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Stone's Cove Kitbar, a Herndon Restaurant Opening a Second Branch in Owings Mills

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Stone's Cove is close to my office. My boss took a co-worker and I to lunch there as a thank you about a year ago. While we would not rule out a return visit, none of us has been back.

The space was very loud and not an easy place to have a conversation. We were seated at a peninsula table that jutted off of the bar/open kitchen. Our server was stationed at the bar so we had almost constant face to face contact with him and the rest of the staff. And even after reading the online menu it took the three of us a good 10 minutes with the menu to find something pleasant to eat with work company. Two us us had the burger and the third had something messy to eat - maybe sliders. My burger and fries were fine - as memory serves. I found the seating awkward and the staff intrusive. I would suggest sitting farther away from the bar/kitchen.

In case anyone (like me) was wondering what a Kitbar was, click here.

Stone Cove's website is here.

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