sandwiches lately. They lived up to the hype. If you need a lunch spot in Houston, this is it. Great local beer selection too.
  19. I didn't find anything on MGM Roast Beef in a google search for DR.com and their name.... so I think this is a new thread... Driving to Home Depot from Fla Ave, I saw the sign for this spot... but no restaurant, just the auto auction. But as you pass the building, there it is. I did not understand the ordering system so here is a primer.... If you are ordering togo, go to the left to the large "Order Here sign, but stop and grab a sheet of paper {white for sandwich and green for a salad} and check off what you want. Then hang out by the cash register for your meal to be called out. One sandwich per sheet of paper. If you want to sit at the counter, you go to the counter and grab an order sheet and choose your sandwich or salad, but at the counter, another nice person comes, grabs your sheet and returns with the food. Everyone there had french fries which looked quite good. The desserts were huge and might have been made locally or off the food truck. I wanted a mixed white and dark turkey and ordered such with mayo and Swiss. When I found out they were out of dark meat turkey, I switched to roast brisket on the recommendation of the meat slicer {no, I am not talking to Hobart restaurant equipment, at least not yet... a very nice gentleman} So I actually had a brisket sandwich with Swiss and mayo. Never before and I never will again. But aside from the crappy bread out of a bag, the sandwich was really good. I tried to order a Devil's Backbone IPA and my sandwich was gone and I was not feeling the beer love before the manager came over and showed the guy trying to get me my beer that the gas was turned off. At that point, I told him I wasn't up for beer and he refunded my money is a second. I htink my sandwich was $11 or 4!@, not cheap but not bad at all for its flavor and bellyfillingness. I wonder if I could bring my own bread and hand it tot he meat slicer? They also serve breakfast and advise you to try a meat topped waffle. They also advertise pulled pork on Tuesdays. The turkey is a real {I suspect the latter is why they were out of dark meat} breast from a real turkey. The Ham a huge thing that looked less good than the other stuff. The top round is hand sliced for medium rare roast beef and I think the one I saw was sliced too thick. I will be back as I suspect there are a few more trips to Home Depot in my near future. And there are prescious few places open in Shaw at lunchtime. By the way, the Rhode Island Home Depot has the best service I have ever had in a Home Depot, except for one very unpleasant cashier. Its a very pleasant shop which I cannot say for most other HDs I go to. Jermaine, who helps you load by the pro contractor's desk, is in particular, a real delight!
  20. Someone is taking another run at this spot. There are signs up for something called Le Sandwich advertsing that they bake their own baguettes. The name alone makes me dubious of their prospects. This has never been a strong location. Maybe this time will be different.
  21. As noted elsewhere Rosslyn is a wasteland for dining. Along with another thread about a hidden better higher value lunch alternative there is Ahra Cafe located at 1100 Wilson Boulevard in the Twin Towers Building with Channel 8 on the ground level off the lobby. Ahra is only open for breakfast and lunch on weekdays and has no outdoor signage. Their breakfasts and lunches are hearty and offer good value for the price. Ahra's specialties are slow roasted turkey, ham, roast beef and brisket sandwiches. They are hearty, large, and accompanied by a wide variety of extras. They offer great value for the price and a cut above the world of chains that proliferate in that wasteland.