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Tommy Harrison, Harrison Law PLLC - Estate and Trust Attorney in Northern Virginia and Washington, DC

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So many people, myself included, deride, despise, and detest attorneys.

"Everybody does, until you need one!" they all say.

Well, I've needed them a couple of times in the past, and in general, I still deride, despise, and detest them.

But there are exceptions, not only by area of specialty (you're not going to see me recommending too many ambulance chasers, divorce attorneys, or maggots who get criminals off on technicalities - yes, that would be you, Johnnie Cochran, Robert Shapiro, Lee Bailey, Robert Samet, Alan Dershowitz, Robert Kardashian. Every single one of you is a steaming chunk of bacteria-infested hyena shit).


This is a dividing line which exists because the gentleman you're going to read about does not merit having his good name placed within proximity of the above-mentioned vermin.


No, not only by area of specialty, but also by quality of character. I was fortunate enough to have Tommy Harrison, of Harrison Law PLLC, recommended to me regarding some estate work involving my mother. Tommy was recommended to me by one of our own donrockwell.com members as a result of this Help Needed thread, and I very much hope that this member chimes in and supplements this post with her own opinion.

Tommy actually knew who I was because of this website, but that didn't change anything. He knew what he could, and couldn't, help me with. I think it is incredibly important for an attorney to be aware of his or her own limitations, and Tommy was able to strike an almost perfect balance in this regard.

The advice I took away from Tommy was pragmatic, useful, and exactly what I needed to hear (even though it wasn't necessarily what I *wanted* to hear). How highly do I think of him? I will be using him in the very near future for my own estate planning and will. How many attorneys do you know of that you'd go back to a second time? Well, I'm going back to Tommy.

He is by no means inexpensive, but he is reasonable, compassionate, and most certainly *not* driven by money as a primary motivator. Although I'd never seen him before this, I now consider him a personal friend, and am proud to recommend him to anyone needing help with estate-related issues.

Don Rockwell

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