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Paulie Gee's, 3535 Chestnut Street - a Brooklyn Pizzeria Franchise in Hampden

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I have had the pizza on a few occasions and it's quite good. I still think they're ironing out the kinks and working to expand the menu, but it's the pizza place that Hampden desperately needed.

That said, I still think Hersh's pips them in the pizza category.

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I didn't ever expect to say this about a pizza anywhere, but the "plain" Beatrix Kiddo we ordered for our four year-old -- tomato sauce, Pecorino Romano, and mozzarella -- was the better of the two pies we had the other day.  Maybe because it allowed us to concentrate on enjoying a crust that balanced crispy and chewy perfectly.  Although we love spicy food in general, hot chile oil on pizza came very close to overwhelming all the other flavors.  Either way, those ovens are no joke.  Too bad Hampden is well over an hour away for us.

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