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  1. According to Eater, this Shaw joint just opened. The head chef previously worked at Le Bernadin and Guy Savoy. Being super hip and cool, we will be checking out their early-bird specials soon.
  2. This place looks good - Capo Deli Pictures on Yelp look great, especially the bread, and prices are not obscene. $9 a lb for eggplant parm. $9 for smaller sandwich, and $11 for sandwiches that appear to feed two hungry people. Open til 3AM - 4AM on weekends. 2007 me would be so happy right now.
  3. Friends and I are trying to watch basketball tonight but can't think of a place that has both TVs and decent drinks. Somewhere in Logan/Shaw would be ideal, but relatively flexible. Ideas? Only place we could think of was Riggsby, but that's not really a sports bar.
  4. i think it only seems natural that i'm the one to start this thread, eh? in any event, Laura Hayes profiled French Quarter Brasserie recently. gone are the most comfortable bar seats in all of history. in is a spin-off of a Cajun-inspired Fairfax spot.
  5. I've never started a thread before, but I searched for Takoda and didn't find a thread, and we had a fantastic experience there tonight, so I wanted to let folks know. If this is in the wrong place, please forgive me. A mom and dad and seven year old girl looking for somewhere fun on a bonus weekend night. Loved the idea of beers and whiskies, plus a food menu that sounded like the chef cared. It hit on all cylinders. We all were excited. Great beers on tap (24) and a spot-on Old Fashioned with a beer syrup. They offer wings and cauliflower florets with the same choices of sauce; PB&J bbq sauce, Old Bay seasoning, and Parmesan Garlic. We got the cauliflower with parm garlic and fought each other over it. Perfect texture between crispy and with some give, and the sauce was awesome. Iceberg salad was good -- the crispy onions were excellent -- but needed some more dressing. The Mac and cheese was pretty perfect in my book. Real cheese taste, al dente pasta, and some pepper heat. Cheesy but not creamy, which is how I like it. Got it with chicken for a little protein. Salmon cakes were nicely seasoned and full of salmon, not filler. Nice crunch of corn with it. My husband got shrimp and grits and polished it off. I didn't taste it, but it looked good. Interestingly, it had a dark sauce, kind of roux looking. Had fruity pebbles ice cream at server's suggestion. Was skeptical when ordering, but it was fantastic. Very cool space with window tables overlooking Florida, plus cozy high booths and a long bat. There is also a rooftop beer garden, which looked fantastic on a quick glance, but we didn't eat up there (though lots of folks were).
  6. Haikan is opening Saturday, according to the Washington City Paper. Expect Sapporo-style ramen, mapo tofu poutine (!!!!), and a "Wasabi Peas" cocktail.
  7. I find it hard to believe that this topic hadn't already been created, so if so please move this. I looked and couldn't find anything. We had dinner last night at Hazel and absolutely loved it. We arrived around 7 pm and were able to grab seats at the bar. The bartender provided fantastic service, and was extremely knowledgeable about the entire menu, cocktails, wine and food. The cocktail, wine and beer lists all show a great deal of care, with very interesting choices available. Both my wife and I enjoyed our cocktails very much. I went with the Power Play, which featured a barrel aged gin, montenegro amaro, paw paw vinegar and lime juice. Delicious and interesting. We initially ordered the Barbecue Carrots (fennel kraut, hazelnuts, buttermilk); the Hamachi Crudo (crispy rice, black lime, radish, hibuscus, smoked yogurt); the Octopus a la Plancha (roof top basil, shaved carrot & fennel salad, nuoc cham); and the Gnocchi Bokki (pork kimchi ragu, sesame seeds, smoked pecorino). Our bartender suggested that we probably needed one additional dish, and at his suggestion we ordered the Steak Tartare (tater tots, egg yolk, pepper cress, carmelized onion dip). He was 100% correct, and this was the exact right amount of food. First off, we loved everything, and will absolutely return. It's location directly across the street from the 930 Club immediately makes this our pre-show destination for the foreseeable future. Our two favorites, by far, were the Barbecued Carrots and the Gnocchi Bokki. The carrots were incredible. They cold smoke them, and then roast them with cumin, smoked paprika and a bunch of other spices I can't remember. The hazelnuts provide a great textural element, and the fennel kraut gives it some fantastic acidity. It was wonderful. And the gnocchi was just delicious. We will be back.
  8. To get this topic started: Kyirisan is at 1924 8th St. NW (between T and U). We enjoyed our first meal tonight. It is a pretty and hip space, all very stylish including decor, plates, people, etc. The menu is not huge but everything we had was good. They say it's "Chinese-French" and I guess I can see that. As you can see online, the menu is divided into three categories: basically, vegetables (though NOT all vegetarian), meat/fowl, and seafood - in each category there are smaller plates and bigger plates. "All meant for sharing," ok whatever. A shot of good rum and a shot of pickle juice - trendy and good. Fried tofu cubes in a spicy oyster sauce - yum. "Red Curry | Japanese Eggplant | Apple | Butternut Squash | Potato | Peanuts | Pea Puree" gives you a sense of the way that you are not definitely in a traditional "Asian restaurant in USA" environment - it is not a bowl of coconut milk curry but is instead an artistic composed plate of not quite enough food but beautiful and tasty. And so on. If you are a drinker and a pig like me, think in terms of $50 or so per person. Service was friendly and nice, atmosphere was friendly and nice, food was good but just realize that you are going for stylish and artistically-presented food that tastes very good, not for anything authentic to any culture other than Shaw in 2016. I like Shaw in 2016 and therefore will happily go back.
  9. Washington City Paper with the news. and this nugget: "I want to be the type of place where the residents of that area and people who are nearby can come once a week, twice a week... and it won't hurt their wallet," says Can Yurdagul, who's joined in the venture by his future father-in-law/chef Minoru Ogawa. The owners are also giving equity in the business to three of their longtime sushi chefs. Congrats Can!
  10. Help needed! and we pay for it Open kitchens are fun and exciting to work in. You get to see the entire dining room and patrons see your hard work, better yet, they taste it. Hearing `ahhs` is the best music you can listen during the service. We are hiring for a full time and a part time kitchen position. Email: ferhat@drifton7th.com with a resume please.
  11. Hi folks! Just wanted to make sure you knew about this super funky event on April 3. This is for both food professionals and cheese and beer lovers. This is a great opportunity to taste new cheeses and meet the producers directly! Industry folks: please contact me, Katie Carter, for more information or for VIP tickets to the "Trade Only Hour'. Hope to see you all there! Ripe The DC Artisanal Cheese and Craft Beer Party at Right Proper Brewing Company in Shaw Sunday, April 3 11:30-1pm (Trade Hour) 1-3pm (General Admission) Tickets on sale at DCCheeseParty.com! Presented by Kennedy MTI and Right Proper Brewing Company A fun and rustic gathering of cheesemakers, cheesemongers, importers, chefs, and cheese lovers! Proud to Host: P.A. BOWEN FARMSTEAD - MD CAROMONT FARM - VA CROWN FINISH CAVES - NY VULTO CREAMERY - NY NETTLE MEADOW - NY BONNIEVIEW FARM - VT ESSEX ST CHEESE COLUMBIA CHEESE GOURMINO ROOTS AND BRANCHES CRACKERS - NC DOLCEZZA GELATO - DC Join us for the best cheese event in Washington, DC featuring today's finest cheesemakers, affineurs, and importers! Taste and discover new cheeses Meet cheesemakers, importers, and affineurs Mingle with other local cheese professionals and chefs Drink craft beer made by Right Proper Brewing Company Join the Mid Atlantic Cheese Coalition Chefs, cheesemongers, and retailers: Please contact Katie Carter for complimentary VIP tickets. VIP tickets include one and half hours of "Trade Only" time to meet and taste directly with the cheesemakers and importers before the public arrives. VIP Tickets are limited and will be available upon request via special link. Get your tickets today, they will sell out! DCCheeseParty.com
  12. Couldn't find a thread here for this place, opening Tuesday. It looks promising: they are importing all their masa and making everything in-house daily. Menu looks interesting and ambitious, but expensive for Mexican food. "PoPville Preview: Espita Mezcaleria Opening Tuesday, 'Showcasing The Best Of Mexican Southern Cuisine'" on popville.com Dinner Menu
  13. Who else is excited for some Jersey-style pizza? Tweet from @AllPurposeDC leading to this article: "Where to Eat in 2016" by Jed Portman on gardenandgun.com (featuring a paragraph about All Purpose).
  14. Who we are: La Jambe is a new French Wine bar in the Shaw neighborhood of DC scheduled to open in Spring 2016. We strive to expose patrons to the French palate through carefully selected menu of wine, charcuterie and cheese. La Jambe is a neighborhood bar where you will experience the best of the old world in our little corner of the new world. What we are looking for: Seasoned bar professional with extensive knowledge of wine. Strong leadership and management skills required. Candidate must be proactive and be able to motivate a team. Eager to learn and grow professionally. The Job: A little bit of everything...seriously. Manager will work very closely with owners to shape and manage the La Jambe team (hiring, training, discipline and ongoing staff development) as well as manage bar operations and ensure that patrons receive the highest level of service at all times. A Must: 3 plus years of bar management experience Extensive knowledge of wine Team player - no job is ever below you Bonus: French speaker Knowledge of Charcuterie & Cheese Compensation: Based on experience. We are an equal opportunity employer. Please send resume and references via email to Heather@LaJambeDC.com Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster. do NOT contact us with unsolicited services or offers
  15. I'm still not caught up on Top Chef but I just watched the third episode and was so impressed by DC's Kwame Onwuachi, that I had to look him up to see where he was cooking. Turns out, his new place, The Shaw Bijou, is scheduled to open later this Winter. He's put up some great dishes so far, and won one of the elimination challenges but what impressed me the most was his attitude. For a 25 year old he seems wise beyond his years, very thoughtful and mature and a really great guy. He's almost got a Buddha like quality about him......I'm not totally sure what I mean by that(!) but he just seems super grounded and very together. On the show I just watched the chefs were paired into teams of two who would compete against the other teams, but there was a twist. Halfway through the competition, they changed it so now each chef was competing against his/her former partner. From teammates to competitors, just like that! Naturally, you'd expect no help from your former partner since it's a now head to head competition and if you lose, you could be eliminated from the show. But Kwame somehow had some extra time and was able to help his former partner and current competitor cut up his meat and cook his food! Usually in these competitions each chef is using every last second just to get the meal on the plate, but this guy was taking his own precious time to help the one guy he had to beat!! During the interview about it, he was so casual and matter of fact about it, it touched me and I had to look him up! Despite helping his competitor, he ended up winning the entire competition! Classy and talented. Here's an article from the Post from July about him and the new place: 07/15/15 - "The Shaw Bijou, from Rising New York Chef Kwame Onwuachi, is Coming to a 9th Street Rowhouse" by Becky Krystal on washingtonpost.com Here's an excerpt: "Next up: 25-year-old Kwame Onwuachi, whose résumé includes stints at such cachet-carrying eateries as New York's Eleven Madison Park and Per Se. Onwuachi expects to open the Shaw Bijou later this year." Wowzers!
  16. The age old question perhaps - is there anywhere worthy that is offering their full menu, not doing a special tasting menu on NYE? Bonus points if they might still be able to accommodate a larger group. Extra bonus points if they're in MD or easily accessible from the Greenbelt end of the green line (Shaw, etc). I had hoped this might be my chance to finally get to Dino's Grotto, but it appears the a la carte menu is only at the bar.
  17. A colleague of mine, who is dating someone who works there, just informed me that Convivial is opening to the public tonight and their Facebook page seems to confirm this by stating that they are open at 5:30 this evening. The soft opening was this past Sunday and tonight they're ready for the public.
  18. Named for Bangkok's airport code, BKK Cookshop is the third restaurant from the team behind Thai X-ing. The taste and feel of this place is different from either the newly opened Thai X-ing or chef Aschara Vigsittaboot's sister's place, Beau Thai. The menu is a lot more focused and there's barely any mention of peanuts on it in any form. One thing that will be familiar to anyone who has eaten at Thai X-ing is the pace. I highly recommend that you order each course at a time and not all at once. Otherwise all of your food will be on the table within two minutes of ordering. Eatruneat and I had just begun to enjoy the spicy pork steamed buns and brussels sprouts when my bowl of pork boat noodle bowl and her tom yum noodle bowl appeared. We shuffled enough plates around to make everything fit and tried to eat everything as quickly as we could before any of it got cold. As we finished the buns and sprouts the waitresses appeared seemingly out of nowhere like vultures on a wildebeest carcass after lions have had their fill and walked off to snatch up the plates. Neither Eatruneat or I enjoyed my boat noodle bowl. The meat was tender and the noodles were perfectly cooked. There was just something off about the broth. And as anyone who enjoys soup from any part of the world knows, the broth must be good or nothing else matters. Luckily Eatruneat shared some of the broth from her tom yum soup, which was spectacular. Overall, it was a mediocre experience and I won't be headed back anytime soon. Well, maybe to have those pork steamed buns again after a few cocktails at All Souls.
  19. The space housing the failed DC branch of Mandalay has become "a 1920's themed Japanese Restaurant and Cocktail Bar" called Chaplin's. It offers an assortment of appetizers (gyoza, fried chicken, "adult dumpling shooters") and seven types of ramen, and a very long list of cocktails, wines, and beers. The place is dynamic; it was hopping on a Monday night, lots of young people drinking (some of them were eating, too), loud music, friendly servers bustling about. It seems like the kind of place you'd go to hang out for awhile after work, and maybe get a bite to eat, too, while you're at it. The ramen was perfectly acceptable but nothing to rush back for. The Chaplin ("sesame paste and tonkatsu flavour") was actually quite a tasty broth, the noodles slightly overcooked and lacking the springiness of truly great ramen. I had tastes of two other broths and liked them, but can't really describe them usefully. I'm not inspired to write more about the food. This is the kind of restaurant I'd go to if I lived nearby, if I was tired and hungry and didn't feel like cooking and just wanted a bowl of soup for dinner. Perfectly acceptable, but not a destination. Sorry for the vagueness, just wanted people to know it's here.
  20. Hey Folks! Just want to take a moment to invite you all to Ripe. A DC Artisanal Cheese Party on March 22, 2015 from 1-3pm at Right Proper Brewing Company! Ripe is a fun and rustic gathering of cheesemakers, cheesemongers, chefs, and cheese lovers at Right Proper Brewing Company in DC's historic Shaw neighborhood. Join us in celebrating talented artisanal cheesemakers and the delicious products they craft by hand. Learn more about the cheeses you love and discover new favorites while mingling with the who's who of local cheese and enjoying craft beer by Right Proper Brewing Company. Five local cheesemakers and importers will walk you through their very special, handcrafted products. Right Proper Chef Sarah Biglan will be creating delicious grilled cheese sandwiches and cheesy bites. Right Proper Cheesemongers Tim Lake and Caleb Shoenhard will man fondue and raclette stations. A beer and cheese education station will offer guides to the perfect pairing. Plus! Taste the first ever cheese washed in a Right Proper beer by Crown Finish Caves. This is a great opportunity for any food professional or cheese lover to taste and learn a ton about cheese from the producers and importers themselves! Chefs and retailers will receive special discounts on cheese orders placed at Ripe! Here are the cheesemakers/affineurs/importers attending the event so far: Caromont Farm (VA) PA Bowen Farmstead (MD) Vulto Creamery (NY) Crown Finish Caves (NY) Essex St Cheese Company (importers of L'Amuse Signature Gouda, Marcel Petite Comte, Cravero Parmigiano, and many more) Columbia Cheese (importers of Challerhocker, Mycella Blue, Der Scharfe Maxx, and many more) Ticket price is $25 per person, including all you can eat cheese, 3 beer samples, tax and gratuity. Space is limited, so sign up soon! To learn more about Ripe, click here! Thanks folks! Hope to see you there! Katie Carter
  21. I am looking to hire a person who can help me build a cocktail menu from scratch and a great bar business and reputation. If you have the will, determination, passion, hospitality and the skill set please let me know, fishnetdc@gmail.com Thanks, Ferhat
  22. August 13 The Beer and Menu Danny Green Imperial Double IPA House Corned Beef 10 day brined corn beef (shenandoah valley co-op) ~ mascarpone, horseradish & caper cream Samsquanch White IPA Spaghetti alla Norma eggplant, fresh tomato, ricotta salata Southern Belle Brown Ale w/Pecans Rosticciana grilled pork ribs (truck patch ~ nb: served pink), silk road spices, borlotti beans al fisaco Pandemic Imperial Porter Flip {nb: contains raw egg white} Pandemic Porter Gelato The Menu includes 4 courses for the 4 beers we will feature. Each course will include the beer we are drinking with it as an ingredient in the dish. The seatings are at 5:30, 6:00, 6:30, 8:15, and 8:45. The cost of the meal is $45 plus tax & gratuity {$59 inclusive} for the 5:30 6:00 and 8:45 seatings, $53 {$69 inclusive) for 6:30, 7:00 and 8:15 seatings. The 5;30 and 6:00 seatings are limited to 2 hours each so we can accommodate the later seatings. Tickets and more info