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Corduroy, Fine Dining at the Convention Center - Chef Tom Power's Magnificent Cooking

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Hi Tom - I had originally planned to go to Kinship for an upcoming birthday (and scored the perfect reservation time!), but now my husband needs to travel for work during that time. Do you have any recommendations for a restaurant that has good food, a quiet atmosphere, and would have a reservation a week out? We'll be leaving our two toddlers at home with a sitter, so we would like to take advantage and go someplace that we couldn't go to with our kiddos. Thanks in advance!

A: Tom Sietsema

Good, quiet and easy to access? Corduroy, the townhouse restaurant with solid American cooking by veteran chef Tom Power fits the bill. One of my favorite dishes on the menu is peppered tuna on coconut rice. 

Its always nice to see Corduroy get a mention in Tom's chat!
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