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  1. Yesterday, my co-worker asked me if I wanted to grab lunch and I said sure and asked him what he had in mind. He said there is a hole in the wall place in Sterling, VA that serves good cheese steak. I said I am game and off we went. The place is a complete hole in the wall and I loved it. Has less than twenty seats. I ordered the cheese steak and a slice of pizza, so I could get an idea on the pizza. I was impressed with the pizza. It wasn't soggy, was able to do a proper fold on a new york style pizza. It was delicious. The cheese steak was outstanding. I was impressed. It was juicy with the juices dripping down the sandwich and my hand. I went through at least ten napkins while consuming that sandwich. I plan on going back and trying some more items.
  2. I didn't see a thread on Which Which, so I thought I would start one website here: https://www.whichwich.com/#!/ Mon-Sat 10:00 am to 9:30 pm, Sun 11:00 am to 6:00 pm We go to the Ballston location when we go, their staff is nice and it is very efficient. They have very little inside seating, but they have some outside tables under the awning to eat at, as well. I have found a number of their subs to be pretty good, not anything like a homemade sub shop, but definitely a step above Subway. I like it just a bit better than Potbelly, as I find there to be more options and easier to select what you want in the ordering process, plus they keep later hours than the Potbelly near us. I find their hours to actually be later than many of the places near us, so it is a later evening oh shoot I need to eat and darn I just missed many other closing times option in Ballston. I got their Philly Cheesesteak with provolone special recently and was quite happy with it. I also like that they have the fancy coke machine.
  3. Jersey Mike's was not found in the Multiple Locations Dining Guide, so I thought I'd fire up a thread... I like this place and would rank it ahead of Potbelly in the subs/sandwiches category. The standard, to me, is the Italian Cold Cut (ICC) and I use that as my benchmark when comparing places. Jersey Mikes follows what I call the 'wet tube" philosophy, where an ICC sub is would tight and has lots of wet stuff like shredded lettuce, oil, vinegar, mayo and 'hots'. Contrast this to the loose and relative dry subs at White House subs in Atlantic City, NJ - and you'll get the drift. Growing up in Rockville, the great submarine war between Ollie's and Twinbrook Deli produced an endless supply of great wet tube ICCs. They still do and if you can't get to Rockville, Jersey Mike's is the next best thing. Being a huge chain, of course there can be some variation between locations but in my experience the food is pretty consistent between the 5+ locations I've visited. (the people making it, not so much.) I recommend asking them to go light on the oil and vinegar; sometimes the bottles are mistaken for cocktail mixers...and the sub suffers. But if done right, you get a tangy ICC that's sloppy but not disintegrating. You may disagree below
  4. In the "every cloud has a silver lining" category, I am now eagerly awaiting the opening of his "Chase the Submarine" on Church Street! I had not heard that this was in the works.
  5. I stopped into the Reston Penn Station East Coast Subs, a franchising operation that was founded in 1985 in Ohio, and now has at least 275 "units" nationwide. Today, area franchises are in Fairfax (convergence of 236, 29, and 50), Reston (Plaza America Shopping Center with Whole Foods), Haymarket (Haymarket Village Center with Wal-Mart), and Richmond (W. Broad Street with Sam's Club). They certainly aren't shy about cuddling up next to the big boxes. The moment I walked in, I knew I was in Sysco City - when you're halfway down the line, you're faced with a wall consisting of industrial-sized, gallon plastic tubs of items like Heinz, Hellman's, etc. These are proudly displayed as *decoration* - I guess they're trying to impress the consumer with their commitment to quality, but this consumer was, at best, repelled knowing the mediocrity I was about to dine on. Penn Station offers their subs in 6", 8", 10", and 12" cuts, and I opted for a 10" Steak and Cheese with a Large Diet Pepsi. Although I don't remember the individual prices, and discarded my receipt, the total with tax (and maybe tip; I can't remember if I threw in cash) came to $11.80. It was more than enough food, and I should have gotten something smaller for lunch. The defaults with the Steak and Cheese were thin strips of steak, cooked to well-done, and provolone; options were sautéed onions (yes, and there were many), fresh mushrooms, (yes), banana peppers (yes, too many), spicy-brown mustard (no), mayo (no), and pizza sauce (yes, and it was Dei Fratelli which came from one of those industrial plastic jugs). I'm always happy when I stumble across a diamond in the rough; it was not to be on this day. That this franchise currently has 275 units says more about America than it does Penn Station East Coast Subs. One and done.
  6. Somewhat surprised that there wasn't a thread already for Vince and Dominics. Around since 1983 in Bethesda behind Montgomery Mall, and closed on May 30. Here is the message they posted on facebook: "Vince and Dominic's would like to thank our loyal customers for supporting us for 31 years! As of 5:00 today Home Depot would not renew our lease and the doors are closed for good. Until yesterday we were lead to believe that a new lease would go through, so we were surprised and deeply saddened by this turn of events. We love you all." Their departure will surely be missed. Great pizza, great service, great people.
  7. Maria's Carryout Website Looking for a tasty lunch in Timonium? Here is the shop I have been going to my entire life, Maria's Carryout. Sure ther are a few other locations, but this was always my faviorite and IMHO the best. Try a Italian or a cheesesteak. Short on funds, their "garlic bread" has cheese on it as well, great sub alternative. Not a destination, just great food as a decent price.
  8. Could this have anything to do with the fact that ... "Franchaise Operators Wait, Watch As Quiznos Files For Chapter 11 Reorg" by Steve Raabe on denverpost.com
  9. In that burgeoning metropolis of Darnestown, the space that was formerly Uncle Charlie's BBQ has been under major renovation the past few weeks enroute to becoming Nick's Pizza & Subs. I found the owner amongst the construction work, and the relevant bits I got were: he's shooting for opening the 22nd (seems optimistic IMHO), two masonry stone-floor ovens of very different slab thickness are going in so they can bake different styles of pizza, one of the target styles will be Neapolitan, the pizzaiolo is a new guy from Pittsburgh. Carry-out only...it wasn't clear if it was their restaurant or DLC permit that would not permit seating. The adjoining space will be a mini-storefront selling beer, wine, and other beverages. Will report back once it opens.
  10. Slice of Rockville is hidden in the Woodley Gardens Shopping Center, which you can see traveling on 270 northbound, but is not so easy to find unless you are familiar with the back roads of Rockville. I would not call this a destination spot, but you could do worse in that neck of the woods. I have been hitting this spot a couple times a month for the last year or so. The pizza is more than serviceable, if not spectacular. I tend to favor the sandwiches. They are a tad more than basic, with several of them quite good such as the Downtown (turkey breast, romaine, and cranberry relish) and the Rock Creek (Virginia baked ham, brie, honey mustard, and fig jam). In the winter months they offer a rotating selection of homemade soups, which I have also enjoyed. More importantly, perhaps, is the homey vibe this place exudes. Every time I stop by for lunch seemingly many of the customers know each other and the staff and do a little catching up while placing their orders. It is quite small with only a handful of tables, but is a nice neighborhood spot worthy of some support if you find yourself in the area.
  11. With no evidence to back it up, I've always believed it's an artificial smell meant to evoke bread baking, not actual bread baking. Something "cooked up" (ha ha) in a lab somewhere off the New Jersey Turnpike.
  12. This place has been open at least a few months now, anyone have an opinion? Thinking about stopping by this weekend...
  13. Another great carryout joint, this time near the center or old part of Leesburg. Galletta's is a family owned place that serves killer sandwiches at lunch. They also serve Italian dinners Fridays and Saturdays, but I have not been there for that yet. The bread they use is ciabatta from South Street Under and it ends up working pretty well. They slice the meats for thier sandwiches to order which is good, it keeps the meat fresher this way, but expect to wait a few minutes for your sandwiches. The hours here are rough as well 11-6 except Friday and Sat where they are open till 8. Also closed Sunday and Monday. If I had to choose which had better meat, here or Primos, it's better here. That said they are very different experiences. Favorite sandwich here so far is the di Parma.
  14. I have good news for you doomed to make a run to the Leesburg Outlets. You are no longer relagated to the crap food court in the outlet, there is a really solid choice just across the street near Home Depot. Primo Hoagies just opened last week and I am happy to say, it is legit. First heard about it on Serious Eats and never got a chance to try it when I was in Philly. I've only been once but the the italian bread is crusty, and sesame seeded. The provolone was sharp and the sandwich busting out with meat. The medium size sandwich is pretty big, just to let you know. Seemed like 1.25 ft long (Edit: after getting it again, it's 1 ft). Very good, no frills choice if you happen to have to hit the outlets. Note: The meats are focused on domestic Thumannn's deli meat, but are still really good in the sandwich. Note 2: These sandwiches travel well.
  15. Prince of Petworth reports this new sandwich shop across the street from Jaleo in Penn Quarter.
  16. Boar's Head brand meats and decent bread - makes for a really good sub. Add roasted peppers and some zippy provolone and it is one of the better italian subs I've had in the metro area. Haven't tried anything else yet. Used to run Maggi's in Wheaton in the early 80s. Sadly, takeout only and a little pricy ($8.99 for a sub) but the quality is great and the portion is decent.
  17. I haven't found a topic for here yet... I've walked by Listrani's a bunch of times but never stopped. Tonight I had a huge craving for pizza so I went there instead of ordering in. Wow. That was great pizza! Nice thin crust, kind of like a cracker, and I got the Colombo Combo which had tons of toppings for $9.99 for an individual. I washed it down with two Sierra Nevada Pale Ales at the bar. I'd been wanting a good "beer and pizza" place like that and it's too bad that according to the comedy side owner, it appears, that the "sit down" area will be a sushi place after Jan. 1st. Listrani's will still be doing take out and delivery though. He's moving the comedy/bar (?) part elsewhere - I didn't catch where. But it's the rent that caught up with 'em.
  18. On my way to the office this morning a "Grand Opening" sign caught my eye for Kenny's Subs so I drove back by at lunch to check it out. I walked in, looked up at the menu behind the registers, and began questioning my own sanity as I read a Chinese takeout menu. Sure, it had 5 or 6 subs listed at the end, but the menu was 90% General Tso's, etc. WTF? I turned around and walked out... a little pissed off.
  19. Hey, how is this place? [yes, feel free to delete or put in new thread]
  20. My wife and I have been going to Havabite in Old Town Fairfax for a while now. Our kids love it. In fact, my daughter picked it for her birthday dinner yesterday. My daughter and I are fans of the bacon pizza. Not bacon bits, but nice strips of bacon. My wife generally gets the chicken souvlaki. Last night, we ordered the hummus appetizer and enjoyed that too. They also have gyros, Greek salads, Greek appetizers, Greek entrees, pasta, calzones, subs, and burgers. This place is very reasonably priced and offers friendly service. That's friendly service, not necessarily speedy service. They sometimes take their time. But, I mainly wanted to post this to mention the friendly service they provided last night for my daughter's birthday. We ordered my daughter's birthday cake from Victoria's Cakery, which is on the same block as Havabite. Unfortunately, they close at 5 PM on weekdays and we weren't going to be able to get there in time. When my wife mentioned that we were hoping to get the cake when we were in the area at Havabite, they suggest we ask Havabite if they can pick it up for us. Well, we did and they did. They picked up the cake for us and kept it for us until we finished dinner (around 8 PM). Then they brought it out for us with plates and forks.
  21. A coworker is touting the quality of Vace's pizza, saying it's the best slice in the city. Having never been, and not seeing a thread for it here, I ask for your opinions. There's also a Bethesda location. http://www.vaceitaliandeli.com/ 3315 Connecticutt Avenue (202) 363-1999 (Cleveland Park) 4705 Miller Avenue (301) 654-6367 (Bethesda)
  22. A friend last night was raving about this place and I couldn't find a thread for it here. It's a weekday-only, lunch-only place. Inconvenient, but maybe worth a trip one workday. DCist covered it last year, couldn't find coverage in wp, etc. Mangialardo & Sons, Inc. 1317 Pennsylvania Ave., SE 202-543-6212 Metro: Potomac Avenue
  23. It's such a beautiful day today that I decided to take a long walk. As I turned off Lee Highway onto Glebe Road, I noticed Thirsty Bernie Sports Bar And Grill, right next to the fisherman's shop that used to be called "Angler's Lie" (which I thought was a great name). A big sign on the restaurant says "Coming Soon!" I walked up and saw a big flat-screen TV in the window, and noticed that things looked set up and ready to go. There was a gentleman inside, working hard, and when I caught his attention, he motioned me over to the side door. He spoke very little English, but I managed to ask him when the restaurant would be opening; although I can't be sure we understood each other, it appears to be very, very soon. A menu is posted on the window, and Thirsty Bernie will be serving classic sports-bar fare such as chicken wings, hamburgers, fried onion rings, and bean dip. When I walked away and continued down Glebe Road, I had a huge smile on my face, and I headed towards Ballston with a spring in my step, unable to suppress the smile which kept coming back, again and again. Because in addition to the chicken wings, hamburgers, fried onion rings, and bean dip, the menu also listed beef on weck, a kielbasa sandwich, pierogies, a homemade charcuterie plate, and a whole host of other things. And on the bottom-right was this: Executive Chef, Jamie Stachowski. Cheers! Rocks.